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  1. Really? That's interesting because I spotted #0130 a couple weeks ago in a white base with a very small livery: https://www.flickr.com/photos/dansmotorcoachgallery/42648059611
  2. **New updates** All Adventures North #4503 Prevost H3-45 (3) Alpha Omega Tours & Charters (new album) #1055 Prevost X3-45 (2) #1061 Prevost H3-45 (2) #1659 Prevost H3-45 (2) Bellair Charters & Airporter Shuttle #305 Prevost H3-41 Bluestar Coachlines #203 Prevost H3-45 (2) Charlie's Charters #3046 Prevost H3-45 (2) Charter Bus Lines of British Columbia #5602 Prevost H3-45 (2) Cross Canada Coach Lines #571 Prevost H3-45 (2) #591 Prevost H3-45 (3) Golden Arrow #806 MCI J4500 (2) International Stage Lines #5405 MCI J4500 (2) MTR Western #705 Volvo 9700 (2) #374 Van Hool C2045 (2) #303 Van Hool T2145 (3) OK Tour #535 MCI J4500 (2) Pacific Coach Lines #3019 Prevost H3-45 (3) Premier Coaches #108 Prevost H3-45 (2) TCS (Transportation Charter Services) #0130 Prevost H3-45 (4) Universal Coach Line #321 MCI J4500 (2) Unknown Setra S417 (3) https://www.flickr.com/photos/dansmotorcoachgallery/
  3. Prevost

    Universal Coach Line

    Ahhh... yes, totally missed that!
  4. Prevost

    Universal Coach Line

    Oooh, very nice! I wonder which company will be chartering this coach...
  5. Prevost

    Safeway Tours

    Just visited Safeway Tours website and they have updated it to say that they have 11 new coaches for 2018. Does anyone know the breakdown of those 11 coaches (i.e. who the owners/operators are and whether they are all Prevost H3-45s)?
  6. Uploaded my gallery with pictures from my recent trip to Europe: European Coaches 105 photos Darojković d.o.o 30 photos Jakopić d.o.o. 5 photos Raf Trans 23 photos https://www.flickr.com/photos/dansmotorcoachgallery/
  7. Prevost

    General Motorcoach Spottings & Photos

    Does anyone know whether the Setra S5XX series will come to North America?
  8. Prevost

    Traxx Transportation

    Spotted #5222 heading westbound on Kingsway this evening heading towards Burnaby. Not sure if this unit was chartered by Super Vacation or another Chinese tour agency.
  9. Prevost

    Universal Coach Line

    Spotted #897 returning from a Rockies tour for Charming Holidays while heading westbound on 41st this evening.
  10. Prevost

    Universal Coach Line

    Spotted #876 back on Friday dropping off passengers at Cambie and 41st after a Rockies tour for Charming Holidays. Didn’t know Charming also used the new style Prevost H3-45 from UCL as well.
  11. Hello everyone, for all those out there who likes highway coaches, another gallery is up! Please visit my site below www.dan.photos.me.uk Thank You
  12. Prevost

    Universal Coach Line

    Does anyone know the total number of motorcoaches that comprise UCL's fleet? they say that they are the third largerst company in B.C., so would they have more buses than CBLBC? and would anyone happen to have photos of their new Prevost H3-45s and MCI J4500s? Thanks