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  1. I don’t think it will be coming back, there’s far too many parts missing from it now. But the vision and presto are still there, and I’m the one responsible for removing the vision when decommissioning...so I’ll let you all know when I get the order.
  2. Pointers for hiding from the cops in Edmonton ravines comfortably:
  3. There appears to be the desire to consolidate the NG hybrids at malvern over the long term. I expect at least a portion of the 3400s to migrate to mount Dennis in their stead.
  4. Complete nonsense. The powertrain of the artics is identical to any of the 40 foot LFSes. The only change is the upsizing of the transmission, and that certainly doesn’t change any of the diagnostic protocols. Ergo, technicians from Malvern, Wilson, or Mount Dennis have more than enough experience to hit the ground running. If you don’t know, don’t post.
  5. Wake me up when it affects my paycheque. Otherwise, assume I don’t care. Because I don’t.
  6. It’s my understanding that opting for the police package automatically spec’s the hybrid power train. The TTC tacked on to the Toronto police order, so there were some economy of scale savings.
  7. Malvern now has four artic hoists, one of the pits was filled in. Twelve 40 foot only hoists. Wireless portables can be brought in if need be, all that’s needed is the floor space and the overhead clearance. It’s probably common knowledge, but the artic hoists are capable of lifting a forty footer just as easily with the A post disabled.
  8. How do you know what it is without a definitive test?
  9. Imagine this, but the front of the bus is on fire, and the car doors are the emergency windows:
  10. I think emergency evacuation of a disabled bus will make that a non starter. I’m not even sure outward opening exit doors could open. A bus is 102”, plus another...36” for a door leaf an wiggle room? Towing would be interesting too. Seems more like a bus trap than a viable roadway. Forget about getting a wheelchair off (granted, it’s not like you could evacuate one out of an RT car anyway) but I digress.
  11. That’s not the absolute craziest thing I’ve ever heard, but is only remotely (capital R)possible up to ellesmere. more cost effective to break out the red paint and “rapidTO” Up Midland or Brimley or something. This is going to be a kick in the any way you approach it. Everyone will just have to accept it.
  12. One of malvern’s 1600s got wrapped yesterday.
  13. So? On a walk years ago at Big chute, I noticed most of the tieplates on the original marine railway had Temiskaming & Northern Ontario initials cast into them. Doesn't make it any less dead.
  14. Speaking as a former employee, PMCL died 20 years ago. Welcome to 2021.
  15. It was a fist sized hole in the fiberglass immediately above the entrance door. That’s it. 1242 is down, likely permanently. It dropped an exhaust valve seat on cylinder #6, piston didn’t like that.
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