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  1. We hope to have a flyer for the event out within the next week. The times will probably be 11 AM to 4 PM.
  2. We are at about 28 people so there is still time. I would get it in as soon as possible though.
  3. It would appear that Donnelly Transit has re-emerged as a numbered Ontario company. They were awarded the contract for the transit service from mid-May until the end of 2018. The contract also includes the summer only route. It will be interesting to see what equipment will be operated. Sharp Bus Lines, who are temporarily providing the service, lost out on the low bid contract and it is assumed that they will keep operating until mid-May.
  4. Voyageur Transportation Services also took over the contract for St. Thomas Transit. Their legal lettering is now on the side of St. Thomas Transit buses.
  5. Food ! Seriously, the lunch stop will be at Promenade Mall. You can either have lunch or photograph buses at the transit terminal.
  6. No, they are not temporary. That would not make any sense whatsoever. Those fleet numbers are correct. As part of the recently announced PTIF, the rest of the fleet will be getting APC units as well. As for the retired 04s and 05s, they are not going to scrap in Burlington. They have been getting auctioned off at the facility on highway # 6, south of the 401. The Burlington scrapper only has the contract for CNG buses and there will not be any of those retired for at least 10 years.
  7. To all TTS members and non-members who have registered for the TTC 7400 fan trip on Saturday, April 8th : Please remember to show up early, if possible. We would really like to depart on time (11:00 AM departure time) so if you have paperwork still to do (sign the waiver, pay for the fan trip), please make an effort to track down Rob Lubinski or myself. Even if you have signed a waiver and paid, please track me down so I can give you your ticket. Remember that the start point is on the north side of Sheppard, east of Don Mills. You will have to exit the Don Mills subway station to board the bus on the street. The bus will not be going into the Don Mills station. Also note that we are covering a lot of distance with this charter. TTC has decreed that when travelling north of Steeles in York Region, we can only use roads that TTC regular routes use. Thus, this means that we have to come back down to Steeles Avenue when we want to travel north/south on another major street in York Region. As part of the fan trip, we will be going to the furthest north point in the TTC network, Keele and Teston Road. This charter is sold out so we will be asking people to use up all available seats on the Orion VII. Please put your camera bags on either your lap or the floor under your seat. Also, don’t forget that the TTC has scheduled Line 1 (Yonge-University-Spadina) track work this weekend. As a result, Line 1 will be closed between Downsview and St. George stations. Shuttle buses will be provided between Downsview and Lawrence West stations. Please make note of this if it affects your travel plans. Finally, because of all of the distance we are covering, while we will try our best to arrive at Don Mills station at 4:00 PM at the end of the charter, there is the likelihood that we will run into heavy traffic at some point in the charter and may arrive late. Please plan accordingly just in case we do not arrive back at Don Mills station in time. We will see everybody on Saturday.
  8. 1642 and 1643 should enter service on Monday (or Tuesday). Buses 0505 and 0517 are the last two retirements.
  9. Yes, a more descriptive post would have helped a lot. Most of the members on this board are outside of Winnipeg and have no idea of what the first post in this topic meant. Winnipeg Transit has just received the first of their 2017 order of New Flyer XD40 buses. The order will be numbered from 170-199.
  10. Bumping an old post ... I received a fleet list from the town of Hinton today. Two buses are currently in the fleet: Fleet number 121679, year 2012, Chevrolet 4500 chassis, Corbeil body, 28 passenger, VIN 1GB3G3BGXC1198612 Fleet number 121680, year 2012, Chevrolet 4500 chassis, Corbeil body, 28 passenger, VIN 1GB3G3BG0C1199364 The contractor is still First Canada ULC.
  11. I recall seeing photos quite a few years ago of a right hand side drive MC8 that was used in St. Pierre. I think they still drive on the "wrong" side of the road there. Can anybody confirm that is still the case?
  12. The TTC 7400 charter is now sold out. Any registrations received beyond this point will be added to the waiting list. There are no plans to add a second bus.
  13. I received a fleet listing from Fort Saskatchewan Transit. There are 3 Arboc buses, capacity 22, model year 2016, fleet numbers 282-284. All other previous equipment (03 and FTS-14) has been retired. PW Transit (Pacific Western) is the new contractor for the system.
  14. Even though I cannot make it this year, I really hope they try to keep it on a specific weekend in the future rather than constantly changing it (first week in November, last week in September, etc.). Many of the people who attend work in the transit industry and sign for their holidays a year in advance so they really should try to pick a weekend, and stick with it.
  15. No, the fleet stayed at 251 because the 2017 service budget, which included 5 expansion vehicles, has still not been approved by Council at this point. If approved, the 5 expansion buses will now come out of the 2017 order. As for a new garage, a study is currently going on to determine a new possible location. There is still hope that a new garage will be finalized and built within 4-5 years.