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  1. Doesn’t mean that’s where the Open House’s operator was from.
  2. Top: veam (brand name of heavy duty electrical connector) are physically disconnected on the roof. Translation: the battery tub has been electrically isolated from the rest of the bus, rendering all high voltage components downstream safe for removal or decommissioning. One task on a checklist of about 25 things that must be done before a bus is released for scrap disposal. Bottom: Propulsion control system (PCS- the 2nd box on the roof at the rear) has been removed, either for repair or re use elsewhere, and the high Voltage side of the bus must not (and frankly can’t be anyway) energized. Actually, the vehicle data loop runs through there, so the multiplex won’t work, and nothing will run. Usually with decommissioned buses, there’s a shopping list of major parts to pull off to be cannibalized, PCS, ACTG (alternating current traction generator) and/or ACTM (alternating current traction motor), depending on what failed in the first place to bring about it’s retirement. The tape notes just save the next shift a few minutes time knowing what’s already been completed at a glance.
  3. Apparently a maintenance employee had died in a workplace accident. My sincere condolences to all those forever affected by this loss.
  4. I’m aware. I was still working up until late august, y’know.
  5. I thought I had a picture of one removed from the bus, I guess not. End cover is removed in this one. They’re normally hermetically sealed, oil cooled. Both the 1000s and the NG orions use the same traction motor, and are completely interchangeable.
  6. What? These aren’t puppies up for adoption. The onus is on buyers in need of cars to seek out sellers, not the other way around. The public transit entities of the world have had more than ample time to express any interest.
  7. I don’t recall any charging infrastructure being installed there, so how’s that gonna work?
  8. “Headlight interference” ….yeah, I don’t buy it either.
  9. When you already have the parts made to measure, just keep reinstalling them until you run out of buses.
  10. Those readers have been replaced more than once (at least) due to wear and tear anyway, and so would have open payment readers had they been installed then, too. It’s an ongoing regimen and expense. Don’t think for a second that the ones they’re removing now are the very same units they threw on in 2015.
  11. 1288 has a rear axle spindle that pulled out. Most logical fix is a complete axle swap with another decommissioned unit, they’re on the fence about investing the labour. I’ve been off since the end of august burning off my vacation now that a pending surgery date has been set. My modified duties assignment during my rehab likely won’t be anywhere near Malvern, so I’m not able to update for several months to come. The others I really don’t know but the usual culprit is a fried traction motor or generator. No less than six traction motor cores were prepped for shipping to Harvey for rewinding my last day there however, so they may be turned around in the next month or so.
  12. Indeed. God save the king.
  13. At point of use, 95% Here’s a link because I know you’re pathologically lazy Check your favourite online source for the rest of the high school physics lecture.
  14. Diesels are about 40% thermodynamically efficient, but that’s moot because I was advocating for trolley and battery electric technology over fuel cells in that post. I was operating on the assumption that others here were intelligent enough to discern that without spoon feeding it to them. Thank you for proving that wrong, yet again.
  15. The field goal Mikhail set up was skunked 30 years ago by the 1991 coup attempt. I’m convinced Boris was a patsy chosen by the Oligarchs carving up the USSR turkey specifically because of his alcoholism. Yet Henry Kissinger still cheats death somehow.
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