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  1. That would be 669. It was sold earlier this year. Only one Fishbowl remains now, 1436 their T6H5305.
  2. There has been two other recent acquisitions as well this year, bringing their fleet pool back up to 7 units. Details to come...
  3. There's one of the MCI Classics I saw down at Big Rig Collision on Sunday. I think it may have been one of the Santa Monica ones. Too far away to see a number and thought I saw a small destination sign. If it was a Santa Monica one, wonder if it's 3526 that they are finally fixing the frame issue by the front door?
  4. Apparently some movements around the yard in Highfield where the C40's and Classics are stored... apparently the Ex-Salt Lake Classic (think it was 1999) and the two C40's that were never fleeted in still with Translink livery have been moved around, they are no longer accessible to see from the road. Although I did see one Brewster D40LF at McKnight still in the Brewster wrap
  5. I did find a scrapyard in another part of Moose Jaw that has a T6H4523N and an old look in it. At least that place isn't as sketchy looking as the pics above of 12
  6. Nice to see one of the single exit door 5305s of ours show up.
  7. It used to be called Bucks Auto Parts on the front side where the cars were stripped down by customers, however I do not know their new name. EVERAZ is the parent company, however a lot of people still refer to it as Navajo Metals. For those looking to score parts from the retired buses, don't even waste your time on it as the city of Calgary has a contract to destroy the buses only and no salvaging them
  8. Spotted one back on Monday near Brooks on the way back from Ontario on a flat deck with no numbers or decals. Not sure which one it was, I was unable to shoot a photo of it as I was driving
  9. Kevin, since I have not confirmed yet, please count me in. If we are in the area of 78th Avenue, wouldn't mind putting up 2 Killarney 17th and 2 Mount Pleasant as well. Maybe make a "fake" sign for the old 87 West Huntington Express as well. It was the express that I used to ride in high school before it was discontinued due to the 301 And if you want Kevin, I can bring a copy of the Vultron sign sheet or email a copy so we can have some of the hidden codes that are not shown on the list. That is only if the program is the same on the bus we use. Do we have any idea if we are getting a 91 or a 92 classic yet? Or just no preference on the bus?
  10. When was 770 retired? Their 1995 D40LF
  11. Old spotting, however 7644 on the Route 1 back on Sunday. Looked odd to see a Series 50 out on a weekend. It's been awhile! Also out of the ordinary, 7825 on the 440 Chateau Estates. Normally it's a shuttle as because the way the route is, it can be a little too tight for a 40 foot bus to get turned around out there.
  12. 3029 was out as the only bus for the shuttle today. Got a nice ride on her and she is in beautiful shape! Sadly 656 (Ex-Calgary 606) has been deplated and appears to be awaiting disposal. This bus was leased briefly to Red Deer Transit, as well as wormed the auto mall shuttle when the original auto mall buses were being disposed of (653 Orion 1 suburban 30' and 654 GM T6H4523N)
  13. On the Transit side, 1998 and 1999 (MCI AC40102N's) have both had their fleet numbers removed and awaiting disposals :/
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