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  1. Regular weekday schedules on routes 1, 2, 4, 5, 11, 12, 16, 20, 27, 44, 52A, myRide. Summer weekday schedules on routes 3, 6, 7, 8, 10, 21-26, 33, 34, 35, 41, 43, 55, 58. Current reduced weekday schedule on route 51 (15 minute peak service).
  2. This still has to be confirmed by the Hamilton Emergency Operations Centre (EOC). Once it is approved (expected to happen tomorrow), further details will be released.
  3. From a good source, the Leamington Enviro200 buses will not be in service until April 2022. Leamington will introduce a fully On Demand system at that time and the new buses will be part of the launch.
  4. Apparently, Metrobus took delivery of one more 30' Vicinity in 2021. Does anybody know what the fleet number is? I would guess 2134 but want to confirm the number. Thanks. EDIT: I just read up a few posts and saw that it is #2134. According to the Manager of Metrobus, there have been no retirements as a result of the new bus.
  5. That is too bad. It sounds like a pretty serious accident. This news report has a photo which shows the damage to 213, one of the new XD35 buses. https://www.saltwire.com/atlantic-canada/news/2-sent-to-hospital-after-charlottetown-transit-bus-collides-with-4-vehicles-100652604/
  6. I did get confirmation from the Manager of Cold Lake Transit about the new LFS bus. There is only 1, # 5017 which has 37 seats. They have retired Classic # 5008 as a result but # 5007 remains active as a spare bus.
  7. Many transit systems have started to use holiday public relations messages on their destination signs, now that Remembrance Day has passed. Sault Sainte Marie Transit # 170, one of 4 XD35 buses in the fleet, is seen departing the downtown terminal on November 12, 2021.
  8. HSR 0706 is seen at the HSR garage today being prepared for a return to service. It is almost ready for the road and should be in service sometime next week. This is the last of the buses that were in storage to enter service. Buses 0601, 0602, 0701-0709 and 0913 were the additions to the fleet which now stands at 277 plus 2 replica trolleys.
  9. There is a worldwide parts shortage these days. All industries are affected, even buses. As a result, even if a bus has parts missing, that is not a sign that it is definitely retired. HSR is looking at their options now. Apparently to get artics fixed off property, it would require 6 months from one of the rebuilders. HSR is looking into doing it themselves and think they could do it in 2 months. No decisions have been made on the artics as new artics are not scheduled until 2023 at the earliest. Only 20 40' buses are scheduled to arrive in 2022 at this point. By the way, "up the hill" at HSR is not just a graveyard. They are so short of parking space at the garage that buses are regularly parked up there. Just because they are up there does not mean they are retired.
  10. The remaining buses should enter service within the next 4 weeks. The hybrids 0601 and 0602 are included. It was mentioned in an earlier post that 0706 was possibly going to be used as a parts bus but they are fixing it up as well so it should re-enter service. Buses 0610 and 0615 have some frame issues and may be out of service for a while. Some of the 0900s are also starting to experience frame issues as well (922, 926, etc.).
  11. Thanks for the update and screenshot. The Vicinities were only 7 years old but I do believe the earlier models had a number of problems. Hopefully, they have worked these issues out so that Vicinities last longer than 7 years going forward.
  12. I had a quick stop at the Kings Transit garage in New Minas today. I was surprised to find a 35' El Dorado EZ Rider II BRT bus (#65). I thought they only had 30' El Dorados. Buses 63 and 64 (ex-Halifax 610 and 612) were both in service today. The only change is the new fleet number and the legal lettering on the side of the bus. Vicinities 49 and 50 have been deplated and had their bike racks removed. I was not able to confirm if they are retired or just temporarily out of service. Bus # 49 has been painted in the all white scheme. Ex-Halifax 1032 is still on the property in Halifax colors. I do not know if they are planning on putting it in service or not. There is one more Halifax bus on the property. I was not able to confirm the identity but it looked like ex-1039.
  13. Fortress of Louisbourg took delivery of a New Flyer XD35, numbered 192, in late 2019. They did not open at all in 2020 and the bus finally entered service earlier this year. Orion V # 192 was withdrawn earlier this year and # 191 was withdrawn a couple of years ago. Both # 191 and # 192 are expected to be auctioned off in the very near future,
  14. The wiki needs to be updated for the newest buses in Charlottetown. The XD40 buses are fleet numbers 211L and 212L (I am guessing the L stands for length which distinguishes them from the XD35 buses). The XD35 buses are fleet numbers 213-216. The Arbocs are fleet numbers 2081 and 2082. By the way, I did get confirmation at the garage that the Zhong Tong was scrapped six months ago.
  15. Buses 0601-0602 and 0701-0709 have all been given new licence plates that end in BJ. They are still getting them ready for service but even the new Presto readers have been installed in them which were not in them before. The only possible exception is bus 0706 which might end up being used as a parts bus. The buses should enter service sometime over the next month.
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