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  1. Actually, it sounds like 6204 may be currently en route to Thunder Bay. If this is a good enough place as any, there are Crosstown cars (unfinished) being shipped regularly to Thunder Bay and finished cars coming back the other way. I hear fairly reliably about the moves, but don't have any way to correlate with actual car numbers as these are only applied after delivery to the MSF. I have seen the Crosstown car number written in grease pencil on the sides of some cars. The two-digit number on white paper taped to the windshield is not a Crosstown car number. - Paul
  2. CP dropped a car off at Hillcrest last night, but I don't have a number as yet. - Paul
  3. (If there is a separate thread for Crosstown deliveries, I apologise - I can't find it) There were photos circulating on the Interwebs of a Crosstown LRV that was released from Thunder Bay a few days ago. It arrived at the MSF by rail last night. That's the first rail delivery that I have heard of to the MSF.... previously cars were delivered by flatbed. There may have been previous rail shipments that weren't reported. I expect there will be more, as Thunder Bay completes work on the cars that were sent up there for finishing. - Paul
  4. Car 6230 left Kingston on Friday, headed to Thunder Bay. - Paul
  5. Did the contract with the scrapper in Port Perry expire? Or did TTC always have the option to look for a higher bidder? Wondering why the last ones aren't disposed of as the rest were... TTC must figure they can get higher dollar at auction? - Paul
  6. Two of the Crosstown Flexities are being transported by CP to Thunder Bay at the moment. Would anyone know why? Will this become standard for the rest of the order? - Paul
  7. Actually, no. Repeating what I just posted to UT.... 4401 is still a Bombardier demonstrator. It has never been accepted by TTC. When 4603 is delivered and commissioned, TTC will have accepted 203 cars.... not 204 cars. Only when 4401 is finally ready for commercial service, will the order be complete.f 4401 has never carried a revenue passenger. - Paul
  8. If 4601 is at Lambton, then 4602 preceded it - one car came off at Hillcrest within the last day. That must be 4602. First time in its history that TTC has had a streetcar on the property numbered 4602! 4603 is en route and not far away. That leaves only the "Avro Arrow" 4401 and the two Surfer Dudes at Thunder Bay. Haven't heard of any cars coming back from rewelding, nor of any others being sent to that program, for a while now. - Paul
  9. 4601-4602 are on the move up north, will likely reach Toronto tomorrow. 4603 has been released from Thunder Bay. - Paul
  10. Something is on the move from Thunder Bay this morning. 4600? - Paul
  11. 4599 has reached Toronto Yard, no others shipped yet to my knowledge. - Paul
  12. My data (which relates to when CP becomes aware a car is waiting for pickup) aligns with version 2.The caveat is, it may not originate from eyes-on sources. - Paul
  13. Another car was released in Thunder Bay this morning (12-19). I'm speculating that it is 4599. The car that was said to be "released" 11-28 may just be an empty transporter that is being turned back to the railway now that the deliveries are tapering off. As of this morning there are two transporters on their way back to Thunder Bay. - Paul
  14. I'm not sure it is here. It's possible that CP picked them up out of order. My theory - CP will only handle at most two at a time, and the most recent shipped out the door probably gets put at the head of the line on the sidings in Thunder Bay, so if they are releasing cars rapidly enough to have three to pick up, the first gets left behind. A car that was released December 3rd only reached Scrieber this morning, whereas 4597 was released December 6th and it's already here. I'm told that two were unloaded on December 12th, one early in the day and one near the end of the day. I'm guessin
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