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  1. How many have arrived ?
  2. How many former Cambridge buses that went to Kitchener were actually physically renumbered by adding an "8" to the Cambridge number. I have only found one photo of 8520 ex 520. Some rosters (including the WIKI one) erroneously call some of them re# when they were not.
  3. Up to 21712 at least on the property.
  4. How many new buses planned for 2015 (expansion + replacement) ?
  5. Those shelters will fall apart in a strong wind. The top lifts and the sides fall out. It really is that simple. No kids involved.
  6. 2300's should be refurbished into razor blades.
  7. Well, all I know is we drove them under there any time there was a parade on King and the detour was Park. Nobody ever hit it.
  8. Been going through there for years even with the 9600 CNG tanks and all.
  9. Park St is not a problem getting under.
  10. Don't be too quick to judge not knowing what happened. Your concluding with "if I am seeing the picture right" is the only part of your post that makes sense. Additionally, mistakes happen, and hopefully you are someday judged by the same yardstick you use.
  11. Contract is up but the next one could also be with NOVA (very likely too). Realistically, only NFI and NOVA will be serious contenders. While the RFP is out there, it is only a ceremonial gig to humour everyone else.
  12. No more Hybrids coming, likely ever. They are not cost effective, but with a token dozen the Region gets to wave the green flag.
  13. Gonna be some new photo opportunities next week bus foamers ........
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