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  1. Calgary had a huge protest against masks and restrictions. If people understood that once if we just lockdown, suck up to the masks bylaw and social distancing and not have gatherings, the numbers would go down eventually. At work, we are ordered to mask up even in the cafeteria. There's this one guy at work who's anti-mask and etc. He says its flu, conspiracy and etc and will never shut up about it even we tell him that no one cares. He even hosted an anti-mask rally in one of the towns outside of Calgary. Since there is no plan at work if there are positive cases, it annoys us. But we came to this conclusion, if we are forced to isolate and not come to work due to positive cases, its all because of him. (Yes getting off topic, I'll continue this in the Covid-19 thread)
  2. For the first time ever I went out Black Friday shopping yesterday and scored myself a gaming chair for just little over $100 instead of $200 with discounts and etc. I've been using an a cheap office chair for the five years that's now been stripped of its leather. Not the most comfortable thing but certainly happy with the upgrade. Just as a note, I did buy this from the grocery store I work at. I am not willing to go out otherwise to the mall especially during a pandemic.
  3. 6077 dead at Centre Street and 68th Avenue
  4. It's official. KLM retires the last passenger Boeing 747-400s in their fleet. PH-BFV, name The City of "Vancouver" was the final passenger 747 in KLM's fleet to retire on October 26. This ends 49 years of service of the Boeing 747 passenger service. KLM still has 3 Cargo 747s, operated by Martinair. https://nltimes.nl/2020/10/26/klm-retires-its-last-boeing-747#:~:text=The KLM 747 fleet was,passenger flights offered were slashed.
  5. The weather here in Calgary. Last Sunday Morning: Snow on the ground, -15*c with a wind chill of -28*c. Today, around +15*c mainly sunny. My neighbors are mowing their lawn.
  6. I found this slide of Calgary Transit #981 beside the Calgary Convention Centre in 1987 on Ebay awhile back. I didn't purchase the slide but did take a screenshot of it. It's displaying Route 27. The current Route 27 serves Barlow-Max Bell Station and Willowglen. Anyone know where the Route 27 served back then?
  7. I hate to break it to you but no 5 cent coins were made with silver after 1921. It's made of 100% pure nickel. 10, 25, 50 cents and $1 Canadian Coins prior to 1968 were made of silver. 1968 was a transition year where they made both silver 10 and 25 cent coins in 50% silver and nickel. Nice find though, I do keep my 5 cents made prior to 1965.
  8. Bought winter tires for the first time. Just in time too, Calgary has already gotten its first snowfall and the roads are icy. I wasn't planning on getting winter tires but since I decided to work two jobs that require uphill and downhill travel, I am not taking any chances.
  9. This might have been posted before but found a parted out ex Calgary Transit Arboc in Highfield Industrial at 58th Avenue and 4 Street SE.
  10. A week late but South African Airways has suspended operations. I'm surprised that still survived this long and didn't collapse when I made this topic. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/africa/south-african-airways-suspends-operations-amid-huge-debt/2020/09/30/1dedc638-0306-11eb-b92e-029676f9ebec_story.html
  11. Christmas Crap in October! Been stuck working at a grocery store since May. It honestly has been an ok experience. Well, I come back to work after a few days off and come to see Christmas decorations and products ready for sale. For crying out loud, we haven't past Thanksgiving or Halloween yet (if there is even going to be one). There's 80 Days till Christmas. I always thought that stores would start selling Christmas stuff after October 31st. I suppose a few know this, but I genuinely do not like Christmas as I personally think its lost its meaning and is more of a marketing thing. It's not about spending time with family; it's about buying things. Even when I try to be festive, something goes wrong (Last year I was bedridden during Christmas and New Years). Even in my department (Dairy), I got cases of egg-nog that are due to expire in two weeks and I was lucky to sell two cartons in a six-hour shift. Well with 2020 being a gong-show, there isn't anything for me to be festive about aside that my family is healthy. Seriously, can stores just wait till the appropriate time than just shoving it down our throats, most people have less money in 2020 to spend due to the pandemic. They might as well start selling Christmas products year-round and have a Christmas parade in June. Oh wait, Costco sells Christmas Trees and decorations in July, nevermind.
  12. 6065 dead at Centre Street and 64 Avenue NE.
  13. The store I work at got robbed again. They went for the emergency exits causing the alarms to scream for nearly a half hour. From what a coworker told me, someone with a duffel bag took around $1000 in meat. I come to wonder what is the point of security at work. All they do is tell people that there is one entrance and exit. I consider them the "door boy" as that's all they do. They didn't let anyone with backpacks or big bags in the store when I first started but for some reason stopped enforcing it. With the city enforcing mandatory masks indoors, I assume this will be more frequent of robberies.
  14. Well my family was robbed... But what they took blows my mind. My family still owns the house I grew up in until we moved into a larger house several years ago. We rented it out and for the last few years, its sitting empty but my father visits the house daily, maintaining the property. Someone has been watching the house however, knowing its vacant. We have several flowers (perennials) that we planted nearly 10 years ago before we moved out to improve the appearance even after we left. Well, my father visited the property recently and someone took all the flowers, leaving several giant holes in its place. Come to think, out of all the things people would steal, Flowers? I wonder whats next, they'll come back for the copper plumbing? One thing I learned from this pandemic is a stronger hatred for the human existence. The human behavior, like people commandeering all the toilet paper to self-entitlement. Whatever good deeds or nature is left out there is scarce.
  15. George Carlin passed away 12 years ago on June 22, 2008 when he was 71 Years Old. Long live "The Funniest Man who ever lived."
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