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  1. An unknown XD40 was involved in sort of accident around 3PM yesterday on 32nd Avenue above Deerfoot Trail. Fire department and police were on scene.
  2. An interesting hobby that I devoted half my life too. I started collecting since 2007. It was first junk coins and whatever my family brought back from their homeland in the 80s and 2001. I then started participating in organizations both locally and national. I focused on American coins but lost interest. Nowadays, I only collect Chinese Panda Bullion Coins with my interests in my other hobbies. A little background information on these coins if anyone is interested - Both produced in both silver and gold in different sizes, these coins are the Chinese version of the Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Rounds. They were first released in 1983 in low mintages with every year having a different design except for a few years. In 2015, the Chinese Government scammed everyone by reducing the weight of the coins from 1oz / 31.1 grams to 30 grams of silver. Despite that, the coins have more value than the silver itself. These coins are incredibly hard to get and are heavily counterfeited so it's only best to buy them from reputable dealers. Here's some of them in a album I have for them. The coins are from 1999 and 2009 to 2019.
  3. A few weeks back, I took three-days off for vacation as it was suggested by my boss and coworkers that I take some time off from work. Well my three-day vacation just got more expensive. I looked at my GPS for a second too long while driving in Downtown Edmonton for the airport for some spotting one early morning and ended up going through a red light which had a camera. Well the camera flashed. I wasn't too happy and expected a ticket. Sure enough, nearly two weeks after the incident, I received a $400 ticket in the mail. Since it isn't worth the hassle of fighting the ticket where I would have to go back to Edmonton, I'm just going to pay it at the Calgary Court Centre. As much that I admit my mistakes and take full accountability for my actions, let me just say this. F*CK PHOTO RADARS!
  4. Well first day back to classes for everyone except for me. For the first time in my life, I'm not going back to classes where I decided to just work full-time while I decide to finish my degree or pursue something else. This felt weird from the start as I worked full-time since April where I don't have to think of homework or deadlines.
  5. The ridiculousness for what people would do for a taste of home. Wait 3-4 Hours for Jollibee for some Filipino Cuisine. I guess I'm no different for waiting in line as I'm doing this for my mother, though she said if the line up is ridiculous, I can just skip it and drive back to Calgary. Ah well. I'm already half way in line so get it over with. It'll be worse when the Calgary location opens in the coming weeks.
  6. Finally decided to try using SkiptheDishes while being on vacation. Perogies, Bacon wrapped Jalapenos and a Buffalo Chicken Poutine from The Canadian Brew House with Pepsi & Fireball to wash it down.
  7. A bit of a FY Moment / FML Moment. So the F Yeah Part. I got a job interview with a company in the industry that I want to work in for the rest of my life. I'm really hoping for the best and that I nail the interview which consists of working with other applicants in team building skills, the interview itself and a seminar on the day of the life of the "job title". So here's the FMLMoments. Since I can't shut my mouth at work, many of my coworkers now know that I am looking for another job and potentially might be leaving the company. Which has gotten me on edge. Well after 5 Years & 4 Months, Two Hour Commutes by Public Transit / 45 minute Drives, its time for a fresh start as this job is only 10 minutes away from home. Also another thing, this is my first actual job interview of my life. My current job, I just finished a questionnaire, answered a couple questions from the manager and I got hired a couple months later. So I'm now expected to nail this interview and expected to move on. I've been trying to prepare myself psychologically to nail this interview as it's been long overdue. (By Friends, Family & even myself). Another FML Moment where to RSVP, the company uses a poll site instead. If you RSVP more than once, it can fry your chances. Well Since I am terrible of remembering these things without Email cconfirmations, I may have of RSVP'd twice by accident. So fuck, I sent an email saying I look forward to meeting y'all but I may have accidentally RSVP'd twice. So I'm worried. I should have just wrote down the info. Well if all fails, there opening up a brand new restaurant, same one I currently work at, 10 minutes walk from my place. So if all fails, I can be a manager there. But honestly, I've had enough of it.
  8. Apparently work knows how to take advantage of my good nature. They asked me to do a night shift. I declined because I find the night shift 100x exhausting more than day shifts and that I have to take on a delivery later the same day after I'm off. They said ok. I went to work for my scheduled afternoon shift and they said I'm doing the night shift. I said I refused for the same reasons and that me and the night manager would likely argue and fight. Well more bullshit and that an inspection in the next 24 Hours and they sucked me into it. So basically I'm working around 20 Hours within the next 32 hours. Since I live across the city from my work I figured it was pointless to drive home during rush hour. So I'm in the management office resting. At this point I had enough of this job. (Actually I said I had enough shortly after working five years here), I applied for work in the industry that I want to devote the rest of my life too but right now I'm just waiting for call backs.
  9. Enjoying my first day off after working eight consecutive days / around 60 Hours. It felt weird to get up and realize that I'm actually off work and have no obligations for the day.
  10. Got transferred to another restaurant to help with the rush from the Calgary Stampede and bar drunks next door. I expected a disaster and nightmare but the shift was pretty laid back where I worked with someone from my location and some great people that were also transferred from other restaurants and those who also worked there. It was a nice change from the regular scenery. Got off work at 2300 and decided to order food. I went to the lobby and started ordering where guy next to me who wasn't drunk but tired and broke noticed my uniform and apron and started talking to me that he once had everything as a millionaire chef but lost his wife and kids (He wouldn't explain why) I apologized to him for his loss and paid for my order. He ordered one of the sandwiches that I ordered myself and said he was broke after. The lady cashier offered him a drink for free and then I gave him around $5 in coins that I just got from paying my food. He was so happy that he hugged me and shook my hand and said that I got his "respect" (whatever that means). He was happy because two people actually gave a rat's ass about whatever he had to say and was treated with respect. Whether his story was true or not, it felt good to be part of something that actually wasn't the usual "pain and suffering". A good way to end a week after working over 46 hours.
  11. Just completed my first graveyard shift. (8PM - 5:30AM). It feels so strange to be off work and driving the opposite direction when I am normally enroute to work for a day shift.
  12. Not exactly sure why but I can't post on my laptop using chrome. I got no trouble on phone posting but the reply box doesn't exist when I use my computer. Might just be me and my settings but this hasn't been a issue until the past few days.
  13. Got off work shortly after midnight. Before getting onto the highway, I hear weird noises in my car. Thinking that I got a flat tire, I pulled over in an deserted industrial area and decided to walk around my car and see what was the problem. Thinking I was alone in the dark and heavy rain, I didn't think much of it. Turns out I wasn't. I got back in my car after seeing the tires were ok and was about to leave when a guy on a bike slowly passes by me. I was spooked out for some reason. It was raining heavily and there are no houses in a 5km vicinity of where this road was where I parked. It lead to an landfill. I assume the guy is homeless looking for recyclables but when you think are alone in the middle of nowhere. Apparently you arent.
  14. My promotion became effective as of today. Extra pay and new title finally. It took 10 months of proving my bosses that I am capable of the position and controlling myself from walking out on a bunch of incompentant jackasses. Despite being there for over five-years, knowing every work station and how the restaurant runs on a management position. Every time I want to prove myself, it seems like I always have to the extra mile to prove everyone that I am capable of my intentions.
  15. Makes me often remember when people disliked me when admit that I favor Winter and -30*c over summer. You either get cold yet clear blue skies or hot with Forest fire smoke. At least you can breathe in the winter.
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