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  1. Enjoying my first day off after working eight consecutive days / around 60 Hours. It felt weird to get up and realize that I'm actually off work and have no obligations for the day.
  2. Got transferred to another restaurant to help with the rush from the Calgary Stampede and bar drunks next door. I expected a disaster and nightmare but the shift was pretty laid back where I worked with someone from my location and some great people that were also transferred from other restaurants and those who also worked there. It was a nice change from the regular scenery. Got off work at 2300 and decided to order food. I went to the lobby and started ordering where guy next to me who wasn't drunk but tired and broke noticed my uniform and apron and started talking to me that he once had everything as a millionaire chef but lost his wife and kids (He wouldn't explain why) I apologized to him for his loss and paid for my order. He ordered one of the sandwiches that I ordered myself and said he was broke after. The lady cashier offered him a drink for free and then I gave him around $5 in coins that I just got from paying my food. He was so happy that he hugged me and shook my hand and said that I got his "respect" (whatever that means). He was happy because two people actually gave a rat's ass about whatever he had to say and was treated with respect. Whether his story was true or not, it felt good to be part of something that actually wasn't the usual "pain and suffering". A good way to end a week after working over 46 hours.
  3. Just completed my first graveyard shift. (8PM - 5:30AM). It feels so strange to be off work and driving the opposite direction when I am normally enroute to work for a day shift.
  4. Not exactly sure why but I can't post on my laptop using chrome. I got no trouble on phone posting but the reply box doesn't exist when I use my computer. Might just be me and my settings but this hasn't been a issue until the past few days.
  5. Got off work shortly after midnight. Before getting onto the highway, I hear weird noises in my car. Thinking that I got a flat tire, I pulled over in an deserted industrial area and decided to walk around my car and see what was the problem. Thinking I was alone in the dark and heavy rain, I didn't think much of it. Turns out I wasn't. I got back in my car after seeing the tires were ok and was about to leave when a guy on a bike slowly passes by me. I was spooked out for some reason. It was raining heavily and there are no houses in a 5km vicinity of where this road was where I parked. It lead to an landfill. I assume the guy is homeless looking for recyclables but when you think are alone in the middle of nowhere. Apparently you arent.
  6. My promotion became effective as of today. Extra pay and new title finally. It took 10 months of proving my bosses that I am capable of the position and controlling myself from walking out on a bunch of incompentant jackasses. Despite being there for over five-years, knowing every work station and how the restaurant runs on a management position. Every time I want to prove myself, it seems like I always have to the extra mile to prove everyone that I am capable of my intentions.
  7. Makes me often remember when people disliked me when admit that I favor Winter and -30*c over summer. You either get cold yet clear blue skies or hot with Forest fire smoke. At least you can breathe in the winter.
  8. A Number ot decommissioned U2s sit on the B/O Track this afternoon at Oliver Bowen.
  9. Haven't had a strange incident at work inawhile aside co-workers nearly killing each other on a regular basis or getting pregnant. This happened the other day but haven't had time to post. I'd expect this incident at 3AM but not during the day. Some women who was obviously under the influence of some type of drug drove through the Drive-Thru, ordered and sat at the second window eating her food while she was spinning her head all over the place, screaming about wasps and yelling to order more food. She sat there for an hour. Eventually my boss called the cops. I was supervising a delivery outside the restaurant when I noticed the heavy police presence. I asked and they told me that she even got out of her car and danced in the middle of the drive-thru. Surprisingly they didn't arrest her but they towed her car, fined her and called her a cab to take her home. IMO, they should have arrested her, there should be no sympathy for those get behind the wheel under the influence. The best part of this strange situation aside no one got hurt? It was all caught on video.
  10. Well this happened at work but it absolutely fucking disgusted me. Canada is known for being one of the most wasteful countries in the world. Now I know why many countries are pissed at us. Someone at my work cooked too many pies and they were past there Expiration time by two hours. There was like 12 or 15 pies and I was willing to take them as long they wouldn't go to waste. I asked my boss with another to take them off there hands even willing to pay for them as long they wouldn't go to waste. My boss gets pissed off, shouts at me and tells me he wants them to go to waste and blames the person for cooking too many. Now I'm starting to understand why the world gets mad at the first-world countries. There are many people starving to death while we are wasting perfectly good food thats past its quality time. Whats wrong with them aside being a little dry? I always disliked this one boss since I first met him in 2016 and am very pissed off. I said i would continue to work for this company till the end of 2019. Now I'm considering leaving sooner...
  11. George Carlin would have turned 82 today. He was one of the greatest stand-up comedians until his death in 2008.
  12. I accidentally laminated some personal documents which I wasn't supposed too. I call the office up in Edmonton and left a voicemail saying I damaged the documents and requesting new ones. The irony is this. I got a voicemail from some lady saying I need to call a number and request new documents. The number she gave was the exact one that the lady was contacting me from with the same extensions. I'm going to freak out the next morning when I get a voicemail saying I have to contact this number again. Next time I'll ask ahead before I "protect" these documents in really, I made them invalid. Do these people really know what they're doing at their job?
  13. Currently riding 2219 on the refurbished consist on the Blue Line. Just departed Franklin for 69 Street on I assume itself lts first revenue run. The interior is different with sinilarities to the S200s. (As previously mentioned in earlier posts) I'm not going to lie, these plastic seats on a SD160 are very weird as being accustomed to cushion seats since the SD160s entered service in 2001. As a passenger, the seats are way better than the S200 for height, but they are still rather uncomfortable. Aside the seating arrangement and being a SD160, it feels like I'm riding a S200.
  14. Random Thought / F Yeah Moment? Its been exactly five years that I've been at the same job since 2014. (I work for a fast-food company but am now involved in different departments) I still don't know how I survived or still have this job after all this time after getting into many flights with my bosses and co-workers. Well I was a teen and now soon 21. It's hard to believe now that I somewhat enjoy my job, with most of the changes only happening in the last six weeks where I ratted out a abusive coworker which resulted in a happy environment (not only for me, but everyone which I never expected) and me being able to get involved in some decision making which led me being able to expand my potential. As a result, I was finally recommended for a promotion and now often work 10-12 Hour Shifts. I said when I first started in 2014, I'll be happy if I survived a month. Well I am not planning another five years. I have decided to stay for a bit longer but I have finally decided to start looking at my options. I admitted when I was really young young that I never wanted to work in the fast food industry. I always wondered why I stayed, I assume its the fact that it's like a family. Well I said the same thing about never wanting to get involved in aviation when I was 12. I live a life where I pursue things that I never wanted too when I was young. If I regret anything, I wished I saved more. But do I regret staying in this job for the last five years where there's better jobs out there closer to home? I wouldn't have an answer. All I can say is that I'm surprised I lasted five years at my job whether regret it or it.
  15. Three Junior Chickens, a coupie strawberry pies and a Chai Frappe to drink. A little excessive but since it's Good Friday tomorrow and I can't eat meat for the next couple days, I'm enjoying myself.
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