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  1. Most large transit systems are operated in house York Region is contracted out to different companies. Durham Whitby division is contracted to Pacific Western until I believe the end of the year. Other than that most of the of the smaller systems are contracted out with some in house.
  2. Currently awaiting for another batch of LFS HEV and a few electrics. A photo of LFSe+ #22301 has already surfaced.
  3. Doubt they will be. Apparently they are being returned to the TTC this weekend. Could change though.
  4. Pretty sure they have control on the colour code I believe. I have seen quite a few with the red coloured dest signs.
  5. Durham Region Transit 8650 was photographed at Ajax GO on route 224. This was one of ten 2017 Nova Bus LFS buses on loan from the TTC after the Oshawa Garage fire. At the time of the photo, some have started to be returned to the TTC.
  6. 8659 is back at Eglinton garage. Seems the TTC lease is up. Could explain why I have only seen three in service yesterday and four at the yard.
  7. One of the ProMasters was spotted damaged beyond repair and on the back of a tow truck heading down the 401 past Pickering. Decals have been removed.
  8. 288 was finally delivered a few days ago.
  9. 7098 along with two unknowns were delivered August 28th. I caught a photo of 7098 on the 401 passing Ajax.
  10. A Volvo 7900? With North American bumpers in the dazzle livery like on yet to be released car models was spotted a few times at the Nova plant. This opened up discussion for the talked about "5th Generation".
  11. Apparently none were in service today.
  12. Probably wasnt released to the public about the changes. Plus no bus fans on here lives in Niagara Falls. Closest one lives in the St. Catharines area. It will get updated once we find out what the numbers are and what has been transferred over. With all the big changes there it can be hard to catch every detail right away especially for a newly large single system.
  13. Not fake. Like the other poster said many of the units have been transferred over and renumbered and have most likely been replated.
  14. It was cost cutting the public did not want it. When they went to a hybrid system to run both fixed and On Demand nobody used on demand so they forced it on to the public. LINX won't run On Demand. They are looking at running full weekend service in the future.
  15. They will be out of Westney (Ajax) and seems it is limited to local routes only. A few have said rush hour service but that's a wait and see type deal.
  16. G.A

    Brantford Transit

    If they got rid of the waiting for late buses and just depart on the scheduled time, that would reduce the delays by 80%. Then you have a couple extras that fill in and if that route is late by a certain amount of time, you send an extra in its place while that bus sets up to leave on its next run on time.
  17. List was already put out. All Artics and remaining D40LF survived.
  18. 8580 is currently on route 407.
  19. Happened before. Orion V's and other city branded buses were loaned to cities in the region.
  20. No. Pretty sure it was already stated that the TTC is helping out.
  21. If it comes down to it. There is a huge surplus of school buses.
  22. Just the outside was done up. You can see many photos of the three that the blue was left inside the roof fairing.
  23. G.A

    Orangeville Transit

    Sounds like quite the mess with the fleet. Not surprised as two buses are used demonstrators one new Vicinity and a single Enviro200. They are all odd balls fleet wise. I have seen the ProMasters tracking in the evening when ridership is lower.
  24. G.A

    Orangeville Transit

    Orangeville. They have 3 of these. Likely coming from the Ram dealership.
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