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  1. Nope. The oldest buses in the HSR Fleet are the 1996 96xx New Flyer C40LF.
  2. Yes you are correct. Pink was always a rush hour route and Green started as a 7 day route but got cut back to rush hours only.
  3. I know that 162 was called Lawrence - Donway when it started in 1991. I meant when it was called Edwards Gardens between those dates you've mentioned.
  4. I do agree with you 100%. Why change something when there's no problems with it. Just like if it ain't broken then don't try to fix it but since this topic is what it is might as well just go with it.
  5. I can understand 72 Pape staying as is cause of 2 reasons. 1. (Which is not really a good reason but) It runs out of Pape station and 2. It serves Pape Ave between the Station and just north of Gerrard St plus that little section between Queen St and Eastern Ave. 123 Shorncliffe is a toss up cause you have all branches of that route serving all of Shorncliffe Rd but the 123 and 123C serves Browns Line as well while the 123A doesn't. In this case It's best off to leave it as Shorncliffe as all branches serves that street. Why name it 123 Shorncliffe / Browns Line when 123A cuts off at Sherway
  6. Welcome to 2011 where the TTC has how many Orion 7's and how many routes in the system that uses Orion 7's? Personally I don't mind it. A bus is a bus. Also I'm damn sure that a non transit enthusiast rider doesn't care what type of bus he or she is on. Just as long it gets them from point A to point B.
  7. As much as you try and improve the 29 it'll still be un improved. Basically you'll see an issue of more buses bunching at one location along the route. Then you'll see a gap in service then more bunching then some more short turning buses.
  8. Yes I am fully aware of that but what I'm saying is that CLRV4037 thinks that this route should be eliminated completely and I'm saying to him if that was the case then why wasn't the route removed entirely back in 1996 and this service cuts we're having now. The reason is that there is some purpose to the Huntingwood route.
  9. Well I think 160 is more useless than the 169 because 160 duplicates the 7, 96 and 165 South of Steeles. It also duplicates the YRT 88 and YRT 3 North of Steeles. The only reason for it's existence is the 160 Centre St branch serving that area to bring them South of Steeles in 1 bus rather than having to transfer between buses at Steeles & Bathurst and at Wilson & Bathurst to Wilson Stn. Look at the route now and compare it to how it was when 160 Bathurst North first started. It had service as frequent as Every 15 Minutes on Sunday with 160 and 160A Branches running Every 30 Minutes. R
  10. Sure the Huntingwood route can make the off peak round trip time in 60 minutes but that's if it went along the Rush Hour routing via Sheppard Ave. But it's going along Van Horne Ave so a few minutes more is given. Right now 169A is given a 37.5 minutes to complete a one way trip at most off peak times (Add another minute to the one way trip Monday to Friday midday to 38.5). In a way it's a reasonable time to do the route via Van Horne. In the Late evening it can be done much faster but now the drivers have to drive the route at a snails pace because of the time given and to maintain the schedu
  11. Actually there's a little difference. Service East of Victoria Park Ave (Along Huntingwood Dr) will see service Monday to Friday till 10pm and Saturday till 7pm with no Sunday service at all. I agree with Monday to Saturday change but I'd still keep Sunday Service till 7pm along Huntingwood Dr. Service West of Victoria Park Ave (Along Van Horne Ave) will run Monday to Saturday till 1am (Why till 1am I dunno because it's all dead after around 9pm) and will also see service on Sundays till 7pm. When the 169A Huntingwood via Van Horne buses stop running the 10 Van Horne will replace the service
  12. How do you know it's useless? Maybe it's not. Have you rode that route frequently like I have? Have you lived anywnere along the route and actually noticed how long of a walk it takes to get to a North South route? For your info the walk can take around 20 minutes depending where in the community you live at and certain areas along the route has a good number of seniors that does use the 169 Huntingwood route because it's a shorter walk for them then walking 20 or so minutes to a North South route. Now I will admit to this because of my knowledge of this route is that the 169 Huntingwood route
  13. That's all I have to say. I think they should shoot each other with real bullets and then have these stupid no balls kids die off. Less useless lives that came from their fathers sperm to worry about in this world. I may sound cold but honestly give it a thought and you'll see where I'm going with this.
  14. I'm not disagreeing with you and honestly I too find it mean spirited not to replace the windows asap. But in my mind why spend our dollars on this when the ones who should pay for the damage and replacing the windows is the ones who did the crime.
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