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  1. Here's an approximate count based on 40' buses unless otherwise noted: STC: 240 (Not counting the 35 shuttle spaces) HTC: 305 RTC: 256 VTC: 530 BTC: 153 (South) 102 Artics (North) PTC: 165 (Current layout) or 275 (Using lanes) If Translink were to expand the current West Vancouver Transit Center using the ICBC lot for the new maintenance facilities and the current lot for bus storage, I estimate it could fit around 136 buses.
  2. Here's four more variations using orange, the current shade of blue and a darker shade of blue just so everyone can see what that might look like...
  3. I've been experimenting with a few options using the lines of the current Sweep-R livery, what do you guys think of these?
  4. Here's my drawing of an XDE60 in the current B-Line livery as somebody requested.
  5. I don't know if this is a first but I lucked out this afternoon and got a D40LF (9844) on the 66 FVX from Chilliwack to McCallum Park and Ride where it was swapped for a Nova for the rest of the trip to Carvolth. Needless to say, it was a nice treat to hear the Detroit Diesel Series 50 screaming on the highway.
  6. It would appear that 8026 is also at BTC as of this morning. It also looks like 15013 and 15014 are at VTC.
  7. I managed to get a photo of a 6 car Mark 1 train pulling into Coquitlam Central Station this afternoon.
  8. My brother spotted this BC Transit Nova yesterday afternoon at abound 3pm in White Rock at 16th Ave and 152nd St. Anyone have any idea why this bus would be there?
  9. I spotted car 417 sticking out on one end of the maintenance building last Thursday while riding car 408 so that would lead me to believe that train 417-418-419-420 is assembled or in the process of being assembled and I saw one other assembled train being moved but couldn't see the numbers.
  10. Here is the hollow HO scale version of the 3D printed XN40 made by themikepeng.
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