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  1. Wow, I actually felt like i was sitting in that spot, looking out the window, except for the part where i talk loud.
  2. The lazier way is, 4, without the code. Their is actually a code 4. I belive it's for something hazardious on the bus, like if a lady had HIV positive, and she fell on a bus, and started bleeding. (Yea, that happened on the 85).
  3. hence the "well not really, beacuse of my health." before u over re-act.
  4. I dont give a s*** I understand why poeple do it. its because of the stress. banned.
  5. You can stop hurting my feelings you jerk. I already have enough people making me feel bad. I guess this would be the moment for me to smoke some weed. Banned. edit: well not really, beacuse of my health. edit: also, if someone treats me bad, i'll treat em bad, if someone treats me nice, i'll treat em nice. Im not a hypocrite, so f off.
  6. Banned for saying i was acting like an adminsitrator when I wasnt. I'm doing the right thing, so dont get jelous over me by being a good citizen. .
  7. From what I have seen, half the students in my science class end up high (after lunch) but can still concentrate. But last semester, their was one individual, who drank alcohol, and couldn't pay attention in class because they were sober. Complaining to me saying "Can you read this to me, I'm sober".... Not surprising seeing as this person looked like they were all tired out drinking, but that they don't seem to keep this information to themself, as I didn't really care, so I moved my seat away, seeing as, this would cause a distractiong to me and for this person. I don't know why some teen
  8. Miscellaneaous OC Transpo Interlined/Non Interlined Runs Opened the Special & Other Runs page! Opened the OC Transpo Trippers page! http://exitatrear.googlepages.com
  9. Small update, felt like this was needed. Miscellaneaous New Acknowlegdments page opened! http://exitatrear.googlepages.com
  10. wtf...? Group: Validating Posts: 495 Joined: 16-August 07 From: Mississauga, ON Member No.: 2,505 why are you still validating...? Banned for saying that.
  11. Well, two days in a row and my classmates, and friends are pushing me to smoke weed. "Yo man, it's kool, you should try some". Again today they tried even more to make me smoke some "Just take a puff, you'll like it", and when I said no "Man, one day you'll do it, trust me". It's the season of being asked to smoke drugs.... Viva Las Vegas... I've seen kids at my school roll up some paper, and put about 2 grams of weed to smoke. Today I witnessed two guys ask a asian guy in my science class to buy about 3 grams for $20. I also witnessed my best friend doing it infront of me and the other guy
  12. Oh, he was waiting to cross the street to head into Rideau Centre. My camera just had taken a picture of him still, when he stopped in my way. No, I do not know him.
  13. Well, I belive it's fleet numbers, although some members choose not to get an avatar (I dunno why, I love em), but, you Prevost, have just, been, Banned.
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