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  1. It's good to know where they are and when they were last out. It's a way to kinda know what to expect if you venture down there. Knowing that they are no longer being used in Cambridge for the time being is a plus of knowledge. The last time GRT had anything smaller than a 40 foot on any route were the three Orion 1 35 foots. It's good to keep up with something of this uniqueness in their fleet.
  2. 8452 did lose the super single wheels. Not sure about the rest.
  3. 8520 lost its Pride wrap recently. I would assume 8452 as well. 8467 lost its race car wrap a long while ago.
  4. G.A

    Brantford Transit

    They're at Bryan's Auction.
  5. It is there to familiarize the mechanics and the drivers. 22103 is currently on the 59 as well. When I was in Kitchener, 22105 and 22108 were based there and 22106 was in Cambridge. Not sure if 22107 entered service yet.
  6. G.A

    Brantford Transit

    102202 and another unit are on property. They have white skirt panels.
  7. You could call MTB Transit Solutions. They might have some used coaches still.
  8. They have their own #4000-4001. They are around.
  9. 2345 and 2444 are stripped for parts only.
  10. G.A

    Oakville Transit

    That depends on the situation. They can be done at the garage or they will be sent out.
  11. They must be getting ready to expand all or most of their rail services if these older cab cars are getting a complete rebuild. I had thought they were just going to be rebuilt into passenger only coaches.
  12. Buses dont have to retire asap.
  13. We can see this on Transsee everyday. Other than that please post the sightings on the sightings topic.
  14. G.A

    Cornwall Transit

    He is going to do something with the Orion. He is looking at selling most of the parts.
  15. I really wish you luck on that as many buses from Toronto end up going the scrap. Apparently once they get there they have maybe three minutes to live.
  16. G.A

    Oakville Transit

    Could be awaiting parts or has been parted out.
  17. Pretty sure there's also still a mix of 02s 03s and 04s at Clark waiting for disposal.
  18. Grand River Transit 22106 a 2021 VMC Classic at Ainslie Terminal. This is their first 30 foot order for Conventional service. They can be found in Kitchener and Cambridge.
  19. Some time this year.
  20. They are all being replaced
  21. Bit of an update. Added photos to Halton County Railway Museum.
  22. This is why we have Transsee. To prevent posts like this. It's not relevant.
  23. I noticed everywhere is getting service and Whitby is on the back burner as always
  24. G.A

    Orangeville Transit

    It is official they are switching to a hybrid system. Unknown when that transition will happen. They are acquiring two more 30-foot buses and two mini buses. There will be more update soon on when this will happen. Hopefully we see a livery for these buses finally. https://citizen.on.ca/orangeville-moving-to-hybrid-model-for-transit/
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