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  1. That particular unit had a symmetrical windshield like D40LF. But it looks great!
  2. I saw a Proterra this afternoon at MTB, awaiting a paint job and PDI.
  3. We have a budget, nothing is free. There were not plans for any major service expansion. You wont see anything happening for awhile.
  4. Could be many reasons. They cost too much, they were ordered with Insight, or Gemini isn't available with Proterra Buses.
  5. All 2005 New Flyer D40LF buses are now off the road. #5103 suffered a serious transmission failure on Monday and has been parked. There are no plans to repair it, unless required for service.
  6. It was parked at Cityview a good month ago or so with the Stratford decals and an advertisement. Must have been there for some repairs/warranty if that was part of whatever deal was made. Looks sharp!
  7. 5104 will be decommissioned this tonight. I was fortunate to be the last person to drive it in service this afternoon. 5103 is the last 2005 D40LF left in service.
  8. London was part of the Metrolinx TPI program a few years/contracts back and when Nova Bus was selected as the supplier, the city opted out. I can only guess that its to due with fleet standardization. Why would they go and order a completely different model bus/manufacturer? It doesn't matter who is the fleet manager. Its common sense, financially. I am not sure if they've ever been involved with CUTRIC, but guessing no. Perhaps someone with more knowledge about London Transit can add their points/view.
  9. These buses have adjustable pedals, I wonder if he was just sitting wrong and had it in an awkward position.
  10. You and your information are very unreliable. No one including myself should believe anything you say on this board going forward.
  11. 1101/1104 are in Mississauga at Cityview getting an engine rebuild. Once they return, 1106 and another will be next. 1106 has a bad engine and has been removed from service until its rebuilt. 1905 is waiting on a new front destination sign.
  12. I'm hearing they're coming with the redesigned driver window as well.
  13. 2004 New Flyer D40LF #5106 (ex-London Transit #462) purchased second hand in 2011 has now been retired. Care-A-Van 1122 as also been retired. The new Arboc buses have started to enter service. 1822 has been out for the past few days. 2018 Grande West Vicinity #1806 was involved in a serious collision yesterday morning involving a dump truck that ran a stop sign and t-boned the bus. Extensive damage to both vehicle but no serious injuries. It will be off the road for some time.
  14. No, this was a separate project done in partnership with MTB in Milton. The city does not do any major overhaul of their transit vehicles.
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