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  1. Hey when you get a chance can you send me the CTA D40LF you did 

  2. All of them - most notably the AN460s. p.s. You don't have to keep posting links. I know all about that page.
  3. Every last one of those models are retired, BTW. I already had my fair share of riding those bus models.
  4. Just so folks will know that I'm still around, here's a replica of the newest local transit buses for Houston, Texas (Houston METRO). This is the NovaBus LFS CNG model and we're getting 20 (+10 option). Enjoy!
  5. Call it a BREAKING NEWS kind of thing but - the 4th Gen NovaBus LFS CNG buses that were ordered by METRO are now arriving here in Houston. Attached are photos that I received just now of one of them (had to do some resizing to my liking) but here they are. Fleet # info: 2050-2069 (original order of 20 LFS CNGs); 2070-2079 (10 option buses that METRO did exercise on - meaning - METRO went on ahead and purchased 10 more LFS CNGs). Engine/Transmission info: Cummins Westport Model L9N 280/Allison B400R xFE. Enjoy the photos! Other bus news is that METRO is yet again exercising an option to purchase another 10 MCI D4500CT Commuter Coaches - which will look identical to - well - see photos of 5255 (see here for more info). I'll ask in regards to the whereabouts of the demo MCI D45 CRT LE Commuter Coach and see if it's still here for testing. Answer will come at a later time.
  6. All of Houston METRO's express routes are classified as local routes and as such may see MCIs operating on them - depending on what routes will see an MCI on it. For example, the 151 - Westpark Express will most likely see an MCI on that route but the 137 - Northshore Express will not.
  7. That bus has already been done by your's truly - me. I've also completed the Rapid KL version which can be searched for in this thread. Just search "Rapid KL" and you'll find it. NOTE: I only post painted bus models that I've already done, no updating will be done as I would like to move on with other bus models to deal with, and - most importantly, I do NOT take bus model requests. If I do that, people will soon pester me in regards to how the "project" is going along. Thanks and enjoy! p.s. To ALL: I'm back and will post some models that I've already completed. 😉
  8. MCIs running on routes that are classified as "local" routes has been done for a while, for as long as I can remember, of course and will continue to do so. That will never change. Not too concerned about the D40LFs, however, there are 56 buses left in the 3200-3535 series 2001 models.
  9. I'm back with some news from Houston METRO. The 4th Gen LFSAs have been sidelined due to some sort or "rear end" issue but will return to service soon - once whatever is going on is resolved. In their place are several 2001 MCI D4500s that were supposed to retired but will go back on the front lines until the 4th Gen LFSAs go back in service. All of the 53xx series MCI D4500CTs are currently in service. The "demo" MCI D45 CRT LE coach is still here - no word on who has it and what routes the coach will run on. METRO recently celebrated going 10 million miles with the 50 NABI 40-LFW Gen 3 CNGs that are currently in service.. While on the topic of CNGs, METRO is exercising the option of getting 10 more 4th Gen LFS CNGs from NovaBus - bringing the total to 30 of those units that'll come soon. That's all from me - for now.
  10. @NCSRailfanner: First of all, welcome to the CPTDB and paperbus thread (looking at the # of posts you made so far). Unfortunately, I don't do requests for "painted" bus models - nor do I post blank models. To all: If I decide to start back posting in this thread, it'll only be painted versions that I'll do if I want to. In the meantime, I'll post on my Facebook page (must be a friend to view the paperbus album). Think of it as me just taking a leave of absence. Yes, I'm still doing bus models with what I have/found on the Internet so 😝 Thanks!
  11. Back in my "comfort" zone now - here's a few noteworthy updates that I want to share: The next group of MCI D4500CTs are now coming in. The fleet numbers are 5300-5354 and they'll all go to bus facilities that have the oldest MCIs there - specifically the Northwest and West Bus Operating Facilites. This is to retire the 2001 MCI D4500 coaches. Before you ask, they look exactly the same as the first group (see photos I posted from METRO of 5255). A "demo" New Flyer Xcelsior CHARGE is here for testing. Don't know how long this bus will be here and unlike the Proterra bus, this one will be of the plug-in type - not of the version where you charge the bus from above. Starting next month (will be here for a few months I was told), METRO will get their chance to try out the MCI D45 CRT LE coach. That's all for now.
  12. I don't get them anywhere. They come from blank versions which are privately done that I don't post.
  13. My absolute last publicly posted models here. Due to some disagreements with myself and another member, I am hereby making anything I do private - until further notice. My apologies for this but it is what it is. Still, enjoy!
  14. Just something I wanted to share - and to let folks know I'm still around. Houston METRO State of Bus Technologies Enjoy!
  15. Good luck on those two as the "other" person who may wanna do those buses is - well - your's truly. Still NOT dead folks - just wanna do things as I see fit (no requests).
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