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  1. Curious does anyone know what bus 0102 is? I seen it tracking in Ottawa.
  2. Add what to the wiki? 501-527 are already added to wiki.
  3. Greyhound USA 86953 a brand new 2019 Prevost X3-45 on schedule #5645 Toronto to Kitchener. It is rare to find American Greyhound buses the Canadian routes. But this has been a little more frequent. Photo has been uploaded to wiki.
  4. 8201 is refurbished. The dark green is more darker like the rest of the refurbs and a different font for the fleet number.
  5. Must be this one. I spotted this in 2017.
  6. Less arguing more photo submissions. Post whatever photo if it doesn't go up it means you didn't win or it meet standards. Simple as that. Get over yourselves. No need to post all this for nothing.
  7. No it won't. It will go to scrap. Saskatoon wont have any use for older Nova's as they only run 3rd and 4th generations.
  8. 2335 was also for sale on Kijiji.
  9. Grand River Transit 21761 photographed at Cambridge Centre Terminal on route 56. Surprised to see an Ion branded bus on a local route and local buses on the Ion route today.
  10. Call it in and report it. I've had issues with MiWay drivers before.
  11. Violation how so? Thought Qu├ębec don't any laws for that. But from what it seems could have been a spare bus when an accessible one broke down.
  12. With the retirement of the 2004 to 2007 New Flyer D40LF series buses from HSR. They seem to pop up in random places. Here are 0503 & 0515 parked at an interior decorating company in Guelph, ON.
  13. I spotted it a few weeks ago in Guelph. Haven't seen it since.
  14. Depending how good the Christmas lights set up is around Ottawa or Gatineau. You could do a Christmas lights charter.
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