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  1. Gonna be a long climb to fit the exhaust hose to run it in the shop.
  2. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/a846e786-0bad-461d-bcf9-8fd6b995bbf3
  3. I think the red seal practice test is about as close as you’ll find.
  4. Looks like AC transit out of Oakland California.
  5. It’s the golden handcuffs here in Toronto stopping me. I’m exactly halfway through my 30 year stint. Knock wood, I’ll be healthy enough at 53 when I come out the other side to enjoy semi retirement with my full pension....Maybe get in with a charter outfit out there or something for fun mostly. I’ll likely stop spinning wrenches for money though, unless I get an offer I can’t refuse.
  6. I’ve similar aspirations, but my thing is to be close to the Pacific Ocean...But I digress.
  7. Since others are mentioning as far afield as Banff and Canmore, Red Deer and lethbridge would be fair game too. I admire that you’ve got the balls to follow through, though it doesn’t appear to be a voluntary choice in your case. I’ve pondered leaving too, but chickened out...at least for the next decade and a half. Knowing you chose pragmatism over your dreams is a shitty feeling.
  8. If you did, they’d be followed up on. That’s one customer service initiative that had withstood the departure of Mr. Byford.
  9. I wouldn’t call the heavy modifications and wall to wall stockpiled escalator and signalling equipment in Wilson’s old north terminal unused.
  10. For those curious, they’re manufactured by JW speaker. https://www.actiontrucks.com/product-detail/JWS0551771/led-headlights-model-8800-evolution-2-chrome-heated-low-beam?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIzM3mybuD5AIVARgMCh0yZQW6EAkYBCABEgKqnvD_BwE
  11. 2252 has received a Trump unit on the dashboard. Bear in mind this is a cosmetic installation only. The electronic internals have been removed. The infrastructure is long gone anyway.
  12. The BYD chargers are their own pedigree, and are not compatible with other vehicles. Proterra and Flyer both subscribe to the same EV charging standard, SAE-1772, and can be charged at either west end facility.
  13. That’s the trend in the entire automotive industry. This link shows specifically what happens to them when the do fail, and it’s not throwing them away. https://www.ttc.ca/About_the_TTC/Commission_reports_and_information/Commission_meetings/2016/July_11/Reports/21_PA_-_Supply_of_BAE_Propulsion_Parts_for_the_Hybrid_Bus_Fl.pdf
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