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  1. With all the doors closed for many hours on end? The hvac would draw fewer amps than in service. I’m willing to bet there’s also an adjustable thermostat setting when the cars go into “sleep” mode, that’ll keep the interior above freezing, but below the usual standard of 68-69 Fahrenheit for efficiency’s sake.
  2. My concern is salt tolerance. The dust will be as thick as Bonneville.
  3. If you select a dwarf species of grass that only grows to a length of 2/3 inches, it will never get close enough to be crushed on the railhead.
  4. I’m somewhat surprised nobody is challenging Ontario Northland for the Sudbury run at least. The greater Sudbury area (admittedly a massive area encompassing half wilderness) has a comparable population to Kingston. Is it the advantage of government subsidy keeping the Northland fares lower than the private sector could bear? I’m honestly curious.
  5. ^ add unprecedented. Triggers a punch reflex every time I hear it now.
  6. https://youtu.be/t4HeiRfdRZU blame your parents- 54-40.
  7. They weren’t built in Canada for starters… Also, why have two duplicate parts inventories for GM buses, especially when the RTS reliability record was spotty at best.
  8. https://youtu.be/lFrTZe-wQPI
  9. Toronto broadcast Journalist and consumer advocate Peter Silverman has died at the age of 90.
  10. Anecdotal, but a neighbor who’s a software engineer for Thales confirmed exactly that.
  11. They’re going to proceed with this strictly from a financial standpoint, as this can eliminate several positions from the upholstery department.
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