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  1. I recall seeing photos quite a few years ago of a right hand side drive MC8 that was used in St. Pierre. I think they still drive on the "wrong" side of the road there. Can anybody confirm that is still the case?
  2. The TTC 7400 charter is now sold out. Any registrations received beyond this point will be added to the waiting list. There are no plans to add a second bus.
  3. I received a fleet listing from Fort Saskatchewan Transit. There are 3 Arboc buses, capacity 22, model year 2016, fleet numbers 282-284. All other previous equipment (03 and FTS-14) has been retired. PW Transit (Pacific Western) is the new contractor for the system.
  4. Even though I cannot make it this year, I really hope they try to keep it on a specific weekend in the future rather than constantly changing it (first week in November, last week in September, etc.). Many of the people who attend work in the transit industry and sign for their holidays a year in advance so they really should try to pick a weekend, and stick with it.
  5. No, the fleet stayed at 251 because the 2017 service budget, which included 5 expansion vehicles, has still not been approved by Council at this point. If approved, the 5 expansion buses will now come out of the 2017 order. As for a new garage, a study is currently going on to determine a new possible location. There is still hope that a new garage will be finalized and built within 4-5 years.
  6. Non members are welcome at CTHF events. There will be a slight surcharge in the ticket price for non-members so it is worthwhile joining. We will eventually get details up on the website and they will be announced on this thread when they are available.
  7. Interesting changes but I still cannot believe that they are going ahead with the plan to remove buses from Dundas Street in the downtown area. Talk about an insane plan which will no doubt kill the downtown more than it already is.
  8. While the details have still not been worked out, it is expected that the start point will be Terrasses de la Chaudière in Gatineau. There is a Crowne Plaza hotel right beside this location. However, the CTHF will not be announcing recommended hotels or getting group rates. Even if you were to get a hotel in downtown Ottawa, OC Transpo route 8 services Terrasses and it would be only a short ride.
  9. Yes, that is correct. Five more retirements to come when 1639-1643 enter service. The original plan to have 5 expansion buses in this option order was revised and now it is a one for one replacement.
  10. The Canadian Transit Heritage Foundation is planning some fan trips for the year 2017. At both of these fan trips, the CTHF will be selling the new 2017 edition of "The Street Side Guide" which should be ready by early June. Saturday, July 8 - In conjunction with the Canada 150 celebrations in the Nation's Capital the weekend before, the CTHF will charter STO 7901 (GMC New Look) for a five hour trip. Fall Weekend in New Brunswick: Saturday, September 16 - The CTHF will be chartering a Classic from Saint John Transit for a five hour charter. Sunday, September 17 - The CTHF will be chartering an RTS from Codiac Transpo in Moncton, NB. The high floor bus is definitely becoming rare in Canada and these two events will allow CTHF members to visit 2 additional provinces. Our previous 4 events have been held in 4 different provinces (ON, NS, AB, MB). Watch the CTHF website and our publication "The Bulletin" in the future for more details. We look forward to seeing you at one or both of these events.
  11. I received a roster with VINs from Charlottetown Transit (also known as T3 Transit) today. They have a total of 11 ex-Calgary El Dorado buses. They have numbered the buses 60-71 (conveniently skipping over 69). 60 - ex Calgary Transit 1618 61 - ex Calgary Transit 1609 62 - ex Calgary Transit 1604 63 - ex Calgary Transit 1605 64 - ex Calgary Transit 1607 65 - ex Calgary Transit 1620 66 - ex Calgary Transit 1602 67 - ex Calgary Transit 1610 68 - ex Calgary Transit 1621 70 - ex Calgary Transit 1623 71 - ex Calgary Transit 1613
  12. I agree. Thank you very much for moving it away from the front page. Maybe I am just an old guy, but I got tired of seeing the inane useless chatter.
  13. Good point. When sending money by PayPal, there is a note field prior to confirming the sending. You could enter a little note for Rob in that field to say which charter it is for.
  14. Red Deer has 17 CNG LFS, all of which have been delivered although I do not think any are in service at this point. The fleet numbers are 10021-10025, 10104-10113, 10136, 10147.
  15. Let's stop this discussion right here. We have ordered a 55 passenger highway coach for this trip. WE DID NOT ORDER AN ACTIVITY BUS !