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  1. MiWay

    There’s nothing funny about that. more than one guy F’d up big time. MTO will be all over them like a fat kid on a smartie. edit: wait a minute... how old is this picture?! There are green leaves on that tree.
  2. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    If they would be willing to assist with re location, I’d be on the first westbound flight tomorrow.
  3. Cars

    You learn to manage. Makes a great camper with the back seats out. Been up the James bay road with it.
  4. Cars

    My daily looks like a toaster.
  5. TTC Application Process

    If driving any vehicles is in the job description, meeting the corporate standard for licensing is a condition of employment.
  6. TTC in the news

    Never mind that they would never knowingly install a gate capable of seriously injuring a motorist, no matter how impaired or oblivious they may be. my instinct tells me it will be of the breakaway, “parking lot booth” sort. Maybe with some hinged curtain below it for extra visibility, and the illusion of something more substantial. Off the shelf stuff has manual bypasses and mechanisms to raise, and lock them in the raised position should something malfunction. Train the cab supervisors and enforcement constables how to do it, and you’re all set.
  7. TTC in the news

    ....which would require an engineer’s approval. NOTHING gets built until all reasonable public liability scenarios have been addressed. think back to the guy who took it upon himself to build a staircase in a west end public park last summer, after getting impatient with the city. They were forced to tear it down, or they’d be hanging themselves liability wise should an injury occur. You can’t just cobble something together that has the potential to injure or cause property damage, no matter how outlandish the scenario. they may well select some chain link gate solution, but not unless it goes across a P.eng’s desk first.
  8. TTC in the news

    That would involve customization, and an engineer(s) approval, delaying things. going off the shelf would expedite stuff as much as possible. Even that would require a blueprint.
  9. TTC in the news

    Structurally robust? If they hit the barrier and total the car, it’ll still be several hours of tying up the line extricating them and the car anyway, even if they didn’t make it to the bottom of the ramp.
  10. Proterra

  11. Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

  12. Switching jobs from Miway to TTC

    I’d go so far as to say the ATU collectively fits the definition of a pimp. skims off a not insignificant portion of our wages and provides nothing in return.
  13. TTC Orion VII Retirements

    Stop signs are not automatically death warrants. They can simply mean the inspectons crew has found a defect requiring attention before releasing for service. That said, moving it to eglinton is usually not a good thing. Stop posters could typically be something as trivial as a horn not working, for example..or a stuck wheelchair ramp...literally thousands of things. With the 9200 order accounted for, I expect the decommissioning pace to slow down in kind.
  14. No. Existing refurbs with door replacement outstanding will be completed. Current hybrid units undergoing refurb will also be equipped, whatever week it happens to be when said doors finally arrive. Remember that units 8100 and above were equipped with “ameriview” doors from day one, and largely have been much more durable. Not much need to order more for them. Again, if the odd one would need a swap out, there are tons of cadaver buses to harvest from. https://www.wabtec.com/uploads/outlinedrawings/Vapor Door Panel Brochure.pdf Door replacement up to now has simply been a retrofit to bring the fleet up to that durability standard. This has nothing to do with aesthetics. The older doors are disentigrating at the lower pivots from galvanic corrosion- aluminum and steel don’t get along in the presence of an electrolyte, namely salt water. Aluminium gives away its electrons to the steel, leaving a white, slimy paste where the aluminum metal had been. The new doors are still aluminum, but anodized before assembly, that helps slow corrosion down. Electrically insulating the two metals from each other with nylon washers, etc also helps. -my two cents, but if I was in a position of influence, I’d be stockpiling used 74-7800 doors specifically for re use- making this whole back order situation moot.
  15. TTC Application Process

    Don’t expect to fall through the cracks. They have a habit of tapping you on the shoulder out of the blue for documentation on all kinds of things (trade licence renewal, ODP cards, and yes, driver’s licence checks) It might be better in the long run that they catch it now than to find out during or immediately after your mandatory overhead truck training (they WILL photocopy your licence) and dismiss you then, or even after probation is over ( union can’t help with matters like that)
  16. TTC Orion VII Retirements

    Better than lakeshore or leslie.
  17. TTC Orion VII Retirements

  18. General Subway/RT Discussion

    I can post random pictures of trains too. Seriously, if you have something to ADD to the discussion, by all means post away.
  19. TTC Application Process

    I still had a couple of points for a speeding ticket I paid in 2002 (caught me where Taunton becomes steeles and drops from 80 to 60)- when I hired on in ‘04. Expect them to request an abstract, but being a maintenance position, it doesn’t have to be absolutely flawless. If there’s nothing criminal - like careless/impaired and say, no more than 3 points, I wouldn’t fret too much. I’d recommend having that abstract ready to go just in case, warts n’all.
  20. They will be cycled through again to get them. Evidently they were on backorder from vapor.
  21. 2016 Edmonton and Area spotting and news

    Quite often cutaways have two stand alone a/c systems with separate compressors. One smaller factory one for the dash, another larger capacity one added for the aftermarket body unit. It is conceivable, although unlikely that one would be disabled and the other operational.
  22. TTC in the news

    Snipers. Then hang their bodies from the railing over the portals as a lesson to the others.
  23. 2016 Edmonton and Area spotting and news

    They do. Thermo king. Notice the two motors for the condenser fans behind the grille.
  24. TTC CLRV/ALRV retirements

    I give up.🤦‍♂️ Haven’t got the time or the patience to entertain this fluff. -got buses to fix for Monday morning.
  25. Alexander Dennis

    If anyone knows anything about child labour, it’s the Brits. 😋