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  1. 3725 has lost its electric wrap on the passenger side only. It's still wrapped on the drivers side.
  2. G.A

    St. Thomas Transit

    Thanks for the info. It has been added. What about bus 6601? Would this one have the same history as well?
  3. 2179 has entered service on 1 Huron.
  4. That's not looking good. I think what they should have all the routes go to the downtown cores. None of this have it at the outskirts of town go to another outskirts of town. That would have been more convenient for riders.
  5. G.A

    Oakville Transit

    Thanks for the info! Interesting number configuration they have for that order.
  6. G.A

    Oakville Transit

    Thanks for the update! Do have the new high visibility package?
  7. I took the photos myself of a simple little accident (not the one in Hamilton). But yes I understood that case about 15 years ago. This is the most valid point that I've seen today. And yes I am able to release the photos now publicly but just choose not to.
  8. Not a good idea to post those kind of photos online. I posted photos like that once and a lot of people did not like that.
  9. Thanks for the photos. They look really interesting. I wonder if these were brought in for some sort of expansion or a quick replacement for the 2008 D60LFR's.
  10. 282 has arrived today. 283 & 284 will arrive tomorrow. They have the new high visibility package.
  11. MTB Transit Solutions has announced on Facebook that they have been awarded to preform the mid-life rebuild of the 2009 LFS buses.
  12. Any idea when they are to be delivered?
  13. 201 is retired and for sale at Bryan's. 215 was already sold. 194, 195 & 212 are next to leave. https://bryansfarm.hibid.com/lot/81918558/2008-novabus-35-passenger-bus/?q=&ref=catalog
  14. G.A

    Milton Transit

    Thanks for sharing. Any idea what the numbers are?
  15. Two possible answers. Could have been put back into service which is unlikley or the tracker unit has been put on a different bus.
  16. Crestline was awarded the contract for 3 buses. https://townofbwg.bidsandtenders.ca/Module/Tenders/en/Tender/Detail/7514bb1c-7884-4b81-84f8-ff6eda094a81/#Awarded
  17. How often do you inquire about their buses?
  18. Looks like a Glaval Titan II
  19. Only one of the school specials currently tracks. The other three do not. I was looking more at tracking number error. I have seen that number on the tracker a few times so I wonder if it's 9765 or 9767. 9764 and 9773 have tracked in the #1 Special (that is trackable) and rarely conventional routes. Once things calm down again I will go up and investigate. That bus was tracking on the number 6 yesterday and now the number 5 today so I wonder if they're running some sort of special extras.
  20. Seems Stratford may have acquired another bus or has been numbered in the system wrong. Bus 9991 is currently on route 5 along with 1370.
  21. That's not a good thing either. I can see cab drivers harassing passengers to take them to their destinations for more money. I have had that happened in Milton many times before they got kicked off of TransCab.
  22. GO Transit 8398 a 2018 ADL Enviro500 SuperLo at Guelph Central Station. This is one of many specially wrapped for the 50th Anniversary of the bus service for GO.
  23. G.A

    Air Transat

    Yes they have one 737-800 left. I doubt that one will be around much longer.
  24. G.A

    Air Transat

    According to the website they currently have Boeing 737-700's in their fleet. https://www.airtransat.com/en-CA/travel-information/our-fleet/boeing-737-700
  25. I have seen him before. He lives in Milton.
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