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  1. 18 just came off the road days ago. 17 has had lots of work done to it according to the maintenance department and will be kept in service a little while longer. These were purchased in 2009 for lower ridership routes. They have already outlived their lifespan. They're not in the worst shape.
  2. EZ Riders #15, #16 & #18 have been parked. #17 remains in service, and was out today.
  3. You can't read very well. Pretty annoying lately with a number of members here... and there are a ton of you. The plates are removed. Its retired as mentioned above.
  4. Could be parts from a 3rd party vendor.
  5. ORION

    Oakville Transit

    #7107 has been pulled off the road. It needs engine work, I'm unsure at this point what will happen. #7106 is only 2007 D40LF in service at this time. #7101-7105 are awaiting sale/removal with parts removed. 2008 New Flyer D40LFR #8107 has also been taken off the road and I am doubtful of its return at this point. 2021 Nova LFS #2025 is still undergoing extensive repairs at MTB and there is not return/completion date at this point.
  6. Wow, I saw it not long ago freshly wrapped for "SCOTT BENSON". Figured it would stuck around unless something happened to it.
  7. I have a hard time believing that also...
  8. ORION

    Cornwall Transit

    Copper Mountain Ski Resort in Colorado still has 5 diesels operating as of January.
  9. He was a maintenance superintendent at Mississauga transit.
  10. The Vicinity buses have a fuel gauge so I have a hard time believing that…
  11. This was posted online by a manager from New Flyer. Hydrogen Bus.
  12. Interesting, they went back to amber lit destination signs. I spoke with the transit fleet manager a few weeks ago who is interested in the new driver window and regular front doors for the future orders, going forward.
  13. ORION

    Oakville Transit

    2020 Nova LFSe+ came by for an overnight visit and demonstration Monday afternoon. Had the pleasure of driving the staff around town for 45 minutes. it’s at St. Catharines until this afternoon and then heads back to the US.
  14. It’s currently on tour in the GTA until next week. Should be with Durham until tomorrow afternoon. It was in Kingston the other day.
  15. ORION

    Oakville Transit

    Some shots of #1306 and #1207 newly wrapped for Pioneer Pools.
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