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  1. Greatcoinz

    Duplicate accounts

    He just messaged me as well wondering what kind of bus is it. This kid seriously has nothing better to do in life than bother others with his questions. Admins, please deal with this kid, he's irratating other users.
  2. Greatcoinz

    1995 D40LF Fleet

    7558 on the 142 this afternoon!
  3. Greatcoinz

    CTrain - S200 (series 9) cars

    2447 active on the Blue Line. This car is in the same four car consist with 2448 which I posted days ago.
  4. Greatcoinz

    Reactions to Transit Enthusiasts

    I was planespotting when this happened but since aviation is part of this forum, I might as well post it. I was in Downtown Yellowknife back in June with a friend. It was time for us to head to the airport and we called a cab. The cabbie asked us what we're doing up there and we said we wanted to fly on a old airplane and we're just exploring before we our flight home. The guy then said "Have you seen Buffalo Joe's old planes at the water aerodrome?" (Ever heard of Buffalo Airways or seen the show Ice Pilots on Netflix?) We said no, we haven't found them and to our biggest shock, he took a detour and drove me and my friend to see them for pictures. Minutes before we arrived at the terminal, he stopped again to show us another rare plane sitting at a remote part of the airport for no extra charge to let us take pictures. It was the coolest thing a stranger has done for me in that hobby. Needless to say, I gave him a little extra in tips!
  5. Greatcoinz

    General FML moments

    Twisted my back at work on Friday while doing stock. I ended up working the rest of my 8 Hour Shift that night, resting yesterday and continuing my normal schedule of flying and normal activites this morning. I assumed my back was getting better only to get worse. I guess I'm going to a chiropractor on Monday. This had to happen right when I went back to school, new work schedule and days before I head to Vancouver. All I can hope is my back is better before I work on Thursday.
  6. Greatcoinz

    CTrain - S200 (series 9) cars

    2448 Active on the Blue Line.
  7. Greatcoinz

    General WTF Moments

    I was waiting for the train after work and some guy who asks me for change got angry at me for my responce. I told him, I don't carry cash on me. The guy gets pissed and says "You could've said NO!" then walks to the next person. What's the difference if I say no or I don't have any money on me. He ain't getting a cent from me!
  8. Greatcoinz

    CTrain - U2 cars Retirement Watch

    Another retired U2 sits along side 2077 with it's two halves at Oliver Bowen. Anyone know what number is it?
  9. Greatcoinz

    Feature Photo Submissions

    I guess I'll continue with the "Classic" theme. Cold Lake Transit #5007 (Former Calgary Transit #5083) arriving at the Cold Lake Marina on Route 1 - North Circle. Several MCI Classics were bought from Calgary to start up a transit system back in 2015. These buses are due to be replaced by new Nova Buses, however, a few will remain as back-up units as the system grows. Photo taken July 21, 2018.
  10. Greatcoinz

    Damaged or dead vehicles

    6073 on the hook at Heritage Station, previously operating as Route 3.
  11. Greatcoinz

    CTrain - U2 cars Retirement Watch

    2077 is now two-halves sitting where the retired cars are put at Oliver Bowen.
  12. Greatcoinz

    CTrain - S200 (series 9) cars

    2442 Active on the Blue Line.
  13. Greatcoinz

    General WTF Moments

    So my friend and I got involved in a road rage incident. A friend was dropping me off after some planespotting. We were driving on this 1x1 lane road where this guy started tailgating us. My friend decided to step on his breaks unexpectedly and then seconds later, flip him the bird. This got the guy so angry that he continued to follow us. When the road turned into two lanes, he got next to the car next to me and shouted "F*CK YOU" with his head sticking out the window. He was following us and tailgating us right after the insult and instead of turning left into my neighborhood, we cut through a couple lanes of traffic turning left trying to lose him. Eventually, we did, after turning into another residential neighborhood and quickly making several turns, hiding in an alleyway. We waited there for a few minutes before driving my place and calling the police. Unfortunately, we didn't get a license plate but we had descriptions for the driver and vehicle. For a few seconds, I thought it was my last day. Well, I guess I learned a valuable lesson about road rage, it isn't worth it.
  14. Greatcoinz

    CTrain - U2 cars Retirement Watch

    A gutted U2 connected to a SD-160 Series 8 is sitting on the tracks where B/O trains sit and wait there turn for maintenance. I presume it is 2077.
  15. Greatcoinz

    Feature Photo Submissions

    Yellowknife Transit #4751 is a MD35, departing Old Town on Route C. This one of 6 Buses in the Yellowknife fleet. Four Being MD35s and Two being Thomas HDX School Buses that are used for transit.