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  1. Well, sure. Just keep the drawbars on board and call it done. It’s not like they need extensive mods done to fill the role or anything.
  2. Uh, no. The hybrids stationed at North Queen are maintained by Malvern, Queensway is only responsible for their 79/8000s parked there.
  3. Indeed, I thought there was still an exclusion zone in effect for northern Manitoba?....or maybe I’m confusing it with Saskatchewan... Last I checked, any resident of Ontario south or east of Terrace Bay, or all of Quebec still has to isolate for two weeks on arrival in Manitoba to begin with anyway?
  4. In theory it could be done with in hub motors, but I’ve never come across anyone who’s bothered to make one for a steer axle yet. Powered B axles on articulating buses are now available on trolley, and hypothetically battery and hybrids.
  5. They were purged from the fleet by the mid 1980s and never received any paint mods from original.
  6. Dual hub motors on the rear axle. The weight savings come from dispensing with the differential and driveshaft.
  7. Stay away from that rubberized ziebart stuff. It traps water between the coating and metal, actually accelerating corrosion. Same goes for that truck bed liner idea. Stick to an annual rust check regimen or the like, and you’ll be good.
  8. Annual underbody oil sprays are useful for more than cosmetics. I’ve got a 17 year old Honda Element that I’ve dailied year round since new. No issues with rot whatsoever, and Toronto uses as much salt as Chicago or New York. fluid film is my goo of choice, it’s lanolin based, and doesn’t attack rubber bushings like some petroleum compounds do.
  9. Neither do your irrelevant ramblings.
  10. Bingo. scratching another line into my cell wall...5110 to go.
  11. He was just making an observation. No need to get all Alex Jones on him.
  12. I believe the TTC has finally taken possession of the property, so it can be used for surplus storage.
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