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  1. Wonder if they will be replacing two Eldorado's or two HSR Nova's
  2. Rear windows are an option for anyone. Oakville could but they like most systems find it easier to no worry about replacing said piece.
  3. The TTC Novas are their own order unlike Oakville as it is apart of the Transit Procurement The Oakville orders as you can see the Orion VII order is the first order with no rear window and have gone without since.
  4. The city has acquired a utility truck numbered 16665 to replace the older pick up number 06665.
  5. I am on year 4 with my Nikon Coolpix L30. Works like a beauty. The only two flaws is sometimes it will quickly unfocus then take the shot which is rare and not enough exposure which most images turn out nice still though. I use my LG G5 at night or in the subway stations underground. Three examples of sunlight the darkening flaw and a night shot.
  6. Riding is one thing, physically using is another. Its like saying oh bus 8109 from a passenger perspective. Driving it and physically operating it is a very well different story. Yes 8109 may be a bad example to use but it gets a point shown. Physically operating vs just sitting there and riding.
  7. Use to jump around from 30 to 40 then 20 and to 15 going back to 20 and 30. 60 minute is every holiday. We will see what happens as it looks the go ahead is happening. Looks like it will be done right.
  8. in which 2 new buses may arrive for that route.
  9. After it drops below 80 PSI
  10. I believe Cook in Mountforest still has a few around as well.
  11. Looks up to date to me. Myself and Chris are there pretty often enough and others who are in the industry there.
  12. Assuming only the Blue Birds are up for replacement. If the Flyers are on a 15 year life then there may not be any orders for a number of years unless theyre at the 12 year replacement. For the Vicinity order its too soon to tell whats happening. We just have to wait and find out when they arrive.
  13. They did get approved fundung for 3 new buses this year. So maybe new Arbocs are on the way. I do know that they need two Arbocs for the Access+ and two for the 1A/1B and one for the 1C. So maybe this order of three are Arbocs or Nova's
  14. Forgot to mention that I had seen 8337 on the 401 on Tuesday.