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  1. Here is a shot of 411 taken on December 27, 1991 when brand new.
  2. From a good contact, City View Bus Sales in Toronto has purchased ex-London Transit 119, 122, 128 and 129.
  3. Middlesex London Paramedic Service have converted a former London Transit D40LF (ex # 481) into a mobile Covid-19 testing centre. The bus, numbered 05-1620 visits small towns around London where residents may not be able to come to London for testing. It is seen leaving the Paramedic Centre on Adelaide Street south on October 9 destined to the small town of Ilderton, northwest of London.
  4. Not the best picture, but here it is at the garage. The Denso unit, common in Australia and eastern Asia, is being tested.
  5. I do, as he is a trusted professional in the transit vehicle maintenance field. I agree with him that your post was rather pointless.
  6. Nine days is not a lot of time for a bus to be out of service. Sometimes waiting for parts can take that long, or even longer. There are also many repairs, especially if it involves the articulation joint, that can take a lot longer than nine days to repair. You say you do not want to "beat around the bush" but yet you seem very anxious to be the one to officially declare the unit retired. Let's wait for an official source prior to posting fleet observations in the future. With no new buses on order until at least sometime in 2021, no units will be retired in the near future unless t
  7. Buses 0601, 0602 and 0701-0709 are in storage, but are still on the active roster. Bus 0603 has been officially retired. They were supposed to be brought back to active duty with expansion that was to occur in September. Now that Covid-19 has cancelled that expansion, it is not known if they will come back. They will most likely be retired but I suspect that no decision will be made right away. The expansion was only postponed for a year (subject to Council approval) so there is still hope. With the Metrolinx Consortium new tender going out shortly, new buses are not going to be on the propert
  8. The one and only J3500 seems to be used all over. It has been spotted in Winnipeg on at least one occasion. Here is a photo of it at the garage in Sault Ste. Marie.
  9. Trapeze Software Group developed the software for the Ranger unit that is in the HSR buses. It is their "Streets" software package. They do not make the unit itself and buy an off the shelf unit made by another company.
  10. Ontario Northland has leased two Temsa TS-45 buses numbered 1308 and 1915. I was lucky enough to get a photo of # 1308 in Sault Ste. Marie last week. It is shown at the Howard Johnson Hotel on highway 17 which is the Ontario Northland depot in Sault Ste. Marie. Bus 1308 had just arrived on Thursday morning on the Thunder Bay trip which departed Wednesday evening.
  11. Bumping an old thread ... it looks like the days of Pelham Transit are numbered. Niagara Region Transit will be implementing a rural transit pilot between Pelham, Grimsby and Lincoln. In the article it states that Pelham is shutting down it's current system and reallocating the $$ to the Regional pilot. Toyota Sienna vans seem the be the vehicle of choice for this new service. https://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/news/council/2020/07/14/transit-pilot-project-in-pelham-grimsby-and-lincoln-aims-to-improve-rural-service.html
  12. I have seen a photo of only one and it is number B1910. That appears to be the only one that they have.
  13. Buses 70 and 71 did not have driver shields installed or social distancing measures applied to their seats. They will not be used this summer on route 99. It will be 40' buses only. Bus 1806 was the bus that had the collision with the black pickup truck. It will be repaired.
  14. A quick internet search would have revealed this: https://www.hamilton.ca/public-health/clinics-services/dental-health-bus The bus was replaced by a motor home type unit a number of years ago.
  15. Greyhound Canada tentatively shut down operation as of the end of the day on Tuesday, May 12, 2020. The loss of ridership due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus was the reason for the shut down. It is not known how long the shut down is for, and when, and if Greyhound Canada will resume operations. On the final day, Greyhound Canada 0644, a Prevost X3-45, departs the Toronto Bus Terminal at 4:30 PM destined to Kitchener.
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