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  1. With the covid-19 going on. A lot of drivers will get more defensive against photographers.
  2. There is that merge of all Niagara Region systems that supposed to be happening next year as well. But other than that may have expanded very quickly over the past few years since when it first started in almost 10 years ago.
  3. Only if they order buses with USB.
  4. Sometimes they're wiki does not get updated all the time. So far the New Flyer electrics have arrived and an electric Nova was spotted at the factory.
  5. I did notice there was a big shift in deployments as well. Where I am one day it was the GO-Anywhere models and then the next day all of a sudden it's nothing but SuperLo's. So far only the 2012 batch were all refurbished along with possibly some of the 2013's. I only seen 8126 being the only one in the 2013 batch refurbished. With the early retirement of these I wonder if that would delay the retirement of the older MCI's as it seems they are more reliable.
  6. I do remember that there was talk of putting them on the Toronto to London / Sarnia line. that was a few years ago and nothing seems to have changed. It would work out well as the lunchtime train from Toronto to London is only a two car and has been a two-car for a very long time. Normally when the international ran that line it consisted of mainly a three-car set.
  7. Sounds like they picked up three buses.
  8. Transit is now only allowing 10 per bus on essential trips only. They are running on a Saturday schedule for now and Sunday service has not been affected yet. My contact has given me info that buses 276-280 are on property. They were built February 2020 and do not have the new driver side window and the extra vents. They have a different interior and the only difference on the outside is the driver side camera. 195 has been retired after needing too much work. Some parts are stripped from it. Arboc 35 is still active but is used as a back up only. It will be officially retired when the new mobility arrives. 194 is still chugging along.
  9. Probably involved in something that was deemed retired.
  10. No the virus you know that. Expect more changes everywhere.
  11. So far GO Transit has been shipping trains out of Kitchener to Union. Are they being specially disinfected in Toronto? So far two have passed me outside Rockwood.
  12. Probably MTB for rebuild.
  13. Guelph Transit is offering free service with rear door boarding only.
  14. Uploaded already. Here is Stratford Transit 0576 at Cooper Terminal on route 1. It was acquired in 2020. It possibly former Coach USA & Coach Canada 4975.
  15. Stratford has acquired a 2004 Nova Bus numbered 0576 which is believed to be former Coach USA & Coach Canada 4975. They have also acquired a 2009 Eldorado EZ Rider II MAX numbered 0977 which is from Niagara Falls (number unknown at this time). They also acquired former Niagara Falls 2983 which may enter service or be used as parts.
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