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  1. Paperbus Thread

    Just trying to shake some more dust off for me doing this kind of stuff again. Also, just to make people aware that I ain't quitting this anytime soon. Anyhoo, a number of firsts for the following two buses I did: 1. First Citaro C2s done. 2. First RHD C2 models done. 3. First new RHD C2 models for Japan done. FYI, the Nankai bus was done first - then the Nishitetsu bus was just completed not too long ago. Another FYI, the Nishitetsu C2 bus is the only one they have - presumably as an expansion bus to the approx. 7 Volgren artics they currently have while the Nankai bus I did is one of only two (another one is wrapped promoting a town near Kansai International Airport - where the buses do shuttling work). Now to try to find something easy to do - in regards to dealing with LHD Citaro C2 bus models. Enjoy! p.s. As always, NO you cannot alter these models in any way, shape, or form nor can you make them blank. Thanks! p.p.s. No further changes will be made to either bus models. Again, thanks!
  2. Houston METRO

    Not too concerned about where the buses are assigned to. They go where METRO puts them - either so the BOFs can have more buses than needed or to replace the oldest buses that each garage has. The Nova contract did not include any options. Now that NFI is able to build a bus METRO wants, they won out because their bid price was lower than NovaBus. Again, not too concerned about where the buses go. They'll go where they are needed.
  3. Houston METRO

    According to one of those last group of slide pages, it did say somewhere that they'll deal with other manufacturers and see how their electric buses hold up here before making any final decisions as to whether or not to even pursue having electric buses as a part of the fleet. Speaking of y'alls Proterras, what will happen to them? You have until at least next year (if not longer) to try and catch as many D40LFs as you can before the first of the XD40s arrive. As far as when the last of them will be phased out, don't know BUT they may keep a few or so for training purposes.
  4. Houston METRO

    Answers to your question: The 40' LFS buses are already assigned to the following garages (Northwest, Polk, Hiram Clarke). Don't know what you mean by that but - ok. Doesn't work that way. In order for someone to win a contract order from any transit agency to build buses for them, their bid price must be lower than the others AND they must meet certain (if not all) stringent specs that METRO has for manufacturers. When NFI didn't have a stainless steel chassis-type Xcelsior bus as METRO specified, that was when NABI came to Houston. Now that NFI has exactly what METRO wants, they were able to have a lover bid this time around over NovaBus. No. Buses 1510-1579 have transit seating. Not too concerned about that - even though all 20 of them are at Fallbrook. They'll put them where needed. Anyway (to all), start at page 61 and stop at page 72 to look at the results of the Proterra electric bus demonstration. Enjoy!
  5. Paperbus Thread

    Just completed today. Enjoy!
  6. Houston METRO

    Attached are photos of one of the 20 artics that all should be here getting prepped for service. for a quick video of the interior and exterior of the bus. Enjoy!
  7. Paperbus Thread

    4th Gen LFSA for Houston METRO. 20 were purchased as part of the order for 100 4th Gen NovaBus models. The 80 40' 4th Gen LFS models are all here and should be in service. Enjoy!
  8. Houston METRO

    Houston METRO Awards MCI a Three-Year Contract with Options for 169 Commuter Coaches Enjoy!
  9. Houston metro

    Just added this info. Thanks!
  10. Houston METRO

    Depends on what type of suburban seating settings were specified for the artics. Can't say further unless I receive interior photos of the bus.
  11. Houston METRO

    Fleet numbers for the 100 new 4th Gen NovaBus models: LFS=>1915-1994. All are here and almost all are in revenue service. LFSA=>1580-1599. Delivery is ongoing. Several are already here but hasn't been placed into revenue service yet. I was told that these buses are to go on some commuter routes. Currently awaiting photos of the new buses prior to going into service.
  12. Paperbus Thread

    ? Re-read the first part of my sentence. The other sentences only refers to models that I do that are being altered without my knowledge - making others seem either I had a part in the change or gave permission via PM.
  13. Paperbus Thread

    We'll discuss further via PM.
  14. Paperbus Thread

    @Kashiwazaki You sure that's a S'elega SHD? Looks like a regular S'elega HD to me. Rules - haven't been met yet. Now I'll have to really watch anything I do.
  15. Paperbus Thread

    @r142a_7795 There's too many versions on here already so thanks anyway for the offer to post your version. Still, I should have been asked if you could do that and even if I wanted to do one myself, I would have said yes to the altering.