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  1. Greatcoinz

    General LOL moments

    Working on a law report on Capital Punishment across the world. As much this is a serious topic, I couldn't stop laughing from this story. Someone who was facing the firing squad was given a last request for murder. He asked for a bullet-proof vest.
  2. Greatcoinz

    General FY Moments

    Just in time too with all the political ads coming up. I got Adblock when YouTube deleted some of my favorite channels. Figured it was pointless giving the company money if I can't watch my favorite content makers. As much I am against the idea because ads support content creators and websites, the advertisement is getting way too aggressive. If I really support a cause or channel, I'll give to there Patreon or Paypal. Now I wish there was one for the YouTube app for Apple or Android. Getting frustrated with ads from political groups. I've already decided who to vote for a long time ago, your stupid ad isn't gonna give you a vote from me. (Blah blah, first world problems)
  3. Greatcoinz

    2019 Tim Hortons RRRoll Up the Rim to Win

    Lost count but its around 3/20. Two free coffees and a donut.
  4. Greatcoinz

    CTrain - S200 (series 9) cars

    2460 was out as a single test car at City Hall around 8:50PM. 2449 Active on Blue Line.
  5. Greatcoinz

    General FY Moments

    Happened a few days ago. I went to my first Rubik's Cube Competition of 2019. (Been to 8 other comps since 2016!)I didn't expect anything as I haven't had much time for practice in nearly two months. I ended up getting beating my competition best of 14.48 Seconds (Mean of 5 Cubes), getting 18th out of 49th Place and also won a door prize. I still don't know how I beat my previous average which was 16.47 seconds as I focused on school over the hobby. Luck I guess? Now I wonder how long will it take to beat that average...
  6. Greatcoinz

    What are you eating right now?

    Ghost Pepper McChicken Sandwich. This thing has no taste but is spicy as hell!
  7. Greatcoinz

    YYC Spottings

    I went for the first time spotting since October 2018. Before the WJ 787-9 arrived, caught this Atlas Air - Boeing 747 from Miami. I assume this is one of these Horse Charters which departed for Japan the following day. As a side note, my hands nearly turned purple after taking these pictures! (Can't use mittens when trying to take a hundred pictures at once)
  8. Greatcoinz


    The Old and the Replacement. I eventually, hope to get a better picture of the two in the future.
  9. Greatcoinz

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    I never had luck with my High School Teachers when it came to writing a good paper. I was never taught how to proper punctuation or citations. A lot of reading and multiple choice exams. I had to self-teach myself most of it as it was expected of us. I took a year off from school between 2016-17 after I graduated High School and went to an "upgrading school" where for the first time (For Alberta, ELA 30-2 to 30-1), I was taught in-depth sentence structure and how to write a good paper both personal and analytical. Unfortunately, I was not prepared for what the Diploma exams which still screwed me. I got into University and I was lost as the teachers expected us how to use APA, MLA, and Chicago Styles from the start for first-year students. I was still using the same methods back in High School in which the highest for a paper I got was 55%. I finally got tired of asking for help and getting ignored. I bought a couple of books on how to write a good paper and took one more upgrading course in English where for once, I was confident in writing a good paper as reviewed the basics over the course of six weeks. It's been nearly a year since I took those courses and since then, the lowest I ever got on a paper was 70%. Now I'm able to write a solid paper and often get 90 on a paper. As for math, that's a different story. I'm the worst when it comes to Grade 12 Pre-Calculus or Calculus in general. Even though my life revolves around math and calculations. Also note, when most of the reviews on Rate my Teacher or Rate my Prof are bad, take them seriously. Only take them if you got no choice. I wish I didn't take gambles which fried my GPA in my first year in University.
  10. Greatcoinz

    General FML moments

    Pretty much everything was grounded. We can see one of the runways from the school, and saw only 4 planes took off over two hours. Normally when the runways are clean, planes take off / land every few minutes.
  11. Greatcoinz

    General FML moments

    Got up at 6AM on a Sunday for nothing. I expected my flight for my flight training to get cancelled due to the weather. Nope. The weather was perfect, my training got cancelled because they forgot to clean the runways at the airport. Neither did my flight instructor or myself checked runway surface conditions before leaving home. So I basically got up and drove 50KM for nothing this morning!
  12. Greatcoinz


    WestJet #901 - Boeing 787-9 just completed it's inaugural run from Toronto to Calgary, landing at 11:22AM MDT. The second Dreamliner was just delivered to WestJet on February 20 in Toronto.
  13. Greatcoinz

    General FY Moments

    I took one of my co-workers out to dinner who I've grown attached too after I finished work. Though I am not ready for a relationship, I figured I'd tell her that I like her and make the best out of a night that I normally despise. Not going into details but she isn't ready for a commitment either, which is sort of what I wanted. She knew that I like her. (I asked her in advance to go out on Valentines Day and she figured) Never did I expect to find love at work which I often consider as a "hopeless place"!!! I didn't get "lucky" but had a good night. Which is all that I care about.
  14. Greatcoinz

    General FY Moments

    The "best" Valentines Day I ever had. 1) Today is payday 2) Got to go home after my morning class before work so I got to rest. 3) It's been two months since I quit smoking. 4) I didn't spend Valentines Day 2019 alone.
  15. Greatcoinz

    General FML moments

    Realized that I made huge errors in a report for a third-year history class. Writing on the topic of Canadian Troops in Hong Kong in 1941, I thought the Americans were already at war with Japan. Turns out I was six months off of when Japan attacked the United States. Damn, my insomnia. Here's how the situation got worse. I submitted a poor draft to my professor two weeks ago for feedback. Thinking that the email wasn't sent, I just created a new report. The new report was submitted on time with the errors. However, my prof emailed me, two hours before the class saying that I have yet to pick up the poor draft and he would extend my deadline till Friday. I only check my University email once a day. He sent it after I checked it. In the end, I sent a paper on time with huge errors and lost an opportunity to revise and create an excellent report. If I flunk this paper, I'll probably drop out of the class as it's worth 20% of my grade. I emailed him this afternoon admitting my mistakes and seeing if he's willing to still stand by his offer by giving me till Friday. But boy, I'm pissed at myself. Edit: He gave me till Friday to revise the paper. (F Yeah Moment) But I'm just frustrated with myself that these simple mistakes happened. Second chances are better than no chances at least.