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  1. 7 hours ago, JK-from-YYC said:

    Found an Instagram photo of 793 surrounded by gen4 Novas including what appears to be 22001 and 22026, so it looks like 793 is/was still around as of at least 2020. Does anybody know if there are plans for this unit’s restoration or is it still more-or-less in storage?


    There has been plans to restore it since it retired. But all it's really been doing, it's just hopping around the yard.

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  2. 1 hour ago, TTCNLFBT said:

    It's funny that.  According to the TTC August 2010 report, it's says two 1983s GM buses are being kept.  2345 and 2444 are 1983s.  While 2252 is 1982 and 8058 is 1975.  Since 2252 is an 1982 and is restored.  I wouldn't be surprised if 2345 and 2444 are preserved buses than 8058.

    When I saw 2444 a few years ago it was stripped of almost everything. 2345 was also stripped.

  3. 6 hours ago, TTCNLFBT said:

    There are also 2345, 2444 and 8058 (GM T6H-5307N) buses.  I don't know the status of the buses because when I visited outside TTC Hillcrest a month ago, there were no GM buses parked outside.  Only NG hybrid buses were parked there.  Back in late 2018 to sometime mid 2019, TTC saved 7575, a 2004 Orion VII but due to cost of restoration, it was scrapped.   

    2345 and 2444 were parts buses only. It is unclear what is going on with 8058 which was currently undergoing restoration.

  4. Just now, Shaun said:

    I'm wondering if for some reason Peterborough transit had an exemption from the stopping at all railway crossing rule? Because today I was pacing a Peterborough transit but that did not stop at an active crossing. 

    Most transit systems have that exemption. 

  5. 7 hours ago, GTAmissions1 said:

    Considering that they have reached 18 years and being difficult to maintain, the writing was pretty much on the wall when they will be retired. 

    The last conventional bus replacement award was back in 2017 which was for three years. Two of the years were fulfilled which were the 18xx and 1901 to 1908. Most likely they are going to utilize the final year of bus replacements in the contract when they retire the 3xx buses. 

    I would have thought the conventional Van Hools would go before the 03 Flyer's.

  6. 51 minutes ago, brianc1981 said:

    What are peoples thoughts on the liberal promise of offering buck-a-ride transit on all transit systems in Ontario, including GO and Ontario Northland? I am curious to hear what everyone thinks regarding this. I have some thoughts but I will reserve my thoughts on this until I hear what other people think. Maybe my thoughts will change


    Wont work. It will cause nothing but severely high taxes for everyone and cause municipalities to cut service to save money. It is just a Liberal tactic to add more taxes. Trudeau is also the reason to not vote for slime covered Liberals.

  7. On 3/24/2022 at 4:12 PM, MiExpress said:

    Voyago will be the new operating contractor for Owen Sound Transit effective September 1, 2022 taking over from First Canada. The initial contract will be a 5 year term. Voyago will provide a fleet of new low floor buses as the existing equipment is owned by First. 

    Service will be based on ‘option 1b’ fixed route service with mobility bus,  which is essentially the existing route design and service span with some minor route modifications. 

    Option 1b (16,900 annual hours): Status Quo option using existing service levels. Based on existing 4 route system with minor route changes. 4 fixed route buses and 1 mobility bus in service. All routes operate every 30 minutes. Service operates 6:30a-6:30p Monday-Friday and 9:00a-4:30p Saturdays.

    Voyago’s hourly rate is less than the current cost from First Student so the new contract will cost the city less than initially budgeted. Service will be evaluated with the possibility of introducing extended evening service with the resulting budgeted savings. The evening service could be fixed route  or a pilot on demand service. 

    Other bids were received from First and Driveseat Owen Sound (likely a on demand option proposed) however pricing was much higher.






    Seems they might scrap the hourly Summer service. Unsure if they are still going to use wrapped school buses.


  8. 24 minutes ago, DCTransitFilms said:

    According to wiki. All of the remaining D40LF's were retired.

  9. 7 hours ago, 110B West Pickering said:

    A NovaBus LFSE+ is currently on demo with DRT at Raleigh for the next little while,

    this comes as DRT is preparing to put an RFP for 8 electric buses to tender.

    Have they been driving it around the region?

  10. 28 minutes ago, FutureHeartsJunkie said:

    GO Transit's new "on-demand" pilot service - is coming to Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada for the first time starting this summer.

    It will serve parts of Northumberland County (like Port Hope, Cobourg, Brighton, Trent Hills) and will link up with the Oshawa GO Station. The information is very scarce to share at this time, though:




    Very interesting. Curious if they will be acquiring cutaways for the service or will be using their 45ft buses. This is a smart move for GO instead of throwing a bus out there on a schedule.

  11. Seems 1702 has been of the road for quite some time. Anyone know if it was involved in an accident or just major mechanical? I have not been in the area for quite some time.

  12. 54 minutes ago, John Oke said:

    They won’t be retired until the bridge near St. Mary’s on the Guelph Sub is upgraded. The MP40’s/54’s are allegedly too heavy. So GO is restricted to F59’s and 6 car trains 

    Too heavy? They normally have two F49's leading and 6 cars. They're has been a few times a single MP40 has been used on that run.

  13. 22 minutes ago, DiltonPlayz said:

    So 153 is retired?! There goes the last Orion VIs in Canada..

    They were retired last year. Cornwall is the last one how to operate the VI in Canada unless they are retired.

  14. 1 hour ago, KenrichYT said:

    At least 4 GO old Cab cars are near completion in the hawker refurbishment program
    204 and 212 are confirmed to be 2 of them

    Are these the ones at ONR? Have they become cab cars or full passenger coaches.

  15. 1 hour ago, Sooguy2022 said:

    176 New Flyer XD40 did add new paint "21 Century" then 174 should be already paint but what is it? I'll find out if is new livery or what? since all 4 XD35 (167-170) already new livery paint but 2 XD40 (171-172) already new livery paint then 173, 175 and 176 just use business ad just like 156 did with EXIT paint, same idea 173 with Arby's, 175 with GFL and 176 with 21 Century, one left is 174 and if anyone know what 174 got new paint? or still non-paint running around?

    Not paint they are decals. It seems the buses are being wrapped up for advertising.

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  16. On 4/7/2022 at 8:43 AM, PHATMATT51 said:

    Did you get a pic of 016?  Only ones I have of it it’s white. There are no plans for more buses. Chatham has never been one to have extra spares. The city pays for what it needs(I worked for Aboutown we had 6 buses for 4 routes at one time. When we started the urban route to wallaceburg we were able to get 2 more buses(used of course from Aboutown fleet) The idea is buses shouldn’t break down if properly maintained lol. One spare for 2 routes. 

    Yes I do have a photo. Apparently these buses are still too large as Route 1 apparently does not have the ridership for a large bus.


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  17. The new Elkhart bus is that the Landmark bus lines yard. I could not see the fleet number from the street as it was parked at the very back. Clearview's is in service plain white with logos and no fleet number.

  18. On 4/4/2022 at 9:55 AM, PrimeTio said:

    Omg those ads are so annoying, I get them ever second when ever I’m on this site, and when I close it, it starts to come back after a few seconds.

    Ad blocker.

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  19. Was in Chatham yesterday with a few friends. ADL #016 was in service for the first time. It is still unknown where 018 (former C150) was acquired from. Bus 019 was believed to be one of the St. Thomas units. I checked the VIN and it was former C142 but want to reconfirmed it. It had the destination signs retrofitted which were from bus C110. There are 6 old CK branded buses on peoperty awaiting scrap. When all buses are in service, there are around 4 spare conventional and 1 spare mobility. I would assume that two new buses would be ordered at some point to replace 018 & 019.

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