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  1. 7520

    Oakville Transit

    Warranty work and wiring issues causing delays for service launch. 5104 has non working AC which won’t be repaired. It’s only used as a last resort these days with all the hot days we have had.
  2. 7520

    Today's Special Sightings

    I don’t think that’s ex-York, looks shorter than theirs and I believe they were kissing a bunch of parts when put up for sale...
  3. 7520

    Burlington Transit

    Saw 7030-18 the other day in service on 301. Looks like the new ones are finally on the road.
  4. 7520

    Oakville Transit

    Fleet Update: We received our 8 2018 Vicinity BA30 buses from Grande West. They are currently being prepared for service. All Orion VII buses with the exception of 4102 have been scrapped. 4101 is the lone survivor still in service daily and is scheduled to stick around until February 2019 unless a major problem occurs between now and then. In other news, the multi year tender for replacement 40ft buses closed and the results are very interesting. Both New Flyer and Nova Bus submitted bids and the winning manufacturer was Nova Bus coming in at $12,756,938. New Flyer bid $14,629,988.00. I don't have the exact number of buses that will be part of this 3 year contract yet but will provide more information soon. 2009 Arboc #9201 has been retired from service. 18xx Vicinity BA30s should enter service end of the week.
  5. wheres my application

  6. 7520

    Oakville Transit

    4110. They're going to Scugog, ON near Port Perry to a scrapper. We received our 2018 Grande West Vicinity buses (3 came Friday - expecting the rest this week). A few minor changes interior/exterior wise but nothing too noticeable. These are equipped with EPA18 engines and ZF transmission.
  7. Due to an error on my part, the original thread from 2007 was accidentally deleted completely. This is the new thread effective immediately. Enjoy and apologies to all members.
  8. Oakville Transit took delivery of 3 out of 4 Blue Bird Ultra LF Buses, owned and purchased by the Town of Milton. They arrived in Oakville, so they can be prepared for service (plated, decalled, etc), before they're sent up to Milton to be stored permantently. I've attached pictures of 3 out of four units. The last two shots show the third unit minutes after it arrived to our yard. Enjoy!
  9. I was at OTE this past Tuesday, and was told by Blue Bird, that their sales reps in Ontario, Pearson, has completed the sale of six units from Coach Canada's Toronto airport operation, made redundant by the new airport monorail, to Welland Transit, with one on display at the show and the other five already in Welland. I was told that Welland Transit plans to have them repainted, and in service within about a month. They will likely be replacing assorted cutaways they have been using, as well as their remaining new looks.