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  1. Welland Transit

    I really like the stylized W that was part of the logo since they started in 1973. It really is a shame that they decided to change it.
  2. Hamilton Street Railway

    Council only postponed year 3 of the 10 year plan last year. It has not been scrapped. No decision has been made yet on the budget for this year though. It is not known if the plan will be restarted this year at this time.
  3. Hamilton Street Railway

    Nothing yet. I have heard February for the Novas and at least April for the Vicinity buses.
  4. They seem to be adding info by the day. There are now 6 pages of listings and trailers have started to appear.
  5. Thanks very much for posting this link. There are quite a few VINs on there that we did not have before.
  6. Toronto Transportation Society - 2017 Trips

    That is correct. There is no Christmas Lights charter this year.
  7. Codiac Transit

    I received an updated roster from Codiac Transpo today. Here are the VINs of the newest buses. 810 2017 NOVA-LFS 4RKYL82J8H9776066 811 2017 NOVA-LFS 4RKYL82JXH9776067 812 2017 NOVA-LFS 4RKYL82J1H9776068 813 2017 NOVA-LFS 4RKYL82J3H9776069 814 2017 NOVA-LFS 4RKYL82JXH9776070 815 2017 NOVA-LFS 4RKYL82J1H9776071 816 2017 NOVA-LFS 4RKYL82J3H9776072 817 2017 NOVA-LFS 4RKYL82J5H9776073 830 2017 NOVA-LFS 4RKYL82J7H9776074 -- Owned by Town of Riverview 850 2017 NOVA-LFS 4RKYL82J9H9776075 -- Owned by Town of Dieppe 851 2017 NOVA-LFS 4RKYL82J0H9776076 -- Owned by Town of Dieppe RTS 430 (owned by Riverview) is the only RTS bus still active. LFS 514, 515, 516, 530 are the only ex-Montreal buses still active.
  8. Toronto Transportation Society - 2017 Trips

    An e-mail update was sent out to people who have registered. If you did not get one, that means that I did not know your e-mail address. Please PM me with your address if you have registered and did not get an update. Please try to arrive at least 15-20 minutes early Saturday morning. If you have paperwork left to do (waiver, payment, etc.) please try to arrive even earlier than that. We hope to leave on time at 11:30 AM. If you are arriving by car, please note that highway 401 westbound has a number of one lane sections between Chatham and Windsor due to construction. Expect delays and plan ahead to arrive on time.
  9. what cities have transit

    Don't forget Bridgewater Transit. They were given 2 ex-Halifax Transit cutaways (formerly used on Metro X routes) for the start up of service on October 16, 2017. http://www.bridgewater.ca/our-town/visitor-information6/bridgewater-transit
  10. Toronto Transportation Society - 2017 Trips

    The West End Transit Terminal is immediately opposite the College Avenue Community Centre (3325 College Avenue). There is parking for the community centre immediately beside the West End Terminal. An e-mail should be going out to all participants this week with further instructions.
  11. OC Transpo 2001-2004 D60LF Watch

    Bumping an old thread ... the Rochester Institute of Technology is operating two ex-OC New Flyer D60LF buses. The contract is operated by First Transit. Attached is a shot of RIT 1529 which is ex-OC 6057.
  12. TTC Nova Bus Deliveries & Entered Service Tracking

    So far, all the buses delivered above 8720 have been built in Plattsburgh. The easiest way is to check the VIN of the bus. If it begins with a 4, it is US built (Plattsburgh). If it is a 2, then it is Canadian built (Saint-Eustache). Even 8889, one of the most recent delivered buses has a VIN of 4RKYL82J8H9776200 which indicates Plattsburgh built.
  13. Dupont Industries 35ft Classic

    Steve Parkin would be the best person to check with. He is the only person that I know who was able to get shots of the bus at Capital Core. By the way, it was 33', not 35' (very minor detail).
  14. Feature Photo Submissions

    MARTA # 1726 is one of 10 Grande West Vicinity buses (# 1721-1730) recently delivered to Atlanta. It is seen at the Hamilton E. Holmes station on the Blue subway Line. This order was the first to be delivered to an American transit system. Grande West will be officially launching their finishing facility in Atlanta during the APTA Expo in early October. This will allow the Vicinity to be "Buy America" compliant and will hopefully open the door for more orders for American transit properties.
  15. CTHF 2017 Fan Trips

    By the way, the tentative date for the next CTHF event is Saturday, June 2, 2018 in Saskatoon. The CTHF will be chartering a Classic from Saskatoon Transit. Preferably, one of the ST originals will be requested but if not possible, then one of the ex-Calgary units will be requested. This will be the 7th different province that we have operated a fan trip in. Further details will be released in the future.