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  1. They are just trashy humans trying to spread rumours. None of this is true. The one breaking down is possible.
  2. Curious. Would the TTC be putting 2252 or an electric in the parade? Unsure if they do that kind of stuff.
  3. They wouldn't be allowed to go cashless. I'm pretty sure that would affect the AODA rules in a way.
  4. St. Albert has been running 7 BYD's for 1 to 2 years now and they seem to be doing fine.
  5. Exactly! Pretty sure a tender still has to go out too.
  6. 2396 may not be coming back to service after today. Quite interesting to have this happen. While on the 33 to Mount Pleasant, I noticed 2396 having quite the hard time chugging to Rockwood. As soon as we made the right turn onto the main drag in Rockwood, the bus shuts off in the middle of the turn. The driver did what any driver would do. Wait a few seconds and restart it. We continuted for about almost 2 minutes before the bus shuts off again midflight. The supervisor had a bus waiting at Georgetown GO. The bus had shut off around 30 times before we reached Georgetown GO. We switched to the other bus and he trade off driver was told to drive it back to Streetsville... To why they said that when it should have just been towed back I dont know. But that bus will probably not be seeing service for a bit or never. But on the bright side.. I missed the GO Train by 2 seconds.
  7. That's not real news... Beaverton is fake comedy news.
  8. There is also the Vaughan facility.
  9. Well if they are for 2020... They won't be built yet.. Plus I did not see any tenders for any new buses for them.
  10. Depends. If it is a multi year contract, the specs could remain the same or some small changes here and there. And from what it looks like, they ordered the basic package.
  11. 071 the 2007 Titan is apparently retired along with 081 a 2008 EZ Rider.
  12. It would be a 2019 built. Not a 2020. Its a 2020 model year. I noticed on wiki many school buses are apparently built a year or two beforehand which throws many off.
  13. I guess I can ask if anyone has been there recently. Guelph Transit has 5 of them on order and curious to see if they are there and any other goodies.
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