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  1. Is there a link? I am use to Transee
  2. They are part of Metrolinx so it would be Nova Bus.
  3. You had me thinking they did a second hand buy. the D40LFR's are coming back in he ghost livery.
  4. How many are expected?
  5. 8621 arrived yesterday morning.
  6. 1621 is part of a second order from 2016. The VIVA artics are the third order. They are numbered in the 1700s but are 2016 build.. There are 2017 buses for conventional at some point..
  7. Most of the current route dont even need a 40 foot bus anyways.
  8. 1621 was built November 2016. No.
  9. Once 8109 retires that will leave Burlington the last system with the Ultra LF. Now after hearing that Oakville may have dropped out of the Metrolinx Consortium that leaves me with what the next year order would be after this final batch of Novas and Vicinities.
  10. Awesome. WE will just HAVE to wait and see what it is
  11. I am on the list right? I believe I put in for the charter. Just gathering payment
  12. RIP 2007-2017.. Well new thread new start! To some that did not know, 1610 was on display at the OTE this year.
  13. There are some on facebook at the factory. Other than that there will be photos soon.
  14. Routes 9 and 62 have started today using XD40's. There are also peak period buses on the 6 and 7 which were using 9701 and 9702. Click the links to view the schedule times. NEW! Routes and Schedules 1C Industrial (Saturdays only, effective April 8, 2017) 9 Ontario South 62 Campbellville Route and Schedule Changes 4 Thompson / Clark 5 Yates 7 Harrison 8 Willmott
  15. With all the 2400s in the new livery. Will the 2500s and the 2012 batch be refurbished this year?