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  1. The LFS fleet in Brampton has many more years to go. I did hear that the Barrie fleet is holding pretty good now.
  2. The return trip must be nice...
  3. Thats not good for the rest of us in the Transit Enthusiast community.
  4. P-5 numbered to P-1 then to P-4 and back to P-1 has recieved the new livery.
  5. Very interesting! I will have to find a way to see this system.
  6. NPC leases 9001-9011 and Niagara Transit has the 5200 series
  7. How many Artics are on the 104 and 110? I assume WEGO will be acauiring more buses for the extended service.
  8. Were the Vicinites on loan? If not, thats pretty young to retire such a new bus.
  9. I will very soon. I am nearly finished it on here. Also R-4 a 2017 Rosenbauer Commander was delivered a few weeks ago. It is undergoing pre-service work.
  10. Sweet! Do you know how many there are this year?
  11. Its a new company and they are making good business. They wont sell.
  12. I wonder about that 1621... Seems there is nothing 1615 to 1620.
  13. This is how the open top conversion happens. Youd think the SuperLo models would fit under there. Did you catch the fleet number?
  14. We will know when it is retired when it appears online for auction.