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  1. Jeez. You even got the gender wrong. Go read a newspaper or something.
  2. No spare room for a rear window on EV models. There are 2 separate air conditioning systems onboard. The cabin interior unit is still on the roof, the condenser for the battery thermal management system has to be placed in the rear. The industry was desperate enough for tradespeople that the ATS subsidized my college tuition 25 years ago. The situation has only worsened (or improved.. depending on which end of the interview table you’re sitting on)
  3. Who pissed in your cornflakes?
  4. You guys realize there are a host of reasons we’re threatening to walk without even mentioning changes to the city of Toronto act, right?
  5. Then you’re back into the flammable gases in enclosed areas problem again. besides the indoor bus loops, any maintenance facility has to have its electrical system retrofitted to be rated explosion proof… including the storage tracks. Wilson was, obviously but only until the end of the CNG fleet. Anything added after isn’t compliant. Duncan and Harvey shop were never compliant, so buses had to be either de-fuelled and towed down, or de fuelled outside on the Davenport side of Duncan, and shunted around empty by tug….even for the most mundane of things.
  6. -Old man finally joins the clouds he yelled at.
  7. I wasn’t talking to you.
  8. Do us all a favour and destroy your CB radio while you’re at it.
  9. 1. No one asked you. 2. If an omnipotent sky daddy with narcissistic personality disorder supposedly “created” humans in their own image, what’s sinful about the equipment we came with? Don’t ever pursue medicine.
  10. 19 million is chump change compared to what Flyer receives.
  11. Just because one person anecdotally said they didn’t see anything, doesn’t mean they’re not there.
  12. Matthew 6:15, or something. It’s amazing what an old atheist can dig up in 30 seconds with the help of google.
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