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  1. Either 9101 or 9102 returning from refurbishment. 9103 was sent out today.
  2. I remember that too.. I wonder if they got renumbered. Where did they go??
  3. Expecting 4 within the next month. Both.
  4. Sue will do well. I saw 7031 this morning on the 40.
  5. Eight (8) Vicinity buses next year. 30ft orders going forward for the time being.
  6. As previously mentioned, 2003 Orion VII 4108 has been decommissioned. I came in this morning to find out 2008 Blue Bird UltraLF 8108 has also now been decommissioned. There must have been an expensive repair that wasn't worth the expense. This now leaves 8109 as the only Blue Bird left in service. 8 Orion VII left in service as well...for now.
  7. Nova mentioned that the mississauga production starts within the next month or so. They'll arrive before Oakville's order.
  8. Milton has 3 Nova LFS buses on order for January 2018 delivery.
  9. Heard today that 4 Vicinity buses are due next month to Burlington Transit.
  10. Due to an error on my part, the original thread from 2007 was accidentally deleted completely. This is the new thread effective immediately. Enjoy and apologies to all members.
  11. There are municipalities that have started opting out from the Metrolinx TPI. Oakville is one of them going forward. Its not as cheap as its supposed to be. There are also plenty of private operators and smaller systems who can benefit from these types of buses. MTB has many customers/relations in the USA, and have done plenty of second hand business there.
  12. I saw at least four (4) retired D40LF buses sitting at MTB Transit Solutions in Milton this afternoon. I assume they'll rebuild them and try to sell them.
  13. Don't think Oakville Transit will be participating after all...
  14. Behind the scenes at BYD's electric bus factory in Lancaster, California. Sneak peak of St. Albert Transit BYD buses on the assembly line! (facebook link - facebook required)
  15. BYD will not be participating in this. It will be a split between New Flyer and NovaBus. Last I heard an update was these would be leased vehicles. Maybe it changed. Oakville is also supposedly part of this as well but I haven't heard of any recent news.