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  1. G.A

    Eastway Buses

    who lives in pembroke or near pembroke??
  2. that`s what i was about to say as well
  3. I know Guelph has one left which is a spare unit now.
  4. When are you going to get Guelph, Sarnia and London transit photos?
  5. G.A

    blue via loco

    it has just been repainted dark blue and still has the yellow stripes.
  6. does anyone have pics of 2 Guelph yellow fire trucks that are still in service? and they aquired a new van to replace the platoon cheif (chevy suburban)
  7. G.A

    Eastway Buses

    I`m just wondering where do all the rental buses at Eastway come from?
  8. G.A

    Napanee Transit

    i think that bus maybe used for a little while and then scrap it and get better buses
  9. i seen #13 (1983 orion 1) parked at the yard with the back bumper missing and a note that said "do not operate". Is it retired for good?
  10. Guelph has 1 1992 Orion V (No Lift) Sarnia has 2 1994 Orion V (No Lift), Sarnia also has no classics and 3 thomas slf 235
  11. G.A

    blue via loco

    i haved noted that a couple of via rail`s new loco`s are repainted blue. and that they left the front green. can someone tell me what is goiong on?
  12. do you have any photos of any SMMBL classics
  13. here`s the guelph transit roster Retired: All New looks 1977-1980 #120-130 1985/87 Gm Classics #133-134 137 1983 Gm classics #157-158 1984 Gm classic #161 1984 Gm new looks #152-156 1996 Orion 6 Ex-london transit #310 (just used for parts) Active: 1998 0rion 6 #143-151 1992 Orion 5 #142 1987 Gm classic #135-136 1990 Mci classic #110-114 (Ex-Santa Monica) 1991 Mci classic #139-141 1989 Mci classic #138 1984/85 Gm classic #159-162 (161 retired) 2000 Ford Elf #20-24 2003 Nova bus LFS #169-179 2004 Nova bus LFS #180-188 (183-184 EX-Oshawa) 2005/06 Nova bus LFS #189-194 1986/87 Gm classic #163-168 (EX-Detroit) If anyone wants to correct me please do so.
  15. Could it be a Dupont classic?
  16. Did HSR give one to Guelph as a Demo a couple years ago?
  17. How many still run in Woodstock and Sarnia?
  18. They started that in Guelph Ont also.
  19. When are they going to wrap the new locos?
  20. I think the rail road belongs to Goderich (GEXR)
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