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  1. ^ this You're an idiot. Go away.
  2. All is true. Except for the 20 minute fix. 20 minutes would be the upload time. They haven't even figured out who the cause is...( Volvo, cummins, wabco, Allison, carrier, hubner,)
  3. They will be wrapped. Albeit in the "new" scheme.
  4. Not anymore.
  5. Everything up to the final 8300 spec'd drum brakes, but I'm fairly certain discs were available as an option by then. Someone who had closer ties to the factory may know better than I. As far as reliability and ease of maintenance, I'd say discs win hands down now. It was a long, long learning curve getting there though. I recall early Rockwell discs on 102dl3 tags were absolutely awful in the late '90s. So much so that mci offered drum conversion kits for the tags at a special reduced cost. the 9200s had discs in the front too, as did all other Orion 6s, ( except OC Transpo, I'm told) and they were problematic. TTC just stayed with the established technology until most of the kinks were ironed out.
  6. "Sharky"- 1786, has been unwrapped.
  7. Disc brakes on all 4 (or 6) wheels has been standard equipment for quite some time now. the entire heavy duty industry is shifting towards them.
  8. All things considered, the elfs were more reliable, but only relative to the friendlies. The blue smoke is extra fuel being dumped into the exhaust to bring up the temperature during DPF regeneration.
  9. Not that particularly happy, no. The sprinters and promasters respectively have the advantage of still being rear wheel drive, or conventional front wheel drive straight from the factory, unmodified. friendlies were hacked up 8 ways from Sunday by Dallas-Smith. So much so in fact that we had to go as far afield as Niagara Falls to find a ford dealer willing to fix them towards the end of their warranty. I'm have my doubts if it's still even produced.
  10. How so? Half the shop is equipped with 3 post hoists.
  11. Well, there is the legacy of the SLF, another quality Alexander Dennis product. transit buisness is a pretty small fishbowl. Word gets around. Fast.
  12. Why so guarded, Swadian? I've about 5 years hands on experience with mostly MCI products... Tell us, what puts you in such a knowledgable position? You can choose to remain as anonymous as you like, but information and credibility are often linked.
  13. Off that day..gathered with my friends at a bar called daybreak. (Now gone) we were all watching the televisions hung from overhead.
  14. Allows what? A TTC employee to work on a TTC bus? Give your head a shake, kid.
  15. Because you have bodymen on the payroll and they need something to work on. its not that hard a concept to grasp when you think about it for a minute.
  16. I'd be doubtful if it returned.
  17. It's been rebuilt. Laid up with turbocharger issues. Cummins warranty. Case in point: 1726's front doors.
  18. http://www.900chml.com/syn/60/226968/ttc-ceo-andy-byford-declines-job-offer-to-head-queensland-rail
  19. More likely the diesel particulate filter was regenerating.
  20. It still feels weird that I graduated high school 19 years ago...I'm supposed to be "old"....still not sure when this happened.
  21. Meh. That's what insurance is for. I don't get attached to these machines anymore.
  22. ....which initially ruptured from a dragging brake. Nevermind the fuel tank, even without that, there's more than enough plastic, foam, upholstery and rubber throughout the vehicle to produce an inferno.
  23. If they're anything like my units, the film is pre applied on the pane about 4-5 sheets deep. When it gets full, you rip it off, revealing the fresh sheet underneath. Of course, eventually you run out of sheets to peel. At that point the window must be replaced. likely enough time has elapsed that all the film sheets have been consumed.
  24. Loss of fuel prime is the presence air bubbles in the injector plumbing. diesel injectors operate on the principle that liquids are incompressible. Introducing gas bubbles into the fluid (fuel) makes it compressible, and can't build the pressure necessary to unseat the needle valve at the tip (no fuel spray)