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  1. Scrolling through Reddit reading about the Memorial Drive closure for filming. Does anyone know who the New Flyer D40LF originally belonged too? It's painted in the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (Boston MA) livery.
  2. This is minor and not everyday but drives me up the wall. I visit my former work once or twice a week to do my grocery shopping and say hello to my former colleagues as I was treated like family at this place. It's all great till I leave the store. I'm only a few steps away from the exit where there's a kiosk / table with someone bugging people for a moment of their time for some sort of charity thing. Seriously, I just want to do my shopping and leave the store without feeling like an a$$hole for ignoring them or the fact I rarely carry cash on me anymore. Its not comfortable that someone is bugging me to sell me something / ask me for donations especially with my hands full of groceries (I never get a cart) or I got music blasting in my ears. I don't have a problem with it when the cashiers are asking me for charity as management is making them do it and there pretty friendly about it. What annoys me is that this is the only location I've seen this at. I've been to other same grocery store locations and I don't encounter it at all. I'm assuming management allowed them to be there as they are inside the store. But it doesn't help the customer experience. If it wasn't for my former colleagues, I would stop visiting this place entirely.
  3. Ex Calgary Transit #1829 is at Xtreme Auto Truck & Sales on 7th Avenue NE beside Barlow Trail. Yes I am aware the photo is upside down. I'll correct it when I get home.
  4. Cargolux - Boeing 747-8F reg. LX-VCF in the "Not Without My Mask" livery made its first daylight appearance to YYC on September 14th. This is the second visit for this aircraft sporting this livery to YYC. The other time where it came around 2AM back in July / August.
  5. I live on a street that barely exists on the map and that's also a dead end. (Cal-du-sac). There is only around 20 houses so it's really small. So I don't have to deal with street noise (except for kids playing on the street) and package thieves. Well in the 9 years I lived on this street, this was a first. I always hated people who show off their cars / motorcycles who like to burn rubber and just make a ton of noise to where you can hear it from the other side of the city! Well something like 4 or 5 cars decided to speed their way in, doing donuts and burning rubber. It was so loud that even with windows closed, and I'm on second floor, it was like I was sitting on my front porch witnessing it. Well, to my surprise, they didn't hit any of the cars on my street yet left some tire marks in the middle of the street. I was so glad that I'm off and decided to stay up later as this happened at 8PM and I'm usually in bed by 7PM to get up for work at 2AM.
  6. This is so freaking frustrating. Two hours of work gone/wasted as Google decided not to save any of my work while writing an comprehensive report to someone in a google doc / email. I seriously thought they were supposed to save your work as you go. I'm guessing Google didn't like the subject matter and decided to say F U in its own way. My computer was connected to the internet so even if it didn't save it all, parts would've been saved. So I now have to back to my sources and start all over on something that was 90% completed a few hours ago.
  7. Found this on Reddit. Does anyone remember when Calgary Transit had their own Match boxes?
  8. Two Air Transat A321 Neos at the East Pad at YYC this morning. There is no filter, the smoke was that thick!
  9. #6053 got into a rear end accident on 52nd and Temple Dr. Photo Credit: Bad Calgary Drivers Facebook Page.
  10. Really am behind on some of the interesting sights at YYC. For 4 Days back in Mid-July, French Bee's Airbus A350 made a technical stop at YYC due to a fuel shortage in Vancouver from Paris-Calgary- Payette. The tech stops have since moved to Toronto-Pearson. This was the second time a A350 visited YYC. Air Transat resumed services from August 1st. They will be flying to Montreal 4x a week using the A321 / A321 Neo.
  11. A Volga-Dnepr IL-76 arrived at YYC this afternoon from Anchorage. The flight route was Tianjin-Khabarovsk-Anchorage-Calgary over the course of the last few days. An Antonov 124 will follow suit on the same route. I was told the two are here to drop off cargo.
  12. Since I cannot post this on Facebook due to the competition / demand for these models, I'll show it here. I have over 250 models but I have been focusing on the now defunt Malév - Hungarian Airlines. This is my display of both 1/200 and 1/400 scales. There is 21 in display with three more 1/200s on the way by the end of 2021. I'll probably be moving them to another shelve to accomodate the rest. I also have one custom 737 in 1/100. Some of the 1/200 are the size of the 1/400s!
  13. Spotted 2050 as a Single Car at Franklin Station around 11:30AM this morning!
  14. Swoop - Boeing 737 made a medical division to YYC on July 2 on a flight between YXX-YYZ. It departed the next day for Toronto.
  15. It's not really humid here as Calgary is 3600ft ASL so its just hot air. Whatever humidity there is, I don't really feel it. The hot weather is scheduled to continue into next week. Since I work airside at the airport, it's generally around 10*c hotter so today is around 45*c on the job. I ordered another mini AC unit for another family member as there using mine when I'm at work. Since everyone is in desperate need of AC, it went from arriving in two days, to two-three weeks.
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