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  1. A Volga-Dnepr IL-76 arrived at YYC this afternoon from Anchorage. The flight route was Tianjin-Khabarovsk-Anchorage-Calgary over the course of the last few days. An Antonov 124 will follow suit on the same route. I was told the two are here to drop off cargo.
  2. Since I cannot post this on Facebook due to the competition / demand for these models, I'll show it here. I have over 250 models but I have been focusing on the now defunt Malév - Hungarian Airlines. This is my display of both 1/200 and 1/400 scales. There is 21 in display with three more 1/200s on the way by the end of 2021. I'll probably be moving them to another shelve to accomodate the rest. I also have one custom 737 in 1/100. Some of the 1/200 are the size of the 1/400s!
  3. Spotted 2050 as a Single Car at Franklin Station around 11:30AM this morning!
  4. Swoop - Boeing 737 made a medical division to YYC on July 2 on a flight between YXX-YYZ. It departed the next day for Toronto.
  5. It's not really humid here as Calgary is 3600ft ASL so its just hot air. Whatever humidity there is, I don't really feel it. The hot weather is scheduled to continue into next week. Since I work airside at the airport, it's generally around 10*c hotter so today is around 45*c on the job. I ordered another mini AC unit for another family member as there using mine when I'm at work. Since everyone is in desperate need of AC, it went from arriving in two days, to two-three weeks.
  6. My portable air-conditioning unit arrived last night before the extreme hot weather REALLY comes came into Southern Alberta. My parents are too cheap for Air Conditioning. It's just one that sits on a desk. For the first time ever, I feel asleep during a heatwave. The cold air blowing in my face while I fell asleep made up for the noise it made. BEST 65 BUCKS I EVER SPENT!
  7. WestJet announces new WestJet Cargo Division utilizing Boeing 737-800BCF aircraft! I am assuming that WestJet will be converting some of there 737-800s that are currently stored and considered surplus. https://www.westjet.com/en-ca/news/2021/westjet-cargo-announces-dedicated-freighters-to-better-serve-can https://www.google.com/amp/s/ca.finance.yahoo.com/amphtml/news/west-jet-launches-cargo-division-amid-surging-demand-174718501.html
  8. Greatcoinz

    Flair Air

    Reviving an old thread. The Flair Air - 737 MAX-8 entered service this week sporting a new livery. Here is one at YYC after arriving from Vancouver. With 3 already delivered and 10 more on order, these will be a common sight to airports across Canada.
  9. The last WestJet 737-600 in the fleet left for Marana as WS8956 on Friday, June 11th for long-term storage. Had the privilege to work on it for the very last time. First to enter the fleet, last to leave.
  10. New Signage for the bus stop at the International Terminal at YYC.
  11. Panicked this morning when the stock market decided to dip overnight and I decided to sell my stocks on the spot, cutting my losses. Only for it to rebound a few hours later where I could've broke even and still had my shares. For those wondering, I was out $75. I still have a lot to learn from the stock market. I really need to stop looking at the fluctuation whenever chance I get and just let it do its thing.
  12. While Cargolux has made some recent daytime arrivals, two Cargolux 747s were present back on April 4th. The reason? The Cargolux Italia 747 took off early morning on April 3rd and returned to YYC due to one of the engines overheating 90 minutes into flight while near Churchill Manitoba. The plane returned without incident and the next morning, another 747 came with an replacement engine. Both planes departed late night on April 4th.
  13. TUI has been flying to YYC every day in the last week delivering medical supplies from Manchester with both the Boeing 787-8 and 787-9. Pardon the photo quality, I've been back to using an old crappy point & shoot that I carry with me to work rather than my DSLR.
  14. This happened a week ago but its been pissing me off ever since. I officially learned to never discuss details about my private life to other coworkers unless I know that it won't bite me in the ass. At my grocery store job, there is one coworker who is considered lazy yet demands more hours and has been around for the last six years. The boss never gives him more than 16 Hours a week while I've been there for the last year and got 35 a week at one point. One night a few months ago, I was almost off when he came to the store when he was shopping. I was on the floor cleaning it up before
  15. I guess this hasn't happened in awhile. Another Boeing 747 made a daylight appearance from Miami before leaving for Dover Air Force Base. Daytime 747s are uncommon at YYC. Another Atlas Air 747 came in on early Friday morning bound for Seoul.
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