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  1. 1901 & 1902 are in service. They have the new vents at the rear.
  2. The list shows 0629 as white and also 0631 unless that was done up recently.
  3. That was mentioned when the whistleblower leaked info about the massive cuts which turned out not to be true. I only heard about the 25 and 29 going there. I do wonder if that was to happen that they would be branched off like the 21.
  4. They were horrible where I live. We had 3 of them. I would have thought the TTC would have bought the three from Guelph for parts just to give the rest 20 seconds longer to live.
  5. Looks like the end of the 95 D40LF's. I drove by on Steeles last year and you can see the dead line from the road. It appears an older Arboc is sitting that area. Its nice to see that Milton is not all about 40 foot buses running everywhere.
  6. Aboutown? That ancient company has been gone for years even after being transferred to Donnelly Transit.. There are probably a few roaming around in other Quebec cities as well.
  7. Guess that's all then. I am still very glad I went when I did. It felt like the 1990s when a majority of them were active.
  8. New 2019 ProMaster 19953 has entered service in the New Year after almost a year in storage. ProMaster 18952 entered service late 2019. They have been numbered externally with the city fleet numbering scheme. Another mobility vehicle is on order for this year. It is unknown if it is another ProMaster or an Arboc.
  9. Just seen the usual two car set to and from London pass by Guelph to Toronto. Possibly getting ready to reopen this part of the line as well. About time too.
  10. 2408 is up for sale. https://www.govdeals.com/index.cfm?fa=Main.Item&itemid=462&acctid=5676
  11. Honestly it has been silent. A few 301R buses here and there.
  12. Are they actually 2020 or does the build plate say 2019.
  13. All their high floor buses have been gone for about 8 years or more.
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