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  1. It’s just standard procedure for almost all fleets. Always has been.
  2. 1337’s front cowl was erroneously “harvested” several weeks ago. I’m assuming one of the other shift foremen assumed it was retired without actually checking the actual status in the computer system, as it sat idle in the 1810 Markham road compound. I was tasked with sourcing a suitable replacement, so I took it off 1795 a week ago.
  3. Correct. Weathering down to primer.
  4. It’s not as expensive as one would think. It’s a fill in project for what would otherwise be idle time when there isn’t enough work to go around in the revenue fleet. Those tradesmen are still expected to show up in the morning Monday to Friday, and they get paid wether there’s a collision bus in their bay or not- so the actual drain on the budget is pretty negligible. This beats pushing a broom. It’s also the reason why it’s progressing so slowly. As of 3 weeks ago, the body of 8058 is outside, and hasn’t progressed beyond the stripping and assessment stage. But as valvebodyguy has demonstrated, they’re not going to pay Harper’s to rebuild an engine without eventually finishing the vessel to receive it. So certain members can relax a little. Perhaps a paper bag would be helpful.
  5. It’s within a secure compound, safe from prying eyes and rattling cans of spray paint.
  6. You posed the question to the limited membership within the discussion board. Who the hell did you think the response was going to come from? You asked, I answered...and you’re going to throw it back it me?! Get your future technical questions from “directly” from customer service, because I’m done with the subject, and you.
  7. If that’s BYD’s true business ethos, they’re doomed.
  8. I laid the reasons out for you. you just didn’t find them to your liking.
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