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  1. MiWay

    leylandvictory2 posted this on August 16th: Its a low profile rack under trial. Couple of pages in on the unusual equipment thread.
  2. Ontario Northland Railway

    I’m not optomistic, but it was newsworthy enough to get the CBC’s attention: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/sudbury/cochrane-rail-group-1.4353357
  3. Stranded portion of VIA’s Hudson Bay will be taking the scenic route back to Montreal... http://www.cbc.ca/1.4355766 http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/via-rail-churchill-omnitrax-1.4330403
  4. How about a new livery on TTC buses?

    They’re identical and interchangeable. Only difference being the mounting method for the flexible conduit up top that carries the touch bar wiring and sensitive edge air hose. (The OG design was actually the more durable one by far)
  5. Orion V Series 50 Question

    Yes. Bottom to top, 50 series is pretty tall. Part of that is a gear driven dual counterbalance shaft assembly that bolted below the crankshaft, to take out the inherent vibration a 4 cylinder engine produces. Also being an overhead cam engine, the space above the cylinder head proper is over 4 inches to fit everything in.
  6. You’re forgetting the Ontario ministry of environment has a stake in this too. Regarding the rear doors, and I’m giving an educated guess here, some may have simply been painted or wrapped with the intention of installing almost new doors harvested off outgoing 74-7800s, when they became available. No logical point in ordering more new doors when you’ve got 400+ pairs that are in entirely serviceable condition.that work can easily be carried out at their respective division.
  7. How about a new livery on TTC buses?

    If they were so inclined, they could harvest the almost new doors of the outgoing 7s for re use.
  8. Free market research for you lot? nuh-uh.
  9. Future TTC Bus Orders

    Come over to my shop and make your pitch to the superintendent and foremen. I’ll sit back with a bag of popcorn and observe how it goes. It’s not just design. Details of warranty terms are factors too. Aftermarket parts sales has by far the widest profit margin of any aspect of the vehicle business. (Cars, ski doos, buses...it doesn’t matter)
  10. It would appear that the rebuilds are now not getting new rear doors. Could be something simple like the doors are on backorder from flyer or vapor, and will be installed at a later date. Or, they trimmed the budget for some reason. No one ever set that in stone. In regards to finding a new paint supplier, that is likely true. TTC is trying very hard to get away from paint that contains isocyanates. Google it....it's really nasty, toxic stuff, albeit very durable.
  11. TTC Orion VII Movement List

    Because mount Dennis techs and malvern techs are familiar with servicing them. og and NG hybrids are different under the hood.
  12. 1996 Orion V retirements

    I think it's time a thread was started. Official retirements are to commence in January. So far, dead are: 7005,7036,7084,7090,7104,7114
  13. Missing in Action buses

    1215 is now a diagnostics and troubleshooting instructional bus for the training department. still residing at malvern for the time being
  14. Hamilton Street Railway

    In that case, likely to reduce the exhaust stink entering the passenger compartment. Fan would also aid in dissipating cng fumes even more. Does it blow in, or out? I'm skeptical of the extra cooling argument, there are methods with the radiator to fix that, if it's an issue. Like: lowering the fan set-point increasing the fan speed (nova has their own proprietary electric fan system, similar to EMP) mods to the radiator itself would involve the manufacturer, and imply that their R&D was flawed. changing the thermostat to a lower setting However, late production Orion IIs, both diesel and cng, had such a fan.
  15. Hamilton Street Railway

    Helps to aid in dissipating natural gas in the event of a leak. Natural gas is lighter than air, and won't come out the bottom of the engine compartment. Also the reason why older high floor buses put their tanks on the roof, even though there was room under the floor for them. Conversely, for propane, the opposite is true. So hypothetically, should a bus be powered with the stuff, the best place for a tank would be under the floor. addition of the vents certainly won't prevent an explosion should a leak occur, but every little bit helps.
  16. Nova Bus LFS (all models)

    Long AND short answer is NO.
  17. TTC in the news

    ^ this You're an idiot. Go away.
  18. TTC in the news

    All is true. Except for the 20 minute fix. 20 minutes would be the upload time. They haven't even figured out who the cause is...( Volvo, cummins, wabco, Allison, carrier, hubner,)
  19. Future TTC Bus Orders

    They will be wrapped. Albeit in the "new" scheme.
  20. Current TTC Wraps

    Not anymore.
  21. Future TTC Bus Orders

    Everything up to the final 8300 spec'd drum brakes, but I'm fairly certain discs were available as an option by then. Someone who had closer ties to the factory may know better than I. As far as reliability and ease of maintenance, I'd say discs win hands down now. It was a long, long learning curve getting there though. I recall early Rockwell discs on 102dl3 tags were absolutely awful in the late '90s. So much so that mci offered drum conversion kits for the tags at a special reduced cost. the 9200s had discs in the front too, as did all other Orion 6s, ( except OC Transpo, I'm told) and they were problematic. TTC just stayed with the established technology until most of the kinks were ironed out.
  22. Current TTC Wraps

    "Sharky"- 1786, has been unwrapped.
  23. Future TTC Bus Orders

    Disc brakes on all 4 (or 6) wheels has been standard equipment for quite some time now. the entire heavy duty industry is shifting towards them.
  24. Future TTC Bus Orders

    All things considered, the elfs were more reliable, but only relative to the friendlies. The blue smoke is extra fuel being dumped into the exhaust to bring up the temperature during DPF regeneration.