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  1. Hey when you get a chance can you send me the CTA D40LF you did 

  2. All of them - most notably the AN460s. p.s. You don't have to keep posting links. I know all about that page.
  3. Every last one of those models are retired, BTW. I already had my fair share of riding those bus models.
  4. Call it a BREAKING NEWS kind of thing but - the 4th Gen NovaBus LFS CNG buses that were ordered by METRO are now arriving here in Houston. Attached are photos that I received just now of one of them (had to do some resizing to my liking) but here they are. Fleet # info: 2050-2069 (original order of 20 LFS CNGs); 2070-2079 (10 option buses that METRO did exercise on - meaning - METRO went on ahead and purchased 10 more LFS CNGs). Engine/Transmission info: Cummins Westport Model L9N 280/Allison B400R xFE. Enjoy the photos! Other bus news is that METRO is yet again exer
  5. All of Houston METRO's express routes are classified as local routes and as such may see MCIs operating on them - depending on what routes will see an MCI on it. For example, the 151 - Westpark Express will most likely see an MCI on that route but the 137 - Northshore Express will not.
  6. MCIs running on routes that are classified as "local" routes has been done for a while, for as long as I can remember, of course and will continue to do so. That will never change. Not too concerned about the D40LFs, however, there are 56 buses left in the 3200-3535 series 2001 models.
  7. I'm back with some news from Houston METRO. The 4th Gen LFSAs have been sidelined due to some sort or "rear end" issue but will return to service soon - once whatever is going on is resolved. In their place are several 2001 MCI D4500s that were supposed to retired but will go back on the front lines until the 4th Gen LFSAs go back in service. All of the 53xx series MCI D4500CTs are currently in service. The "demo" MCI D45 CRT LE coach is still here - no word on who has it and what routes the coach will run on. METRO recently celebrated going 10 million miles with th
  8. Back in my "comfort" zone now - here's a few noteworthy updates that I want to share: The next group of MCI D4500CTs are now coming in. The fleet numbers are 5300-5354 and they'll all go to bus facilities that have the oldest MCIs there - specifically the Northwest and West Bus Operating Facilites. This is to retire the 2001 MCI D4500 coaches. Before you ask, they look exactly the same as the first group (see photos I posted from METRO of 5255). A "demo" New Flyer Xcelsior CHARGE is here for testing. Don't know how long this bus will be here and unlike the Proterra bus, this
  9. Just something I wanted to share - and to let folks know I'm still around. Houston METRO State of Bus Technologies Enjoy!
  10. Not trying to jump the gun here with certain specs but I predict ours WILL have a rear window as this option is already evident on our 3rd and 4th Gen LFS and LFSA diesels.
  11. That's cool. We'll have to wait until at least the end of THIS year but meh - it's worth the wait and great that METRO is wanting to deal with some more CNG vehicles.
  12. Just a quick update as to what's going on that I''m seeing/hearing about at Houston METRO when it comes to the bus fleet. The first group of 45 new MCI D4500CTs (I already posted photos of what they look like) have all arrived and I believe just about all of those should be in service by now. The order of 100 NFI Xcelsior XD40s is still ongoing at this time. Call it a breaking news kind of thing: We're getting more CNG buses - this time from NovaBus. Click here to see what I'm talking about in regards to how they won the bid. It's action #9 and when you click on the "Meeting Packet,"
  13. The photos. This particular unit is one of 15 that'll go to the Fallbrook Bus Operating Facility. Another 30 will go to the West Bus Operating Facility. This will then complete the order of the first group of 45 of these beauties. Enjoy!
  14. Back to reality now..... Even though photos are forthcoming from METRO, I've already seen - with my very own eyes - the newest MCIs that are coming. The first group will be numbered 5255-5299. The only thing different that I see from the new ones from what METRO already has is the return of the rear route # display. Don't know why they did that but meh - it is what it is.
  15. To each his own - meaning - I will, at this time, disagree with only the following: Rear route number displays - on the basis of people who may be already at the stop like they're supposed to at the time they are supposed to be there. Another reason for my dislike of rear route number displays is - unlike some other transit agencies - it only displays the route number. Sure - they can try and have a rear route display that can show everything like some other agencies but why? Makes no sense, IMO. Oh and that practice of not having a rear route display has been going on since the Orions
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