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  1. No way in hell that’s accurate. C’mon now.
  2. Wood from the abundant Locust trees found in Toronto might make a decent substitute. It’s about as heavy and dense a wood as you can get without buying branch cut offs from an apple orchard.
  3. The filters are polyester gauze, definitely not hepa certified.
  4. Bad faith offer. They’re closing anyway. That was their intent from the outset. The pandemic just gave them a convenient smokescreen.
  5. The TTC initially thought of doing this...but between the labour involved, needing garage space to store multiple hundreds of extra cushions for possibly months on end, and the obvious point that passengers will eventually just sit on the naked seat frames anyway, they determined it just wasn’t worth the effort. removing the seats completely solves the Fed up passenger issue, but magnifies the storage problem, and if the attached stanchions have stop request buttons, that wiring harness would have to be addressed- it runs through said stanchion up into the ceiling as one continuous piece to the main trunk harness in the a/c ducting.
  6. Actually they do. Just not in the volume prevost does.
  7. From what I can remember, the truck frames are fabricated from plate steel, not one or two piece forgings. A structural fab shop could handle it no problem.
  8. For 10 or 15 grand more, you could get a professionally converted from factory 1980s vintage coach with lower overall mileage, hasn’t spent its entire life in the salt belt, no emissions devices to maintain, and only needing a decor update.
  9. How long do you think engine warranties are?
  10. It’s only a big deal if you let it become one. The situation solves itself as subsequent generations are born. Shoe on the other foot, my wife is Filipino, and I’ve only learned enough Casual Tagalog to know when I’ll be sleeping on the couch that night. 💀
  11. I find it cool that they’re 4 wheel drive.
  12. The air engines are triggered by electric solenoid valves, at the doors themselves, so the control circuit is almost identical. air lines haven’t been routed through the handle since the Orion V. All those parameters are theoretically customizable in the multiplex software.
  13. You’d be seriously messing with the Data registered to the VIN, it would be a serious obstacle to get it registered as fit post modification.
  14. 9057’s engine dropped a valve Tuesday, so it’s likely moved up in the queue.
  15. Budgetary surpluses to pay the wages for all those extra operators to drive those shuttle buses is a luxury the TTC, nor the greater city of Toronto in general has when farebox and property tax revenue has basically evaporated overnight. There’s also no guarantee that they could obtain the entire project’s worth of materials up font in one go. Especially at a time when the Global economy is suffering basic supply chain issues.
  16. If anything, the contact patch on a pantograph is smaller than a trolley shoe. The greater surface area of the trolley shoe would handle amp spikes with less resistance.
  17. Why would where the car gets its line voltage from have any bearing on wether the a/c functions or not? 600 volts is 600 volts.
  18. Longer term, sure. For the next couple of weeks at least, They’re surplus.
  19. As far as I know, the M1 and H4s would be able to communicate. The G car couplers are fundamentally different, even on a mechanical level. I’ll defer to smallspy for a fact check.
  20. Basic situational awareness should tell you this won’t happen.
  21. The ridiculous price on that heap should speak for itself.
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