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    Milton Transit

    Still no sign of the new buses. I know there is a delay with Arboc. The D40LF buses have been out in full force for the past couple weeks. 1001 is in service with its traditional reindeer face and will appear in the parade tomorrow.
  2. Waiting for parts. None are retired yet until the 4 Electrics are in service.
  3. Oakville Transit 1903 was photographed in the Oakville Santa Claus Parade wearing some decorations. It is also in the 50th Anniversary herritage livery.
  4. Still a YRT vehicle. YRT serves Keswick.
  5. G.A

    Oakville Transit

    I know. I was there today.
  6. G.A

    Oakville Transit

    Any idea if 1903 is being used in the Santa Claus Parade this Saturday coming up?
  7. They can be geared to highway use.
  8. I would like to see an official statement before it can be considered true. If so that's not going to look very good on BYD. A few bus systems returned or canceled their orders.
  9. The CTHF chartered Stratford Transit 9764 on Saturday October 29th. This is the last First Generation Nova Bus LFS in Ontario and is also the oldest bus in service. It was originally HSR 9703.
  10. Added photos from the CTHF Stratford Transit #9764 Charter.
  11. They are sent to scrap.
  12. G.A

    GRT Retirements

    The "Care Bus" is former 2400. Listings are not always accurate. Case closed.
  13. All conventional buses have that feature.
  14. No. Many are starting to see second lives.
  15. When a bus goes in reverse, the interior lights turn off yes. It is for visibility at night.
  16. G.A

    Kingston Transit

    I can edit it later on or if someone else gets to it. Not too often outsiders get to Kingston. I was there a few Sundays ago and seen 0835 on the 10.
  17. Former Toronto Transit Commission 2894, a 1923 Ottawa Car Company SE-DT Streetcar was photographed operating for the Halton County Radial Railway with the Fall colours in the background.
  18. G.A

    Kingston Transit

    In storage meaning they could come back to service if needed. They will stick around until their replacements come in.
  19. G.A


    FlixBus ends the Guelph Toronto route. But will continue to serve Guelph to Kitchener. Once all day GO Train service happens, I am positive that the Guelph Kitchener service will dissolve as well or even sooner. https://www.guelphtoday.com/local-news/flixbus-ends-route-between-guelph-and-toronto-5950410
  20. 663 passed me on the Kitchener Line just now. It had a name plate under the engineer's window. Any idea what it's for?
  21. Added new photos to Belleville Transit, Cobourg Transit & Kingston Transit. Added photos to Durham Region Transit, London Transit & Woodstock Transit. My HCRR album will be reorganized into the times that I have gone to cut down on the number of photos in one album. So far Halton County Radial Railway Fall 2022 is up and the rest will be done. Photos of my from my recent charter is also added and distributed to other albums. London to Kingston 2022.
  22. Not surprising but this definitely must be confirmed before anything.
  23. Added photos to my Kitchener / Aberfoyle Charter & GRT Northfield Garage Tour 2022.
  24. There is a lot of movement going on. It looks like the hybrids are based out of Northfield along with a majority of the 2009 iXpress units. Just a hodgepodge of buses have been moved up there.
  25. Must have been done on Sunday.
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