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  1. How about an Alaska photo ? Capital Transit # 6659, a Gillig Advantage is seen on Glacier Avenue at West Willoughby Avenue in Juneau, AK on May 31, 2017.
  2. The HSR is rotating series of buses to be parked for the summer and switching them every 2-3 weeks. The XD40 buses are no longer parked up the hill and the majority have re-entered service. Past experience has shown that when buses are parked for 10 weeks (like in past summers), it takes a lot of preparation to get them ready for service. A lot of problems are encountered when the buses sit for extended periods. To avoid this, they are just rotating them.
  3. Thanks to everybody who showed up for the STO 9131 fan trip. It was a great day, despite the fact that 7901 was not available. At least we were able to see it, along with the new electronic destination sign at the STO garage. The STO Rapibus corridor was also very impressive for those people from out of town who had not seen it yet. Here are the group photos from the charter. Here is the flyer for the next CTHF fan trip. The "Weekend in New Brunswick" will be held on Saturday, September 16 and Sunday, September 17. The E-store on the CTHF website should be available for PayPal payment in the next few days. CTHF NB Weekend 2017 Flyer.pdf
  4. Yes, it will clearly return to service. But maybe they will have to look at the policy for the future. It is 38 years old after all. The more service it see, the more potential for breakdown.
  5. Bus 7901 has a mechanical issue and did not pass inspection today. It will not be available for the CTHF charter on Saturday. The substitute bus will be STO 9131, MCI TC-40102N, ex-Calgary Transit. The CTHF apologizes for the substitution but it still should be an enjoyable day.
  6. The CTHF 7901 charter is now sold out. An additional registrations at this point will be put on a waiting list.
  7. The TTS Fall charter will be in Windsor on Saturday, October 21. Transit Windsor is supposed to get 24 new buses by the end of the year which will result in the retirement of all the Orion VI buses. The TTS will charter an Orion VI and will take it across the border. We will go to the Rosa Parks Transit Terminal in Detroit. People will have enough time to get photos of DDOT and SMART, as well as ride the People Mover and the new Q-Line Streetcar. Depending on the time remaining on the charter when we return to Windsor, we will try to have a few fall colours photo stops. If the demand warrants a second vehicle, then a first generation LFS will be chartered. Please note that you will need a valid passport to attend this event, More details should be on the TTS website within the next month or so.
  8. If you have a chance, can you try to obtain VINs from the 900 series D4505 buses? We have had trouble getting them and STC cannot give out the information now because it is in the receiver's hands. Thanks.
  9. I would suspect that might be what the cutaways are for. They took delivery of 5 in 2016.
  10. At this point, no there is not. It should be an earlier arrival back at the hotel, possibly around 5:00 PM. What we could do is arrange for a downtown Canada Line stop on the way back from Whistler for those who have an evening flight out of YVR.
  11. I received an updated fleet listing from Fort McMurray Transit, via CUTA. The wiki needs to be updated with: 1995 to 1996 --> 2014 El Dorado EZ Rider II - 25 seats 1997 to 2008 --> 2015 New Flyer XD40 - 39 seats 2009 to 2012 --> 2015 New Flyer MD35 - 32 seats 2013 to 2021 --> 2016 New Flyer MD35 - 32 seats 2022 to 2026 --> 2016 GMC 4500 cutaway, Glaval Titan II LF body - 16 seats Finally, there is a bus 1986. It was part of the 2012 order of XD40 buses but had a different order number.
  12. No, let's stop the rumors there. There were reasons but this is a public forum, so I will not comment.
  13. Just as a side-note to the above message, all of the TRAMS vehicles chartered will be diesel buses. TRAMS is still having some insurance issues with regards to the trolley buses and they are not available for charter.
  14. For all people who are registered for the convention, we hope to send out an e-mail update sometime this weekend. There has been one minor itinerary change to the rough itinerary that was provided in the registration document. The Vancouver day will now be on Friday, June 9 and we will be riding aboard TRAMS vehicles on this day. The Whistler/West Vancouver day will now be on Saturday, June 10. This change was needed as per the request of Coast Mountain Bus Company. CMBC requested that their garage tours be done on the Friday and not the Saturday. Thursday, June 8 remains the Vancouver Island day. Right now it is looking like there will be 45-50 people at the convention.
  15. Yes, great reminder ! If you are coming to the charter, please arrive on time. We need to depart at 8:30 AM sharp in order to make all of the pulse times throughout the day. Even departing 5-10 minutes late would impact us for the rest of the day. Our bus will be Parkinson Coach Lines # 801, MCI J4500 (ex-Maverick Bus Lines). Please arrive early !!