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  1. The store I work at got robbed again. They went for the emergency exits causing the alarms to scream for nearly a half hour. From what a coworker told me, someone with a duffel bag took around $1000 in meat. I come to wonder what is the point of security at work. All they do is tell people that there is one entrance and exit. I consider them the "door boy" as that's all they do. They didn't let anyone with backpacks or big bags in the store when I first started but for some reason stopped enforcing it. With the city enforcing mandatory masks indoors, I assume this will be more frequent of robberies.
  2. Well my family was robbed... But what they took blows my mind. My family still owns the house I grew up in until we moved into a larger house several years ago. We rented it out and for the last few years, its sitting empty but my father visits the house daily, maintaining the property. Someone has been watching the house however, knowing its vacant. We have several flowers (perennials) that we planted nearly 10 years ago before we moved out to improve the appearance even after we left. Well, my father visited the property recently and someone took all the flowers, leaving several giant holes in its place. Come to think, out of all the things people would steal, Flowers? I wonder whats next, they'll come back for the copper plumbing? One thing I learned from this pandemic is a stronger hatred for the human existence. The human behavior, like people commandeering all the toilet paper to self-entitlement. Whatever good deeds or nature is left out there is scarce.
  3. George Carlin passed away 12 years ago on June 22, 2008 when he was 71 Years Old. Long live "The Funniest Man who ever lived."
  4. Phase 2 of Reopening Alberta has begun and State of Emergency for Calgary has ended. One of my acquaintances is happy about that...
  5. Well this happened to one of my relatives but this was surprising when he told me this story. So one of my relatives has a cat that he took in a few years back as it followed him when he went to the market and etc. The cat got pregnant around four months ago and gave birth to one kitten around a month ago. The two are inseparable. So that's the end of that. Until the other day, when he went out for a few hours only to come home to the mother cat nursing two more kittens. No it didn't give birth again, it turns out that when the cat went out, it came back home with two kittens that are no more than around two-three weeks old. Where she found them or how she got them to follow her is unknown to me. Since my relative is a "soft" guy, he's taking care of them for now. I really hope that the mother cat doesn't come home with more... The one kitten who's now a month old, isn't happy. I was sent a video of it fighting the two new cats. So in a matter of a month, he went from having one cat to four. Two aren't his! Since this is somewhere in Asia, there is no humane society and etc. Cats, dogs and etc. freely roam the streets. The two cats in the box are the ones the mother cat are "fostering".
  6. Not bad if it's actually warm! It's 4*c in Calgary and the rain has turned into snow. My family and I finished planting the garden over the long weekend. I'm just hoping the plants survive the cold.
  7. I won't lie, I find it impressive that a typical car can go that fast. But that's f*cking insane. Luckily no accident and no one got hurt! https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/unbelievable-young-driver-caught-allegedly-speeding-308-km-h-on-ontario-highway-1.4932981?fbclid=IwAR09kWetn5z6E38R6b4ERSC0FvzYqEuBZ0g8pAPIM-BzgvJvSMn3kaK3bWE
  8. Bump. I don't have an interest in video games except for the original Super Nintendo and GameCube. But since I am home because of the Covid-19 Crisis, I picked the GameCube up more frequently than I did in the past 10 years. I bought "Spyro, A Hero's Tail" around 2006 at Costco when I around 8 Years old. Nearly 14 Years later, I finally completed the game. It took around 17 Hours over the course of a week. It feels weird yet satisfying to finally finish a video game that I was determined to complete since I was a kid.
  9. It's no surprise that the Covid-19 pandemic has hit the aviation industry hard with airlines downsizing fleets and layoffs with some going bankrupt. However, for South African Airways, it's the final nail in the coffin. The state-owned and flag carrier of South Africa is set to collapse after 86 Years of operations due to financial troubles beginning in the 2010s, first with mass-retirements of the A340-300 / 600 in late 2019 / early 2020 and layoffs of all staff. With Covid-19, the airline has pretty much grounded all flights until May 31st and the government has stopped giving funding to the airline. It will be a new clean slate for aviation in South Africa with a new flag carrier. https://www.thenational.ae/business/economy/south-africa-seeks-a-new-flag-carrier-after-pandemic-forces-collapse-of-state-airline-1.1014067 https://www.businessinsider.com/south-african-set-to-collapse-history-2020-5
  10. "It took 65 Years to build the airline to what it is today; it only took 65 days to bring back passengers loads to what it was back in 1955" Lufthansa is hoping for a bailout by the German Government. It says Eurowings is only going to travel to European Destinations, which is sad as Eurowings was supposed to serve Calgary seasonally to Frankfurt with the Airbus A330-200 starting in June. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/business/international-business/article-lufthansa-board-hopeful-of-securing-government-bailout-soon/ Also, all of Lufthansa A380s are storage. If things don't improve, it could be a permanent retirement for them. https://aviationnews.online/2020/05/03/lufthansa-ceo-and-the-a380s-grounded-indefinitely/?fbclid=IwAR1fL5vimAPIgq8Vg-XyCI5m4-YjTTCs9WInDlE1oC0EgViIds6hDOWeTO4
  11. Virgin Atlantic is now for sale! Richard Branson is trying to sell his 51% stake in the company. https://onemileatatime.com/richard-branson-selling-virgin-atlantic-stake/
  12. Nice to hear that they are utilizing some of the retired 747s for good use! Glad that a few of these iconic birds still have plenty of life in them and have not seen there last passenger. I highly doubt they'll get converted to freighters after but you never know!
  13. Couldn't find a whole thread for Lufthansa aside other topics regarding Lufthansa like the first A380 passenger flight and etc. If there is one, please merge this thread. Lufthansa's fleet is going to be smaller due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Several quad-jets including some A380s, 747s and A340s are to exit the fleet. Followed by some A320s. It's another story of an airline restructuring by removing less fuel efficient aircraft to save on costs as it will take awhile to return to normal operating levels before the pandemic. https://simpleflying.com/lufthansa-to-decomission-32-aircraft/
  14. Airports that I actually flown out off and not just for spotting. Canada: YYC - Calgary International Airport YBW - Springbank Airport YEG - Edmonton International Airport YVR - Vancouver International Airport CXH - Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre. YGG - Ganges Water Aerodrome YAQ - Maple Bay Water Aerodrome YZF - Yellowknife Airport YWG - Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport YYZ - Toronto Pearson International Airport YOW - Ottawa McDonald-Cartier International Airport YHZ - Halifax Stanfield International Airport Europe: FRA - Frankfurt am Main Airport MUC - Munich Airport
  15. Final flight was KL686 from Mexico City to Amsterdam on March 29 with the registration PH-BFT. https://simpleflying.com/klm-747-retirement-2/
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