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  1. Added new photos to Milton Transit.
  2. Their wifi sucks too. Always having issues
  3. G.A

    Milton Transit

    2001 the 2020 Nova LFS is in service.
  4. So far it's the only one out. I saw it a few times out this month.
  5. Added many photos to Hamilton Street Railway.
  6. 4808 is former 48 in a complete new livery with a new logo.
  7. Could be the same charging issues Brampton was having with theirs. Yeah we all knew that for over a year.
  8. Someones protecting him because he was tipped off.
  9. Shouldn't have stalled in the first place. Should have been called asap. This is all completely unacceptable from anyone who was involved with this. He has destroyed almost all reputation of bus enthusiasts and I do hope reprisals happen to him for this. I have contacted crime stoppers along with Toronto Police and Peel Region Police. Halton County Railway Museum will been contacted with his description and photo so he will be banned from there. I am sure the TTS, CTHF and pretty much everyone will have the same info.
  10. Three bridges in Guelph are to be replaced. So far the big one east of Guelph Central Station is being worked on as I speak. The two that are west of GCS are scheduled to be worked on sometime soon. That has nothing to do with that. Any bridge that can with handle a train will use whatever equiptment they have.
  11. Have you told him to stop?. Are the police aware that he is going to rip off another yard? This kid is obviously some sort of social reject and needs to be rejected from everything from how he is acting. I am starting to wonder if this is the same puke that nearly died running from the cops at the Port Perry yard.
  12. I will take a trip there in a week or two.
  13. G.A

    Sarnia Transit

    Was in town yesterday. 164 is still sitting at the back.
  14. Here's an article some what detailing. https://www.google.com/amp/s/blog.metrolinx.com/2021/09/02/new-buses-added-to-the-go-transit-fleet-this-september-to-include-seatbelts/amp/
  15. His name is plastered all over Facebook. I'm sure many have sent him messages. With him apparently moving to Alberta, all transit agencies should recieve his information. I am pretty close to saying his name on here and not caring. You deserve to get exposed for something like this.
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