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  1. Seashore_518203

    TTC Orion VII Retirements Thread

    1097 is on Lansdowne today and it has received the new red scheme.
  2. Let's get back on topic. My original reason for looking at this thread was to figure out what was the last 7700/7800 out of Birchmount that was active and what day it was last in service. I did not see it anywhere in this thread or the previous closed thread.
  3. Hence, this is why the document had only been circulated amongst a group of trusted contacts. It was TTC format but it just had not been officially used by the TTC since 2005. The current format that the TTC circulates only lists vehicle numbers, and not model numbers. Don't worry though. I changed the header but will definitely not be circulating it online. Don Anderson was the TTC employee that originally designed this format.
  4. Check out the wording about half way up on the left side. Maybe I should have made it font size 20 so it stood out more. Good advice though ... I will update the document wording to make it sound less official.
  5. The service summary that was posted is not an official TTC document. It was based off a listing provided by TTC as of the date listed and was updated to the format used by TTC about 10 years ago. The document was done by an enthusiast group, Toronto Transportation Society. Yes, there are mistakes and they will be corrected. It is meant as a guideline only and was intended for TTS members. The person who posted this on Facebook did not have permission to do so. Granted the TTS does not mind that it is out there now but please do not take it as an official document.
  6. Seashore_518203

    St. John's (NFL) Transit

    There was already a topic in this section on St. John's. Granted it is called MetroBus but that would have been a better spot to post the question. The CPTDB Wiki has all the current and historical fleet. The one order of Orion V buses was retired earlier than the Classics so it was most likely a Classic that you saw.
  7. Seashore_518203

    Hamilton Street Railway

    Does this answer your question? I think it is safe to assume now that all new buses from this point forward will have them.
  8. Seashore_518203

    Brantford Transit

    That is interesting. I wonder if there is any kind of an audit feature available to determine who modified it. Bus # 10122 never existed. It is not listed on any Brantford Transit roster that I had from 2012 on. As for the VINs that are shown on the Wiki, I have C3000826-828 as Brantford 10123-10125 while I have C3000829 as Timmins Transit 12-98. If a fleet list could be obtained from Timmins, that would clarify the VIN. Unfortunately, they are one property that are very hesitant to give out any info.
  9. Seashore_518203

    Hamilton Street Railway

    The pilot bus for this order, 1820, was delivered sometime during the Christmas break. It will be followed by the rest of the order in approximately 1 month. It will still be 2-3 months before any enter service. The main difference with this batch is that there are no seats in the articulation joint, just stanchions. This reduces seating capacity by 2 to 50. These buses will eventually replace all of the 0610-0615 (DE60LFR) artics.
  10. Seashore_518203

    Hamilton Street Railway

    0510 was written off in an accident just over a month ago. 0520 has been brought back to life and has been active for the last few weeks.
  11. Seashore_518203

    Ontario Northland

    Ontario Northland has taken delivery of some new MCI D4505 buses. Buses # 1901, 1905 and 1906 were spotted at the Toronto Coach Terminal today. In talking to a driver, he said that they had taken delivery of "about 10".
  12. Seashore_518203

    Hamilton Street Railway

    Probably not in the first batch of 5. Three are needed for route 18. The second batch of 6, scheduled for early 2019 delivery will see routes 12, 42 and 52A added, and possibly others.
  13. Seashore_518203

    Hamilton Street Railway

    The first two Vicinities, 1840 and 1841 entered service today on route 18-Waterdown.
  14. Seashore_518203

    Burk's Falls and Huntsville

    Blowing up the photo, the number appears to be 8818 which would fit in with the numbering scheme. The last two digits are always the year.
  15. Seashore_518203

    TTC Trolley Coach reminescing

    The drawing of a proposed TTC E40 appeared in the June 1987 issue of "The Coupler" which was the publication for TTC employees. As mentioned above though, TTC never went to tender for new trolley buses.