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  1. They presented a short list of candidate routes which included the 5, 9, and 10. There are at least a dozen other routes of similar length in the same area which would also be serviceable if they just installed some charge stations at Hurdman.
  2. The charge stations conform to a standard which means any sane bus company building a fast-charging electric bus would also follow the standard. Apart from the LFSe, NFI's XE40 is also compatible with the charge stations for instance.
  3. They're already in use in Montreal and as far as I can tell have worked fine for them. The climate in Montreal is near identical to here. The commission directed OC Transpo to conduct a full tendering process to find the best deal for electric buses with $6 million. Personally, I'm going to predict that they'll pick Nova Bus anyway. The long range buses just aren't up to ranges OC Transpo's needs yet.
  4. Could those two be the electric buses that they are now recommending? Apparently a contract is ready to go and the buses would be brought into service next year if approved. The timeline sounds like they would match up. It could also just be a coincidence.
  5. OC Transpo has done a full 180 and is now recommending the purchase of two Nova Bus LFSe vehicles.
  6. They've been trying to simulate normal operations for a few months now. Trains will start running at 5am on weekdays once it opens.
  7. July 7th won't be the RSA date, it's the date Alstom says they'll have the trains complete (and free of issues). The RSA date will be some time in mid-late August after the 12 days of perfect testing is done.
  8. A comment from an LRO on Reddit suggested that things are not going well and there are still many issues occurring. CEO of Alstom is in town to meet with the mayor this afternoon, so maybe we'll hear something new after that.
  9. Well they will need to replace the existing artic fleet in the near future (nearer than a Cumberland Transitway at least). Barrhaven, Kanata, Baseline, and Carling will all still be high capacity, non-LRT transit corridors/areas.
  10. I can't remember if this has already been mentioned or not, but isn't it kind of strange that the emergency door release is on the other side of a pane of plexiglass from where the door itself is?
  11. Assuming Nova still has the contract with Metrolinx for procurement then it'll probably be those ones (or was the contract just for 40-foot buses?) I don't think we'll see any more articulated buses being replaced with double deckers. More 40-foot vehicles if anything. Replacing the LFRs is probably still 5-6 years out too.
  12. It was a unanimous vote. They're happy to try and charge RTG for it.
  13. Sure enough, according to the Confederation Line Service Readiness report, the new signals will be brought online on July 22nd following a week-long closure. Seems that it was funded by the PTIF. There will be partial service between Carling and Greenboro between July 22nd to August 18th for MTO works at the 417.
  14. The new signals were installed around a year ago. No idea when they're supposed to be brought online, or if they'll even used or replaced when Stage 2 comes around. My guess is that they'll be turned on near the end of August when the line shuts down for maintenance, etc. and they'll be reused albeit with new signalling software for Stage 2. There were/are searchlights at Greenboro, both Northbound and Southbound, as well as either side of the Ellwood diamond. The other signals at Carleton and Bayview weren't spotlight signals, although I don't know when they were replaced.
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