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  1. OCCheetos

    OC Bus Spottings

    8012 on the 291 Herongate at Walkley/Albion. Been a while since I've seen a double decker on the 291.
  2. OCCheetos

    LRT Spotting

    1103 at Hurdman just now (16:55) Might as well try to help record which trains have been spotted.
  3. OCCheetos

    2019 Nova LFS Order

    I think I get the curved red area on the front now..? It's a thought I guess.
  4. OCCheetos

    GOA transit news, info etc

    It's only to preserve the bridge though, so we're still not going to see trains running across it any time soon.
  5. OCCheetos

    2019 Nova LFS Order

    The livery looks good from that angle. I wonder which I'll ride first, the LRT or one of the new buses? Can't wait to find out either way.
  6. https://www.google.ca/maps/@45.4189163,-75.6465503,168m/data=!3m1!1e3 Here's where the two trains are near Belfast. Unfortunately I can't link it so that the "Globe" option is turned off by default, so if you don't see the trains you'll still need to turn that off.
  7. For anyone interested, Google Maps has just recently updated their satellite imagery to images taken in 2018. You can now see the full Confederation Line with all stations built as well as a few trains (such as 1122 at Tunney's and a couple near Belfast Yard). In the side menu on Google Maps you have to make sure "Globe" is turned off in order to see the new imagery.
  8. OCCheetos

    GOA transit news, info etc

    That's the magic of the GTFS spec! I've been trying to recreate something like that which works with OC Transpo's for an app I work on but it's easier said than done.
  9. OCCheetos

    GOA transit news, info etc

    ...More interestingly STO will be making their realtime data available to the public using the GTFS Realtime spec. When will OC Transpo catch up?
  10. OCCheetos

    GOA transit news, info etc

    On the radio they mentioned that it was a double decker.
  11. OCCheetos

    Modifying a page title

    https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Ottawa-Carleton_Regional_Transit_Commission_Confederation_Station should be renamed to "Ottawa-Carleton Regional Transit Commission Mooney's Bay Station".
  12. OCCheetos

    2019 Nova LFS Order

    I still have mixed feelings about the livery although it'll probably end up growing on me, but wow that's a nice (couple of) shiny bus(es). Thank you for sharing!
  13. OCCheetos

    OC Bus Spottings

    Right, I think they start (or are supposed to start) at Lebreton but I've seen some skip Lebreton and Slater / Bay before.
  14. OCCheetos

    OC Bus Spottings

    If you mean timetable-wise, I don't know. They may have changed them a bit over the years. Route-wise, the 44 Herongate doesn't continue down Alta Vista past Heron and on to South Keys. Also in the mornings there are trips on the 44 that start at Heron / Alta Vista which replaced the 88 Hull.
  15. OCCheetos

    The Confederation Line [Under Construction]

    The contracts weren't signed until 2013. The Trillium Line runs under Capital Railway which might explain the different numbering system. I don't feel like they'll change it. My bet is the FLIRTs will be numbered C10-C16. But why bother with numbers when we can call them by their names? Right? 😉