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  1. Fleet numbers for the 100 new 4th Gen NovaBus models: LFS=>1915-1994. All are here and almost all are in revenue service. LFSA=>1580-1599. Delivery is ongoing. Several are already here but hasn't been placed into revenue service yet. I was told that these buses are to go on some commuter routes. Currently awaiting photos of the new buses prior to going into service.
  2. ? Re-read the first part of my sentence. The other sentences only refers to models that I do that are being altered without my knowledge - making others seem either I had a part in the change or gave permission via PM.
  3. We'll discuss further via PM.
  4. @Kashiwazaki You sure that's a S'elega SHD? Looks like a regular S'elega HD to me. Rules - haven't been met yet. Now I'll have to really watch anything I do.
  5. @r142a_7795 There's too many versions on here already so thanks anyway for the offer to post your version. Still, I should have been asked if you could do that and even if I wanted to do one myself, I would have said yes to the altering.
  6. The batteries should be in the same place(s) as what you saw on the previous look of the K11 model.
  7. To me, it looks better than before.
  8. Click here for photos of the actual "pilot" bus.
  9. I'm not too concerned about the underside and that's been going on for decades now so I'll just keep that streak going. Thanks anyway for your comment.
  10. Back to reality - I hope. Updated XN40 and XN60 for RTC Transit (Vegas) sans the wheel covers. Enjoy!
  11. If the ridership is high enough on the 68, METRO will put the artics on that route. The buses need to go where the ridership levels are. The 25 is also another route where you'll see artics run on. Hiram Clarke no longer have any artics but they do have their own fair share of the "new 40' NovaBus LFS" pie. Only Fallbrook and West have artics.
  12. The 85 is not the only route that runs artics. The TMC Transit Center, just like the Downtown TC, is perfect for getting artics on routes such as the 2 and the 4 and maybe even the 68. Both locations are perfect - regardless of where you stand - for various buses to one's liking and also if you want to get some METRORail action in. I've been to both locations when I had to chance to take some pics and they won't disappoint. I can't do that now due to scheduling issues.
  13. Page has just been updated. Thanks for the patience!
  14. Here's what I see (in terms of observations): You took something I did (made a 60' bus from Chris' 40' version) and altered it (the back version, especially) without my knowledge. You also took a 3rd Gen LFSA and turned it into a 4th Gen LFSA (I already did that task for (for example) TTC's LFSAs - just not the same for NYCMTA). Not all the parts I did to create the 4th Gen model are there in your attachments (see attached for what's needed to have a 4th Gen LFSA). No, you cannot do anything to what I have attached (for illustration purposes only since I already posted this a while back). Doing something from scratch means that you did it from the ground up. Please ask if you would like to alter something that wasn't entirely done by you. Thanks!
  15. Yes, you can try there (especially for the artics) and you can also try the Downtown Transit Center.