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  1. Yes, 1609 was the vehicle number originally entered in Trapeze OPS but obviously 913 was used instead.
  2. ... but was changed off with bus 1609 shortly thereafter.
  3. Yes, when I said they had 8 Temsas at one time, what I actually meant was they had 8 35' buses at one time (MCI B1910 and Temsas 1908, L1912-L1914, 2001-2003). You are correct noting that they still have the J3500 which means that there are still 2 35' vehicles in the fleet.
  4. After only a couple of years in service, Ontario Northland is selling Temsa buses # 2001 and 2003. https://www.govdeals.com/index.cfm?fa=Main.Item&itemid=109&acctid=10543 https://www.govdeals.com/index.cfm?fa=Main.Item&itemid=110&acctid=10543 It is interesting that Ontario Northland at one time had 8 TS35 buses but now will be down to 1. I assume that is being kept for the Cochrane rail connect service.
  5. Buses 2108, 10, 11, 12 and 14 have been plated and cleared for service. They should enter service this afternoon. EDIT: Here is an update. 2114 will be on route 43; 2110 and 2112 will be on route 20; 2108 will be on route 10/55/58.
  6. As mentioned in previous threads, the 5 retirements due to the new buses were 0601, 0602, 0705, 0722, 0821. All buses have been removed from property and have been auctioned off by Bryan's Auctions on Highway 6. Hybrids 0601 and 0602 being hybrids, most likely had battery issues and it would not make sense to repair them at this point. Even thought the 0700s are older, they are better suited to stay around for another few months. As for 0610 and 0615, it is assumed they have battery issues as well and most likely will not return to service, even though they will not officially be retired until replacement buses arrive in Spring 2023.
  7. I agree. It was a legitimate question. The Vicinity had been parted out by City View in Toronto so it was most likely headed to a scrap yard in Hamilton, most likely the lower east end industrial area of the city.
  8. 16 of the 20 new buses have been delivered at this point. Only 2105, 07, 13, 18 are outstanding.
  9. 1606 and 1615 were delivered today. 1603 was delivered last night. EDIT: 2106 and 2115 were delivered today. 2103 was delivered last night.
  10. Thanks for the info. That makes sense. Normally when they do replatings, they replace the plate right away. I have never seen it where there are days between the old plate being taken off and the new plate put on. So based on parts buses, the only confirmed retirements at this time are 0602, 0722 and 0821.
  11. 0702 has also had the plates removed so I am unsure as to the total number of retirements. I was told 5 but it might be more.
  12. Bus 70 only lasted for a trip and a half on the day that the video was shot. It was changed off for a 40' low floor. 70 and 71 do not have driver shields installed which is why they have not been used. They are still available for charters and drivers have the right to refuse to drive them if they are uncomfortable with the lack of a shield. They have done a handful of charters over the last few years.
  13. I have not heard of what the official reason was for the retirement of 0602. I suspect a battery issue but cannot confirm. As far as I know, the batteries were never replaced in the bus. When the 0600s and 0700s were put in storage, the licence plates were never taken off the buses. That confirmed the fact that they were expected back at some time which ended up being about 2 years. Removing a plate is pretty well the final step in the retirement of a bus. The fareboxes and Presto units are even removed before the licence plate. Once a plate is removed, the bus will not be returning to the road.
  14. Buses 0602, 0722 and 0821 have recently had their licence plates removed and can be considered retired. Buses 0722 and 0821 are being cannibalized for parts. There will be 5 retirements when the 2100 series buses are ready for service so that means there should be 2 more retirements that are unknown at this point. The 20 new buses will result in a fleet expansion of 15 units due to service enhancements for year 6 of the 10 year Transit Service Plan.
  15. This is not a sighting, but a question. The latest CNG LFS deliveries to Hamilton have a St. Eustache VIN (starts with a 2 rather than a 4 for Plattsburgh). I had previously thought that all CNG buses were built at Plattsburgh. Further research reveals that the latest order for Calgary was also built at St. Eustache. Were these the first two orders for CNG buses to be built at St. Eustache?
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