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  1. Added photos to my Kitchener / Aberfoyle Charter & GRT Northfield Garage Tour 2022.
  2. There is a lot of movement going on. It looks like the hybrids are based out of Northfield along with a majority of the 2009 iXpress units. Just a hodgepodge of buses have been moved up there.
  3. Must have been done on Sunday.
  4. G.A

    Oakville Transit

    Would be nice to see the entire fleet eventually go back into that paint scheme.
  5. G.A

    Oakville Transit

    Perfect place to post it. I've never seen a photo of one being towed out. Pretty sure they cannot be hooked but have to be floated out.
  6. They just got them. Huge waste of taxpayers money.
  7. Added photos to my Toronto Lakeshore Charter.
  8. I had the assumption that they would have eventually ordered some of the Arboc's to replace the community ones.
  9. I have noticed they have fully branded themselves as Voyago Transit.
  10. They are currently off the road for now but they're retirement can happen at any time.
  11. G.A

    Owen Sound Transit

    I paid a visit to Owen Sound on the first day of weekday service for the new provider. Not much hope for bus fans as their reactions are very mixed at the moment as a few are from the First contract. The fleet consists of 5 Blue Bird Microbird buses, which are used on any route plus mobility on demand. They also have a single Titan II, which is only used for the Bayshore route. These are only used until the new Arboc buses arrive next year.
  12. Minivans, wheelchair accessible vans and cars. They actually have a pretty interesting Fleet lineup.
  13. 0821 is there as well. https://bryansfarm.hibid.com/lot/130007961/2008-newflyer-city-bus?ref=catalog
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