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  1. Hello Windsor fans and transit users. I am curious about the idea of a Detroit-Windsor amalgamated transit network, and how that would impact cross-boarder employment. Has anyone on either side of the border ever considered the idea of a rapid transit line that would connect Windsor Airport, Downtown Windsor and Detroit and continuing on into the State Fair-8 Mile area of Detroit? I have been looking into ways on how to improve transit in Detroit specifically, as the city tries to rebuild nd prosper again, the idea of a co-funded transit network here might offer new opportunities for tourism, employment and education for both cities, so I'd like to spark some discussion and debate on this issue. Below is a map I've put together of a few service areas that I believe could benefit from a trans-border rapid transit service, as well as lines that would connect residents within Detroit and Windsor. https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=10MwpnnsIpJtnvf11rR7utOg5OLJGcsQr&usp=sharing
  2. Hello YRT riders and residents. I am looking to get feedback on a conceptual improvements to bus service along King Road, and connections to Gormley GO Station. I have designed a map and draft schedule for this route "11 King Road" https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1rZuLDoVQRwQlvbP7cAd7oauGyqjlC-Eb&usp=sharing Route 11 King Road is a suggested route for service that would connect residents of northern Richmond Hill, Oak Ridges to Gormley GO Station, while also introducing service to Nobleton and Bolton and establishing a connection between these two municipalities. I not sure how much thought or discussion has been raised on the local government level about new bus service along King Road, but I'm interested in hearing from riders in this area, and insight from transit fans alike. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mOcWwOLB5Q-3erJYTF1yKiS3E3X61fbQx3kpEVI5bkM/edit?usp=sharing Route 11 King Road would operate on a 120 minute headway using 30 foot or cutaway vehicles, given that I would imagine ridership levels might be low to start, but as density and development continues along King Road, more frequent service and reliable connections to GO Transit can be established. Thank you in advance for your input and discussion.
  3. I think it would be a little more efficient for the 954 to stay on Lawrence and not enter the terminal, if the 954 is to be extended to Science Centre Station.
  4. Doug Ford was never mayor of any city. Perhaps you may be referring to Rob Ford, but in any event, the TTC wasn't any better worse when Rob Ford was mayor. We did see some changes to the express network, which is great but most TTC bus routes ran until the end of subway service.
  5. Just to Port Union or even Whites, any further east and buses would be caught up in significant traffic delays, unless authority is given to use the shoulder, like on Highway 403.
  6. I think there is a larger plan to get BRT in some form on Ellesmere Road to STC, which would give DRT and TTC buses significant priority. I do like the idea of an express service provided by DRT from Centennial College Progress Campus to Oshawa Centre via Highway 401 to Port Union. I believe that this service would give Durham Residents a quick and cheaper option, and we can use MiWay as an example which has multiple routes that use Highway 427. I would support this option with the use of Suburban buses which offer a little more seating capacity without the rear door and comfort while travelling on a highway. Ideally, id like to see the 920 on its current route via Sheppard, but then offer the limited express service connecting Centennial college at key times. This bus can easily slip on to the 401 with the on ramp to Eastbound 401 right there on Progress Avenue. We'll see how passengers respond to the new routes coming, and maybe we can get some support for DRT buses using highways 401, 407 and 412 in the future.
  7. The 917 doesn't necessarily need to serve Ajax GO Station. I think that little jaunt will create delays through the Ajax stretch, affecting whitby and Oshawa customers. Service from Pickering to Whitby GO via Bayly and Victoria is sufficient, and if customers still demand a westbound connection to Pickering from Ajax GO...add a branch 917A Ajax GO to PP Term.
  8. It's interesting they didn't carry on with the 8600 series and started in the 71's
  9. Hello folks of Peterborough. I am looking for some feedback on a plan I wish to purpose to the County of Northumberland, to atleast get the ball rolling on what feasible transit service within Northumberland would look like. I have made up a map and basic scheduling and I am just looking for some honest opinions about this idea. Map https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YbNy5CQd3lq9fRBH85kggntMEs0YoT89&usp=sharing Initial scheduling attached. Thank you in advance! NCT.xlsx
  10. The training rate will most likely be around 16 now, once you finish training will go up to 27 or 28 an hour
  11. I hope they decide to use the space next to the Durham College building, set it up as a big loop that way buses can enter and leave from either direction and not have to loop around the mall.
  12. 8328 was spotted broken down on Nichol just west of Kendalwood, yesterday.
  13. 8162 was in service yesterday on route 401 Simcoe. I personally think 162 will be around for a while still, I've driven it a few times, no evidence to suggest that it would be on the block.
  14. 8419 is at Raleigh. Hard to believe 162 is retired. Was in service not too long ago. Last week anyways
  15. The 19:05 and 19:35 915's out of Ajax GO on weekdays are usually Oshawa units, good chance to catch a Nova at Ajax GO
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