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  1. Yes its mandatory going forward by Transport Canada. Any vehicles purchased this year, delivered after September 2020 to be precise.
  2. GO and Miway have resumed hiring/training this month as well... slowly picking back up.
  3. Correct! Also another access door below that last window.
  4. Nova LFS 1911 is the Bio Barrier Prototype bus. Pending council approval, installations will begin hopefully next week. Costing about $1000 per bus. 102 buses to receive this. I’m told the Vicinity buses will be last on the list as they are not in service anymore.
  5. No kidding. That guy is trying to scam buyers. That bus was retired last year after suffering a blown engine. It was stripped for parts before it was sold off, to be used in the other ones to keep them running. This guy just made up a story. Total loser. E-Bus program is not going forward. We have no money obviously. No news about the delivery schedule for the last 7 Novas. We have also suspended our refurb program with New Flyer for the Xcelsior buses due to the financial situation the town is experiencing. Its gonna be awhile until things get back to normal around here and everywhere obviously. Waiting for 1103 to return and that's it for now. The engine rebuilds will continue as they are needed. 3 more 61xx buses will be retired at the end of this month. Presto installs are still continuing.
  6. Two of them numbered 4000-4001 apparently, were delivered to the ADL factory in Vaughan awhile back. Unsure of any further details right now. Nothing official yet, as mentioned... just parked for now and will not return to service at this point.
  7. He did do his own research. You’re just upset that you don’t have your facts straight...so calm down. Yes apparently they are parked and out of service. I can’t remember the number I was told again but this batch are the starting to become very unreliable and expensive to maintain. They’ve decided to remove them from service pending official early retirement. I think with the COVID situation, they were able to park them sooner. Most of these were not refurbished as well. Someone with more knowledge can possibly give more in depth information.
  8. Those buses don't look to be in the best shape. Engine swap is possible but I doubt that will happen with these. They'll end up getting sold through the city and who knows where they'll end up.
  9. Yes we have new drivers that just started... well needles to say, it appears that training will be suspended for the time being.
  10. 56 drivers have been sent home, including myself, with pay for the next two weeks. We are emergency spares "on-call" 24/7. Most of the senior drivers chose this during our emergency board sign up today. We have also implemented rear door boarding/exiting on all buses effective yesterday. In other fleet news, XD40 #1104 has returned from New Flyer, freshly refurbished. We have also begun new presto device installations on buses, trying to get two a day completed going forward. Plan group is doing the installs, once again.
  11. 2006 New Flyer D40LFR #6106 has been removed from service pending retirement.
  12. Grande West currently does not provide the option for Allison transmissions. Not sure what the hold up is with that... they said they would have it ready for 2020. There are some modifications that need to be done to the the bus apparently.
  13. There are a few new Proterra buses at MTB in Milton getting prepped for delivery to the TTC.
  14. The first 2011 New Flyer XD40 #1101 has returned from its refurb at New Flyer, needs decals, safety, etc before it re-enters service.
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