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  1. Ontario Northland has leased two Temsa TS-45 buses numbered 1308 and 1915. I was lucky enough to get a photo of # 1308 in Sault Ste. Marie last week. It is shown at the Howard Johnson Hotel on highway 17 which is the Ontario Northland depot in Sault Ste. Marie. Bus 1308 had just arrived on Thursday morning on the Thunder Bay trip which departed Wednesday evening.
  2. Bumping an old thread ... it looks like the days of Pelham Transit are numbered. Niagara Region Transit will be implementing a rural transit pilot between Pelham, Grimsby and Lincoln. In the article it states that Pelham is shutting down it's current system and reallocating the $$ to the Regional pilot. Toyota Sienna vans seem the be the vehicle of choice for this new service. https://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/news/council/2020/07/14/transit-pilot-project-in-pelham-grimsby-and-lincoln-aims-to-improve-rural-service.html
  3. I have seen a photo of only one and it is number B1910. That appears to be the only one that they have.
  4. Buses 70 and 71 did not have driver shields installed or social distancing measures applied to their seats. They will not be used this summer on route 99. It will be 40' buses only. Bus 1806 was the bus that had the collision with the black pickup truck. It will be repaired.
  5. A quick internet search would have revealed this: https://www.hamilton.ca/public-health/clinics-services/dental-health-bus The bus was replaced by a motor home type unit a number of years ago.
  6. Greyhound Canada tentatively shut down operation as of the end of the day on Tuesday, May 12, 2020. The loss of ridership due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus was the reason for the shut down. It is not known how long the shut down is for, and when, and if Greyhound Canada will resume operations. On the final day, Greyhound Canada 0644, a Prevost X3-45, departs the Toronto Bus Terminal at 4:30 PM destined to Kitchener.
  7. Not quite ... the short turns on Barton Street were eliminated in June 1988. The reason for discontinuing short turns was the Director of Transit at the time thought that the short turns were confusing to customers. The Nash/Barton GO stop did not start until September 2009 when GO Transit started their route 12 to Niagara Falls. Prior to June 1988, the Barton bus had a 4 minute headway from downtown to Melvin and Osborne. Every second bus short turned which created a 8 minute headway between Melvin/Osborne and Bell Manor Loop. With the revised schedule in June 1988, the Barton headway was changed to every 5 minutes. The ridership on the eastern end of the route never justified a headway as frequent as 5 minutes. Short turns are a good idea, in my opinion. However, with all of the apartment buildings on Melvin, I would not do any short turns prior to Melvin and Woodward. Who knows, maybe they will make a return with Re-Envision. As for a shuttle from the top of the Jolley Cut to downtown, that idea has been debated for years. Clearly, buses could be saved at certain times of the day if you were to do that. However, it would force a transfer which would be detrimental to ridership. Choice riders especially view a one seat ride as a main reason for taking transit. If it were to a higher form of transportation (LRT, for example), customers do not mind transferring. However, if it is just to another bus, then that would detract some people from taking transit.
  8. Buses 0701-09 are supposed to be used for service expansion that was scheduled for September as there are no new buses schedules for delivery this year. However, that was prior to Covid-19 which will have a significant financial impact on transit once things return to normal. I would suspect that it might impact the implementation of year 5 of the 10 year transit service plan. We will have to wait and see.
  9. Sarnia Transit Charter Cancelled It is with regret that we announce the cancellation of the Orion V bus charter that had been scheduled for Saturday, April 18 in Sarnia, Ontario. This decision is consistent with the most recent guidelines issued by our Federal and Provincial health authorities relating to the ongoing COVID-19 concerns. Thanks to all of you who have registered for this event – we appreciate your support and understanding. We will continue to monitor this situation and hopefully we will be in a position to hold a charter event later this year. We will be issuing refunds to participants within the near future.
  10. Should the charter have to be cancelled, all ticket payments would be refunded.
  11. This event is expected to sell out. The only way to reserve your ticket is to pay online at the CTHF store. https://transitheritage.ca/?event=cthf-charter-sarnia-on-april-18-2020-orion-v-last-high-floor-transit-bus-in-service-in-ontario Edit: updated the link.
  12. The Canadian Transit Heritage Foundation is operating a fan trip on the last high floor bus in revenue service in Ontario on Saturday, April 18, 2020. Sarnia Transit 164 (Orion V, ex-DRT) will be chartered for a five hour trip around Sarnia. More information is available at the CTHF website at https://transitheritage.ca/events-grid/
  13. The tender for 2020 has not been issued yet. It will be issued in the next few months but obviously buses would not be delivered until at least 2021. The orders for 2020 and 2021 will most likely come at the same time.
  14. The current situation is not all that bad. Granted it is not perfect, but it does allow access for all customers to the main commercial centres of downtown Hamilton. I can think of numerous examples in the US of brand new downtown transit terminals that are on the outskirts of downtown and are not convenient at all for customers. Prime real estate downtown is costly and you are unlikely to get a large enough area at a reasonable price to build a transit terminal for all routes. For example, say that the only good parcel of land is the Good Shepherd Centre at Cannon/Mary (former car dealership). You could build a great terminal there but it would be too far from the main downtown area.
  15. Bus 0520 has been put back into service to replace 0913 which had a "thermal incident" at the end of November. It has actually been in service for about 2 weeks and was tracking as 0913. This was corrected as of yesterday and it is tracking as 0520. This is actually the third time that this bus has been brought back from retirement.
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