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  1. I mean if they really wanted to, they could drag a train out with the locomotive, without powering anything up.
  2. If they were going to, they would have by now.
  3. It was my understanding it was repaired enough to be passable, but the damaged section of reaction rail was cut out and never re installed. I’ve no idea if the seltrac antenna wires were spliced back together.
  4. It’s worth 1/4 of that. Structurally rotten, and good luck finding parts or anyone equipped to handle first generation Dinex.
  5. Because that’s stupid.
  6. Leslie is capable of paint prep too, so they weren’t necessarily sanded before they went down.
  7. It disturbs the wildlife.
  8. That’s the most minor of a laundry list of compatibility issues.
  9. You know they can disconnect those if they want, right?
  10. He’s probably dead, true. Putin wouldn’t have it any other way . However an official presser from the Russian government doesn’t magically fix their profound credibility problem. ”we can prove it.” -“How?” ”DNA.” -“Can we see it?” ”No.”
  11. Despite the constant negative press covfefe.
  12. Circuit breakers can be placed in both a “closed” or “open” position.
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