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  1. Aw damn... I only got to ride that one twice. Oh well, at least it's not scrapped. Makes me wonder if the '77s days are numbered, as well as 8509, which isn't looking so great either as of late. The Ex-RTCs are looking in good shape, though some are beginning to rust a bit more. 7757 isn't looking too bad last I saw it, but 7742 and 8509 seem to be rusting quite a bit in the back. At least we know 7901 and 8401 will be around for a while, even if I hate the latter's tendency to barely make it up slight inclines. STO seems to be putting their focus towards the '89-'92 MCIs as of late, so I don't think we can expect any more miracles as far as the GMs are concerned. I'm not sure if our '88s have been touched. They sure accelerate pretty damn fast, but none have been repainted.
  2. This one is from last year
  3. Edit: Whoops, 59 RIVERMEAD
  4. I wonder how that will work, as I know there was talk about OC Transpo and STO integrating their smart card systems when OC Transpo gets theirs.
  5. I know on some of our LFSes (even some '08s), it's not uncommon to see things like several transfers or even user guides jammed into the board behind the destination sign.
  6. Though I don't really have any experience with other companies, I do find Nova to be the least reliable. Our '09s are such crap. A couple of them have had transmission problems, 0909 had screws falling from the ceiling, and it died on Wellington today because of an oil leak/spill.
  8. lol, reminds me of one time on the 31 here, where I ended up being the only one on. I wasn't in the idiot seat, but was on the seat behind on the driver's side (behind the wheel well). Shania Twain's "Feel Like A Woman" came on his radio and he started singing along (loudly) with it. I got off at Gabrielle-Roy and scared the crap out of him when I came up to the front
  9. Watching TV, and you have to turn the volume up full blast to make out at least half of what is being said, only to get blasted out by the commercial.
  10. Mike's and Ike's. Hmmm.. have I eaten lunch yet? Nope... oh well
  11. More dumbass than embarrassing, but waiting my ass off for the 127 (half hour frequency) at Shefford, while not taking note of the 95 stop down the road (3 minute frequency)
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