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  1. 0977 is up for sale. This bus did not see much action on the road. https://www.govdeals.ca/index.cfm?fa=Main.Item&itemid=119&acctid=5646
  2. Which of the W290 series has signs?
  3. The projects are most likely done for good.
  4. G.A

    Brandon Transit

    One of the EZ Rider's made it to Ontario and was operated by Kasper for a very short time. Not sure if it was used. It was for sale July of 2021. I did manage to get a photo. The property owner didn't know much as it was stored for Kasper. If one of yous can identify this one that would be great!
  5. Happy New Year! I have added photos to Clearview Public Transit, Collingwood Public Transit, Halton Hills ActiVan, Milton Transit, Orangeville Transit, Simcoe County LINX, Wasaga Beach Transit & Welland Transit. Added Coach Companies: 417 Bus Lines, Coach Canada & Sinton / Landmark Bus Lines.
  6. After reading a few articles recently about the transit service be coming on demand and talking with a few of the drivers. Apparently the town only owns 6 buses but they do have 7 on the roster. Did they retire 708 or do they not count it on their roster as it is only used for the Blue Mountain route. One driver did mention that 708 is owned by Blue Mountain and operated by Collingwood. I did not dismiss that thought. I have only seen it in active service a few times before 2021. I did see it sitting in the section where sidelined buses park before auction. Bus 701 was sitting at Public Works as well.
  7. Milton Transit 1001 and 1901 at Milton GO. Interesting way on spelling Seasons Greetings. Merry Christmas.
  8. G.A

    Leamington Transit

    Another one falls to the on demand service cuts.. Very unfortunate to hear. Hopefully it is a temporary solution.
  9. I'm curious if they acquired any this year. I will find what I can on that.
  10. The tender is to he awarded for both at the end of the year.
  11. It will go to MTB or anywhere that can do the work.
  12. The crash happebed at 4pm and service ends around 3:30pm. The bus is suppose to be manually driven back to the yard. There have been a few recorded crashes with the Autonomous bus. Las Vegas in 2017 and in an Olympic Villiage in Japan earlier this year. This accident may also spell the end of the use the Autonomous bus trial in Whitby and also Rouge Hill. Hopefully the driver makes it out okay. A few of us were out at Whitby a few weeks ago.
  13. They couldn't go everywhere. There were a number of routes they could not be on because of height restrictions. But were not as restricted as the 8000 series. Pretty sure he has the last batch or a good number of the best conditions.
  14. As long as there is not major damage to the frame. Seems MiWay buses have been victims of accidents these days.
  15. 2107 and 2108 have entered service.
  16. Added photos to Burlington Transit, Hamilton Street Railway, Milton Transit & Stratford Transit.
  17. These were not rebuilt. 8101-8125 and a few others were just repainted.
  18. Added photos to GO Transit, Guelph Owen Sound Transportation & Guelph Transit.
  19. 281 went into service yesterday afternoon. 208 is retired now as well.
  20. No it would specify if it was electric.
  21. They are not the only ones who make the 35 foot. BYD, VMC and ADL also offers the same. This is a tender for ine 35 foot bus. Who ever wins the tender will supply the bus.
  22. Added photos to Toronto Transit Commission (Bus) and Owen Sound Transit. Added a new gallery West Rouge Automated Shuttle (2021).
  23. This Local Motors Olli 2.0 was photographed arriving at Rouge Hill GO Station during testing for the West Rouge Automated route.
  24. Nova's 2101, 2102, 2103, 2104, 2105 & 2106 are currently active.
  25. It is not retired unless it was involved in a serious collision which they deemed unrepairable or a fire which would be deemed a write off..
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