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  1. J. Boic

    Niagara Falls Transit

    Long gone... all Low Floor now sadly.
  2. J. Boic

    Burlington Transit

    7036-18 was on the 6 this afternoon.
  3. J. Boic

    York Region Transit \ Viva

    That was a cheap brand... this should hopefully last. After all, its init.
  4. J. Boic


    Cityview bus sales confirmed to me at CUTA that they sold off two articulated buses recently. These units received only an exterior paint job.
  5. J. Boic

    Oakville Transit

    8108-8109 were 30ft. That other bus may have been for Milton Transit who tagged onto our order in 2008. Oakville was in charge of delivery/maintenance for these buses back in 2008.
  6. J. Boic

    GO Transit

    All 22 were purchased by CVS Tours apparently, out in BC.
  7. J. Boic

    Oakville Transit

    Just because you see a bus from a different transit system in a different municipality does not automatically mean it has anything to do with a certain transit system. I have absolutely no idea what or why its in Oakville. It could have been a mechanic/contractor transporting it from A to B and stopped in Oakville for whatever reason.
  8. J. Boic

    Burlington Transit

    Received confirmation of two 2018 Nova LFS' delivered to Burlington Transit last week. This order was for just two units. Not sure of the numbers. I'll be on the lookout.
  9. J. Boic


    1020 was also equipped with EMP electronic radiator years ago. Saw it today on the 110.
  10. And the BYD buses look like the NFI Xcelsiors...
  11. Orion X was on the drawing board for a few years, when they wanted to get back into the articulated bus market once again. There were no official plans for an Orion VIII. The “X” would have been based on a similar platform of the Mercedes Citaro. There was no such thing that happened. They were involved in large orders for most of the final years and their bids department worked tirelessly in an effort to win every tender out there possible, no matter the quantity.
  12. J. Boic

    Hamilton Street Railway

    Just saw one of the HSR Vicinity buses westbound QEW between Bronte & Burloak broken down on the shoulder. No numbers... not sure what happened.
  13. And what exactly was Daimler “largely at fault” with?
  14. J. Boic

    York Region Transit \ Viva

    Saw brand new 2018 New Flyer Xcelsior #1804 in Oakville this morning leaving the holiday inn on Bronte Rd. At the QEW. Looked to be on delivery. Did not get up and close to it but it doesn’t look like there were any significant exterior changes from the last order from NFI, from what I saw at least...
  15. J. Boic

    Welland Transit

    Saw Vicinity 1170 in Oakville today pulled over at a gas station on Bronte a road & QEW. Assuming it was heading to/from cityview.