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  1. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Ottawa-Carleton_Regional_Transit_Commission_1135-1138 Can this page be renamed to "Ottawa-Carleton Regional Transit Commission 1135-1172"? Thanks
  2. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Ottawa-Carleton_Regional_Transit_Commission_Confederation_Station should be renamed to "Ottawa-Carleton Regional Transit Commission Mooney's Bay Station".
  3. Hello, I would like to be a wiki editor. There are some outdated pages in Oc Transpo, and I would like to update them.
  4. There is room on an articulated bus for more than 3 strollers, however, you're still waiting for articulated buses... There are ways to fit more than on "mobility device" into a "mobility device position". Might not work with certain ones, but with two wheelchairs. It can work.
  5. I don't really see what the big problem about getting off at the rear doors is. If you're closer to the rear doors on a crowded bus, get off at the rear, if you're near the front, get off at the front. In Ottawa(I'll be refferencing Ottawa a bit), any one getting on the bus, waits for people to get off first, then gets on, doesn't take that long. Strollers should get the area with the fold up seats, they do in ottawa and we have very little issues with that. If a stroller needs to get off with the aisle practicaly full, then what people do in ottawa is, get off the bus until the stroller is off, then re-board the bus, it's worked every time I've seen it happened. Also in ottawa we have stickers on the rear doors at eye level telling people to push the yellow bar when the green light lights up, even if you can't read it, there's a pretty picture on it too. I've only ever seen one person fiddle around with the yellow bar so much I had to help them. (However the bus was a D40i which has terrible yellow bars to push IMO) As for opening rear doors at each stop, it isn't that bad. Orion VII doors are pretty quick at closing in comparison to some doors I've seen, and almost nobody gets on by rear door on a 40' bus. As for late buses. Boo-hoo.
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