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  1. Looks like another Rapibus red light bandit motorist (in French). https://twitter.com/Urgence07/status/816427172437118977?lang=en
  2. Strike vote occuring today. Hey thanks for the notice for that one. Article is in French. http://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1005237/possible-mandat-de-greve-a-la-sto
  3. Routes 1, 7 and 9 will be on detour this weekend as westbound Daly will be blocked for construction. They will stop westbound on the Mackenzie King Bridge. The shorter trips on the 1 and 7 unless I'm wrong will start at Mackenzie King westbound. Eastbound nothing will change on the 1 and 7 as well as Route 12
  4. It is going in mediation in two weeks (article in French) http://ici.radio-canada.ca/regions/ottawa/2016/11/01/009-negociations-contrat-chauffeurs-sto-mediateur-conciliation.shtml
  5. May have been browser issues but they just only recently added the Carling Place timepoints for the 101 and 103. They were not shown still at least two weeks after the fall service changes. The other version did showed the Carling Place timepoints http://www.octranspo.com/routes?lang=en&date=20161004&rte=101 http://www.octranspo.com/routes?lang=en&date=20161003&rte=103
  6. The union has it's own site though in French only. All of the union's previous CBA's with the STO are posted on the site as well http://sut591.ca/
  7. The STO drivers and mechanics union have been without a contract since December 31, 2014 and started various job actions lately, including wearing ugly bright yellow t-shirts and also showing the union name on their destination signs. There was supposed to be negotiations talks between the STO and union this week but the union walked off the negociations since the second offer by the STO is worse than the first. There was mention about scheduling (deja vu from 2008-09 at OC). The union mentionned about lower wages although I find this hard to believe that part. Right now, there is no date for any potential vote on strike action, but right now there isn't any mention of service disruption for the short term. Anyways, this dispute is a gong show already
  8. STO User Guide's 2016-17 is now online. They were a bit slow to post the full guide as they were saying it would be posted by the first week of August. So the three local routes in Aylmer have been reorganized, two of them basically doing a figure-8 loop while another local route with run near the Galeries Aylmer Route 57 is removed with route 67 serving the Pointe-Gatineau area all day but will end in Ottawa Several Gatineau sector routes will have half-hour service during midday on weekdays Not shown on the changes, the Census Route 10 will not be extended beyond August 26 unlike in 2011 which ended in October.
  9. Yet another red light bandit causing a crash at a Rapibus intersection
  10. My gosh, the DD has a terrible horn sound. Thank goodness it's just a few days and on weekend. 10 minutes from Bayview to Westboro. The lay-up area at Tunney's should be okay during the summer, it will be more interesting once the fall schedule is back and especially during the PM rush hour in the westbound direction
  11. Regarding STO routes, the 40-series routes will start at Portage during the PM rush hour on Wednesday as well as some trips (the east end routes would be on Maisonneuve) from most others routes (except routes 11, 17, 20, 21, 48, 59, 67, 300 and 400 - and probably also route 10). They will use as expected Rideau, Waller, then Albert and Kent. Doesn't look they will stop on the Mackenzie King Bridge though but will serve Metcalfe and Bank Stations
  12. To add up to the recent frequent problems - Big disruptions on the 29th because of the North American Leaders Summit which will affect both rush hours. It will mostly affect STO service which may add up to the Mackenzie King Bridge mess (I don't think there will be additionnal OC detours on top of the current ones downtown).
  13. http://www.sto.ca/index.php?id=642&L=en (for Aylmer changes) http://www.sto.ca/index.php?id=nouveautes&L=en (other changes will be available in English next week) Changes have been approved with some adjustments - A local route serving only the residential area south of the Galerie Aylmers will be running on weekdays only (replacing the portion of route 51 that would have not been served the main local route. - Route 50 will kept its current western terminus at Eardley and Hwy 148. Route 58 will be extended to that end as well. - Route 58 will also have a few midday trips to/from Tunney's Pasture (will become a route like routes 69 and 79 I guess) - The old route 67 (with some differences) will be revived replacing much of route 57's service. The current trips of route 67 will be renumbered to route 87(only difference on the route 87 versus route 67 is that it will stay on Maisonneuve Blvd.while route 67 will connect directly to the Aylmer/Hull/Plateau routes upstairs at Portage) - Some local routes (65, 71, 75 and 76) as well as Rapibus Route 68 will be running every 30-minutes during midday hours on weekdays. - Some route 200 trips in the afternoon will be removed in some periods (where the frequency is high but not that much ridership) I suspect probably they won't touch trips around the 3:30-5:00 period where there is a lot of crowding issues.
  14. http://www.sto.ca/index.php?id=636&L=en Some big changes proposed for the Aylmer sector in particular but with changes affecting elsewhere. There's some things that are a bit less clear. * The hub and spoke at Rivermead will be pretty much gone. Though the Galeries Aylmer area will be now a major transfer point. The 40-series route will no longer enter the park and ride in the afternoon while the park and ride further west will be closed as a residential development will be under construction * In addition to the 40-series routes and route 59, a new route 55 will also be created for off-peak periods from Ottawa using almost the exact same route as route 44 (I would probably think route 44 will be simply renumbered to 55). Routes 59 and route 55 will have a combined frequency of 15-minutes of peak except Sundays (combined 30-minute) and probably also Saturday evenings and early Saturday mornings. Both routes will ends at the Allumettieres P&R. Route 59 will go directly to the P&R from the Galeries. It says a combined frequency, though especially at the western end of the route, I think it is more an average frequency as route 55 is probably longer. * Routes 49, 50, 58 and 800 will end at the Galeries Aylmer. Route 800 will also be combining the route 810 trips as the route apparently will travel in both directions on the Black Bridge of the Rapibus even during rush hour (Route 100 and 200 users won't be happy with this). They are also restoring the 30-minute frequency in the counter-peak direction (route 810 started as a 30-minute frequency). * Much of Routes 51, 52 and 53 will be combined in a single two-way loop route similar to the ones that were used in Barrhaven and Orleans in the past. Frequency will remain the same * Routes 40, 49 and 50 will also have some other changes for either serve new areas or chop travel time. * Route 57 will be removed. This is a bit the question mark here. They are saying trips will be added on routes 67 and 85, but what will happen during off-peak hours along Greber, the park and ride at les Promenades and other areas served by the 57 north of downtown. My thinking is probably that the 67 will return as a full regular route like before 2011 because it's unthinkable that the Greber-Fournier area without off-peak service especially compared to the kind of service and how busy it was before 2011.
  15. Route 10 is back for the Census where the location is once again in the middle of nowhere in Gatineau off Highway 5. However they are only planning to run on weekdays as opposed to 2011 (there were weekend shifts, right?). Also, there are not even connecting the route to any of the Rapibus Stations and unless downtown, connections from other routes to route 10 are pretty difficult. It is shown from April to August (though I do recall seeing that route running still several weeks after) http://www.sto.ca/index.php?id=633&L=en The text in English should be available soon
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