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  1. J. Boic

    Milton Transit

    I've only see pictures too and right off the bat you can see the window frames are thinner. Most LFS from 2018 and newer came with the thinner borders with integrated emergency window access which is now an individual piece below the tip in window. There should be some other interior changes from what I was told by Milton Transit but my contact wasn't specific, nor did I really care.
  2. J. Boic

    Milton Transit

    It was the only one ordered to replace the fire victim a few years back. Few minor cosmetic changes on 1804 compared to the others.
  3. No, I meant fully electric steering. Thanks.
  4. I don't think its that much of an issue. After all they did build most of the older GO buses entirely in Scotland years ago.
  5. Do these buses have electric steering?
  6. J. Boic

    TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    From what TTC personnel said at CUTA 2018, is that 8058 will begin undergoing the rebuild process this year and they will take their time in perfecting the bus. It sounded like they'll have it ready for the 100th anniversary.
  7. That looks good. It appears they're simply using the same size for number decals all around..
  8. J. Boic

    Oakville Transit

    It really depends on their condition and whatever month their safety is up and inspection is needed which they won’t renew.
  9. J. Boic

    Oakville Transit

    The following service changes will be in effect as of March 3, 2019 - Visit the website for more details. Route 1 Temporarily discontinued. Routes 5/5A and 24 will continue to provide service along Trafalgar Road. Travel between the Oakville GO station and the Uptown Core will also continue to be provided by Routes 19 and 20. For travel to and from the 407/Trafalgar carpool lot, please use GO Transit. Route 14/14A Replaces Route 17 to provide more frequent service to the Kerr Street community. It will also allow customers to travel to Church and Dunn, South Oakville Centre, Bronte, the RioCan Centre and Appleby GO Station in Burlington without requiring a transfer. Home to Hub service will be available for the Reynolds Street area no longer covered by Route 14/14A. Route 15 Return to providing service in both directions along Rebecca Street between Bronte Road and Third Line. Service to the RioCan Centre will be provided by Route 14A. Route 17 Replaced by Route 14/14A, as noted above. Route 18 The 5:45 p.m. departure from the Oakville GO Station is being rescheduled to 5:48 p.m. to better connect with the 5:46 p.m. train from Toronto. Routes 19 and 20 Several minor schedule changes have been made to improve overall schedule adherence. Fleet wise, we have 5 Nova LFS Diesel buses on order. They go on the production line February 18th with delivery for sometime in May. 4101, 5103-5106 will remain into the summer months until these new units are ready for service.
  10. J. Boic

    Niagara Falls Transit

    Long gone... all Low Floor now sadly.
  11. J. Boic

    Burlington Transit

    7036-18 was on the 6 this afternoon.
  12. J. Boic

    York Region Transit \ Viva

    That was a cheap brand... this should hopefully last. After all, its init.
  13. J. Boic


    Cityview bus sales confirmed to me at CUTA that they sold off two articulated buses recently. These units received only an exterior paint job.
  14. J. Boic

    Oakville Transit

    8108-8109 were 30ft. That other bus may have been for Milton Transit who tagged onto our order in 2008. Oakville was in charge of delivery/maintenance for these buses back in 2008.