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  1. No one knows until it has been finalized. They have the Proterra fleet as well. And there is the possibility of Nova in the future.
  2. Normally isn't more than 4 on the road at a time.
  3. I havent read the specs but i would assume the ProMaster chassis but that could change.
  4. Brampton Transit 2150 on layover from route 26 charging at Mount Pleasant Village.
  5. 5005 and 5007 are tracking. Seems they have acquired new LINX+ vehicles.
  6. From what I've read, they were purchased not leased.
  7. Added photos to Brampton Transit, GO Transit, Ontario Northland, PC Connect, Stratford Transit, TTC Bus section, and TTC Rail section. Added Burlington Transit and Peel Region TransHelp albums.
  8. G.A

    Saskatoon Updates

    Might actually be the Spirit of Freedom. Haven't seen many orders for the SOM since 2017.
  9. There are two others sitting at Cityview.
  10. G.A

    Alexander Dennis

    Has anyone in Ontario ordered any 35 foot Enviro200s for this year? I spotted a brand new plain white unit at MTB.
  11. I believe so. They were ordered for 2021.
  12. Added photos to Brampton Transit, Grand River Transit, & Toronto Transit Commission (Bus). Added new photos to Flair Airlines.
  13. G.A

    Sarnia Transit

    Route changes started July 4th til September 5th. This includes a new route 13 Park Express. https://www.sarnia.ca/transit-maps-schedules/summer-service-adjustments/
  14. The one in the photo would be C-150. I guess they are just using it as a spare for now. Could be kept until the Enviro200's show up.
  15. 6016 and 6018 were tracking on Transsee earlier today
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