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  1. So? On a walk years ago at Big chute, I noticed most of the tieplates on the original marine railway had Temiskaming & Northern Ontario initials cast into them. Doesn't make it any less dead.
  2. Speaking as a former employee, PMCL died 20 years ago. Welcome to 2021.
  3. It was a fist sized hole in the fiberglass immediately above the entrance door. That’s it. 1242 is down, likely permanently. It dropped an exhaust valve seat on cylinder #6, piston didn’t like that.
  4. Maybe paint the hood all red, start the white at the firewall.
  5. There’s a preventative maintenance program, administered by Duncan being carried out in Malvern’s paint shop. A similar arrangement is going on at Mc nicoll using Duncan personnel. Space is at a premium inside Duncan currently as their hoists are replaced.
  6. So this crossed my inbox today from a colleague, for lack of a better term. Since a large chunk of the intended audience resides here, it seems appropriate.
  7. It’s pretty well stripped and decommissioned now. 1206 has disappeared from 1810, not sure of its disposition.
  8. No. The installation instructions have to be translated into French first.
  9. Seeing as you quoted me, I’ll assume this was meant for me as well. I don’t really need to consult with you as to where they’re going, now do I? -Merry Christmas.
  10. They’re amputating their Ontario operations to save themselves. No facility upgrades involved here.
  11. -From southern Cali if I recall. -They were cheap.
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