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  1. Had. They were the last.
  2. All of what you just wrote also applies to single point special work if you want bulletproof operation.
  3. I saw you… You three were plastered to the fence literally hours after their arrival.
  4. Only to the bottom of the dvp. Then lakeshore to Spadina until I finally made the connection that lakeshore was closed by the ex for precisely the parade I was trying to stage this thing for, so west from king to Roncesvalles, Queensway west from there. Nobody was watching the clock on a Sunday, I was having a ball with all the waves and thumbs up. As long as I got it there without a scratch with enough time to arrive back at malvern for the end of my shift, everyone was happy. Mission was accomplished.
  5. Getting it there from the east end was the best assignment I ever had. Bringing 7072 off the island the back way via Billy Bishop airfield is a close second.
  6. @TTCNLFBT Have a look at the current streetcar charter rates and tell me you still think I’m funny. I can tell you the “special quote” for the PCC and CLRV entails paying for a dedicated supervisor and maintenance truck chasing, in addition to the LFLRV rate, and that’s not even considering the refusal to equip any of the historic cars with pantographs. Without those, they’ll be condemned to static display only in 3-4 years at best.
  7. They’ve been slowly starting for four years now.
  8. My bets are on door #3 since Byford left. Nothing get saved, and the ridiculous charter fee increases ensure that none of the historic fleet moves again….therefore making a bad faith justification to dispose of all of them.
  9. I think he meant what was the nature of the failure that killed them off. Which unless you have access to the foreman’s sheet of the IFS system, you won’t know.
  10. MTO wants possession of the cores before re issuing. ^also what the poster above me said.
  11. Hah. Wait until you’re actually on the payroll…..
  12. Broken signs won’t downgrade your CVOR rating. I worked there for the final 2 years of my apprenticeship. Their maintenance practices are in line with any other municipal outfit.
  13. TTC is worse if that’s your yardstick. For the record, destination signs are not a criteria for an MTO inspection sticker.
  14. Fun fact: the same NA antenna is also used on the bus fleet for left turn priority.
  15. Sarcasm is sadly a foreign language to many on here.
  16. You throw out anything you have when a significant chunk of the fleet is laid up for backordered parts.
  17. Because they got bent, and that’s what the garage had in stock.
  18. Where did you pick up the false equivalency that being found NCR is an automatic freedom ticket? Damn those pesky pinko hippies…..always bringing up the charter and getting in the way of a good time.
  19. Who said there weren’t consequences? An offence must occur for an arrest to happen. It’s not illegal to be schizophrenic, as much as you would like it to be. Are you suggesting they be rounded up wholesale and we go back to warehousing people in institutions? (like on cue, this pops up in my YouTube recommendations. Very apropos.) https://youtu.be/Vv9GURQTNoM
  20. I wouldn’t base one’s opinion of artic buses based solely on the ikarus’ spectacular metallurgy.
  21. I would hardly describe the CLRV as devoid of electronics, or their related headaches. Add to that the liabilities of pneumatics, which the in the flexities are conspicuously absent. The MDBF of old was below 10 000 km, largely due to the GMs being outshopped and flogged down the road for the umpeenth time. Notice a common theme there?
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