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  1. Greatcoinz

    General WTF Moments

    Well this happened at work but it absolutely fucking disgusted me. Canada is known for being one of the most wasteful countries in the world. Now I know why many countries are pissed at us. Someone at my work cooked too many pies and they were past there Expiration time by two hours. There was like 12 or 15 pies and I was willing to take them as long they wouldn't go to waste. I asked my boss with another to take them off there hands even willing to pay for them as long they wouldn't go to waste. My boss gets pissed off, shouts at me and tells me he wants them to go to waste and blames the person for cooking too many. Now I'm starting to understand why the world gets mad at the first-world countries. There are many people starving to death while we are wasting perfectly good food thats past its quality time. Whats wrong with them aside being a little dry? I always disliked this one boss since I first met him in 2016 and am very pissed off. I said i would continue to work for this company till the end of 2019. Now I'm considering leaving sooner...
  2. Greatcoinz

    Celebrity Birthday Thread

    George Carlin would have turned 82 today. He was one of the greatest stand-up comedians until his death in 2008.
  3. Greatcoinz

    General FML moments

    I accidentally laminated some personal documents which I wasn't supposed too. I call the office up in Edmonton and left a voicemail saying I damaged the documents and requesting new ones. The irony is this. I got a voicemail from some lady saying I need to call a number and request new documents. The number she gave was the exact one that the lady was contacting me from with the same extensions. I'm going to freak out the next morning when I get a voicemail saying I have to contact this number again. Next time I'll ask ahead before I "protect" these documents in really, I made them invalid. Do these people really know what they're doing at their job?
  4. Greatcoinz

    Refurbished SD160 Tracking list

    Currently riding 2219 on the refurbished consist on the Blue Line. Just departed Franklin for 69 Street on I assume itself lts first revenue run. The interior is different with sinilarities to the S200s. (As previously mentioned in earlier posts) I'm not going to lie, these plastic seats on a SD160 are very weird as being accustomed to cushion seats since the SD160s entered service in 2001. As a passenger, the seats are way better than the S200 for height, but they are still rather uncomfortable. Aside the seating arrangement and being a SD160, it feels like I'm riding a S200.
  5. Greatcoinz

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Random Thought / F Yeah Moment? Its been exactly five years that I've been at the same job since 2014. (I work for a fast-food company but am now involved in different departments) I still don't know how I survived or still have this job after all this time after getting into many flights with my bosses and co-workers. Well I was a teen and now soon 21. It's hard to believe now that I somewhat enjoy my job, with most of the changes only happening in the last six weeks where I ratted out a abusive coworker which resulted in a happy environment (not only for me, but everyone which I never expected) and me being able to get involved in some decision making which led me being able to expand my potential. As a result, I was finally recommended for a promotion and now often work 10-12 Hour Shifts. I said when I first started in 2014, I'll be happy if I survived a month. Well I am not planning another five years. I have decided to stay for a bit longer but I have finally decided to start looking at my options. I admitted when I was really young young that I never wanted to work in the fast food industry. I always wondered why I stayed, I assume its the fact that it's like a family. Well I said the same thing about never wanting to get involved in aviation when I was 12. I live a life where I pursue things that I never wanted too when I was young. If I regret anything, I wished I saved more. But do I regret staying in this job for the last five years where there's better jobs out there closer to home? I wouldn't have an answer. All I can say is that I'm surprised I lasted five years at my job whether regret it or it.
  6. Greatcoinz

    What are you eating right now?

    Three Junior Chickens, a coupie strawberry pies and a Chai Frappe to drink. A little excessive but since it's Good Friday tomorrow and I can't eat meat for the next couple days, I'm enjoying myself.
  7. Greatcoinz

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    It may just be that I'm tired at the time of writing this post, but since this is now a permanent thing for the next few months for myself, I find it strange. For the last four months, I've been working with a co-worker (now former) who was fairly verbally abusive to me and other staff where I work. I finally had enough and resigned from the assignment (Supply Chain Management) because of his attitude and my boss favored my side. As a result, I ratted out on that co-worker out which shortly followed by another incident (not involving me) resulted in the coworker's termination at work. He's been working there for four years and dozens of people had quit on him because of his attitude. I was there when they told him he would no longer be needed and I would be taking over his position. It felt weird working where I would not be getting yelled at for minor mistakes or dreading to go to work no more. My thought is this. After months of tolerating this guy's attitude and wanting him gone, now that the day has come, I actually feel sorry for him that he got fired. Is this to be expected in any similar circumstance where you feel bad for the assailant/bully rather than feeling a victory?
  8. Greatcoinz

    7575's a dad!

    Congratulations man! All the best to you and your family.
  9. Greatcoinz

    General WTF Moments

    Goes to sell textbooks back. Buys a brand-new textbook for $180 in December. Sells it back for $15. Since I don't need another paperweight, I sold it but this makes me wonder why they cost new so much when only after four months, they are worth next to nothing. I feel ripped off, but would have not survived the class without the textbook.
  10. Greatcoinz

    General FY Moments

    I finally got myself out of academic probation. (If you below 2.0 on the GPA Scale, you can get kicked out of University) despite finishing with a 76 last semester. Though I have a few finals to deal with, I'm strongly confident that my average will go up and not down. I was sitting at an 80 average before the exams, which is the first time I've sat at this high average. Though I feel like I haven't slept in months and sacrificed my interests, I feel pretty satisfied. Now, what's left after Thursday is to complete my pilot's license for the Fall as I got accepted to study and work towards my long-term goal of being a commercial pilot. Not gonna lie, despite 2019 being "brutal", I survived and accomplished so much in the last four months. It's not going to be relaxing for the next four months, however. Full-time work and three times a week at the flight school. At least no more of getting up at 4:30 AM no more!
  11. 2005: 10 former Connecticut Transit MCI Classics for Calgary Transit. Other than that, it would be the 1992 MCI Classics
  12. Greatcoinz

    General FY Moments

    WTF / F Yeah moment. This day seriously could've been 100x worse. I'll consider this is the most "lucky" day of my life. Or you can call me a shit driver. Either way, I'm so relieved. 1) I lost control of the car I was driving and ended up in a ditch in the middle of nowhere. After pulling a sharp turn a little too fast. After being stranded for nearly a fourty minutes, someone pulled the car out and the car was not damaged aside a small amount of water got in. I'll dry it out when I get home. Unfortunately, I never got to say thanks to the person who pulled the car out as he left before I can say thanks. I was still able to make it to my meeting because a random stranger pulled me out. 2)A couple hours later, I was driving on an empty highway between Cochrane and Calgary when I was going 110 in a 100 zone, which could easily get you a ticket here. (Or anywhere) A car speeds by me around 130KM an hour, only to get stopped sharp shooter Sherriff that was doing photo radar who jumped in the middle of the road to stop the speeding car. Thinking he wanted to pull me over as well, (I was beside the speeding car) I pulled over behind the speeder. The cop told me to go. Now I'm tempted to buy a lottery ticket. None the less, I'm so grateful as things could have been seriously worse. I don't often count my "blessings" but maybe I should more often.
  13. Greatcoinz

    CTrain - S200 (series 9) cars

    2458 Active on Blue Line.
  14. Greatcoinz

    General WTF Moments

    I was waiting for the train in Downtown to go home after having my afternoon class cancelled. Some guy just walked up to me and offered me a job. Because I'm already employed and will be working full time in less than two weeks, I ceased the conversation after telling him I have the same job for the last five years. In this Alberta economy where unemployment is sky high, why is this guy walking to random teenagers offering a job. I never asked what kind of work it is, but I assume its some sort of pyramid scheme or door-to-door job. Either way, I'll stick with the same employer for the last five years thats both a love & hate relationship over something that was offered me on the street.
  15. Greatcoinz

    What music are you listening to right now?

    Four songs in One song! Alan Walker & Sia - Faded/Cheap Thrills/Alive/Airplanes (feat. Hayley Williams, B.o.B, Sean Paul)