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  1. The All-American Rejects - It Ends Tonight Probably played this song 100 times in the last couple days.
  2. Something I won't ever understand. One of my coworkers is addicted to decaffeinated coffee. He drinks like 8 Cups of it a day and always craves it. I thought it was caffeine that's an addiction. I guess I was wrong.
  3. Calgary - Westbrook Station and Sunalta Stations. Westbrook for being Calgary's only underground station and Sunalta for being elevated five stories above ground. They are simple in design yet are the most unique in the system Edmonton - Probably Bay-Enterprise Square Station as it's the Station I'm most familiar with. (I don't really have a favorite Edmonton Train Station) Vancouver - Waterfront Station. The architecture, location and that it still retains it's use as a train station since its opening.
  4. So I started my new job nearly a month ago and so far, this was one of the best decisions I made in a long time. It was a huge transition where people actually treat you like a human being and all. Well there's one thing that's different. At last my last job, schedules were emailed to you weekly 10 Days in advance. This place, you get your schedule six weeks in advance. All good, until you realize your schedule is on a app that uses Windows 2008 to Operate. So basically, if you are not accessing your schedule at work, you have to install software that makes it compatible with Windows 2017 or something. Funny, for a multi-billion dollar company, they are really behind. If it works, it works I guess.
  5. A High Fever. Still am recovering from that. Aside being bedridden on Christmas, I did actually get a couple things this year. - A Nice Dress Shirt - A couple gift cards - To celebrate that I got a new job. I picked up this WestJet 737 Max in 1/100 Scale. Photo is a scale comparison of the 1/100, 1/200 and 1/400 scales of the Max.
  6. Haven't gotten any scam calls until now. Ordered a couple things off Ebay and right after, the calls are going like crazy. I thought leaving my voicemail to me when I was 14 would deter the scammers. It did for awhile. Now they are calling like 10 times a day with the numbers mostly local. I thought Ebay protects my identification. Guess the hackers beat the system.
  7. No he knew that I was leaving a few weeks ago, I just never gave my final notice as I wanted to ensure that the details were confirmed. My other boss said instead of a 30 Day notice, I can give a 20 Day notice. He said he would work with me any days I need off prior to my last day but it seems like that boss doesn't give a shit either anymore. When I told that a$$hole that I was leaving, He told me to run and take it followed by an offer me to continue working at the company in other positions. I declined as I wouldn't know how my schedule would play out. Plus, this new job is only 10 minutes from home and not 35 like my current job. Kind of wondering if he thinks I'll fail at the new job. I didn't bother really telling anyone that I'm leaving as gossip spreads like wildfire at my workplace with the girls and all. (There's 42 females and 8 Males at my work) so I wanted to leave in secrecy. But notified management and some of the guys I closely worked with. I don't need gossip / drama that goes on, wanting only to be my friend for the benefits at my new job. (My new job is at the airport). Here's how it works at my job, when a female is quitting or has a problem, management responds immediately. When a guy leaves, the door is right there and your on your own. Funny enough, one of the guys asked if there will a "party" on my last day, which is common for some on their last day. I laughed and said no, it's just goodbye, so long, maybe I'll stop by and visit. As for the needles on the bus, the operator didn't seem to care. He got out of his seat, looked at it also gave me a weird look, thinking I planted it there. He continued the route and about a couple minutes after I reported it, I got off and walked home. I'm not quite sure what happened after. According to one of the transit apps, the bus is still running on that route. I sure hope other people reported it and they got it off the bus.
  8. Sent a final notice to my current employer that I'll be leaving the company after nearly six years in January. I notified one of two bosses that my resignation letter is in the office. The guy looks at me, and says harshly, "that doesn't concern me" and walks away. Told my colleagues what happened and they tell me, after six years, this is how they treat me? Well it as much as I'm insulted, I'll be laughing on my last day which is in three weeks at time of post, knowing I'll never have to see this a$$hole again. Also, going home from work. Took the bus to the suburbs. There's dirty needles on the ground of the bus. Come on.. I get there's a opioid crisis and it's become a issue. At least take your paraphalia with you so no one else gets accidently stabbed and infected. Yes I told the driver.
  9. 8300 being loaded onto a flatbed at Whitehorn Station.
  10. Can't stand working the night shift. Not because of the schedule but simply how it's become a nightmare to adjust too. I leave home at 9PM and get home at 7AM. Then, until 8PM, multiple two-hour sessions of attempting to get sleep and frustration of not getting sleep. I've only been getting 3-4 Hours of sleep at a time. Been dealing with insomnia for a very long time. Its total ass. I bought melatonin pills but am paranoid to take them. So until I start my new job in January, this is what it has become too. I sort of regret taking this promotion as my health has been compromised because of it.
  11. 2046 - Blue Line 2259 - Red Line Both spotted yesterday afternoon.
  12. 6048 dead at Heritage and Elbow. Blocking the turning lane onto Elbow.
  13. Well work paid for my CPR Training and I got paid to show up for the two-day course. To my surprise, some of the course material has changed since I took it in 2013. This might be my favorite day on the job since I first started in 2014. I gotta give to some of my classmates though. They finished a night shift then headed straight to class.
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