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  1. The 11 XN60 buses and the 6 additional CNG buses were all replacement buses. The HSR fleet will remain at 257 (255 plus 2 replica trolleys). The expansion buses were buses 1701-1719 which were received last year. HSR has had an above average spare ratio the past year or so and it will be interesting to see if all of the September expansion will be able to be handled by the current fleet. The Vicinities now have numbers and they are 1845-1850. As for the 0700s, I have not been able to confirm their retirements at this time. They have been moved off property to 330 Wentworth Street while repaving and regrading work is done on the north side of the garage. A new "bus port" is being constructed on that side of the garage to at least provide some shelter to buses stored outside during the winter time.
  2. Interesting, it would appear they have 3. They are still leased as far as I know. Apparently the J3500 buses have not shown up yet. Originally scheduled for April delivery, it is not known when they will arrive. I suspect that the leased Temsas will go back once the J3500 buses arrive. Also, in talking to a driver, the 1900 series D4505 buses (1901-1906) have been sent back to the factory for a warranty issue. It is not known when they will return. MCI has provided some MCI J4500 demos (painted all white with only ON legals on the luggage compartments) to be used while the units are away. At least two all white, unnumbered J4500 buses have been observed in service for Ontario Northland.
  3. So you are suggesting we waste more taxpayers money by getting more expensive buses ...🙄
  4. It is a 102C3. The A3 buses did not have smooth fully painted signs. The B3 buses had a full destination sign in the upper front window. The C3 were fully smooth sided without the full destination sign.
  5. brio is the name of the BRT route for Sun Metro in El Paso, TX. It runs between the downtown terminal and West Mesa via Mesa Street. Ten XN60 buses are used on the service. Bus # 14606 is seen on El Paso Street at West 3rd Avenue.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Is there any reason whatsoever why they went with letters and numbers (especially big numbers)? When you have three buses in the fleet, 1, 2 and 3 would have been a lot easier.
  7. The BHA convention is sold out at this point. Anybody registering now will be put on a waiting list in the event of a cancellation.
  8. I must have missed this. Is there a link to a staff report anywhere that states that TTC did cancel the order for the optional 60? I have not seen it anywhere.
  9. What is the fleet number of this bus?
  10. Well said ! Nothing like starting rumours based on hearsay. HSR will remain with the consortium. Whoever wins the tender will be what HSR goes with. It will have nothing to do with who likes what. Low bid wins, be it New Flyer, Nova or anybody else who decides to bid.
  11. It is fact, not a rumour. See link below. It specifically refers to 2 double deckers. https://www.hawaiitribune-herald.com/2018/09/23/hawaii-news/double-decker-buses-to-hit-the-road/
  12. I heard it was transferred to Hele-On which would make 2 double deckers that they have. I did not say it was the same bus as # 701.
  13. All of the Dupont replica trolleys have been retired. The Zhong Tong (# 69) is still active.
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