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  1. Oakville Transit

    It appears they have decided to repair accident victim 4102 after all. Seems they're going the cheapest route supplying parts from 4105. It has been sent to MTB.
  2. Burlington Transit

    Dead link for me.
  3. Burlington Transit

    At least 4 Vicinity buses were delivered last week. 7026-7028 and 7032. 3 blue birds 7031-32 and 7029 are parked. I assume they are retired. 32 is missing its presto/farebox and front door.
  4. Welland Transit

    Went to Welland Transit today. 1157 is parked outback with the retired blue bird and London 416. Not sure if its retired or not. Doesn't look like it's moved in awhile.
  5. Oakville Transit

    Brief fleet update: All three (3) 2017 GWT Vicinity buses #1707-1709 are in service now. We are expecting 8 more of these by February 2018. We are expecting a late delivery of 6 Nova LFS buses by the fall. Orion VII 4102 suffered a front end collision this week and apparently the appraisal for repairs is not worth it, and will be decommissioned. 4105 has now been parked as well. This now leaves 6 out of 13 Orion VIIs left in service. 4101, 4106, 4109, 4110, 4111 and 4113. D40LFR 9109 is now back in service from refurb. 9106 and 9115 are currently getting done at New Flyer in arnprior, ON.
  6. Oakville Transit

    Looks like there was a last minute change of plans regarding the cancellation of 17 and 14 modifications... Will have to wait and see what planning department come up with now.
  7. Burlington Transit

    3 conventional buses does not mean 3 nova buses. I will get a confirmation from Grande West about the total order. Vicinity buses are classified as conventional. I think you have been misinformed.
  8. Oakville Transit

    9106 and 9115 are currently at New Flyer.
  9. Burlington Transit

    Burlington piggyback'd off the 2016 oakville order last year. So far i've seen 7026, 7027 7028 and 7032, so its safe to say they're getting 7 delivered. I have no information on Burlington receiving an order of buses from Nova. Where did you get this from??
  10. Oakville Transit

    Probably 9109, which is a 2009. It returned last week from New Flyer. More than likely doing a road test with a mechanic.
  11. Oakville Transit

    FLEET UPDATE: 1701-1706 (6 nova buses not 7 as originally predicted) are due this fall. There's a significant delay in the production schedule at Nova apparently. 1707-1709 (3 Vicinity buses) are almost ready for service. They should hit the road this coming week. Another 8 Vicinity buses are due February 2018. It appears Orion VII 4105 may be retired as well. I'm hearing the sole blue bird 8109 will stick around for now, unless something major fails on it. It isn't sounding the best lately... so we will see how long it actually lasts. SEON was the successful company in winning the tender for interior/exterior cameras on our buses. This project should begin installation later this year. There will be some High-Definition cameras coming with our package, but apparently they're on back order, causing the general delay. Look for some modifications to route 14 this coming September. A new "14A" will begin service labor day weekend, and route 17 will be discontinued.
  12. MiWay

    Those have been retired for years now.
  13. MiWay

    Yes its ready.. look at the brand new license plate...
  14. Burlington Transit

    I saw 7030 this morning on the 15...their days of service i'm sure are numbered. Here is a sneak peak at the new 7028.
  15. MiWay

    Not entirely built in Crookston. Final assembly is completed in Crookston, but they begin production in Winnipeg.