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  1. Thanks for the update and screenshot. The Vicinities were only 7 years old but I do believe the earlier models had a number of problems. Hopefully, they have worked these issues out so that Vicinities last longer than 7 years going forward.
  2. I had a quick stop at the Kings Transit garage in New Minas today. I was surprised to find a 35' El Dorado EZ Rider II BRT bus (#65). I thought they only had 30' El Dorados. Buses 63 and 64 (ex-Halifax 610 and 612) were both in service today. The only change is the new fleet number and the legal lettering on the side of the bus. Vicinities 49 and 50 have been deplated and had their bike racks removed. I was not able to confirm if they are retired or just temporarily out of service. Bus # 49 has been painted in the all white scheme. Ex-Halifax 1032 is still on the property in Halifax colors. I do not know if they are planning on putting it in service or not. There is one more Halifax bus on the property. I was not able to confirm the identity but it looked like ex-1039.
  3. Fortress of Louisbourg took delivery of a New Flyer XD35, numbered 192, in late 2019. They did not open at all in 2020 and the bus finally entered service earlier this year. Orion V # 192 was withdrawn earlier this year and # 191 was withdrawn a couple of years ago. Both # 191 and # 192 are expected to be auctioned off in the very near future,
  4. The wiki needs to be updated for the newest buses in Charlottetown. The XD40 buses are fleet numbers 211L and 212L (I am guessing the L stands for length which distinguishes them from the XD35 buses). The XD35 buses are fleet numbers 213-216. The Arbocs are fleet numbers 2081 and 2082. By the way, I did get confirmation at the garage that the Zhong Tong was scrapped six months ago.
  5. Buses 0601-0602 and 0701-0709 have all been given new licence plates that end in BJ. They are still getting them ready for service but even the new Presto readers have been installed in them which were not in them before. The only possible exception is bus 0706 which might end up being used as a parts bus. The buses should enter service sometime over the next month.
  6. The TTC celebrated their 100th anniversary on September 1, 2021. They have applied partial wraps to buses and low floor light rail vehicles that showcase transportation over the last 1oo years. LFLRV # 4484 is seen westbound on Fleet at Strachan on September 18th.
  7. My mistake, you are correct. It was the day before that it was on route 10.
  8. I am sure you mean B-Line as it was on route 10 this morning.
  9. I am not sure where you are looking at the schedule, but the PDF on the HSR website shows a 20 minute peak frequency. That is the schedule that is being operated now.
  10. All of those buses have been brought out of storage and are now at the Mountain Garage. Some may see service in September but it may be more like January 2022 if route 51 returns to regular service. If 3 and 51 go back to regular service, that is 6 more peak buses and they would definitely need the older buses. For September, they may be able to get by with the existing fleet. Either way, new vehicles are not expected until at least 3rd quarter 2022 so the 0700s should see service at some point.
  11. All of the information is contained in the Fall Bus News which is a little hard to find on the HSR web page. It is linked below: https://www.hamilton.ca/hsr-bus-schedules-fares/riding-hsr/bus-news All routes except 3 and 51 will return to pre-Covid schedules with routes 20 and 44 getting expansion vehicles and improved frequencies. Routes 11, 20, 27 and 44 also have routing changes. Route 18 switches to On-Demand effective Tuesday, September 7th.
  12. Rider Express has two Temsa 35' buses. Both VINs have been checked and bus # 18 is ex-Ontario Northland L1907 while bus # 21 is ex-Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours, ex-Ontario Northland 5800.
  13. Last week, while at Terminus Centre-Ville, I photographed buses 804715 and 805015, both Prevost X3-45 buses. When I photographed them, they both had EN TRANSIT destination signs. These buses formerly operated for exo CRC but have been rellocated since La Quebecois took over that contract. Does anybody know which exo property these buses have been reallocated to? Thanks for your help.
  14. Wrong guess ... the testing went OK, there was nothing wrong with the buses. When HSR changed to CNG, they committed to CNG until 2024. With operating costs per kilometre, approximately 1/2 of diesel, as a taxpayer, I agree with this policy. I have no doubt that electric vehicles will be looked at by 2024 and with a new garage, I am sure that it will be built to handle charging stations. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to jump fully into electric buses, like many systems are doing. Let the technology evolve and let others do the breaking in process.
  15. With 10 Xcelsiors on order, you would have to expect that if they are delivered in the next month or two, then the Orion VI buses would most likely be retired by October. I expect the ex-TTC buses to survive this round of retirements, but you never know.
  16. I was going through some old negatives and found a shot I had taken of Badder # 471, a GMC P8M-4905A bus, in London in September 1978. This bus was ex-United Trails and I believe it was the first highway coach they ever had.
  17. HSR is still participating in the Metrolinx consortium. There was talk that they were thinking of getting out, but they decided to remain in the consortium.
  18. As stated when you click on the article, HSR is the first system in Ontario to use RNG but not the first in Canada. Coast Mountain Bus Company in Vancouver implemented a similar program in April 2019 becoming the first system in Canada. https://www.canadianbiomassmagazine.ca/fortisbc-partners-with-translink-to-provide-rng-for-bus-fleet-7360/
  19. No, 6601 was bought directly from London Transit (#14).
  20. In checking the Wiki for St. Thomas Transit, I noticed that the entry for St. Thomas Transit # 6300 is incomplete. Can a Wiki editor add the following information: St. Thomas Transit # 6300, 1963 GMC TDH-4519 serial C009, acquired via Paling Industries, ex-Markham Transit # 2038, new to London Transit # 3, renumbered to # 81-3. Licence BD2 597. I do not know the date that St. Thomas Transit acquired the bus from Paling but it was probably in the 1993/94 timeframe.
  21. HSR 932 is shown in the Trapeze OPS maintenance system as being "In Heavy Repair". The status has not been changed to INACTIVE at this point, so you have to assume it is still active. The $1.2 million estimate is questionable as they did not even cost that when brand new. Sometimes, transit systems cannot officially retire a vehicle on paper until the cheque comes in from the Insurance company which can be up to 1-2 years later or more. When a bus is acquired using taxpayer funding, you have to keep it active for a set amount of time which is why you see accident buses kept on site, even though they will never see service again. As Chris W states, please leave the Wiki updates to local people and do not rely on driver's sending you a picture. Wait until you have official confirmation from the Maintenance Department.
  22. The wiki shows 5 new J4500 units, 2101-2105. There is a 2106 and a photo of it is attached courtesy of Bob Bryden. Can we get the wiki updated to reflect that there are 6 units in the order? Thanks.
  23. Buses 0601, 0602, 0701-0709 are not officially retired at this point. They are in storage. If City Council approves expansion plans for September, then the vehicles will be required and put back in service. No new bus deliveries are planned before that time. So, the answer is, technically they are not retired at this point.
  24. Just a word of caution, the enhancements are only proposed at this time and have not been approved. The enhancements coincide with year 5 of the 10 year transit service plan, which was postponed in 2020 due to Covid-19. The budget approval is not expected until March or April so at this time, it is a proposal only.
  25. Here is a shot of 411 taken on December 27, 1991 when brand new.
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