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  1. Yes we have new drivers that just started... well needles to say, it appears that training will be suspended for the time being.
  2. 56 drivers have been sent home, including myself, with pay for the next two weeks. We are emergency spares "on-call" 24/7. Most of the senior drivers chose this during our emergency board sign up today. We have also implemented rear door boarding/exiting on all buses effective yesterday. In other fleet news, XD40 #1104 has returned from New Flyer, freshly refurbished. We have also begun new presto device installations on buses, trying to get two a day completed going forward. Plan group is doing the installs, once again.
  3. 2006 New Flyer D40LFR #6106 has been removed from service pending retirement.
  4. Grande West currently does not provide the option for Allison transmissions. Not sure what the hold up is with that... they said they would have it ready for 2020. There are some modifications that need to be done to the the bus apparently.
  5. There are a few new Proterra buses at MTB in Milton getting prepped for delivery to the TTC.
  6. The first 2011 New Flyer XD40 #1101 has returned from its refurb at New Flyer, needs decals, safety, etc before it re-enters service.
  7. Apparently the electric GO Enviro Double Decker bus has been delivered to the GTA, now sitting at the ADL factory in Vaughan, ON.
  8. I've seen 1907 a few weeks ago, had to take a second look.. wasn't aware they got that many.
  9. Jordan, that bus is ex-Mississauga Transit #0337. Owned by MBTC of Mississauga. They purchased a few of these 03s and this one is the only repainted unit so far that I know about, which operated in Stratford for a short while. I just got an update that there should be 4 leased buses. The reason for the leased buses is the region is having major issues with the Whitby contractor. At the moment, they have quite a number of buses out of service they haven’t been able to fix. As a result they have “borrowed” half dozen or more buses from Oshawa, and Oshawa has been using Pulse buses daily on local routes. This information is from a reliable source/friend.
  10. That explains whats going on at Oakville GO
  11. Here are the test transfers. Just need to add the Oakville logo on it and they’ll be longer/wider than the current ones. nothing much different in terms of how the device works. New interface.
  12. Thank You!!!! Yes same device for everyone. God that looks like a mess though. The printer is separate and you have to turn it on manually. Any chance you can get some more shots of it from the other side?! Where did they install the small card reader?
  13. The installation is delayed. We have one in the training department, but i'm not sure if we have any devices on the property to be installed on any buses yet. We will have two buses for now. It was supposed to be 10 but it has changed... could change again though. Install should start mid-February.
  14. Do you have any pictures of how these devices are installed?
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