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  1. ORION

    Cornwall Transit

    Copper Mountain Ski Resort in Colorado still has 5 diesels operating as of January.
  2. He was a maintenance superintendent at Mississauga transit.
  3. The Vicinity buses have a fuel gauge so I have a hard time believing that…
  4. This was posted online by a manager from New Flyer. Hydrogen Bus.
  5. Interesting, they went back to amber lit destination signs. I spoke with the transit fleet manager a few weeks ago who is interested in the new driver window and regular front doors for the future orders, going forward.
  6. ORION

    Oakville Transit

    2020 Nova LFSe+ came by for an overnight visit and demonstration Monday afternoon. Had the pleasure of driving the staff around town for 45 minutes. it’s at St. Catharines until this afternoon and then heads back to the US.
  7. It’s currently on tour in the GTA until next week. Should be with Durham until tomorrow afternoon. It was in Kingston the other day.
  8. ORION

    Oakville Transit

    Some shots of #1306 and #1207 newly wrapped for Pioneer Pools.
  9. ORION

    Oakville Transit

    Para-Transit vehicles first. There will be lots of changes and expansion in the mobility department this year. Conventional electric buses should hopefully be ordered this year as well. In theory, the newest LFS buses we received should have been the last diesels ever ordered. That being said, older buses will continue to be refurbished for the time being. There will probably be a gap for a year or two now until the 2015 LFS get sent out. They are in good shape still.
  10. ORION

    Oakville Transit

    One of the concrete pillars, yes.
  11. ORION

    Oakville Transit

    All completed finally. Next to go is the 2015 Nova LFS buses. Estimate 2023/2024 for refurbishment. In other fleet news, #2025 is still undergoing extensive front end repairs at MTB. It will still be awhile until we see it return.
  12. Obviously not Shaun... How do you expect hundreds of buses to get cleaned every night? Its winter time too. Salt travels, just like dust and sand in the summer.
  13. I visited Copper Mountain Ski Resort about a month ago. Happy to say the 5 Orion VIs are still active. #260-264. Built November, 1998.
  14. Cosmetically it appeared the windshield was cracked and the front door panes and glass destroyed. it’s what you don’t see under the bus that’s a concern…
  15. Burlington Transit sure Had some bad luck Monday. Saw 2105 all smashed up sitting in the ditch at walkers line and north service road. Front end smashed and front door all mangled. They left it there overnight. I saw 2104 today for the first time in service.
  16. Any pictures of them in service?
  17. ORION

    Oakville Transit

    #1305 is the newest refurb to hit the road.
  18. No, it was delivered a only few weeks ago. It was fun. Should be heading out there again soon with another but not sure yet.
  19. 0854 and 0873 were delivered last Monday to the University of Colorado by myself and another board member. Next one is heading out mid January, 2022.
  20. Interior is unchanged. They would get repairs done to them, yes.
  21. 2012-early 2020 it seems. GO doesn’t rebuild their buses, just a minor refresh with paint and sheet metal if need be. this too, is just a red wrap over the GO scheme.
  22. #8205, bound for Quebec City to its new owner and second career.
  23. End of an era! https://niagararegion.ca/news/article.aspx?news=1305
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