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  1. I've always seen GO's own people maintaining the eastern part.
  2. Tell that to queen's park, that declared my outfit essential.
  3. deep breaths.....you can make it just a little longer...
  4. 1272 has returned to Malvern. MTO needs to be completed before hitting the road.
  5. http://www.americanshipper.com/main/news/omnitrax-canada-to-sell-manitoba-assets-66425.aspx
  6. Still allocated to Malvern currently.
  7. Actually, it's been back at Malvern for a week, but don't expect it to see any kind of service till the landslide infrastructure is in place.
  8. Twitter is for chirping.
  9. 1206 is at arrow being outfitted with the new "vision" CAD/AVL system. 8335 was next to it if I recall correctly.
  10. No. MTO expired.
  11. Why even bother responding to a tool like that?
  12. 9091 has returned to malvern.
  13. Should the market deem it viable, they may find 2nd lives elsewhere. Structural rust won't be an issue, that may be an advantage. Time will tell.
  14. How would artics be any more reliable? It's still the same cummins nine litre, no matter what bus it comes attached to.
  15. And I still maintain that it is. i didn't pull that prognosis out of my ass, it came directly from the superintendent of Duncan shops.