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  1. They just posted this tweet. https://twitter.com/Durham_Transit/status/1334138506952777731
  2. That's where a good adblocker comes in. Greatly reduces the bandwidth usage on mobile.
  3. I'm STILL seeing buses around with promo signage on the front saying the August 24 route changes are postponed.
  4. Here are the details. TLDR; bus replacements, more BRT lanes on Hwy 2, BRT lanes on Simcoe, more hard stop implementations, new onboard destination signs, and some more minor things.
  5. Yup. I'm gonna vent. My kids are in grade 8, but we don't feel school buses are safe right now. We're driving them to/from school every day. I'd have them take DRT if my route (223) were continuing since it's the against-traffic direction and a fairly nice one-bus trip. Instead, assuming I'm right in reading this mess as you can take an on-demand bus within your immediate zone or to designated connection points or the GO station, DRT wants them to take three buses to go a few kilometres - probably for a total transfer time of over one hour. Ridiculous. And that's just one exampl
  6. There are no words for how incompetent this is.
  7. It's definitely looking better now, but there are still a lot of details to find out about. What will the average wait after booking, for example? How confusing will this be to riders - particularly older ones? How many riders don't even know this is happening and will be standing at stops on Monday waiting for buses that will not come? We'll have to see... Funny, though. TVO just published an article about transit agencies experimenting with on-demand services, but what we've got here in Durham is more than just an experiment.
  8. Thanks for this. I've fallen out of staying in touch with the TEC meetings lately (obvious reasons) so I hadn't seen the additional details you posted. I can definitely understand the need to focus on the core routes right now, but their communications strategy so far on this has been just absolutely awful: - no mention in their their primary communications of route cut (and they aren't the only one - GO is just as guilty with their service announcements this week) - no mention that much of the cut service will gradually return. - no mention of details on how the new On
  9. GO is rolling out new bus stop signage. They're installed on Yonge Street in North York, and likely other places, at this point. See the Metrolinx blog for details and photos. There are some interesting aspects - adoption of a more "black" colour scheme matching other recent Metrolinx work, adoption of a new "T" symbol intended to be a universal cross-agency symbol for transit in the GTAH, though of course that will depend on whether other agencies actually end up using the symbol.
  10. They posted on Twitter 3 days ago:
  11. For what it’s worth, I was on an LSE train last weekend that had an old cab car.
  12. This wasn't posted earlier, but arrests were made the next day after your post. https://globalnews.ca/news/5917787/arrest-tire-rim-thefts-go/
  13. Rather than saying "paid by", I'd say "employed by". PWT would be the employer and should PWT lose the contract for Whitby to another operator (or DRT finally deciding to bring Whitby operations inhouse), there'd be no guarantee of employment going further. Speaking of which, does anyone have a factual, non-speculative, answer to the question: Why has DRT maintained this odd arrangement with Whitby services outsourced while the other divisions are not? Why haven't they either brought Whitby in-house, or outsourced the entire thing as YRT does?
  14. Note that the pilot program doesn't apply during rush hour and the number of dogs is likely to be low. This just enables more people to use the service for general travel, rather than requiring them to take a car because they need to take their dog with them. As for your other concerns, they're unlikely to be a significant problem. Yes, there are people who are allergic to dogs, but trains are big and with plenty of room. This will work itself out, and if it doesn't, that's why it's a pilot program.
  15. If the card is registered and you lose it, you can get your money back. If it’s not registered and you lose it, you’re out whatever was on it.
  16. This afternoon there was a federal/provincial/municipal press conference announcing ~ $170 million of new funding for DRT. The federal release is here, but it has no details on intended uses. I asked DRT on Twitter if they had any details of what it will be used for. Their response follows. Minor, but important, correction. She is the MP for Durham, as in the specific riding, not the MP for all of Durham Region.
  17. I didn't think to take pictures when I passed through on Wednesday, but I can at least describe them. It's two screens, white background, with the following listed: departure time, route number, minutes until (or "departed" for recent departures), a list of stops, and the platform number. The text alternates between English and French, at what I'd guess is 30 second intervals. I was surprised at how different they look from the train signs - perhaps this is a next generation. Overall, I liked them. I doubt they'll make much difference for regular riders with the Transit app on their pho
  18. Dunno. I think average riders are well served by route numbers, because it's easy to match what they were told/saw in a map/etc against what's on the bus in front of the them. Matching up a bunch of words is harder and more prone to error.
  19. You've effectively pointed out the problems with the "first digit says where" route numbering system. In the south, the barriers between municipalities are porous and as DRT increasingly evolves, there will be more routes that weave between municipalities. In the North, municipalities are further away but the whole point of DRT service there is to connect those, ahem, communities. Attempting to reliably determine which category a route belongs in, particularly when it evolves over time, is bound to fail. And frankly, I think DRT has outgrown its early need for the numbering system to d
  20. Well, it had base service of 30 minutes during the day on weekdays, and that was cut back to lack of ridership. It seems to me that GO sees 96, and similar routes to the west, as an east-west transit spine along the 40, duplicating the LSE/LSW but for more northerly destinations than Union. The challenge is building public awareness that mere bus routes provide a reasonable alternative, which ties into the bus shelter ad I posted above. A hint to Metrolinx, if anyone there is reading this thread - adding HOV/bus lanes to the 401 would go a long way to being able to sell this story better
  21. I was walking to work this morning on Sheppard East of Yonge when I came across the following sign in a TTC shelter. Apologizes for the cropping at the top; I was in a hurry when I took the original image and didn't frame it well. This is the first time I've seen GO advertise specific bus routes via street signage. Has anyone seen anything elsewhere?
  22. As a regular 96 rider I can say that much of the ridership is between Finch and destinations west of Ajax, and expecting those riders to get off the bus and wait for a train (possibly up to a half hour) would kill much of the ridership. The vagaries of 401 traffic would make a timed connection practically impossible. Yes, there are a few people who use it as a local service within Durham, but I think that’s just incidental ridership and can’t be dealt with without damaging its value as a longer distance route.
  23. Fascinating discussion. I think it’s focussed a bit overly much on wheelchair-using passengers though. They’re a big part of accessibility but as a daily GO bus rider for a decade, I have never seen a wheelchair passenger board my trip. Granted these are rush hour trips to a specific employment area, and so I don’t claim that what I see represents usage across the system, as it surely does not. But what I do see on a regular basis are the following: - A parent with a stroller and a child. The strollers go in the luggage bays so the highway coaches don’t do too bad, there. But then the
  24. There’s a short article on the federal dollars in the Metroland papers.
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