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  1. Also GO’s bylaw 2, which is the authoritative source, does not mention food or eating.
  2. https://cptdb.ca/topic/4666-go-transit/?do=findComment&comment=943518
  3. Seems to this fatality, but there's no detail. I would suggest that we respect the deceased and not speculate.. https://www.thestar.com/local-oshawa/news/2022/06/06/significant-delays-expected-for-durham-commuters-as-person-struck-by-train-at-rouge-hill-go-station.html
  4. GO will be setting up temporary facilities on Borough Drive, which is immediately west of the mall proper.
  5. Also, GO is getting evicted from STC this fall so that early work towards the temporary SRT replacement bus corridor can begin. I can't imagine there is any chance DRT would be allowed in. They're stuck on street until the subway extension opens.
  6. Metrolinx has published a detailed blog entry on the GO electrification announcement with info on scheduling and travel times. It's well worth the reading time.
  7. Here’s a twist. The maker of Olli has shut down. https://techcrunch.com/2022/01/13/local-motors-the-startup-that-created-the-olli-autonomous-shuttle-has-shutdown/
  8. Durham Police have released a statement on the autonomous bus crash. Key points: - The driver has been released from hospital and a full recovery is expected. - The vehicle was being operated in manual mode and therefore the safety systems were disabled. - The investigation is ongoing.
  9. Transit Toronto did a video in the shuttle, including a ride along.
  10. It refers to “branding”, not just a livery, so this could be a much more far-reaching change, possibly including new logos.
  11. They just posted this tweet. https://twitter.com/Durham_Transit/status/1334138506952777731
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