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  1. Just to Port Union or even Whites, any further east and buses would be caught up in significant traffic delays, unless authority is given to use the shoulder, like on Highway 403.
  2. I think there is a larger plan to get BRT in some form on Ellesmere Road to STC, which would give DRT and TTC buses significant priority. I do like the idea of an express service provided by DRT from Centennial College Progress Campus to Oshawa Centre via Highway 401 to Port Union. I believe that this service would give Durham Residents a quick and cheaper option, and we can use MiWay as an example which has multiple routes that use Highway 427. I would support this option with the use of Suburban buses which offer a little more seating capacity without the rear door and comfort while travelling on a highway. Ideally, id like to see the 920 on its current route via Sheppard, but then offer the limited express service connecting Centennial college at key times. This bus can easily slip on to the 401 with the on ramp to Eastbound 401 right there on Progress Avenue. We'll see how passengers respond to the new routes coming, and maybe we can get some support for DRT buses using highways 401, 407 and 412 in the future.
  3. The 917 doesn't necessarily need to serve Ajax GO Station. I think that little jaunt will create delays through the Ajax stretch, affecting whitby and Oshawa customers. Service from Pickering to Whitby GO via Bayly and Victoria is sufficient, and if customers still demand a westbound connection to Pickering from Ajax GO...add a branch 917A Ajax GO to PP Term.
  4. It's interesting they didn't carry on with the 8600 series and started in the 71's
  5. Hello folks of Peterborough. I am looking for some feedback on a plan I wish to purpose to the County of Northumberland, to atleast get the ball rolling on what feasible transit service within Northumberland would look like. I have made up a map and basic scheduling and I am just looking for some honest opinions about this idea. Map https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YbNy5CQd3lq9fRBH85kggntMEs0YoT89&usp=sharing Initial scheduling attached. Thank you in advance! NCT.xlsx
  6. The training rate will most likely be around 16 now, once you finish training will go up to 27 or 28 an hour
  7. I hope they decide to use the space next to the Durham College building, set it up as a big loop that way buses can enter and leave from either direction and not have to loop around the mall.
  8. 8328 was spotted broken down on Nichol just west of Kendalwood, yesterday.
  9. 8162 was in service yesterday on route 401 Simcoe. I personally think 162 will be around for a while still, I've driven it a few times, no evidence to suggest that it would be on the block.
  10. 8419 is at Raleigh. Hard to believe 162 is retired. Was in service not too long ago. Last week anyways
  11. The 19:05 and 19:35 915's out of Ajax GO on weekdays are usually Oshawa units, good chance to catch a Nova at Ajax GO
  12. I think it should be the other way around regarding the 900 routes, 900 series routes should be reserved for Pulse or Express routes, while local regional routes should be renumbered to their respective number based on where they terminate. The 915 sees very little ridership from UOIT on weekends, the majority of the passengers who are on the bus at UOIT originated their trip somewhere along route 416 Kedron, and are continuing along Taunton to Whitby or Ajax. The 915 should not serve UOIT and continue along Taunton to Harmony Rd. If they choose to add a branch to serve UOIT during weekdays then fine, but I think with the amount of future options for people to get UOIT from western Durham Region, the 915 would not be necessary.
  13. Speaking from an operator's point of view, there has been a significant outcry for service along Shoal Point since the 222 was eliminated. The 222 was quite busy during peak times, specifically in the evening.
  14. The idea of the 900A is that it would head to STC via Highway 401. Having it skip stops would not really tackle the issue of passenger volume or service gaps. Many pulse buses are delayed due to passenger volume between Whites and Salem Road (usually a 900 leaving U of T on time at 4:00PM will be 7-8 down by Whites Road and depending on how service is running overall may incur crushloads by the time that bus reaches Glenanna Road. A branch terminating at White Oaks would assist main-line buses with crushloads (people who travel within West Durham can use the 900A). A branch terminating at White Oaks Court could then be turned around as an 'A' bus heading back to STC or can fill a service gap caused by 900's getting stuck downtown Oshawa.
  15. The guy was in the middle of the road? sorry, isn't this the result of being on the road when you are not a vehicle? It happens all too often, people are just too impatient to use crosswalks or traffic lights, it makes perfect sense to cross Brock Street right?, one of Durham's busiest corridors. Thoughts go out to his family, however I hope this serves as a wake up call for the hundreds of other people who cross the road illegally around almost every GO train station I've been to. You catching your train is not worth your life.
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