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  1. Since I longer work at the airport, I haven't done much spotting. But I took this photo from inside the Hanger of the school I go to. Harvard being pulled out of the Hanger for a engine run back in September, featuring a Prime Air (Cargojet) Boeing 767 taking off on Runway 35L. The school I go to is located on YYC Property.
  2. On my break at work. I hear multiple times over the PA system for the receiver back to my department. Just to shut them up, I went back halfway through my break. The Manager on duty for the night is in the back checking it out. She doesn't know who made the calls. There is no truck buzzing for Recieving and I checked on the schedule that there's no trucks scheduled for a hour. Plus as part of protcols, we leave notes at the buzzer for drivers that if the reciever is on break. Since the PA system is only accessible to employees I wonder who made this stupid joke to get me off the couch and back to my department halfway through my break for nothing. I only got one enemy who's off duty. Oh well, I'm having my smoke (vape) break next to the Recieving department as I type this instead of my car.
  3. Kids knocking on my door and running away. This isn't the first time it has happened. Do kids have anything better to do? With tons of technology and other active things to do, do these little bastards got anything better than to do? It doesn't make you cool, my reaction will make you laugh till I feel like scaring the shit of them or chasing them down the road if I get fed up with it. I do enjoy running and hiking so I don't mind a race! Since I wasn't expecting any packages from Amazon or UPS, I exactly knew who it was. I looked through a window and I see them hiding behind my father's truck expecting someone to open the door. The double doorbell ring was a dead giveaway. Might just disconnect the doorbell completely. I get instant notifications for deliveries or when told in advance when someone is coming.
  4. Well, all's well, ends well. So I'm bouncing at my airport job just picking up shifts in multiple departments on my day's off until a part-time schedule comes out while I head to school full-time. Originally, I planned to go back to my old job working at the grocery store when my old boss told me I'm welcomed back at anytime. He never got back to me but one of my classmates offers me a job at another company at the airport as I am more than qualified for it. I said I'd consider it yet still wouldn't have a day off for my health and extra time to study. I went to my old work to run errands when I had a couple hours for lunch. This was my first visit in almost two months. My old colleague sees me and tells me that the boss is here and is looking for me. He apologized for not responding to my texts and says he got a job lined up for me part-time with a day off so I can study and focus on myself. He gave me a few days to think about the offer. I said I would consider it but I am likely going to take the offer as this was exactly what I wanted in the first place. Less pay than my current job and I have to officially goodbye to my coworkers on at the airport. But I don't to deal with the mess of staff-shortages, little for too much expectations, burning myself out etc. Will miss it very much though. So without submitting my resume or real job searching I was offered multiple jobs and the only real stress I got is staying up-to-date with school. Crazy how things work out for the better even when you least expect it. This wasn't even the first time it happened. It happened nearly a few weeks ago when the school offered me my first program choice just days before I started school. It's f*cking crazy to think that all good things come with time and it all falls into place when you least expect it.
  5. I've been wanting to see this aircraft before it gets retired, I'm glad I got the opportunity to see it at YYC as its scheduled for retirement on December 31st, 2022 along with the other remaining Fedex MD-10s. N306FE, this plane was involved in an attempted hijacking/take over as "FedEx Flight 705" back in 1994. The story and events are absolutely incredible where the injured crew were able to overpower the hijacker and land the plane safely. Everyone survived. Not the best photos by any means. Photos were taken after sunset and heavy fog.
  6. Something I don't get. A number of my former colleagues gave birth less than a few years ago. A number of them already settled up Facebook pages for their kid. Is this really necessary? Can the kid decide when they are old enough to decide if they want to be on social media or not? One of my colleagues just had a kid no more than two months ago and she already set up his profile with baby pics and his profile pic is him in his crib along with dozens of posts. We know that's he far too young to post, comment and reply and it's the parents using it and acting like its him. Like why? I already see the photos on their own personal accounts, I'm just seeing duplicates. Like I said earlier, let the kid decide on their own when they get older if they want to be on social media or not. You have a child for the sake of parenting, not something to show off. I swear people got tons of free time when I ain't got none!
  7. Guess my colleagues didn't lie to me when they say you are usually in a deep sleep between 2 and 5am. I changed schedules due to school, getting at 5:30AM now instead of 2AM for work where I've been doing that for over a year after switching departments. I slept through those three hours where I'm normally up and am already at the office in a deep sleep only for my alarm to wake me up rather than me waking up before my alarm. That felt extremely weird as even on my days off, I often woke up around that time only to go back to sleep. I guess that's one cure for my insomnia. Well, I gave my resignation at work but they offered me part time so I requested my usual 4AM Starts till either 1430 or 1530 on weekends if I can get them. At least I can sleep in and get more rest on the weekdays which is good enough for me.
  8. This has got to be the catch of the year for me. FedEx will be bringing MD-10s/MD-11 trijets to YYC until the end of the year. I don't exactly know the frequency of them but I am assuming every Sunday as FDX240. FedEx is retiring the MD-10s by 2023 so it's amazing to see these aircraft one last time. This one was N304FE - a DC-10 built in 1978.
  9. I got no plans of leaving CPDTB. They haven't found me yet on this platform or other forums! . Just Facebook and Instagram if I decide to take a break from it all.
  10. Not exactly as it's been planned. My mother uses my messenger to communicate with the few relatives we still communicate with. She plans to open her own messenger under a different name or alias and strictly tell the few who we still communicate with on a daily basis not to give out her account to the others if I decide to close my accounts. They will listen as my mom has zero tolerance for anyone not keeping their side of the deal. She'll cut them off like the rest. We'll see if what happens. So far it's been quiet for the last few days with the relatives who bother us for money and all.
  11. Relatives overseas who think I'm rich cause I live in Canada and only love me for my money. So 90% of my extended family is in Asia. I only learned about them in my late teens / early 20s and at first due to a family emergency. It was quite remarkable to learn that I got a few aunts, uncles, nearly 15 cousins and a handful of niece and nephews. At first I was intrigued by it. Now I grown to despise it. Ever since I found out, I only gotten close to one or two of them as they consider me family while others only want me in their life to try to use me as a hand out. After they discovered that I exist and was born, raised and live in Canada, a bunch of them just want me in their life just so I can send money back home. While this is the norm for a lot of families and I do the same for one or two who really need the money for rent, food and bills, I didn't expect them to bug me frequently for non-essential needs as some of them have kids of their own who work there and in other countries. They think that I'm from Canada, I'm living a luxury life, and while I DON'T, yet the quality of life is way different there from here. Many got kids of their own who work there and oversees, why aren't they asking them instead of me? Cause I live in Canada? One wants a fancy watch, one wants a new TV cause their black and white one sucks and so on. So? Be happy with what you got. I wear a $15 watch from Wal-Mart, tells the same time as a $500 watch. If not, ask your kids who have jobs to get you the non-essentials. If it was a life and death situation or if you are that desperate for my help to survive, I am more than willing to take care of the situation but this is just frustrating. It's especially most frustrating and disgusting to me when they lie to me in the first place, I've had that happen a couple times. They ask me for rent money or for baby needs, only for them to spend the money I sent on a new laptop or beer and cigarettes after finding out the truth on Facebook or from their spouses and other family members. I had to cut ties with a few them cause they lied to me or just want me in their lives for monetary gain. In all honesty, after what I seen and dealt with, I wish I never got to know most of them. There are couple who don't bother me yet found me cause they didn't know I existed and just want to say I'm related to them in some way which is cool. I feel the same. Those who need my help yet are trying their hardest to pay their dues, my family and myself got no problem with helping out when we can and we've gotten close. I don't want anything in return except for respect for me and my family and them to do their best in life. But I don't want anything to do with them when they either lie or just don't want to work, thinking I'm rich cause I live overseas and relying on other family members to support them. Most of the time, I just ignore or block them after translating the messages as it bothers me for a while. Most don't know that I'm returning to school in a few weeks, but even if I told them, they would assume I got money to go to college. I'll be working max 20 hours a week at another job or living off savings till spring time. I've debated for the longest time to deactivate and take a break from my social media pages due to this and other personal reasons. After using it for over 10 years daily, it's going to be a challenge itself. I won't disappear completely, as I'll tell my closest friends to text me and closest relatives to message mom so we can stay as a family despite being on the other side of the world.
  12. Spotted 7659 departing Stoney Garage around 1300 this afternoon.
  13. Something from a few weeks ago. "Swoopster" - Boeing 737 Max 8 at West Pad 124 before being towed to Gate 11 later that day for Toronto. I was expecting the interior of the plane to be more pink but it wasn't except for the logo and parts of the galley. Not taken up by Norwegian Airlines and likely the first visit for a Swoop Max 8 to YYC.
  14. Well I posted something similar in the Pet Peeves thread. But I couldn't stop both being both confused and laughing about what happened earlier. Work called me this morning at 7:45AM to ask if I wanted to pick up a shift for today. I politely told the lady that I was already on the job since 4 AM! She sounded confused as I did.
  15. No I easily made the decision to going to school instead. I put this off for a year as I didn't want online classes. I paid my tuition for the semester a few days ago. RIP six grand but it's well worth it. I really don't want to leave. While I certainly dislike the company, this was a job I was born for. I got really comfortable with I do of working on planes and became friendly with many of my colleagues. I asked them in advance if anything was possible to keep my job while going to school full-time, but in the end, this is how the company thanks me for the last three years of effort. I rarely called in or ever showed up late for my 4AM shifts, took my job seriously, always was willing to help out and teach people so they can be more efficient or so they know the proper procedures but they didn't want to reason with my request. They told me I can talk to the union or the upper management but this was the last straw where I decided I didn't want to nail down to a company or someone who treats their employees as peasants anymore. Even working at McDonald's was reasonable for scheduling where I easily balanced both work and school! Its their loss, not mine. I asked my former employer if I can work for him part-time again when I return to college as he told me I was more than welcome to come back. If that doesn't work, I got some other ideas in mind before digging into my savings. Let's hope everything works out before everything changes in the coming weeks. Also, it isn't the end for me working on planes after I quit! I'm going back to school for something related to aviation!
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