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  1. Transit Windsor

    I'm glad we have a reliable source for this thread. Thanks Bernie.
  2. Proterra

    Don't be surprised if New Flyer acquires Proterra soon...
  3. I don't believe the engine is part of the rebuild process, so it has nothing to do with the issue here.
  4. Brampton Transit/Züm

    It really depends on what type of damage was done. Once you get into cutting the frame it can get complicated and becomes a longer process for repair. We've had buses in Oakville gone for months for repairs that looked minor, turning out to be quite the repair job. Or.. its back and it just hasn't been seen.
  5. Oakville Transit

    The tender for 40ft replacement heavy duty diesel buses has been released. This is a multi year contract. This is an independent issued tender as the Town of Oakville is no longer participating in the TPI program with Metrolinx. A few specifications to note... Looking to add USB ports under each passenger seat for mobile device charging. Passenger seats requested are American Seating "Vision", but also requested is cost differential, if any, for USSC Aries. Electric door actuators for both front and rear entrance/exit doors. HVAC system to be supplied by MCC. Engine/Transmission to be supplied by Cummins (ISL) and Allison (B400R) White Luminator Horizon SMT front/side/rear destination signs. Should be interesting to see who is the lowest successful bid... Orion VII 4102 and Blue Bird Ultra LF 8109 officially retire tonight.
  6. Oakville Transit

    They are shipped by flatbed trucks to New Flyer's Arnprior, ON location, just west of Ottawa. 9111 just returned. Awaiting 9113/9112 which are the last to get done. Both Orion VIIs 4101 and 4102 are still in service. Hearing now at least one may stay until 2019 pending its condition and nothing serious goes wrong with it. Both new Arbocs 1721 and 1722 have received their stripes and should be ready in a few weeks for service. There should be a 40ft. tender going out around May of this year for a multi year contract for new buses. 5 for 2019, 6 for 2020 and another 6 for 2021. Also to note, the onboard/exterior cameras should all be active by Monday morning. The only buses to not receive cameras are the Orion VIIs, D40LFs and the 2006 D40LFRs.
  7. Oakville Transit

    We received two new Arboc "Spirit of Freedom" buses this morning. #1721 and #1722. They come equipped with Hanover Displays, stop request buttons, ceiling bars and 10 forward facing seats. These buses will be used in regular service rotation along with dedicated care-a-van service. They are gas powered with regular suspension, instead of air ride.
  8. Oakville Transit

    New Flyer D40LFR buses 9111 and 9113 are now at New Flyer being refurbished. 9112 will be the last bus completed for this contract once either 11 or 13 return.
  9. Barrie Transit

    That isn't a refurb for sure. Must have just been re-done with new stripes.
  10. Oakville Transit

    8109 is stored for the winter as I mentioned in previous posts. Orion VII 4113 was retired today. 4109 and 4111 will see service for the very last time this Wednesday, January 31st and will be retired. This will leave two Orion VIIs 4101 and 4102 left in service.
  11. Nova Bus LFS (all models)

    Apparently MTA (New York) will be the first system with the new driver window this year.
  12. Oakville Transit

    Orion VII #4106 has been retired. We are down to 5 left. There will be one more retirement by the end of this month and we should have two of them left in service until May. 2004 New Flyer D40LF #5106 (ex-London Transit 462) is also scheduled to be retired this year, with the other 3 2005 New Flyer D40LF buses to follow. All 2017 Nova LFS buses are now in service (#1701-1706). Still waiting for the 2018 Grand West Vicinity Buses. They will be numbered #1801-1808. SEON is almost complete with the camera installations. Buses 2007 and newer will be the only ones receiving the camera equipment.
  13. Depends what mode the bus is in. Day Time Running Lights or Night time with clearance lights.
  14. Durham Region Transit

    From a reliable source/friend at DRT "As of today, there are at least 15 of the 24 new Novas on order on the property (Oshawa), though none in service yet. These buses will replace all the 23 older Novas in the fleet (2002-06 models)."