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  1. Paperbus Thread

    Not taking requests but what I can tell you is that it's already been done (at least the diesel-only version of this bus).
  2. Paperbus Thread

    The newest MCI D4500CT Commuter Coach for Houston METRO. Only difference from this one and the 5245-5254 version is the return of the rear route # display sign. Enjoy! p.s. As always, NO - you cannot make any changes to this model. Thanks!
  3. Houston METRO

    The photos. This particular unit is one of 15 that'll go to the Fallbrook Bus Operating Facility. Another 30 will go to the West Bus Operating Facility. This will then complete the order of the first group of 45 of these beauties. Enjoy!
  4. Houston METRO

    Back to reality now..... Even though photos are forthcoming from METRO, I've already seen - with my very own eyes - the newest MCIs that are coming. The first group will be numbered 5255-5299. The only thing different that I see from the new ones from what METRO already has is the return of the rear route # display. Don't know why they did that but meh - it is what it is.
  5. Houston METRO

    To each his own - meaning - I will, at this time, disagree with only the following: Rear route number displays - on the basis of people who may be already at the stop like they're supposed to at the time they are supposed to be there. Another reason for my dislike of rear route number displays is - unlike some other transit agencies - it only displays the route number. Sure - they can try and have a rear route display that can show everything like some other agencies but why? Makes no sense, IMO. Oh and that practice of not having a rear route display has been going on since the Orions came in - starting with the 3657-3676 NG hybrids. For this particular bus model, what you see in the photos are fine as is. It's not important where it is and/or where they felt to put things or even how it looks on the bus - rather - it's important that it's there and it's readable to most - if not all. Rear cameras are most highly important because anything can happen back there and if it does, it needs to be recorded accordingly. You failed to make note that 2401 was a PILOT bus (still is) and changes were already made so it'll look like the rest of the production buses (i.e.: 2406). On a much more brighter note, I will totally agree with you in that there's ZERO ads (unless the bus has to be wrapped) on the exterior of the bus. Any ads are on the inside of the bus. End result: It's not about the looks that count. Being able to perform well (these new buses) - that's what really counts.
  6. Houston METRO

    Nice catch and good you was able to ride it. I believe I was this exact same bus running the exact same route yesterday as it was leaving the Wheeler TC.
  7. Paperbus Thread

    The New Flyer XD40 that I posted for my hometown of Houston, Texas has just been fully assembled and I'll see about posting some photos soon.
  8. Paperbus Thread

    I fully agree with this post that @Kashiwazaki made. Regardless of what's WIP or what's 100% finished, all original credits should remain with the model(s). _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Anyhoo, here's two different versions of the newest local bus to become part of the Houston METRO fleet - the NFI Xcelsior XD40 bus. As always, No, I will not make it blank and post it here. No altering of any of these versions - even if you ask me privately. With that said, enjoy! p.s. Yes, I know @Kashiwazaki - your old "handle" is still there. It'll be changed privately in the future but for now, (again) enjoy!
  9. Motor Coach Industries general discussion

    On page 26 of the brochure, you'll be able to see what all variants will be available and when those will start production. For example, a battery-electric variant of this exact model - called the D45 CRTe LE - will start production in the year 2020.
  10. Houston METRO

    As always, here's photos of one of the 100 XD40s METRO is getting. Enjoy! p.s. Before anybody asks, these photos were obviously taken just after the bus was delivered (hence the license plate). Also (just learned) that these photos were of the PILOT bus as the bike rack was changed to the Sportworks Apex 2 bike rack.
  11. Houston METRO

    When it comes to replacing buses with new ones, only the oldest models will go and it may also depend on which garages will need new buses.
  12. Houston METRO

    The only D40LF buses METRO has left are of the 3200-3535 range (149 active, 5 retired/pending disposal, 7 used as training buses only). As I said, only four of the six BOFs will get their fair share of the XD40 buses: West will get 2400-2429 (30) Hiram Clarke will get 2430-2456 (27) Northwest will get 2457-2489 (33) Kashmere will get 2490-2499 (10) Don't know if they'll completely wipe out the remaining D40LFs but right now, only worry about the oldest buses that needs to go. I don't believe in rumors so we'll just have to wait until I get any updates info in regards to other buses and where they'll end up due to all these new buses coming in. For the new MCI D4500CTs, the first group of 45 coaches (delivery-wise) are starting to come in. Once those 45 arrive, Fallbrook will get 5255-5269 (15) West will get 5270--5299 (30)
  13. Houston METRO

    I personally think METRO does NOT need to add luggage racks due to these buses needing to be available to operate other routes other than the 102 to/from IAH (if need be). That route is labeled a local route so no special amenities are needed. As for the interior, I see no big deal with it being the same as the other new local buses. I'm not too concerned about that - just needing to be able to get from point A to point B. For the XD40s METRO is getting: The delivery is currently underway. 100 of those buses have been ordered and the fleet #s are 2400-2499. Four out of the six garages will get their fair share of the XD40s with West Garage getting the first batch. Like some other transit agencies getting similar XD40s (if they have wanted that option), ours will also have a rear window - just like all of the NovaBus models we have (3rd Gen LFSA and 4th Gen LFS/LFSA). FYI, we're also getting 139 new MCI D4500CT clean diesel commuter coaches with one already assigned to a garage. The order will come in groups and the first 45 will come in and be in revenue service soon.
  14. Houston METRO

    Welcome to the CPTDB. Unfortunately, there's already a thread on Houston METRO here. You can go there to talk about anything - even about new buses. To answer your question, though - they'll go to whatever garages is getting rid of their oldest D40LF buses. This may or may not mean there's gonna be bus moves coming soon.
  15. Houston METRO

    Yes, I am fine. Thanks for your concern.