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  1. 1336 and a Nova hybrid are on the 102 this evening.
  2. I can’t think of anything more special... /s
  3. 1135 is currently on the 95. They seem to be on the route a lot lately...
  4. That route has at least one RAD bus on it almost every day of the week.
  5. No farm animals but herds and herds of streetcars 😄
  6. Spotted 7957 travelling westbound on York Mills at the DVP a few moments ago. This is one of the units that were recently converted for Toronto Paramedics transport use.
  7. They’ve operated on every Malvern route with the exception of 21, 57 (when it was at Malvern), 395, 939, and 995.
  8. I just noticed that. I believe it might have to do with the lack of streetcars on the 511. It’d be silly for them to ground all CLRVs at the division for a day just for the sake of accessibility.
  9. You’re absolutely correct and I can confirm this as I’ve taken pictures at the loop recently and not a single operator gave me any trouble, in fact quite the opposite. The layover time at the loop is very long and the operators usually step off to use the washroom so there is ample time for you to take your pictures even while standing on the tracks within the loop and then safety step out of the way. In other words, you’re safe as long as the streetcars are stationary and the operator isn’t in the driver’s seat.
  10. No to the former, yes to the latter. Also keep in mind the 506 routing changes in the late evening (at around 10 PM) - instead of terminating at High Park it terminates at Dundas West Station. Coincidentally this routing happens to be identical to the 306 routing which is why both route numbers share the same destination.
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