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  1. General WTF Moments

    This had to happen on 4/20! On my way to work, one stop before downtown, some guy gets on sits next to me on the Train. The guy is so baked that he can could barely stand up straight, walking with pants fell to his ankles and reeked of pot. I immediately walked to the other end of the train and stood until my stop. Funny enough, I expected more of these more incidences today. Only had one. Well who knows, I'm on a train as I write this.
  2. General FML moments

    Calgary is currently getting 20cm of snow as I write this which is no shock. But I had to go out in this weather for a appiontment. Walking on the sidewalk of the busy street while enroute to my appiontment I got sprayed by a pick up truck. That left me soaked and both pissed off and annoyed. I guess that's what you call a drive-by baptism!
  3. YYC Spottings

    Aeromexico pulled out of YYC on April 9th. Though they have flown to YYC before, however, this time they were doomed from the start. With Arrival times at YYC at 2200 and departure times at 2355, the route was not popular from Mexico city. They only lasted 10 months (June 2017-April 2018). WestJet took over operations of the route with better arrival times and a codeshare agreement with Aeromexico. I only caught Aeromexico a couple times. Here is their inaugural flight back on June 1st, 2017. It was so unpopular I heard that often times, the planes were only a 1/4 full to YYC.
  4. What do you enjoy most about the hobby?

    a) Nothing amuses me about transit fanning in Calgary anymore. The buses that I went after when I was in grade school are now gone. (GM Fishbowls, MCI Classics, and 1993 D40LFs). I only transit-fan when I travel out of Calgary as it's something different. b ) My first recollections of being a transit fan were when I was three years old. My dad showed me a website on Transit in Hungary. I printed my favorite pictures and kept them in several binders over a couple years. I was mainly fascinated into Streetcars, Metro and Locomotives built by the USSR and less of buses. Took a break from that and then started becoming fascinated with transit in Calgary back when I was in Grade 7 (2010) with the new SD-160s Series 8 cars and GM Fishbowls. I continued the hobby, meeting other members of this site and then eventually lost interest in transit-fanning and move onto plane spotting. Which it turns out, motivation from spotting encouraged me to become a pilot.
  5. Calgary Transit CTrain Service Disruptions

    Slight delay but not serious. Trains running behind at Saddletowne due to a consist going mechanical. Consist was 2338, 2333, 2314, 2307.
  6. What are you eating right now?

    Chai Latte. Needed the caffeine for a evening exam.
  7. General FY Moments

    I guess I've been recently posting alot of odd encounters / FML moments in my life. But this one really softened my heart (Apparently I have one) I was at work last week, where I acted reckless, and show an attitude and show an negative attitude in the workplace. I told them outside of work I was very sedated and live a quiet life. No one believed me. Well why should they, I worked at the same place for four years and haven't enjoyed the job since. But the fact is, I live a very quiet lifestyle and is somewhat of a caring individual. (Agree or Disagree) Today was my last day of classes in University for the Winter term. For the last few months, when I showed up for my 8am class, I saw this little Filipino lady cleaning the windows and etc. Reminded me of my mother as she's also Filipino, short and started off her life as a housekeeper in a Hotel in Canada. My mom once told me, she was proud when a stranger rewarded her with tips when she was just doing her job. Well figuring I was unsure of if I'll see that lady again, I gave that lady a $20 Gift card from Tim Hortons on my way to class while to class. She was confused when I gave it to her, but she accepted it and thanked me. An hour later, I went down for coffee. She was smiling and holding the giftcard while talking to a coworker. I smiled at her when I returned back to class minutes later. When I was at the top of the staircase she smiled back at me. I didn't do this to brag or show off. I did it as an act of kindness towards someone I didn't know. It just felt good to make someone I didn't know get rewarded.
  8. General FML moments

    I remember why I hate group projects. Final day of classes for me, my only assignment for the entire week was a French project. My classmates decided to modify it the night before we are supposed to present. He says he will send me the final version at 10:30PM. Now it's 8:30am and we are supposed to present at 1:15. I see the guy at 9:30. I technically got 2 hours to memorize an entire page of notes. Time to look like a complete idiot in front of the class. Last day though so if it goes bad, off to the Pub after to forget the ordeal.
  9. General WTF Moments

    This happened a month ago, but still cracks me up. 7:30am at the University, it's empty and quiet. I walk into the washroom, I see this kid doing something at the sinks. I first thought he was doing drugs, it turns out he was making what I presumed was a lava lamp for whatever. (You can make a lava lamp with oil and other household ingredients) I nearly asked him if he was making meth cause it looked so weird with all the stuff on the counter. He looks at me when I used the facilities, then packs it up and goes to the study areas. I guess that's the strangest thing I've encountered in University YET.
  10. What are you eating right now?

    Wildrose Beer & Cookies with Ice cream. I'll regret this decision later. Edit: We good! Just don't drink beer that tastes like raspberries. Sounds good and delicious but there's better options.
  11. Damaged or dead vehicles

    From Facebook, #7797 rear ended by stolen vehicle on Route 32.
  12. 2018 Arbocs

    1227 on the 59/85.
  13. The Random Thoughts Thread

    I finished my first term paper I ever wrote in University last night. It was assigned back in February when I went on break for midterms. I just finished the 10-page report on Loblaw's Price-Fixing Scheme on Bread. Why the hell do I feel proud for procrastinating on something I'll probably just get a 50 or 60 on, that I could've worked on slowly over the past month and a half and easily get a 100 on?
  14. CTrain - S200 (series 9) cars

    2436 is active on the Blue Line.
  15. General WTF Moments

    Well not the first time this happened but this time, it was ridiculous. I was waiting for the bus a block away from where I live. Once every while, I'd get some religious folks or someone promoting there cause and they want to talk about it until the bus arrives. That's already annoying enough but this time, someone was driving, stopped in the middle of the road, to give me a pamphlet about there cause. The most annoying thing was the bus was about 100ft behind them and the bus nearly missed me as this person was trying to discuss the message. I waved down the bus before it went around the parked car, and the person left right when I did. But I was annoyed. I don't have nothing against religion (I went back to having faith after being an atheist for nearly 10 Years) or people wanting to promote a cause. Just don't forcefully shove it in my face. Especially in the most inconsiderable times.