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  1. I have also been told that car 4400 was spotted on CN near Toronto, and another car has shipped from Thunder Bay today. - Paul
  2. 4581 was delivered overnight; 4582 awaits delivery at Lambton. - Paul
  3. Update: the car coming back from La Pocatiere is 4405. - Paul
  4. 4570 is at Lambton, and the next one, presumably 4571 has shipped from Thunder Bay. Meanwhile, a Flexity was spotted on a CN freight today west of Montreal, presumably one of the rewelded cars coming back from La Pocatiere. And there is said to be one in transit from Kingston. - Paul
  5. As it turns out, there is a car on CN from Kingston bound for Hillcrest at the moment. - Paul
  6. It's my understanding that an ALRV, likely 4207, will be out on Saturday, on a charter. The ALRV is a substitute for the PCC car, which had a mechanical failure this week and isn't available. - Paul
  7. Photo on a FB group shows 4403 on a CN freight in Quebec yesterday, presumably Hillcrest bound after rewelding. Should show up at Lambton in a couple of days. - Paul
  8. 4551 jumped the queue and was delivered to Hillcrest this afternoon, ahead of 4550. - Paul
  9. My source says 4547 unloaded May 21, something unladed May 23, something else unloaded this morning.....did 4549 come off before 4548? - Paul
  10. ^That would be 4532 coming off this morning. 4533 and 4535 are at Lambton Yard, and 4536 is en route. - Paul
  11. I'm told that 4528 got placed overnight, 4527 is still awaiting delivery. - Paul
  12. 4525 was sitting at Lambton this morning. 4526 - offloaded 4527 - may be offloaded today? 4528 - en route 4529 - ready to ship 4573 - ? - Paul
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