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  1. If you select a dwarf species of grass that only grows to a length of 2/3 inches, it will never get close enough to be crushed on the railhead.
  2. I’m somewhat surprised nobody is challenging Ontario Northland for the Sudbury run at least. The greater Sudbury area (admittedly a massive area encompassing half wilderness) has a comparable population to Kingston. Is it the advantage of government subsidy keeping the Northland fares lower than the private sector could bear? I’m honestly curious.
  3. ^ add unprecedented. Triggers a punch reflex every time I hear it now.
  4. https://youtu.be/t4HeiRfdRZU blame your parents- 54-40.
  5. They weren’t built in Canada for starters… Also, why have two duplicate parts inventories for GM buses, especially when the RTS reliability record was spotty at best.
  6. https://youtu.be/lFrTZe-wQPI
  7. Toronto broadcast Journalist and consumer advocate Peter Silverman has died at the age of 90.
  8. Anecdotal, but a neighbor who’s a software engineer for Thales confirmed exactly that.
  9. They’re going to proceed with this strictly from a financial standpoint, as this can eliminate several positions from the upholstery department.
  10. Well, def tank sending units were on back order from Cummins for months, even the US military was short. Suffice it to say you can’t finish a bus without a functioning def system. There could be dozens of other examples. Hogan GM next door to malvern still has zero inventory….although strangely the Dodge dealer on its west side is business as usual.
  11. Given that it’s ten years old, that hit might finish it off. That radiator probably bent the bulkhead with that kind of mass behind it. And the engine frame rails will be bent also.
  12. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/09/04/how-amazon-is-shipping-for-third-parties-to-compete-with-fedex-and-ups.html -The reason why Erlanger Kentucky is now the centre of the universe. Amazon’s kraken grows ever larger.
  13. The upside was my entire tuition for that year of full time study at Centennial was 450$. The rest was subsidized by the S.A.E. , due to the shortage of technicians entering the workforce. All I had to do was pass a rudimentary aptitude test, buy my books, the 450$ and I was in. Coming out the other side, I dropped about two grand in my first year, on rudimentary tools that I still carry in my kit. (Craftsman, crappy tire pro series and princess auto- no snap-on here, save for my three 3/8” ratchets which have survived 20 years of continuous use without any issues or rebuilding). I conserved the bigger coin for quality air tools and meter in year two. I’m happy to see the shortage is as great as ever. I’m also convinced there’s still an institutional bias amongst guidance councillors to herd as many suckers (err, students) into the university stream to keep the machine going, hoovering up parent’s hard earned dollars in bad faith. But, I’m getting off topic.
  14. Another nitpick, the presser only mentions it being effective against bacteria. Still a net win and worthwhile experiment, don’t get me wrong. But reading between the lines, if anyone is expecting this to somehow do anything one way or the other regarding coronavirus, I fear you’re mistaken.
  15. Mine came to 700$ in 1999. Books only.
  16. Have plans for the old vessels been announced? Or just sell to the highest bidder on merx or the like?.
  17. Apparently you don’t own many.
  18. Nitpick: the purple coating on the TRs is already antimicrobial.
  19. It may be another operator’s bus under contract: https://www.metrolinx.merx.com/public/solicitations/1937300173/abstract?origin=0
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