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  1. Indeed. I doubt they’ll even bother to part it out much.
  2. I credit much of my bullshit allergy to him...RIP. 😞
  3. It was the trial unit for the early particulate trap. You can see the extra clamp for the canister portion just below the upper mounting bracket. Its my understanding that the 8000s actually retain 2006 spec engines, and the particulate trap on them is passive, and manufactured by a 3rd party. .....and that sign cover is upside down.
  4. Service brake application pressure is already monitored by a transducer plumbed in.
  5. The only poles left that I’ve seen lately are on Weston road southbound, immediately north of the 401 bridge.
  6. Had a relatively minor electrical fire in the engine compartment. Looks like the alternator positive cable grounded out. It’s sitting up at 1810 in purgatory. I’m not sure which way it’s fate will go.
  7. Keep it up. It’ll be deleted for you.
  8. 1238, 1303, 1338, 1377 and 1500 are retired and in various stages of decommissioning.
  9. This is getting ridiculous. Nobody cares.
  10. 1311 looks to be finished. The traction motor popped, and they don’t plan on replacing it.
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