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  1. While Cargolux has made some recent daytime arrivals, two Cargolux 747s were present back on April 4th. The reason? The Cargolux Italia 747 took off early morning on April 3rd and returned to YYC due to one of the engines overheating 90 minutes into flight while near Churchill Manitoba. The plane returned without incident and the next morning, another 747 came with an replacement engine. Both planes departed late night on April 4th.
  2. TUI has been flying to YYC every day in the last week delivering medical supplies from Manchester with both the Boeing 787-8 and 787-9. Pardon the photo quality, I've been back to using an old crappy point & shoot that I carry with me to work rather than my DSLR.
  3. This happened a week ago but its been pissing me off ever since. I officially learned to never discuss details about my private life to other coworkers unless I know that it won't bite me in the ass. At my grocery store job, there is one coworker who is considered lazy yet demands more hours and has been around for the last six years. The boss never gives him more than 16 Hours a week while I've been there for the last year and got 35 a week at one point. One night a few months ago, I was almost off when he came to the store when he was shopping. I was on the floor cleaning it up before
  4. I guess this hasn't happened in awhile. Another Boeing 747 made a daylight appearance from Miami before leaving for Dover Air Force Base. Daytime 747s are uncommon at YYC. Another Atlas Air 747 came in on early Friday morning bound for Seoul.
  5. Cargolux Retro Livery made another daylight appearance back on March 24.
  6. Am I the only one that thinks that people have gotten stupid during this pandemic. Customers at work... There isn't much I like about working at a grocery store. The only thing I am grateful for it is that it's a job that pays during a pandemic. I said I would quit when I got my old job back. Well I did get my old job back in November, but knowing that a pandemic doesn't go away overnight, I forced myself to stay. I often wonder if its really worth it. But I swear I think people have gotten more stupid. Bad enough that I work alone in a giant cold room (Dairy Department) where it's
  7. I don't collect foreign coins except for Hungarian & Chinese Pandas but this I found at work. I just got to one planes that I was about to load up. Climbed in and found this Jamaican 2018 $10 Coin. After doing some research, $10 in Jamaican is equivalent to $0.087 in Canadian.
  8. My condolences go out to you and your family Captain. Very sorry for your loss. All the best to you and your family.
  9. The first flight from Calgary to Toronto on the Max this morning was cancelled. I'm surprised this made the news. Heard over the radio at work that it was cancelled and after dropped off carts at the Max, I spoke to the managers and said that warnings went off before takeoff. This plane (C-FRYV) was the backup plane for WestJet's flight to Vancouver yesterday morning. https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/westjet-boeing-max-1.5884347
  10. C-FHCM at C51 just before departing as WS115 to YVR as the first flight of the Max in Canada since the grounding.
  11. It isn't over for PH-BFW!!!!! She's in Tel Aviv for partial cargo conversion for LongTail Aviation. Since it's already a Combi, it will only require a partial conversion. Credits: The TLV Spotters on Facebook
  12. First Revenue Flight for the Max's return in Canada will likely be WestJet Flight WS658 departing Calgary on January 21st at 0800, arriving at 1351 in Toronto. Subject to change. I'll try to get photos airside as I am working before its departure if confirmed. Edit: WS115/122 will be the first 737 Max Flight since the grounding in Canada. WS658 is now a 737-700. Departing YYC at 0800.
  13. Okay, who the hell travels with a suitcase with screws sticking out of it? Nice patch job, they didn't think that the ground handlers at the airport could injure themselves. I ended up cutting my leg this morning resulting in a peroxide / alcohol flush in to prevent gangrene. Told my boss about it, they reported it but not sure what will come out of it. This wasn't the best start to a 13 Hour shift.
  14. Meh I had zero intentions of celebrating Christmas. But got a couple things this year. My favorite Coffee & Chocolate from my grocery store job. Subway gift card from airport job. Probably my favorite: A Christmas Sweater with "Merry Christmas ya Filthy Animal" on it. An American Airlines MD-80 in 1/100 scale. Eau Claire Distillery Whiskey. 18 Hours of statutory / Holiday shifts + pay.
  15. Two Things from Today. (Actually Three but won't post one of the moments, for now at least) 1) Heard it on the news in the states but never expected to witness it. Some f*cking b*tch decided on cough on (Yeah, without a mask on) nearly 10k of produce (fruits and vegetables) at the store I worked at. Resulting it being either thrown into compost or the trash compactor. The manager called security and then the police on her. Security did jack shit and the cops said they were busy, even though they are just 5 minutes away. Truth be told, I just believe they don't give a shit. So they told he
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