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  1. Toronto Transportation Society - 2017 Trips

    Well, this is not good. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/windsor/windsor-detroit-tunnel-to-close-completely-for-10-days-in-october-1.4296553 The TTS will make a decision in the next few days as to what to do regarding the Windsor charter. One option would be to have it on Saturday, November 4 instead. The bridge will obviously be very busy during this time and Transit Windsor cannot operate on the bridge. They are in negotiations now to see if that is possible but either way, traffic would be increased and we could potentially lose a lot of time at the border if we kept the date as scheduled.
  2. CTHF 2017 Fan Trips

    The CTHF had a good charter in Saint John today. We were able to ride an LFS articulated on one of the Comex route and then switched to an MCI Classic for the rest of the fan trip. A small crowd attended but everybody had a good time. On Sunday, we will be chartering an RTS from Codiac Transpo of Moncton.
  3. Feature Photo Submissions

    Here is a shot of one of the newest LFS buses for Halifax Transit, taken at the Bridge Transit Terminal.
  4. General Motorcoach Spottings & Photos

    Bus and Boat Tours in Toronto now has 7 ex-Megabus VanHool TD925 double-deck buses. Two are fully enclosed while the other 5 have a partial open top. They have already had a minor renumbering of one of their buses. Bus 85135, has been renumbered 85131. You can see in the attached photo of 85131 that the "1" at the end of the fleet number has been added and does not line up exactly with the rest of the number. A shot of the original number 85135 is also attached. The plate number (898 2BF) is the same with both fleet numbers and the final confirmation is that the VIN was checked on both fleet number versions and confirmed to be the same,
  5. Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    I saw Greyhound 7125, MCI G4500, going eastbound on Highway 407 in Burlington, ON. I had not seen an American G4500 in Ontario for quite some time. This one was in the new colors but I was unable to get a photo.
  6. Ontario Northland

    They said that they will not be using it much in service, just mainly testing around North Bay. It may be used on second sections so watch out for it in Toronto on the Labour Day weekend when bringing University kids back to school. The CNG tank capacity is sufficient to allow a North Bay to Toronto return trip without having to fill up.
  7. Ontario Northland

    MCI demo # 13895 is seen at the Ontario Northland garage in North Bay last week. This CNG fueled bus is on trial by ONR for about a month. It is being used in very limited service but has made at least one trip to Toronto on an overload section. A temporary fueling station has been installed at the ONR garage. You can see in the door side photo of the bus that it is being fueled at the time of the photo. The CNG line is a slow fill line (not high pressure, like some transit CNG installations) and it takes approximately 8 hours to fill a bus this way. The CNG tanks are in the luggage compartments so quite a bit of underfloor luggage space is lost. It will be interesting to see if ONR goes ahead with purchasing CNG vehicles.
  8. Burk's Falls and Huntsville

    I was able to get some photos of 4615 and 1811 last week. Bus 1811 seems to be the normal bus for the paratransit route and has had a few wheelchair logos added to it. Bus 4615 has next stop announcements along with exterior route announcements (note the speaker by the front door). Bus 609 is the backup bus for either of the 2 buses but has had the Huntsville Transit name taken off it.
  9. Toronto Transportation Society - 2017 Trips

    Here is the flyer for the TTS Windsor/Detroit fan trip. Note that you must have a valid passport to attend this event. Windsor and Detroit Fan Trip Flyer.pdf
  10. CIT Sightings

    Just to correct this post from May, the two MD30 buses for Autobus Deux-Montagnes (CIT Laurentides) are numbered 16-4 and 16-5. A photo of 16-5 at Terminus Saint-Eustache is attached.
  11. Hamilton Street Railway

    Wow, it is the super rare "New Flyer Orion" bus !! I would hesitate buying a product from a seller who does not even know what he is selling.
  12. Ex OC Transpo GM Classic spotted in Mississauga

    Did you read down a few posts from this one? Maybe next time you should. A simple Google search for "Eastway Refurbishing" will answer all of your questions.
  13. Ex OC Transpo GM Classic spotted in Mississauga

    Eastway used to own the bus but does not anymore. They sold it to a private individual in the Greater Toronto area. The plan is to eventually paint it in the as delivered scheme.
  14. Feature Photo Submissions

    How about an Alaska photo ? Capital Transit # 6659, a Gillig Advantage is seen on Glacier Avenue at West Willoughby Avenue in Juneau, AK on May 31, 2017.
  15. Hamilton Street Railway

    The HSR is rotating series of buses to be parked for the summer and switching them every 2-3 weeks. The XD40 buses are no longer parked up the hill and the majority have re-entered service. Past experience has shown that when buses are parked for 10 weeks (like in past summers), it takes a lot of preparation to get them ready for service. A lot of problems are encountered when the buses sit for extended periods. To avoid this, they are just rotating them.