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  1. I was going through some old negatives and found a shot I had taken of Badder # 471, a GMC P8M-4905A bus, in London in September 1978. This bus was ex-United Trails and I believe it was the first highway coach they ever had.
  2. HSR is still participating in the Metrolinx consortium. There was talk that they were thinking of getting out, but they decided to remain in the consortium.
  3. As stated when you click on the article, HSR is the first system in Ontario to use RNG but not the first in Canada. Coast Mountain Bus Company in Vancouver implemented a similar program in April 2019 becoming the first system in Canada. https://www.canadianbiomassmagazine.ca/fortisbc-partners-with-translink-to-provide-rng-for-bus-fleet-7360/
  4. No, 6601 was bought directly from London Transit (#14).
  5. In checking the Wiki for St. Thomas Transit, I noticed that the entry for St. Thomas Transit # 6300 is incomplete. Can a Wiki editor add the following information: St. Thomas Transit # 6300, 1963 GMC TDH-4519 serial C009, acquired via Paling Industries, ex-Markham Transit # 2038, new to London Transit # 3, renumbered to # 81-3. Licence BD2 597. I do not know the date that St. Thomas Transit acquired the bus from Paling but it was probably in the 1993/94 timeframe.
  6. HSR 932 is shown in the Trapeze OPS maintenance system as being "In Heavy Repair". The status has not been changed to INACTIVE at this point, so you have to assume it is still active. The $1.2 million estimate is questionable as they did not even cost that when brand new. Sometimes, transit systems cannot officially retire a vehicle on paper until the cheque comes in from the Insurance company which can be up to 1-2 years later or more. When a bus is acquired using taxpayer funding, you have to keep it active for a set amount of time which is why you see accident buses kept on site, even
  7. The wiki shows 5 new J4500 units, 2101-2105. There is a 2106 and a photo of it is attached courtesy of Bob Bryden. Can we get the wiki updated to reflect that there are 6 units in the order? Thanks.
  8. Buses 0601, 0602, 0701-0709 are not officially retired at this point. They are in storage. If City Council approves expansion plans for September, then the vehicles will be required and put back in service. No new bus deliveries are planned before that time. So, the answer is, technically they are not retired at this point.
  9. Just a word of caution, the enhancements are only proposed at this time and have not been approved. The enhancements coincide with year 5 of the 10 year transit service plan, which was postponed in 2020 due to Covid-19. The budget approval is not expected until March or April so at this time, it is a proposal only.
  10. Here is a shot of 411 taken on December 27, 1991 when brand new.
  11. From a good contact, City View Bus Sales in Toronto has purchased ex-London Transit 119, 122, 128 and 129.
  12. Middlesex London Paramedic Service have converted a former London Transit D40LF (ex # 481) into a mobile Covid-19 testing centre. The bus, numbered 05-1620 visits small towns around London where residents may not be able to come to London for testing. It is seen leaving the Paramedic Centre on Adelaide Street south on October 9 destined to the small town of Ilderton, northwest of London.
  13. Not the best picture, but here it is at the garage. The Denso unit, common in Australia and eastern Asia, is being tested.
  14. I do, as he is a trusted professional in the transit vehicle maintenance field. I agree with him that your post was rather pointless.
  15. Nine days is not a lot of time for a bus to be out of service. Sometimes waiting for parts can take that long, or even longer. There are also many repairs, especially if it involves the articulation joint, that can take a lot longer than nine days to repair. You say you do not want to "beat around the bush" but yet you seem very anxious to be the one to officially declare the unit retired. Let's wait for an official source prior to posting fleet observations in the future. With no new buses on order until at least sometime in 2021, no units will be retired in the near future unless t
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