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  1. Here’s a twist. The maker of Olli has shut down. https://techcrunch.com/2022/01/13/local-motors-the-startup-that-created-the-olli-autonomous-shuttle-has-shutdown/
  2. Durham Police have released a statement on the autonomous bus crash. Key points: - The driver has been released from hospital and a full recovery is expected. - The vehicle was being operated in manual mode and therefore the safety systems were disabled. - The investigation is ongoing.
  3. Transit Toronto did a video in the shuttle, including a ride along.
  4. It refers to “branding”, not just a livery, so this could be a much more far-reaching change, possibly including new logos.
  5. They just posted this tweet. https://twitter.com/Durham_Transit/status/1334138506952777731
  6. That's where a good adblocker comes in. Greatly reduces the bandwidth usage on mobile.
  7. I'm STILL seeing buses around with promo signage on the front saying the August 24 route changes are postponed.
  8. Here are the details. TLDR; bus replacements, more BRT lanes on Hwy 2, BRT lanes on Simcoe, more hard stop implementations, new onboard destination signs, and some more minor things.
  9. Yup. I'm gonna vent. My kids are in grade 8, but we don't feel school buses are safe right now. We're driving them to/from school every day. I'd have them take DRT if my route (223) were continuing since it's the against-traffic direction and a fairly nice one-bus trip. Instead, assuming I'm right in reading this mess as you can take an on-demand bus within your immediate zone or to designated connection points or the GO station, DRT wants them to take three buses to go a few kilometres - probably for a total transfer time of over one hour. Ridiculous. And that's just one example of how bad this is.
  10. There are no words for how incompetent this is.
  11. It's definitely looking better now, but there are still a lot of details to find out about. What will the average wait after booking, for example? How confusing will this be to riders - particularly older ones? How many riders don't even know this is happening and will be standing at stops on Monday waiting for buses that will not come? We'll have to see... Funny, though. TVO just published an article about transit agencies experimenting with on-demand services, but what we've got here in Durham is more than just an experiment.
  12. Thanks for this. I've fallen out of staying in touch with the TEC meetings lately (obvious reasons) so I hadn't seen the additional details you posted. I can definitely understand the need to focus on the core routes right now, but their communications strategy so far on this has been just absolutely awful: - no mention in their their primary communications of route cut (and they aren't the only one - GO is just as guilty with their service announcements this week) - no mention that much of the cut service will gradually return. - no mention of details on how the new On Demand services will work, despite the obvious fact that the success or failure of this plan will hinge on those On Demand services. For example, I didn't know until I went to the TEC report that they were going to offer On Demand reservations for people taking the same trip every day. We're less than a week away from this service being introduced, and the average rider has absolutely no idea how this will work. - Transit stops going out of regular service (at least in my neighbourhood) have had signs put up about the service change (though with very little detail) and those signs have mostly fallen off or being vandalized by now, so someone venturing out to a stop for the first time will have no idea what is happening. I expect some riders will get a very nasty surprise next week. Hopefully there is a big communications push coming later this week, but I doubt it.
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