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  1. Spottings for the day: 9508 on a road test on our way to the Promenades, then dead on Greber when we were on 7901. 0714 on 77 7901, well, duh. 0328 on 96.
  2. As of our garage visit today, it's safe to say 8401(duh), 8802, and 8904 have been axed. 8620 was missing its transmission at the garage, but it didn't show any signs of being retired. Pics:
  3. I'm stopping by at the garage tomorrow morning for the charter. I will see if I can find out if anything else has recently been axed.
  4. Almost looks like he's talking to whoever is in the idiot seat, and using his hands.
  5. I'm just thinking of all the rules that go unenforced on this side of the river. While there are some exceptions, they are far and few between. Ex. STO, it's against by-laws to talk loudly on your cell phone, to play your music loudly, to not fold your stroller, etc. Apparently, this now results in a $300 fine. But, most of the time, you can have some woman (in my experience, it's usually women) screaming on her phone, telling whoever is on the other end to go f*ck him/herself, etc, or you can have gangsta rap being blared from the other side of the bus, and the driver does nothing about it. That's why I see this as something that will go unenforced.
  6. I honestly don't think it'll do a damn thing if it goes through. This is just going to be another thing that won't be enforced by drivers. And common sense tells me that if people keep leaving their crap everywhere, then why follow a food/drink ban?
  7. Aw damn... I only got to ride that one twice. Oh well, at least it's not scrapped. Makes me wonder if the '77s days are numbered, as well as 8509, which isn't looking so great either as of late. The Ex-RTCs are looking in good shape, though some are beginning to rust a bit more. 7757 isn't looking too bad last I saw it, but 7742 and 8509 seem to be rusting quite a bit in the back. At least we know 7901 and 8401 will be around for a while, even if I hate the latter's tendency to barely make it up slight inclines. STO seems to be putting their focus towards the '89-'92 MCIs as of late, so I don't think we can expect any more miracles as far as the GMs are concerned. I'm not sure if our '88s have been touched. They sure accelerate pretty damn fast, but none have been repainted.
  8. Edit: Whoops, 59 RIVERMEAD
  9. I'd didn't do much transferring on my trip to Montreal, but they do seem to realize that people might need more than one bus to get where they're going (especially on a system like theirs, where from my observation, most routes seem to be kept to a single street). Just about every time I passed an intersecting street with a bus route on it, the bus was just a few blocks down the road. Then you have examples like STO, where they commonly give you 2-3 minutes buffer time at terminals. Especially in the east end of Gatineau (including Buckingham/Masson), there are a lot of streets with high-ish speed limits. Take Chemin du Montreal/Boul. Maloney, for example, most of which has a speed limit ranging between 70 and 90. There are quite a few drivers that will do 100-110 along this entire section, meaning throw the 3-5 minute rule out the window and arrive closer to 7-10 minutes early. Unfortunately, there are also quite a few drivers that crawl along at 60kph, whether or not they're ahead of schedule. When this happens, you pretty much know you're going to get to the Promenades in time to see the ass-end of your bus exiting the station. They also do the opposite quite a bit, too, as in scheduling a bus to arrive 2-3 minutes after a connecting route leaves, meaning you have to sit on your ass for 20 minutes waiting for the next one.
  10. I wonder how that will work, as I know there was talk about OC Transpo and STO integrating their smart card systems when OC Transpo gets theirs.
  11. Still haven't beat our $2.80 ticket price or our $3.25 cash fares. I suppose at least here, students can take advantage of the $2.05 student tickets. And I love it when people from urban areas complain about their service...
  12. I know on some of our LFSes (even some '08s), it's not uncommon to see things like several transfers or even user guides jammed into the board behind the destination sign.
  13. Though I don't really have any experience with other companies, I do find Nova to be the least reliable. Our '09s are such crap. A couple of them have had transmission problems, 0909 had screws falling from the ceiling, and it died on Wellington today because of an oil leak/spill.
  14. ^ Driver training. Don't you have school? 0909 died on Wellington today, looked to have been an oil leak, as they were putting oil in it and there were a couple of bags of 'OIL-DRI' Rode: 0205 on 96 (Every damn time I find an HF run...) 9503 on 33 0412 on 35 9504 on 77 0415 on 67 0327 on 96
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