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  1. While I can see tourists on line 5, especially once it is extended to the airport, since it goes to Science Centre and I think there are some other museums along the route. I can’t see any tourists aside from transit fans visiting anything along Finch West. Perhaps when line 5 hits the airport they can give the rolling stock some sort of wrap with pictures of planes, attractions and city views.
  2. Huh, not sure what you are trying to say? She was Trump's first wife.
  3. Rogers is still very much family run/controlled. Edward Rogers and Melinda Rogers are chairman and deputy chairman of the board. Rogers Control Trust also owns majority voting shares of Rogers.
  4. Could be - I saw it while driving by in the opposite direction through 4 lanes of traffic.
  5. 9233 Healthy Planet full wrap on 36 today.
  6. If they extend the line to Major Mac at Jane it will lead to more (re)development north of Major Mac at which point they may want to extend line further north. If you make it a loop do you still designate specific station(s) as endpoints where crews get a break?
  7. Are you comparing first 2 year of Flexities to last 2 years of CLRVs?
  8. Perhaps this could be done when they begin work on the North Yonge extension. Something has to be done for sure - it is not normal when the trip southbound from Finch to Queen takes 28 min (am rush), while the trip north in pm rush is at least 35 minutes and sometimes closer to 45 min. This is prepandemic, haven’t been on the subway since Mar 2020, but suspect it didn’t improve.
  9. What about the following scenario (if all pieces were built): A northbound train arrives at Finch unloads, proceeds north into a tail track, crosses to southbound direction and then loads at the south bound platform. Would this solve or at least alleviate the problem? If it does, perhaps the TTC should build this while they are building the subway extension so that at least for the duration of construction passenger’s commutes are improved.
  10. Will completion of ATC and signalling upgrades on Yonge line fix the issues with northbound trains getting into a traffic jam as they approach Finch station ( with the backup sometime later starting between York Mills and Sheppard)?
  11. Wouldn’t this make the line a bit long - it would be something like 1.5hr one way trip.
  12. Given Queensway is a very old property in my opinion it doesn’t make sense to add anything to it. It would be better to find a larger property elsewhere and build a new garage. Then if current Queensway property is still needed then current garage could be demolished and rebuilt.
  13. What an odd split for deliveries. Why not receive 140 buses in 2024?
  14. With more than 25,000 people living within walking distance to the theatre (the plan calls for something like 13100 units in the buildings to be built on site) plus the thousands more around VMC I can see demand there for a fairly large entertainment complex. With Interchange way extended west to Weston maybe the circular route become VMC - portage (there is a large development planned there as well at Portage and 400) - Weston - Colossus - Interchange- Jane - Hwy 407 Station. Although even if the project gets approved as is it will be years before it is fully built.
  15. From Keele/Major Mac you have to walk over to the station (700m). Given the frequencies of YRT buses it probably makes sense to walk rather then wait for the Major Mac bus for 2/3 stops. Likewise from nearest stops on Major Mackenzie its 500-600m to the station.
  16. Bus lanes along Steeles would be useful only if they will be used by the TTC 53/60. However, I don’t think it is possible to add them between Yonge and Bayview - the street is only 2 lanes in each direction and there are no wide lawns that could be used to make 2 more lanes. The street is also 2 lanes in each direction between Bathurst and Hilda but there is a centre turning lane and wide enough lawns that could be made narrower. If these hypothetical lanes will only accommodate express buses while local buses will now be stuck in traffic that has been confined from 3 lanes into two than service will be even more spotty than now.
  17. Do you mean that Zum operates within the bus only centre lanes on Hwy 7? I would agree that for York University branches of Zum would make sense to operate via Hwy 407 station on the way to University to allow for connection to GO or YRT 20 northbound.
  18. Does Zum do full service in Vaughan (pick up and drop off in both directions? Also, did the currently cancelled 501a/c branches stop at Hwy 407 station?
  19. I wouldn't expect a huge amount of walkins at Hwy 407 Station - even from the businesses just north of 407. Where else are pedestrians going to come from for the Hwy 407 station? For Ikea/Dave Busters it would be faster walk to VMC then Hwy 407 Station, Likely somewhat cleaner too as there is a huge construction zone between Ikea and Jane on Exchange/Interchange. Once all of the construction around Ikea is done in 5 years or so it would perhaps make sense to run a curcular route from VMC via Apple Mill - Edgeley - Interchange - Commerce - Interchange - Peelar - Creditstone - Hwy 7 - back to VMC. Maybe the the eastern portion (east of Jane) only needs to run at peak times while the route from VMC to Ikea via Commerce and back to VMC via Exchange can run all day and weekends, It would be so short that decent service could be provided with a single bus.
  20. Shuttle bus routing that makes sense from Wilson via Wilson Heights to Sheppard West Station, then via Sheppard to Downsview Park. Then I would go via Bakersfield/Ashwarren and Keele to Finch West. Then via Keele and York Blvd to York University and via Ian MacDonald to Pioneer Village. Then Steeles and Jane to 407 Stn and Jane and Portage and Millway to VMc.
  21. Along Hwy 7 would be better option as that would facilitate easier transfers to local transit. Having it within the 407 would make for extremely uncomfortable transfers. Rail based as in LRT that will stop at say every major cross street or something heavier that will stop every so often like every 4-5km instead of 1-3?
  22. There are are plenty of other examples of highways that join together and then split up again. For example 7 and 85 and 7 and 8, or 6 and 401. Highway 2 has multiple exchanges to hwy 401 (I counted 6). 403 also has two different interchanges to 407.
  23. Given that the highway numbers have been around for decades it would just cause some unnecessary confusion if you start renumbering highways for no good reason. I would keep 411 for the eventual conversion of hwy 11. For hwy 6 can use 408 or 414.
  24. They mention "new Hwy7 from Guelph to Kitchener" - are they planning on making a 4-lane highway instead of current 2 or a different alignment with ramps like Hwy 7/8 in Kitchener? Also, they mention Morriston bypass - any thoughts on that one? Is the plan to connect Hwy 6 north and south of 401 with a new road so that you can travel through on Hwy 6 instead of via 401?
  25. That run likely comes from or goes to route 322.
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