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  1. The VINs for the three Novas, 1722-1724 are: 1722 - 2NVYL82J3G3750320, build date Sep/16 1723 - 2NVYL82J5G3750321, build date Sep/16 1724 - 2NVYL82J7G3750322, build date Sep/16 Can a Wiki editor update the Wiki?
  2. Thanks for doing this. One of these days, I am going to have to learn how to become a Wiki editor myself.
  3. Peterborough did receive 5 new Novas in 2016 that are not listed on the Wiki yet. Here are the details: -67 2NVYL82J2G3750230 Plate 673 OBJ Capacity 33 / or 24+3 wheelchairs -68 2NVYL82J4G3750231 Plate 673 1BJ -69 2NVYL82J6G3750232 Plate 673 2BJ -70 2NVYL82J8G3750233 Plate 673 3BJ -71 2NVYL82JXG3750234 Plate 673 4BJ The roster that I received did confirm that all Classics are retired but the Four Orion VI buses are still shown as active, most likely last resort spares. Can one of the Wiki Editors update the Wiki with this info? Thanks.
  4. Actually, Mother's Day is always the second Sunday in May which this year is the 14th. So, no conflict at all with Mother's ! I hope to be able to make most of the events by YUL in a very ambitious year.
  5. It is time for that operator to get his eyes checked! Bus 931 is the only bus on the hill older than the 0300s. Even the 0300s are disappearing quickly as the scrapper has taken them in numerical order up to 0314. Only 0315 and above are still on the property.
  6. Of course, how hard can it be? This is a work in progress. The 1100 and 1200 Xcelsiors have a problem with the electrical ground and as such are reversing the signal sent when the doors open (thus sending it when the doors close). Obviously the software has to have some kind of a signal to know that the doors are opening in order to announce the route and destination. Staff are working on a solution but it involves rewiring one of the circuit boards (and not screwing up anything else in the process). It will eventually be fixed but it will take time.
  7. Here are the group photos from the Guelph fan trip.
  8. Please remember to show up to tomorrow's charter at least 15 minutes early. Try to track down Doug or Kevin so that we know you are present. If you have outstanding paperwork (waiver and/or registration), please do this when you arrive and take photos afterwards. Guelph Transit departures are at :15 and :45 after the hour so there should be no buses at around 2:00 PM. Hopefully this will allow us to leave on time. Bus # 230 will be loading at platform # 10. The bus is being withdrawn from service after our charter so we will be the last group to ride it. The farebox and bike rack have already been removed from the bus. It may stay around as a training vehicle for a little while. The Christmas Light portion of the charter will feature two houses that are very nicely lit, among others. At the two highlight houses, we may not be able to park our bus in front due to parked cars and narrow streets. We will do our best but may end up having to stop before/after the houses.
  9. It will be at the food court at Stone Road Mall. They have quite a few options there.
  10. Cash is preferred. I will be sending you a PM message as well.
  11. If you have not mailed in the flyer yet, you could just bring it and the signed waiver to the start of the charter. We hope to finish by 7:50 PM but we cannot guarantee it. The next bus is at 8:50 PM which is not that bad of a wait just in case we miss it.
  12. Very impressive and informational article. Thanks for doing the extensive research on this.
  13. It turns out my previous information was slightly incorrect. This optional order is for 11 and they will be numbered 1633-1643. Five buses will be used for expansion so that means only 6 retirements of the 0400/0500 buses. These 11 buses will not enter service until sometime in the new year.
  14. As mentioned previously, 9 more Novas are due by the end of the year as an option on this order. It is not known if they will be numbered 1633-41 or 1701-09. They will be replacements only so an additional 9 0400/0500 buses will be retired once they enter service most likely in the new year. At this point, the buses have not arrived.
  15. Buses 1630-32 entered service this morning. All of the 1600s are now in service. Buses 0513, 0516 and 0518 were retired.