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  1. The first 2011 New Flyer XD40 #1101 has returned from its refurb at New Flyer, needs decals, safety, etc before it re-enters service.
  2. Apparently the electric GO Enviro Double Decker bus has been delivered to the GTA, now sitting at the ADL factory in Vaughan, ON.
  3. I've seen 1907 a few weeks ago, had to take a second look.. wasn't aware they got that many.
  4. Jordan, that bus is ex-Mississauga Transit #0337. Owned by MBTC of Mississauga. They purchased a few of these 03s and this one is the only repainted unit so far that I know about, which operated in Stratford for a short while. I just got an update that there should be 4 leased buses. The reason for the leased buses is the region is having major issues with the Whitby contractor. At the moment, they have quite a number of buses out of service they haven’t been able to fix. As a result they have “borrowed” half dozen or more buses from Oshawa, and Oshawa has been using Pulse buses daily on local routes. This information is from a reliable source/friend.
  5. That explains whats going on at Oakville GO
  6. Here are the test transfers. Just need to add the Oakville logo on it and they’ll be longer/wider than the current ones. nothing much different in terms of how the device works. New interface.
  7. Thank You!!!! Yes same device for everyone. God that looks like a mess though. The printer is separate and you have to turn it on manually. Any chance you can get some more shots of it from the other side?! Where did they install the small card reader?
  8. The installation is delayed. We have one in the training department, but i'm not sure if we have any devices on the property to be installed on any buses yet. We will have two buses for now. It was supposed to be 10 but it has changed... could change again though. Install should start mid-February.
  9. Do you have any pictures of how these devices are installed?
  10. They sure do, on the transmission selector you can set it to whatever gear you want it in.
  11. Saw a picture of YRT New Flyer XE40 #1912 on a flatbed at the Crookston, MN plant, presumably heading for Canada.
  12. I already stated above that the plan is for 3 D40LFRs from 2006 to be retired once their safety is up for renewal. Not sure what the deal was with 6111 but yes it has returned since last week.
  13. Apparently that fell through about a month ago according to a very reliable source.
  14. There are two BYDs in Mississauga at Cityview. No plates, no TTC decals either.
  15. 2018 Vicinity #1806 has returned from collision repair, which was performed by MTB, however, it needs to go back for a few more things they forgot to do. Unsure of details. 2017 Vicinity #1707 received a repaint below the windows due to paint bubbling/peeling. This is a warranty issue and I've been told more units will get the same treatment as needed. 2006 New Flyer D40LFR #6111 has been parked. It needs a new transmission. Right now, its 50/50 on whether or not it will get fixed as 3 of these 61xx buses are slated for retirement once their next safety is up for renewal. I'm pretty sure 6111 wont return but you never know. This would mark the first D40LFR pending retirement. 2012 New Flyer XD40 #1206 and #1209 are also parked awaiting engine and transmission rebuilds at Cityview in Mississauga. December 28th, 2019 UPDATE: All new 19xx LFS are now in service.
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