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  1. Another weird regulation here is twin steer is 11t drive is 12t, total gvw is 22t Meanwhile conventional 6x2 is only allowed 20.5t
  2. There is a rumour of B8TL is going be in Hong kong in 2017, not sure about Australia (as axle weight limit is not raised where the potential customer based at)
  3. You welcome guys, this is very unique vehicle as Volgren doesn't do overseas market that often and is the only one in such combination due to outdated axle weight too
  4. CDC Melbourne 135, Volvo B9TL with Volgren Optimus body, currently is the operating example. Originally designed and destined for Hillsbus in Sydney, due to outdated axle weight on tri axle buses in New South Wales(2.5 tones lower than Victoria and New Zealand, and 3.5 tones to the rest of the world), the bus ended up in Melbourne
  5. Melbourne have their first double decker entered service yesterday after 58 years The bus is Volvo B9TL with Melbourne built Volgren Optimus body, first of its type Bus originally destined for Hillsbus in Sydney, due to out dated axle weight limit in New South Wales (19t for 2 axle buses, 20.5t for 3 axle buses) The bus cannot be registered as a public bus, it is now ended up with sister company CDC Melbourne, where they have 23.5t GVW for tri axle buses http://www.9news.com.au/national/2015/06/13/19/16/melbournes-new-double-decker-bus-approved http://www.9news.com.au/national/2015/06/13/19/16/melbournes-new-double-decker-bus-approved
  6. Found this bus when going around the island , is this bus still in service?
  7. Hi everyone, is there anymore news about the double decker project mentioned in 2012?
  8. Hi there everyone I am.visiting Hawaii this week, there might be a chance of going to Hilo Does anyone know the schdule of the double decker bus? Many thanks
  9. Many thanks, I will try to get pics of them
  10. Does anyone have its timing and which route does it serve? I am going there in end of the month.. Many thanks
  11. Hi everyone I am going to Hawaii end of the month. I hv check the roster of THE BUS, Honolulu, they have a fleet of Opus Optimus any idea which route are they on? Regards Stephen
  12. No, the black Additional plastic/rubber North American style bumper bar The one on the front and back
  13. Will BC Transit get rid of those Bumper bar from the OC Transpo demo?>
  14. come across with this when i type Israel double decker on google http://www.hawaiifreepress.com/ArticlesMain/tabid/56/ID/7283/New-Transit-Bill-Re-Classifies-BRT-as-Fixed-Guideway.aspx
  15. Firstly, RIP to the deads and feel sorry to their friends and relatives Second, Those operators and unions keep carried on about the deckers this and that, Mate! The Enviro 500 is been running in North America for more than 10 years, other cities can handle it, why you guys have to be special? I have driven some 10 years old Enviro 500 in Hong Kong for a few times, even at that age, still goes powerful and better than a one year old Ankai which have the same power train. And I must say is one of the best bus I have driven!
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