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  1. The Confederation Line [Under Construction]

    Tim Tierney also tweeted about it the other day. I also just came across this tweet from uOttawa where you can hear what the trains sound like! Nifty.
  2. OC Bus Spottings

    8139 entering Carleton with a 111 Baseline headsign at around 10:02. 8140 on the 6 to Greenboro at Billings Bridge, 10:11. Are these common on weekdays, or are they still primarily a weekend thing?
  3. The Trillium Line

    In Europe, they tend to install automatic train protection systems. They try to prevent the trains from ever getting into a situation where they could crash. One was installed along the Trillium line in order to operate the Alstom trains. (The sensors are marked with the Indusi signs along the rails)
  4. The Trillium Line

    I don't know if it'd help at all, but the photos would also have had to been taken before the Trillium Line closure in mid-June. The random stub of track on the right (behind the LCBO) was removed during the closure.
  5. OC Bus Spottings

    8026 is at Laurier with a flat tire. I'm guessing that you can't just jack the bus up and put on a spare, so how would one deal with a flat tire on a double decker bus?
  6. OC Bus Spottings

    The stickers are help cyclists stay safe when biking around buses. They tell them to stay back from the bus and that the operator won't be able to see them if they try to pass the bus on the right side. Something along the lines of "Stay back, stay safe. Past this point, I can't see you"
  7. My point was just that the latest map still shows the route 8 despite it having been renumbered to the 44.
  8. Last I checked, the route 8 had been renumbered to the 44!
  9. Just a little something I noticed. The current system map still shows the route 8 servicing Rideau Street after 1AM.
  10. GOA transit news, info etc

    http://www.octranspo.com/ready4rail/new_winter_service_starts_on_dec_24 Winter Service changes have been posted. Quite the list!
  11. Arrival screens have been installed at Billings bridge (in the shelters that are used more often) Some are turned on now, but some are still off.
  12. Double decker bus order

    It seems like that was the case. Like any previous pilot project (such as 4201-4202 and 5001-5002) they owned them, they just decided not to keep them in this case. I think, at least.
  13. Double decker bus order

    They were sold to BC Transit. (9529-9531)
  14. The Trillium Line

    I've seen several of them broken intermittently at Carleton over the last week. The gates are fairly fast, but for the most part don't open quite fast enough for most people. You kind of have to suddenly stop and wait for an instant before the gates open enough for you to exit. Other than that, passenger flow through the gates is fine.
  15. The Confederation Line [Under Construction]

    GeoOttawa seems to have been updated with the updated planned extension to Moodie Drive including the Moodie MSF. It also shows a section of track stretching west all the way just past the Wesley Clover Parks Campground. For a future extension, but it seems a little strange that it's being built as part of Stage 2. Edit: Don't know if it was mentioned before, but the Moodie station platform isn't on the main westbound track. Is it possible it would be discontinued once the LRT reaches Kanata?