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  1. ORION

    Oakville Transit

    #1209 and #1301 are the latest refurbs and were just parked in the service lanes.
  2. Here is my shot of 4001 over a year ago on the QEW westbound through Burlington.
  3. Not yet delivered. Here is ex-2400 alive and well.
  4. No plans that I'm aware of. These buses have been in storage for a long time now. Rather this than scrap.
  5. I was at London Transit yesterday and was lucky enough to see the vintage fleet in storage.
  6. This white New Flyer D40LF will be joining Cape Breton shortly. It is former Durham Region Transit #8450.
  7. ORION

    Oakville Transit

    #1208 is the latest refurb to hit the road. #1209 should be returning this week from NFI. #1301 is currently getting done as well.
  8. The Invero/D40LFR designs were incorporated into the Xcelsior platform during research & development according to New Flyer.
  9. New LFS have arrived. #2101-2108. They look identical to the 19xx.
  10. ORION

    Oakville Transit

    #1207 is back in service starting tomorrow.
  11. I saw Nova LFS 2112 today westbound QEW on delivery in Oakville.
  12. Actually they were just the opposite. They requested customization and "one-offs" on a lot of things when it came to bus orders from Orion in the 90s. You'll notice the rear windows on the 97/98 Orion Vs are a lot taller than other systems, and the Orion VIs were also one of a kind with their narrow rear doors. They were very specific to certain things according to a friend who used to work at Orion.
  13. ORION

    Oakville Transit

    #1205 back in service, post refurb.
  14. Just heard back. Eight (8) units scheduled for June delivery.
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