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  1. TTC 9701

    STO bus spottings

    99.99% chance there may have been a break down and a peak bus was most likely finished and went into cover that run temporarily.
  2. TTC 9701

    Oakville Transit

    They usually do end up in scrap. They are auctioned off but scrappers tend to get it.
  3. TTC 9701


    The Community Buses were rebuilt except for W211 so far.
  4. TTC 9701

    Sarnia Transit

    033 is retired and has been converted to a work bus. I would assume they finally took 201 off the road. 061 and 064 are also retired. That is it for the 2006 Eldorado Aerotech series.
  5. TTC 9701

    Sarnia Transit

    177 was on the 9 today which is very rare for a Cutaway.
  6. TTC 9701

    Fort Erie Transit.

    Most likely a spare until the routes go back to one.
  7. What bus is being chartered?
  8. TTC 9701

    STO 89xx-95xx Classic Spottings/Retirement Watch

    They are being used as spares. I spotted 9135 and 9138 when I was in Ottawa as well when I was there.
  9. TTC 9701

    Georgetown Transit Services?

    There is a plan to have a transit service in place by Spring 2019 using the full size ActiVan buses (ie; Arboc, Promaster, Passport and the recently acquired G5 from Tyler Transport) Link attached here https://www.theifp.ca/news-story/8097920-have-your-say-town-looking-to-develop-made-in-halton-hills-transit-solution/
  10. TTC 9701


    Would these be replacing or expansion?
  11. TTC 9701

    Feature Photo Submissions

    OC Transpo 1119 an Alstom Citadis doing testing for the Confederation Line.
  12. TTC 9701

    STO bus spottings

    Spotted 9135 and 9138 not in service 20 minutes ago.
  13. TTC 9701

    2018 TTS Fan Trips

    Not until after. That is what is planned so far.
  14. TTC 9701

    Barrie Transit

    Correct. They were retired early this year.
  15. TTC 9701

    GO Transit

    Yes I heard CN will be taking over a majority of GEXR lines, which includes the Guelph line as of November.