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  1. Sault Ste Marie Transit

    Apparently, 4 of the used buses are the Orion VII buses from Thunder Bay.
  2. 2018 TTS Fan Trips

    This charter is now sold out. We will now put people on a waiting list in the event that there is a cancellation.
  3. 2018 TTS Fan Trips

    There are still spots available but if you are interested, you should register as soon as possible. At this point, we are requesting bus 9705 with 9703 as a backup.
  4. BHA 2018 Convention - Dayton/Cincinnati

    No, you have to mail in the registration form along with payment. The BHA does not have a PayPal account. The registration document clearly shows pricing by day. You can register for as many days as you like.
  5. Hamilton Street Railway

    See attached PDF file. This was presented to the General Issues Committee on March 2nd and approved by Council on March 8th. Area rating has not changed. The Spring Board will now be effective April 29, 2018. The Spring Bus News should be available on the buses mid-April. This board extension was done to re-align board dates with the McMaster school year. 2018 HSR Expansion.pdf
  6. Burlington Transit

    As posted in the HSR thread, this is 100% false. If the rest of the post is true about route 1 not servicing Aldershot GO anymore, I feel sorry for the customers from Waterdown who are destined to either Burlington or Hamilton.
  7. Hamilton Street Railway

    The Delaware improvements recently approved by Council are for 15 minute service to the Meadowlands during the weekday peak periods. Currently every second bus short turns at West Hamilton Loop. The extension of all trips to the Meadowlands will result in two more peak buses required for the route. No major modifications are planned for the other days of the week but there may be minor tweaking.
  8. Hamilton Street Railway

    The key point in this post is the word "rumour". All changes listed in this post are NOT TRUE AND HAVE NOT BEEN DISCUSSED AT ALL. Please watch about posting false information. I know that is the big thing these days (especially south of the border). Let's go back to the old days of substantiating facts before posting anything.
  9. Hamilton Street Railway

    The order is only for 30. My initial posting of the split is wrong and it will be 19/11 (1701-1719, 1801-1811). Bus 1719 has not been delivered at this point and will be the last bus to be received in this order. All others are already on the property.
  10. The 2018 convention of the Bus History Association will be from Wednesday, June 6 to Saturday, June 9, 2018. Please note that the Wednesday was added as a 4th day which had not been previously announced. The first part of the convention will be in Dayton, Ohio. We are hopeful of getting a tour of the trolley coach system on Wednesday using restored BBC trolley coach # 110 (barring any unforeseen mechanical issues). On Thursday, an intercity coach will be chartered and we will visit Columbus and Cincinnati. There will be a dropoff at the Covington KY hotel prior to returning to the hotel in Dayton on Thursday evening. Friday will be only an afternoon tour. In the morning, BHA members will travel on their own (or in carpools) to Covington KY. The Friday afternoon tour will be of TANK (Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky) and we will get to see their impressive historical collection. Saturday will be Cincinnati and area. We hope to visit Cincinnati Metro, Cincinnati Streetcar and also see the historical fleet of the Cincinnati Transit Historical Association. More details are in the attached PDF flyer. Please note that we will be cutting off registration at about 50-52 people so it is very important to register early if you are interested. 2018 BHA Convention Registration Package.pdf 2018 BHA Convention Registration Package.pdf
  11. 2018 TTS Fan Trips

    The Toronto Transportation Society (TTS) will be chartering a New Flyer D40LF from Milton Transit on Saturday, May 12. We hope to charter one of the ex-Orange County buses (9700 series, built 1995) for a tour of Milton. Please see the attached PDF file for more details. Transportation Weekend will be held on Labour Day weekend. More details will be released at a later date but for now, the plan is to charter a Parkinson highway coach on Saturday, September 1 for a tour of southwest Ontario (Guelph, Kitchener, Woodstock, Stratford). Hopefully he ION light rail will be open by that time and we can include a ride on the LRT. On Sunday, September 2, we will be chartering a PCC from the Toronto Transit Commission. Milton Transit D40LF Charter Flyer - 12MAY18.pdf Milton Transit D40LF Charter Flyer - 12MAY18.pdf
  12. CTHF 2018 Fan Trips

    The Canadian Transit Heritage Foundation (CTHF) is planning at least 2 events for 2018. The first event will be an MCI/Nova Classic fan trip in Saskatoon, SK on Saturday, June 2, 2018. Please see attached PDF file for more details. We are hopeful of chartering an original Saskatoon Classic if available, but if not, then an ex-Calgary one will be substituted. Our second event will be a trip to the Halton County Radial Railway (Rockwood ON) on a Sunday during the summer. The date has not been set but we will be chartering a Mississauga Transit Nova LFS artic and taking it to HCRR. Future details will be announced at a later date. Saskatoon Charter Flyer and Waiver - 02JUN18.pdf Saskatoon Charter Flyer and Waiver - 02JUN18.pdf
  13. Hamilton Street Railway

    The total order is for 11. Five of which were previously ordered and six with this announcement. Don't forget that the CNG Vicinity buses cost more than their diesel counterparts. This order should be for 30 total. I do not know the split between 1700s and 1800s yet. Last I heard it was 16/14 but that has not been confirmed. A total of 10 are on the property with both 1700s and 1800s being delivered. These buses have perimeter seating in the upper level resulting in two less seats. There are only 30 seats in these LFS buses.
  14. Welland Transit

    I really like the stylized W that was part of the logo since they started in 1973. It really is a shame that they decided to change it.
  15. Hamilton Street Railway

    Council only postponed year 3 of the 10 year plan last year. It has not been scrapped. No decision has been made yet on the budget for this year though. It is not known if the plan will be restarted this year at this time.