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  1. All the buses in the fleet, regardless of type, had the hardware groundwork for public wifi installed in 2018 with the initial campaign.
  2. If you’re a security guard in hand to hand combat over a pair of material items, you’re doing it wrong.
  3. The rail vehicle analyzers recently got bumped up to wage group 12, same as the coach techs, about the time the Flexities arrived. As it is, the way my sector is hybridizng and electrifying, less and less separates the two skill sets. Total gap before was only about 2$ an hour.
  4. Dammit. And here I am, border closed....
  5. Uh, yeah. ^what he said. I’ll stick to fixing the stinky bus end of things, whatfor making the noise from the dinosaur squeezins. I probably would have gone into rail, too. Had the geezers at Halton not drove me off 25 years ago. Oh well, coach tech’s more transferable anyway.
  6. Earth is flat. Moon landing never happened. Climate change isn’t real. The earth was created in six days by a benevolent sky daddy 8000 years ago.
  7. I think the immense weight of a CLRV would make that a non starter. ....and the whole cam vs chopper control, 2 vs. 4 motor issue.
  8. 1206’s bloated carcass has finally been dragged in for decommissioning.
  9. Me and my associate trolling the lot of you.
  10. A/C checks. They’ve been cherry-picking their basket cases to send east.
  11. They’re slugs, but at least they’ll arrive there.
  12. “Unprecedented”. can’t stand that word.
  13. They do. or, at least they did. I don’t think the current Novax transponders are maintained anymore. https://www.novax.com/metrotag-overview The technology on them is about the same vintage as CIS. The floor of Malvern’s wash racks had induction loops installed to check them nightly, but the concrete was recently replaced, and I don’t think the loops were re installed. I can’t speak for the engineering department, but I reckon they’re in the process of selecting something more current to go with.
  14. I’m ok with that. Send my kid through medical school with the overtime that’ll bring. Combine that with the imminent RT closure and pad my pension.
  15. 1229’s plates have been removed, I guess it’s next.
  16. Might be San Francisco MUNI, I’ve seen a picture of one on the assembly line, and whatever livery they’re going with now looks similar to Toronto’s from a distance.
  17. Very likely. That thing’s a 40 foot banana now. Laser verification will tell the tale.
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