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  1. I’ve buried leagues worse than this MAGA chump.
  2. I’m sorry? Does something about this amuse you? Save some laughter for the thousands of others who have to put the safety of their families on the back burner. Many thanks for proving to the rest of the board my suspicions that you’re an emotionally and intellectually stunted fool.
  3. Wife got first shot of moderna, she was recently hired as a dietary aide at a long term care centre. As per usual, myself and every other essential worker under 50 get to watch as spectators. https://www.thestar.com/business/2021/04/12/arent-we-essential-front-line-workers-say-theyre-left-out-of-ontarios-vaccine-rollout.html
  4. You’d have to re engineer the whole electrical and hydraulic system. All the belts and pulleys from an L10 were re used on the M11. I’d also argue that the M11 is more common overall.
  5. Ironically, that power station will now be a permanent open exhibit starting July 1st: https://www.niagaraparks.com/visit/attractions/niagara-parks-power-station Elevator to the tail race tunnels to follow in phase two.
  6. Two things make it a non starter. 1. it impedes access for maintenance. 2. It’s not in the operator’s direct line of sight.
  7. The plate sticker extension is a result of covid restrictions on the general population. They just extended it to us for consistency’s sake, and it applies to the whole fleet. If the traction motor is out of it, that’s a bad sign. It was harvested to use in another bus. It’s a zombie unit, existing only on paper, nothing more.
  8. Hope, denial, semantics. Everyone but the executives left to carve up the turkey got their walking papers ages ago. Nobody there is waiting for the other shoe to drop. I was employed by subsidiary PMCL for two years immediately following takeover. Pride is not a term I would associate with my time there.
  9. This bears repeating: and is the primary reason why it will fail. Essential workers who can’t work remotely need to be vaccinated to break the chain. Vaccinate on site if necessary. Most galling is despite ALL of what this year has taught us, paid sick leave for all is still nowhere in sight. Depressing.
  10. Your willing suspension of disbelief of the obvious is nothing short of astonishing. Greyhound as an entity is finished, and is in the process of liquidating. The only ones they owe an explanation to are their creditors.
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