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  1. Leave the board please. You're starting to be toxic for Burlington Transit and ruining everything for respectable members. Mods please step in and deal with this before more damage is done. I can't say much more otherwise I'll go too far.
  2. Interesting that they have steered away from electrics for this order.
  3. I want to say they will probably end up in Cape Breton but I don't want to assume. Hopefully they get a second chance.
  4. I did not know they still had these. I wonder how many they have left in service. Great photos as well!
  5. G.A

    Orillia Transit

    They are 10 years old. No need to post that..
  6. Most drivers use to try and play the doctor's note game. They used to pull that with the refusal of driving Orion's to refusing to drive the XD40s. I am sure that they are no longer accepting those kind of notes and you are given the vehicle or you go home.
  7. I'm kind of surprised they did not buy 30 foots to replace them. Is there enough ridership to warrant the use of more 40 foot buses or should they just remove those routes.
  8. Photos from my Canada's Wonderland Charter from today are up. My Fotki website will also be closing up and everything is being reverted back to Flickr. Everything on Flickr right now is not in order, but will be reorganized in the coming future.
  9. When the payment is about to go through, it will go offline for a few minutes. And I also noticed that the links expire so that will be looked into. I will most likely be reverting back to Flickr.
  10. Added photos to Clearview Public Transit, Collingwood Public Transit, Orillia Transit, Sarnia Transit & Wasaga Beach Transit.
  11. G.A

    Sarnia Transit

    164 is officially retired. The logos and license plates have been removed. No parts missing which is surprising. There is also a retired 2017 Arboc now in the back as well.
  12. @Seashore_518203 @Chris W can you confirm this?
  13. And all the diesel Nova's and Nova Artìcs? That sounds very misleading.
  14. Added photos to my Flickr. My original Flickr page is kept for bus events. Click on the links to view the albums. Private Charter to Niagara Falls 2022, Private Charter to Orangeville 2022, GRT Northfield Garage Grand Opening 2022, Ontario Transportation Expo 2022 & Brampton Transit #0431 Charter 2022.
  15. To be replaced with the Flixbus logo somewhere.
  16. Pretty sure that one was funded by the State of Michigan.
  17. LINX must have recieved at least 4 buses. 6013, 6014, 6020 and 7004 are tracking.
  18. Added photos to Grand River Transit, Niagara Falls Transit and Orangeville Transit.
  19. The LFSe+ and Artic demo were on display at the Northfield Garage along with 22102 and 22107.
  20. Interesting that it states that there are electric buses and articulated buses on site.
  21. It was already posted that they were enroute for delivery.
  22. Sounds like they are fast-tracking it. Now I wonder if they're going to repaint the F59PH's as well.
  23. Double Deck Tours 1 a 1965 AEC Routemaster Park Royal (built new to London Transport) was photographed coming back from Niagara on the Lake as a shuttle.
  24. Just drop it. Because of disobedient foamers running their mouths we are not getting the information fleet wise anymore. Time to relook on who is allowed on the board.
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