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  1. Canadian North has been operating "Rescue Flights" for WestJet Airlines between Calgary and Toronto. They've been operating as 5T4354/5T4355 using Canadian North aircraft and Pilots. The irony of all that is they've been using 737-700s which were previously operated by WestJet. This was unexpected and I didn't know what this was till it passed by me while on the ramp. I assumed at first it was an Air North ATR42. It turned out to be FireFly - ATR72 is seen taxiing at the airport on July 2. After some research, it came in near South Indian Lake in Manitoba (Assuming either Thompson or Churchill) for a fuel stop before heading off to Spokane and continuing onwards. This was very likely a lease return. Former registration is 9M-FYB. That is quite the trip from Malaysia to the USA in an ATR 72!
  2. At this point, where the road takes me when I finish college. I'd love to move away from Calgary and just start off fresh, preferably a smaller city. While my family has lived here for 30 Years, I am just done with the cold winters and same old. The only thing I want if I move is still be close to family as they are getting older and I would rather stay close so I can look after them and I'm an only child. If I had to choose a city, I'd choose Kelowna BC. There's plenty of work in aerospace, it's a smaller city and less cold. Only time will tell however. Pay me good and I will consider the move and start off fresh.
  3. Listening to the radio while working in the garage earlier with my father cleaning the place up. Some company is advertising a "Boxing Day Sale in June." Why couldn't they just call it a summer sale? What do they call it around Christmas or January? "Summer Sale in January?" I swear I remember why I never listen to the radio. I lose my shit over the ads instead of listening to the Classics.
  4. I never thought I would see this airline or aircraft type again. Antonov Design Bureau - Antonov 124 UR-82027 came to YYC on Wednesday afternoon and departed late Thursday Night for Goose Bay
  5. Flew with them on June 11th from YYC-YVR on Tail #803, C-FULH. Their newest aircraft currently. I bought the plane ticket only a week before my departure and even with paying to bring my carry-on on board and a preferred seat, I only paid $108 including taxes. The flight itself was alright. Left on time and got there on time which is all what matters. They only serve water on the flight. Bring snacks, a portable charger / power bank for your electronic devices and something you to keep you occupied as there is no entertainment or WiFi on board. In all I would fly with them again.
  6. Adding to my list: Lynx Air: Boeing 737 Max-8 (YYC-YVR) Air Canada: Airbus A220-300 (YVR-YYC)
  7. Well I got my breakfast for free. So my work opened a tab at Tim Hortons where you can get free coffee and one donut according to company email. The staff at Tim's had no clue what's going on so they just let me have three donuts and my coffee for free even though I wanted to pay for my donuts. I told I'd pay them back next time for the extra donuts. So probably tomorrow and if they refuse, I'll drop a few bucks to the donation bin.
  8. Been after this model for several years. It's the most expensive model I ever purchased to date. Malév TU-154B in 1/200 by Herpa in New Livery.
  9. United Airlines - Boeing 777-300ER made a medical Diversion to YYC back on April 14th while flying from ORD-HNL as UA219.
  10. I haven't swam in over 10 years so that's something to consider if I got the time or healing will take longer. I'm usually lifting weights or bouldering/rock climbing to maintain upper strength. I guess after a week of physio I can go for a long walk. Ended up calling in on Saturday after zero sleep and in extreme pain but went back on Sunday. The pain subsided so I was able to work without much trouble on Sunday but it turns out I twisted my pelvis. So it wasn't much of a back issue. Since I can bend and walk without much trouble at least I can continue working which was my biggest concern.
  11. Twisted my lower back. Off to physiotherapy and chiropractor on Monday. The next two days of work will be rough. Thankfully I don't do much heavy lifting at the airport anymore. I was walking around with a sore left foot for the last few weeks. Thinking it was the new work shoes, they just needed breaking in and I got a sore heel as it happened with the right foot but wore off after awhile. Since the pain was on and off, I didn't think much. Continued working and excerising only to realize that it's getting worse and not better. This isn't the first time I've experienced a back injury. I injured it in 2018 and 2019 when I worked in fast food. Not sure where or when I injured it but I assume at work. So not happy that I have to give up climbing and working out for the next little while. But it's for the best.
  12. Here is #801 parked on the North Pad 110 at Calgary International Airport after its first revenue flights!
  13. Maybe normal for some on their commutes but this was a first for me. Was driving from the Beltline (an area outside of downtown Calgary full of bars) during the afternoon rush hour to head back to the Northeast. I approach the intersection I need to turn right to and see who I will call a sex worker (she had the characteristics of one) blocking my lane talking to the car in the left lane. The guy drove off. Since she was in my lane, and the road was narrow, I couldn't go around her. She then flags me down and bangs on my window. I locked my doors and just opened the window an inch asking her what she wants. She offered me her services. I declined then asked me for money. I tell her I don't carry coins or cash on me. Then finally, she asks me for cigarettes. I was vaping in my car at that moment and said no, I just have a vape. (I quit smoking cigarettes in the new year) She then gives me a dirty look and walks away. I know she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol when she spoke to me. I immediately floor it after that as the intersection was clear. I kept driving and asking myself what the f*ck did I just encounter? My friend was in that intersection a minute before me and got spooked out when she was trying to get his attention. He floored it before she got close to his car. I know the area I was in is also known for prostitution and etc. This was the first time I've ever encountered it. It surprised me more as this happened in broad daylight. You'd ask what was I doing there if its known for that kind of activity? Well a friend of mine lives in one of the apartments in the area and I was just visiting.
  14. HiFly Malta Airbus - A340-313 arrived at YYC on the 29th for cargo. Love this livery. There is supposed to be a few more of these arriving within the next week.
  15. 2062 as a single car consist arriving at Erlton Station at time of post.
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