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  1. No, it was probably on route 3 and got stuck in front of it all. Orion VII 4103 was towed off property yesterday in tact condition. I assume its been sold off to someone.
  2. This was a joint agreement within the town and some companies (company), being privately "funded" if you will, to see how it will attract riders. I don't expect it to last long but thats just my personal opinion. I was the first driver to operate this route last tuesday and used Vicinity 1608. Only got one person in the two hours of service in the morning.
  3. Nova LFS 8563 arrived to Oshawa division today. 5 more left to arrive this week apparently. Built November 2016. Only difference i'm seeing is no rear window for this batch.
  4. There were retirements and some fired. Interviews/Hiring has begun for 2017.
  5. Not all drivers are trained yet so they haven't been put into regular rotation for dispatch. That was me (Tuesday). 6101 and 4104 have been retired. We are more short of drivers than buses these days. We have another batch of Novas coming this year. 6 or 7. Didn't get the final number count. 3 more Vicinity buses coming around April of this year also. D40LFR 9110 has been sent to New Flyer for refurb.
  6. We don't paint rims. Its just a brand new one. It was probably rusting out. Some New Flyers have a different door interlock setup.
  7. Oh you pay taxes! Orion's fold has nothing to do with politics but rather the incompetence of Daimler AG who ran their Orion brand straight into the ground. They felt the North American market wasn't so "competitive" for them and closed up. In a nutshell, they didn't lose much money getting rid of it if you really think about it. No loss to the Daimler brand in the mind of the executives. Competitors exist weather you like it or not. Thats business. "Quality" and "Success" will never be perfect, at least not in the transit industry. Buses break down. Just like cars, trucks, trains, etc.. Thats what preventative maintenance is for, although it doesn't always rectify future problems. Public services will continue to see "crappy times" in North America. Its only going to get worse. Trust me. Buses go out of service for various reasons. What "problems" does the D40LFR and Nova LFS have that concern you? I'm very curious. If you want "that" image to change, contact your local city or town councillor. Thats the way it works in municipal government unfortunately.
  8. Interesting... thanks! I'm sure theres a lot of teeth sucking from this though.
  9. I meant fleet variety.
  10. They wouldn't dare. That would open up a whole different can of worms, and wouldn't go well legally in the city's favour. Everything needs to go to tender. At least some more variety coming to Mississauga!
  11. Are you a Bombardier customer? Are you aware Orion has ceased operations and sales? Are you aware of how this industry "actually" works? What exactly is wrong with Grande West and what did they do wrong here...? What buses have you purchased recently?
  12. They will take all the time they need. The buses are running fine. Every new model needs fine tuning. Presto installations were delayed due to schedule conflicts and there were some issues with Clever Devices Installations which set the service launch back a few weeks. Defects are normal and will continue on any type of bus throughout their service life. Nothing is perfect. There are still some things that need to be worked out with these buses but they are built solid. This company is booming and attracting a lot of attention. They'll do alright. Grande West is very good at customer support, unlike Clever Devices. No doubt the problems are coming from additional power equipment. We even have problems with the heavy duty buses still.
  13. We are short buses. Although they are back in the service rotation. I had Vicinity 1610 for an hour on route 3 and had to change it off. Having electrical problems... The problems have started...
  14. Problems with fumes when HVAC is operational. I had 1610 from 330-1230 last night and didn't even bother turning it on. Whats wrong with the stop request other than the fact you think its "annoying"? It works fine.