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  1. Are they? Don't call out places as that could and will ruin the chances for any to be preserved.
  2. TTC 9701

    STO bus spottings

    Are you still bugging the STO? Just sit and wait they will be spotted.
  3. TTC 9701

    Hamilton Street Railway

    Any links or anything to back this up? @Chris W hear anything about this?
  4. TTC 9701

    Regina Transit

    None will. They won't preserve any.
  5. TTC 9701

    Regina Transit

    Why would they? It will go to scrap. You should get some learning on how the industry works. Not every bus needs to be preserved.
  6. TTC 9701

    Milton Transit

    Well thanks. It's just minor stuff no one would ever notice.
  7. TTC 9701

    Milton Transit

    I only seen a photo of it. What minor cosmetic changes would it have? I may go down and take a look.
  8. TTC 9701

    Regina Transit

    Don't forget they were demo buses they have been driving around all over the place befote coming to Regina. Their lives are pretty much done and most are doing a 12 to 15 year cycle anyways. A bus is a bus.
  9. TTC 9701

    2019 Nova LFS Order

    The company who manufactures the bells is probably Faraday.
  10. TTC 9701

    Reactions to Transit Enthusiasts

    What's his Instagram?
  11. Getting payment together will let you know in about two weeks.
  12. TTC 9701

    Milton Transit

    1804 is in service. The only 2018 bus for that year. Same build as the 2017 models and no new drivers window.
  13. TTC 9701

    Regina Transit

    You have to think about it from a business aspect as they are not necessarily tourist attractions. 598 may be the oldest currently. But it will have to retire. You're best bet is to just get photos. It may have a life at another bus system. There already is an LFS preserved.
  14. TTC 9701

    Regina Transit

    Unfortunately they will not preserve it. Costs money and it's a Nova. There isn't anything special about it.
  15. You're the only one who has taken the time to ask me that. How thoughtful.