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  1. The Orion V's are awaiting to be scrapped for $$$. Maybe people hates scrapping Orion product. my guess. im sure their was a reason to why the V;s are still their, cant remember.
  2. Maybe a Merivale bus. I mainly ride the St.Laurent buses, but rarely a Merivale or a Pinecrest bus. edit: OC calls it a D40HF...
  3. Who was this? Also, I think most D40HF have GPS, (maybe all, I dunno). I know all D40i gots GPS'ers, cuz i havnt rode one witout em.
  4. That includes 6001. Lots of 60xx and 61xx also dont have GPS.
  5. opps... Spottings.. 6089 on 205 on 127X 9732 on 644 2601 on 123 i forgot what else i spotted. i used my brains to remember em but i didnt use my pen/hand to write them down..
  6. Wow, I actually felt like i was sitting in that spot, looking out the window, except for the part where i talk loud.
  7. Since when does a OC Transpo 97/98 Orion V unit have bus ramps... my fav quote from the virst vid "I wish everyone would HOP on the bus"
  8. The lazier way is, 4, without the code. Their is actually a code 4. I belive it's for something hazardious on the bus, like if a lady had HIV positive, and she fell on a bus, and started bleeding. (Yea, that happened on the 85).
  9. hence the "well not really, beacuse of my health." before u over re-act.
  10. I dont give a s*** I understand why poeple do it. its because of the stress. banned.
  11. You can stop hurting my feelings you jerk. I already have enough people making me feel bad. I guess this would be the moment for me to smoke some weed. Banned. edit: well not really, beacuse of my health. edit: also, if someone treats me bad, i'll treat em bad, if someone treats me nice, i'll treat em nice. Im not a hypocrite, so f off.
  12. Banned for saying i was acting like an adminsitrator when I wasnt. I'm doing the right thing, so dont get jelous over me by being a good citizen. .
  13. From what I have seen, half the students in my science class end up high (after lunch) but can still concentrate. But last semester, their was one individual, who drank alcohol, and couldn't pay attention in class because they were sober. Complaining to me saying "Can you read this to me, I'm sober".... Not surprising seeing as this person looked like they were all tired out drinking, but that they don't seem to keep this information to themself, as I didn't really care, so I moved my seat away, seeing as, this would cause a distractiong to me and for this person. I don't know why some teenagers parents allow them to drink, but from what I have heard, that, they sneak alcohol from home, and drink it after school, or do it at home when their parents are gone or asleep.. And as usual, I get asked "Do you drink? You want to try some?"
  14. Lots of buses still have holes, because currently, its not the season for the bike racks to be installed. I belive it's during Spring to Fall. But your also right. Yes it has holes.
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