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  1. You will quickly learn when you're on your own that when people hear you have 7 months, they assume you mean on the job. Not from when you 1st applied. Yes you did say you applied in March, and I was just hoping you didn't think that your seniority date is from when you first applied. You are absolutely correct that this is the application thread, hence why I said when fellow operators ask. These new applicants are not operators... yet! Now if you had said, "From when I first applied in March til just finishing training, it took me 7 months." That's a lot different from saying I have 7 months
  2. Lmao I hope when fellow operators ask how long you have on the job you don't say 7 months when really you have 20 odd days. I really hope you don't think in the next 3 months you will be done probation too since you're at your 7 month mark.
  3. I'm used to the scraps, won't be an issue for me. But thank's for the heads up. Anything else to pass on about Wilson garage? We finished documentation at about 11am. The longest part is uniforms.
  4. Thanks! Did documentation on Monday and just got posted at Wilson. Is this one of the junior divisions?
  5. What if you already where glasses or contacts? Will they make you remove them?
  6. Just got my call on Thursday for Documentation this Monday. How long approximately is the documentation? Just wondering if it's worth parking around or better to just take the TTC?
  7. Got notified by HR today that they did recieve their end of the results and I'm good to go! Nov. 2nd was my medical. Congrats jeebs! From the way it's sounding I should be in the next documentation class! Zaanbaaz- I would def. call the HR person you've been dealing with to see if they're waiting for anything.
  8. Got off the phone with MTO again and that letter I recieved is the one TTC is supposed to get according to TTC, but MTO claims that I should have recieved the letter first. So confused.
  9. I guess I just have to wait for TTC to recieve their copy then. Btw what day was your medical on for the group of guys waiting as well. Mine was November 2. Aa for the guy that got, "the call" 631Lee, Did they give you a start day for training or just tell you it will probably be in February because I was told the same thing when I had to do my paperwork. If it wasn't for the 30 business days for the MTO going into the holidays I could've been starting already :angry:
  10. I got a letter from the Ministry of Transportation that stated the following: Your medical has been approved. You may now proceed with the required tests. There's a medical requirement to have a commercial license, hence why we did the medical. I was confused as well. I thought HR got the letter. I still gave them a call and let them know regardless. Once they get the medical results we wait in a holding pool and then training goes by the day you did your medical. It takes 30 business days from the day they recieve the results from medisys to process everything.
  11. congrats t4k! I got my letter today from my medical saying i'm clear to continue with testing. Since I did my medical on Nov. 2nd, I should be getting my call soon too hopefully since they do the training classes based on medical dates.
  12. Sorry I should've been more specific. Our medical results go to the Ministry of Transportation and they send a pass or fail to HR of TTC. That's the only thing I'm concerned about right now.
  13. I did mine November 2nd. I got my police check back too. After speaking with the Ministry of Transportation they said they are back logged and it takes 30 business days from when they recieve it. For me it's been well over 30 business days and thats including the holidays as well. I also didn't know there was a vision requirement for the C license. Anyone with a high prescription for their eyes get on with corrected lenses?
  14. Just waiting for medical before being put in holding pool A. I heard seniority for new hires is based on your medical date.
  15. That's all I was looking for. Thank you Andyman!
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