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  1. Didn’t realize that, thanks. Keep counting your age in fractions, and they’ll be calling you kid long after your 15th.
  2. Shh...Being prey animals, they’re very timid and scare easily.
  3. Besides the fibreglass end caps, the only real noteworthy change is that the radiator fan is hydraulically driven on the 8000s, and mechanically driven via a belt and mitre gearbox/electric clutch on the 8100s.
  4. That’s only a relatively recent development.
  5. Gonna be taking 2252 to Queensway this morning. It’ll be held there in preparation for Monday’s Raptor victory parade.
  6. No decisions have been made yet. Considering how straightforward it would be just to convert another few, writing them off isn’t out of the question.
  7. Remember that these training buses are still subject to the standard pre service circle checks (those have to be taught how to be done as well) and any defects that arise still need to be attended to, even if they’re relegated to trainer duty.
  8. Malvern is shorthanded a couple of hoists long term as they get upgraded to the scissor type.
  9. Unplug the pertinent multiplex modules or a relay or two, and they can select what can or can’t come on with the ignition switch. Unfortunately physically undoing the battery cables will also disable the fire suppression- something they may still want active. cost: 0$ Hopefully, this is a learning experience for all of us.
  10. Meh, just sand the bodies and send them through again. At least no one torched them. It must have looked like a gang of orangoutans yanking on those steering wheels.😋
  11. Having walked a mile in her shoes, I say you’re not helping and to please stop.
  12. Check the other threads. Imma not repeating myself.
  13. I’ll be glad when channel one gets encrypted, so I don’t have to read about a mentally ill person’s final moments of pain in gory detail. To who’s benefit -exactly, is this information for?
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