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  1. Bus_Medic's description of driving schools is spot on. I went to one of these schools and although I memorized what I needed to in order to pass the test, I didn't understand a single thing. The driving portion came naturally to me but the technical portion, specifically air brakes, had me confused. It wasn't until I started in the business and went through my company's internal training program that I had that "ah ha" moment and everything became clear. If you ask me, don't waste your money. -PrevostH3-45
  2. Oops. We were looking at the same thing just for some reason I thought the rearmost access panel is what was being referred to.
  3. I also thought it was the stink vent behind the rear-most window. From what I can see, the right rear panel doesn't appear to have been changed in any way that would indicate a lavatory installed; at least not since I've driven that bus. Am I missing something?
  4. 18 in April and another 18 in July is what I'm told.
  5. They do have very high mileage on them, yes, but they are exceptionally well maintained. Keep in mind, a lot of the Safeway Tours branded motorcoaches operate between the GTA and Fallsview Casino up to 8 times per day. From memory, a few weeks ago when I operated a double round trip, I logged 699 km throughout my 11 hour day. It would not be unusual for the coach to go out with the next driver for another 700 km.
  6. The 25 minute connection is done in order to offer accessibility to customers using mobility devices. In order to load, unload and have adequate connection time, this time is required in order for the train to depart on-time. The same thing happened to route 12 when it became accessible.
  7. Very interesting. I've seen internal company e-mails that state the opposite.
  8. 88002 is indeed a Trentway Wagar coach, I saw it at Fallsview the other day. Word on the street is that Trentway will be purchasing 10 new Prevost H3-45s to operate for Safeway Tours very soon.
  9. So much demand that Coach Canada axed the service. Internally, the launch date of this rail service has been released. I'm surprised it hasn't been posted yet.
  10. It could just be that the "Union Station" code was entered. It doesn't have any destinations other than "Union Station".
  11. The Highway Traffic Act states that 1/3 of the seated capacity can be standees. 57/3 = 19 standees. As for new bus deliveries, GO currently has up to 2499.
  12. All double decker buses have been returned to Streetsville Garage for the season. The crew that the driver was operating is a Streetsville based crew that solely does Niagara Falls trips. There is no GO bus service at that time of day at Port Credit Station, normally. The bus originated at Niagara Falls and was unable to make the connection to the train at Burlington due to traffic conditions. In the interest of doing our best to be on time, and to keep our customers from having to wait an hour for the next train, the bus continued to points east after arriving Burlington Station. If I'm
  13. Because the TD925 is a superior machine. It offers a lot more versatility than the current and upcoming Enviro500.
  14. I spotted an ex-MTR Western H3-45 on the 401 operating for Great Canadian Coaches & Holidays in Kitchener, Ontario. The coach was gold with the MTR decals removed but still somewhat visible.
  15. "No matter the circumstance" and accessible don't go hand in hand as your point out. Unfortunately, there are many circumstances where the equipment simply cannot accommodate a customer in a wheelchair for a variety of reasons (i.e. weight, length, width, leg extensions, etc.). I would be very surprised to see this and can very surely say this will not happen. Turning right onto Yonge Street is difficult enough, turning left would be near impossible and would cripple the terminal. Boarding customers with mobility aids is quite simple on a TD925. The rear seats on the lower level, door
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