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  1. 4551 jumped the queue and was delivered to Hillcrest this afternoon, ahead of 4550. - Paul
  2. My source says 4547 unloaded May 21, something unladed May 23, something else unloaded this morning.....did 4549 come off before 4548? - Paul
  3. ^That would be 4532 coming off this morning. 4533 and 4535 are at Lambton Yard, and 4536 is en route. - Paul
  4. I'm told that 4528 got placed overnight, 4527 is still awaiting delivery. - Paul
  5. 4525 was sitting at Lambton this morning. 4526 - offloaded 4527 - may be offloaded today? 4528 - en route 4529 - ready to ship 4573 - ? - Paul
  6. ^ Dan, are you sure of the numbers? The car that sat at Lambton for a couple days was 4526, by my eyes. I have been looking for a photo of 4525 but haven't found one yet......? - Paul
  7. My jaded but “from experience” theory is that CP monitors dwell time at Agincourt, and having cars there that are just sitting around hurts their dwell time statistics. Whereas they may not be noticed or tracked as “standing still” if they are sent to Lambton. Yes, railways really do that to fudge their performance metrics. - Paul
  8. There are now two cars at Lambton. 4526 and 4573. Saw them this morning. The TTC spur at Hillcrest was blocked with freight cars. I guess that's why nothing is getting delivered just now. - Paul
  9. Don't assume they are being offloaded in exact order. If two cars come down from Thunder Bay at once, the car that CP picks to deliver first may be out of order while the lower-numbered car sits at Agincourt.

  10. May 24th 10 AM - it was 4479 that was in the siding at Hillcrest waiting to be offloaded. I took a pic to be sure of the number. 

  11. Speaking of PCC's - it wasn't out yesterday. - Paul
  12. Belated thanks, Robert - this was exactly what I was trying to find out! - Paul
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