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  1. The tender for 2020 has not been issued yet. It will be issued in the next few months but obviously buses would not be delivered until at least 2021. The orders for 2020 and 2021 will most likely come at the same time.
  2. The current situation is not all that bad. Granted it is not perfect, but it does allow access for all customers to the main commercial centres of downtown Hamilton. I can think of numerous examples in the US of brand new downtown transit terminals that are on the outskirts of downtown and are not convenient at all for customers. Prime real estate downtown is costly and you are unlikely to get a large enough area at a reasonable price to build a transit terminal for all routes. For example, say that the only good parcel of land is the Good Shepherd Centre at Cannon/Mary (former car dealership). You could build a great terminal there but it would be too far from the main downtown area.
  3. Bus 0520 has been put back into service to replace 0913 which had a "thermal incident" at the end of November. It has actually been in service for about 2 weeks and was tracking as 0913. This was corrected as of yesterday and it is tracking as 0520. This is actually the third time that this bus has been brought back from retirement.
  4. Well, let's correct a few things here. For the TTS, you mention Ray Neilson (rest in peace) and Alan Gryfe as well as the year 2001. Well, things can change in 18 years and sometimes for the better, believe it or not. The good thing about a free society is that people get to choose. If you do not want to attend charters, then don't ! It's that simple. If you choose to attend, then you should realize there may be 35-40 other people attending the event. Not everybody will get along with everybody, but most people try to enjoy themselves for 4-5 hours. Yes, there are people that behave in a way that is offensive to you. Charter organizers try their best to keep them in line, but in some cases (like the specific names you mentioned), there are social issues that have to be considered. Autism is one example, so no matter how many times you tell someone to get out of the way of a photo, it does not sink in. Again, you have the option not to attend. You mention the terms and conditions on the back of charter tickets. I agree that Ray was a little overzealous with the photo issue, especially since he sold videos. You will notice current tickets do not have that. There are terms and conditions though and that is done solely to protect the charter organizers. We are all volunteers and while we enjoy doing it, we would not want to lose any of our personal assets if an accident was to happen. We always stress safety, but in this day and age, you have to protect yourself against liability as much as possible. As for HCRR and TTS, the groups get along fine now. The current President of HCRR is also the Treasurer of TTS. Many members are in both groups and quite a few volunteer at HCRR. Here is an idea. Rather than being mad at the whole world, why not volunteer and try to help out this hobby? It might help you work out a bit of that anger that is built up inside you.
  5. Was a fleet number visible anywhere on the bus?
  6. Your document listing is good but it is missing a number of buses that are listed on the CPTDB Wiki. Here are a number of photos of buses I took on April 13, 2012. Many of these buses are not shown in your listing. Bus 407 also exists and is not shown on your listing.
  7. Simple math ... with lower speeds, it takes longer to get from point A to point B. If you do not have enough recovery time available to take additional time from, then you have two choices. Either add a bus (very costly, most Councils do not want to do this) or reduce the headway. Thus a 20 minute route with 3 buses (round trip 60 minutes) becomes a 23 minute headway with three buses (69 minute round trip). I applaud London Transit for their report as most Councils just add more and more barriers to reduce speeds and think there is no impact on existing service. In Hamilton, when James and John were converted to two way many years ago, HSR said it would be at a cost of about $ 1.5 million to HSR. Council did not give additional funds and we were told just to deal with it.
  8. Sorry for the delayed response ... it is 7021-03.
  9. Yes, all of Switzerland is pre-pay and honour system. You can board at any door. Interestingly, most hotels in Switzerland give out free transit passes to their customers. Zug also operates diesel buses with trailers and Lausanne operates high floor trolley buses with low floor trailers.
  10. For something a little different, how about: Buses with trailers are still being used in some Switzerland cities. Verkehrsbetriebe der Stadt St. Gallen operates MAN Lion City buses that pull trailers. In the photo, bus # 211 is seen on St. Leonhard-Strauss Street destined for St. Gallen Bahnhof (railway station).
  11. Unfortunately, without a picture to prove it, I would agree that this bus never existed due to superstitious reasons. Here is a roster from January 2002. You can see that it did not exist at that time. If it existed for only a year or two when new, chances are the VINs for 112 and 114 would be out of sequence but they are not. Having said that, I appreciate your current fleet observations and keeping transit enthusiasts up to date on SSM Transit, It is a very interesting fleet.
  12. exo Le Richelain 811712 is a 2012 Prevost H3-45.
  13. The TTS will not be operating to SW Ontario charter trip on Saturday, October 26. It will be rescheduled for spring 2020.
  14. The TTS "Farewell to the CLRV" charter is now sold out. We will be having two cars for a five hour charter starting at 10:30 AM. If you are still interested, we can add you to the waiting list in the event of a cancellation.
  15. As mentioned above, they are not ARBOC bodies but are Blue Bird Micro Bird. Were you able to get a photo of bus # 103? I saw 101 and 102 when I was there a month ago but was unable to determine if the third bus was 100 (like it was previously) or 103.
  16. After saying that I was having trouble obtaining a fleet listing, sure enough, my e-mail was replied to today by the Manager of Maintenance who provided me with an up to date list. Bus 41252 is not on the active list and has been retired. Bus 42458 along with the artic Novas are still shown as active. I always like to get official confirmation from the company because a bus is not retired until it has been decommissioned or de-plated. Just because a bus has not been seen in service for 5-6 months, you can never assume it has been retired, It could just be waiting on body repairs, mechanical repairs, etc.
  17. Bumping an old topic ... I received a fleet update from Whitehorse Transit today. The CPTDB wiki needs updating. Buses 46, 47 are 2017 NovaBus LFS units with 38 seats. Buses 38, 40 (2010 NovaBus LFS) have been retired. It is interesting that 3rd gen Novas have been retired but there have been a few properties that have had problems with EPA 2010 engines.
  18. I am having a tough time getting an up to date fleet listing from Saint John Transit. They seem to be really hesitant to give out the information. With the delivery of the 12 Novas last year, were there any other buses retired other than the remaining Classics and the Orion VI? Do any of the local transit fans have any update as to whether or not some of the early Orion VII buses have been retired? Thanks in advance for any information.
  19. I finally heard back from my fleet contact in Temiskaming Shores. The 35' Midis are numbered 51017 and 50682.
  20. I find that Black's has the best print quality when it comes to printing. They closed their stores but you can still print online at blacks.ca . The delivery time is very good and a lot of time they have specials where you do not have to pay for delivery if a certain quantity is printed.
  21. A fleet list that I received (no VINs unfortunately) show 1950 and 1951 for the Regional fleet as well. Are these in service yet?
  22. The VIN for 72 is 1N9MLAC66AC084047 which makes it ex-Calgary 1622.
  23. When the new paint scheme was introduced on the artics back in early 2007, it was part of the express route rebranding. It was decided not to put any advertising on them at the time. This policy has remained in place since that time even though the fleet expanded and artics are used on all routes, not just express. The advertising company has asked for many years to wrap an artic or put ads on it. HSR has declined but finally recently gave in. I just hope that they do not do all the buses as I still like seeing a few ad free vehicles.
  24. The TTS website has been updated with the flyer for the event. http://www.torontotransportationsociety.org/documents/Farewell to the CLRV Flyer - 22SEP19.pdf
  25. I have been told that the only confirmed retirements at this point are 0611-0614 and 0603 for a total of 5 buses. With 17 new bus deliveries, all of which were replacement, 12 other buses have been placed in storage and are not officially retired at this point. While the equipment has been taken off the buses for installation in the new buses, the possibility remains that new equipment could be installed in the buses, if needed. HSR is concerned about the spare ratio for the fall, as there will be up to 10 peak buses added with the service expansion that will be occurring. The buses in storage, currently at the 330 Wentworth Street garage, will not be used for parts at this point, just in case any need to be brought back. The storage buses are 0520, 0601, 0602, 0701-0709.
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