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  1. Spotted several Angel Tours Prevost coaches for sale on Prevost's website: https://www.prevostcar.com/pre-owned.
  2. Ah yes, I got confused with the ABC 3035REs lol.
  3. I would imagine they have sold them all by now and just operate purely Prevost H3-45s. Think they got rid of their Van Hool C2045 also.
  4. Haven't seen a TRAXX Temsa in Vancouver in ages.
  5. Prevost


    Came across this YouTube video of an old Blue Star Prevost H3-45 having a hard time starting up in the winter cold: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuUyYdpOgfU
  6. Prevost


    Oh no... one of their 2019 units have been brokered: https://www.prevostcar.com/pre-owned/2019-prevost-h3-45-brokerage
  7. Oh yes, came across that photo a long time ago, definitely a one-off. Oh yes, came across that photo a long time ago, definitely a one-off.
  8. I see, makes sense. I remember I rode on a brand new GTA Crew Prevost when I joined Safeway Tours on their 7 days Maritime Tour, it was a nice coach so I think of their coaches as tour coaches haha.
  9. Why is no one buying them? They are pretty new Prevosts....
  10. Came across a Belca Tours 2011 Prevost H3-45 up for sale: https://cvbussales.com/product/2011-prevost-h3-45/
  11. Good to know, thanks for sharing! Do you know what kind of equipment they are using?
  12. Okay, makes sense. Curious to know what that essential service work was!
  13. I saw three UCL coaches tonight in Richmond getting off of the highway heading back to their base on Mitchell Island. This was shocking I must say as I thought there’s no more bus tours due to social distancing and Covid-19.
  14. Hopefully the new EI measure will help you get through the summer!
  15. Sorry to hear that you will be laid off! Hopefully we will be able to flatten the curve soon by social distancing. Everyone, remember to stay 2m away from everyone you see!
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