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  1. Greyhound Canada tentatively shut down operation as of the end of the day on Tuesday, May 12, 2020. The loss of ridership due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus was the reason for the shut down. It is not known how long the shut down is for, and when, and if Greyhound Canada will resume operations. On the final day, Greyhound Canada 0644, a Prevost X3-45, departs the Toronto Bus Terminal at 4:30 PM destined to Kitchener.
  2. Not quite ... the short turns on Barton Street were eliminated in June 1988. The reason for discontinuing short turns was the Director of Transit at the time thought that the short turns were confusing to customers. The Nash/Barton GO stop did not start until September 2009 when GO Transit started their route 12 to Niagara Falls. Prior to June 1988, the Barton bus had a 4 minute headway from downtown to Melvin and Osborne. Every second bus short turned which created a 8 minute headway between Melvin/Osborne and Bell Manor Loop. With the revised schedule in June 1988, the Barton headway was changed to every 5 minutes. The ridership on the eastern end of the route never justified a headway as frequent as 5 minutes. Short turns are a good idea, in my opinion. However, with all of the apartment buildings on Melvin, I would not do any short turns prior to Melvin and Woodward. Who knows, maybe they will make a return with Re-Envision. As for a shuttle from the top of the Jolley Cut to downtown, that idea has been debated for years. Clearly, buses could be saved at certain times of the day if you were to do that. However, it would force a transfer which would be detrimental to ridership. Choice riders especially view a one seat ride as a main reason for taking transit. If it were to a higher form of transportation (LRT, for example), customers do not mind transferring. However, if it is just to another bus, then that would detract some people from taking transit.
  3. Buses 0701-09 are supposed to be used for service expansion that was scheduled for September as there are no new buses schedules for delivery this year. However, that was prior to Covid-19 which will have a significant financial impact on transit once things return to normal. I would suspect that it might impact the implementation of year 5 of the 10 year transit service plan. We will have to wait and see.
  4. Sarnia Transit Charter Cancelled It is with regret that we announce the cancellation of the Orion V bus charter that had been scheduled for Saturday, April 18 in Sarnia, Ontario. This decision is consistent with the most recent guidelines issued by our Federal and Provincial health authorities relating to the ongoing COVID-19 concerns. Thanks to all of you who have registered for this event – we appreciate your support and understanding. We will continue to monitor this situation and hopefully we will be in a position to hold a charter event later this year. We will be issuing refunds to participants within the near future.
  5. Should the charter have to be cancelled, all ticket payments would be refunded.
  6. This event is expected to sell out. The only way to reserve your ticket is to pay online at the CTHF store. https://transitheritage.ca/?event=cthf-charter-sarnia-on-april-18-2020-orion-v-last-high-floor-transit-bus-in-service-in-ontario Edit: updated the link.
  7. The Canadian Transit Heritage Foundation is operating a fan trip on the last high floor bus in revenue service in Ontario on Saturday, April 18, 2020. Sarnia Transit 164 (Orion V, ex-DRT) will be chartered for a five hour trip around Sarnia. More information is available at the CTHF website at https://transitheritage.ca/events-grid/
  8. The tender for 2020 has not been issued yet. It will be issued in the next few months but obviously buses would not be delivered until at least 2021. The orders for 2020 and 2021 will most likely come at the same time.
  9. The current situation is not all that bad. Granted it is not perfect, but it does allow access for all customers to the main commercial centres of downtown Hamilton. I can think of numerous examples in the US of brand new downtown transit terminals that are on the outskirts of downtown and are not convenient at all for customers. Prime real estate downtown is costly and you are unlikely to get a large enough area at a reasonable price to build a transit terminal for all routes. For example, say that the only good parcel of land is the Good Shepherd Centre at Cannon/Mary (former car dealership). You could build a great terminal there but it would be too far from the main downtown area.
  10. Bus 0520 has been put back into service to replace 0913 which had a "thermal incident" at the end of November. It has actually been in service for about 2 weeks and was tracking as 0913. This was corrected as of yesterday and it is tracking as 0520. This is actually the third time that this bus has been brought back from retirement.
  11. Well, let's correct a few things here. For the TTS, you mention Ray Neilson (rest in peace) and Alan Gryfe as well as the year 2001. Well, things can change in 18 years and sometimes for the better, believe it or not. The good thing about a free society is that people get to choose. If you do not want to attend charters, then don't ! It's that simple. If you choose to attend, then you should realize there may be 35-40 other people attending the event. Not everybody will get along with everybody, but most people try to enjoy themselves for 4-5 hours. Yes, there are people that behave in a way that is offensive to you. Charter organizers try their best to keep them in line, but in some cases (like the specific names you mentioned), there are social issues that have to be considered. Autism is one example, so no matter how many times you tell someone to get out of the way of a photo, it does not sink in. Again, you have the option not to attend. You mention the terms and conditions on the back of charter tickets. I agree that Ray was a little overzealous with the photo issue, especially since he sold videos. You will notice current tickets do not have that. There are terms and conditions though and that is done solely to protect the charter organizers. We are all volunteers and while we enjoy doing it, we would not want to lose any of our personal assets if an accident was to happen. We always stress safety, but in this day and age, you have to protect yourself against liability as much as possible. As for HCRR and TTS, the groups get along fine now. The current President of HCRR is also the Treasurer of TTS. Many members are in both groups and quite a few volunteer at HCRR. Here is an idea. Rather than being mad at the whole world, why not volunteer and try to help out this hobby? It might help you work out a bit of that anger that is built up inside you.
  12. Was a fleet number visible anywhere on the bus?
  13. Your document listing is good but it is missing a number of buses that are listed on the CPTDB Wiki. Here are a number of photos of buses I took on April 13, 2012. Many of these buses are not shown in your listing. Bus 407 also exists and is not shown on your listing.
  14. Simple math ... with lower speeds, it takes longer to get from point A to point B. If you do not have enough recovery time available to take additional time from, then you have two choices. Either add a bus (very costly, most Councils do not want to do this) or reduce the headway. Thus a 20 minute route with 3 buses (round trip 60 minutes) becomes a 23 minute headway with three buses (69 minute round trip). I applaud London Transit for their report as most Councils just add more and more barriers to reduce speeds and think there is no impact on existing service. In Hamilton, when James and John were converted to two way many years ago, HSR said it would be at a cost of about $ 1.5 million to HSR. Council did not give additional funds and we were told just to deal with it.
  15. Sorry for the delayed response ... it is 7021-03.
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