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  1. G.A

    Woodstock Transit

    Man I wish I had a pic of the Classic.
  2. G.A

    Fleet Rosters

    Tillsonburg Transit is now added. I have no clue to what year the Blue Bird is and what #`s the ELF and the Blue Bird are.
  3. G.A

    Woodstock Transit

    What an interesting numbering scheme.
  4. I thought that the Blue Lights were solid is when the bus was in service, when the lights are blinking there Out of Service.
  5. I like to see the Nova`s in a smash-up durby.
  6. Well it looks like the bus will retire now.
  7. It is easy. Cambridge is a 30 minutes from K/W and Guelph is 30 minutes from K/W. (Is that true?)
  8. How many New looks and Orion 1`s are still active
  9. Guelph has new Routes: 54 Arkell 56 ???? 57 ???? 58 Scottsdale 1 Downtown And the U of G has New bus platforms platforms 1-6 are for city buses platforms 7-9 are for GO Transit And Grey Hound If someone can fill in the two other routes then go for it.
  10. Here`s a Question I have been wondering; Why do Cutaways and Ford Elf`s retire at shuch a young age?
  11. G.A

    Fleet Rosters

    Sarnia Transit is now up and running
  12. G.A

    Fleet Rosters

    Guelph and Elliott Lake added.
  13. G.A

    Cobourg Transit

    Ya It is #904. My friend saw the number inside the bus.
  14. 975 is now retired but was renumbered 961 before retirement and 971 is the only ELF thats still active.
  15. G.A

    Lindsay Transit

    Ok the tail pipe on the ELF looks like it scrapes on the ground.
  16. They don`t always use cutaways. I have seen some Orion 1`s and the SLF`s They do use cutaways on sundays for Route 9.
  17. Well that would be interesting to see them. What are they going to do with the first demo; because it looks like a BC Transit bus.
  18. G.A

    Sarnia Transit

    No it was out this afternoon on the 1.
  19. The issue is the taxes. Guelph has lower taxes than KW.
  20. G.A

    1976/77 Orion 1

    I can see a little difference of the rear.
  21. Hi Mike there`s a problem with the photos. It is not because of fotopic I took my digital cam in to get a cd with the pic so I can delete the pics on the cam to give back to my friend. it is the CD that makes the photos all grainy. Sorry.
  22. It`s because they had to be compressed for posting on fotopic.
  23. Hey Mike. Sorry about the black smudge on the van.
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