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  1. Correct, VISION does have that capability.
  2. Had it not been for the Panama Canal, Winnipeg would have been on par with at least Montréal or Vancouver.
  3. You’ll be fine. If you made it this far, I think you’re in. The TTC (and the Ontario workforce in general) is desperate for licensed tradesmen.
  4. I’m on the lakeshore east corridor as I typed this and have yet to spot any via equipment whatsoever.
  5. If you’re standing on the lift platform In the raised position assisting a wheelchair Through the doorway, a few extra inches of headroom is an asset.
  6. If there were any malfunctions, like low line pressure or slipping clutch packs, a fault code would be triggered and a light would come on, bus gets changed off.
  7. The handset was capable of rudimentary 2 way communication if the button is held down.
  8. One of two things: Excess grease that gets picked up from the front door pivot pins on the Orions by the wash rack brushes. Gets re deposited all along the other buses. or, Someone who was careless with an angle grinder, and got sparks on the glass. They have the potential to mar the surface.
  9. Then we’re back to square one. Disabled vehicles stuck blocking service because of yet another neat-o contraption that 3 sunshine list engineers had to sign off on.
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