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  1. How often do you inquire about their buses?
  2. Only one of the school specials currently tracks. The other three do not. I was looking more at tracking number error. I have seen that number on the tracker a few times so I wonder if it's 9765 or 9767. 9764 and 9773 have tracked in the #1 Special (that is trackable) and rarely conventional routes. Once things calm down again I will go up and investigate. That bus was tracking on the number 6 yesterday and now the number 5 today so I wonder if they're running some sort of special extras.
  3. Seems Stratford may have acquired another bus or has been numbered in the system wrong. Bus 9991 is currently on route 5 along with 1370.
  4. That's not a good thing either. I can see cab drivers harassing passengers to take them to their destinations for more money. I have had that happened in Milton many times before they got kicked off of TransCab.
  5. GO Transit 8398 a 2018 ADL Enviro500 SuperLo at Guelph Central Station. This is one of many specially wrapped for the 50th Anniversary of the bus service for GO.
  6. G.A

    Air Transat

    Yes they have one 737-800 left. I doubt that one will be around much longer.
  7. G.A

    Air Transat

    According to the website they currently have Boeing 737-700's in their fleet. https://www.airtransat.com/en-CA/travel-information/our-fleet/boeing-737-700
  8. I have seen him before. He lives in Milton.
  9. G.A

    St. Thomas Transit

    Can be fixed if the money is there.
  10. If you look carefully though, you can see that it was involved in some sort of accident too.
  11. It's just how they are dispatched out.
  12. G.A

    St. Thomas Transit

    1201 has been retired since October 2020 and is up for sale. https://www.govdeals.com/index.cfm?fa=Main.Item&itemid=121&acctid=5593
  13. I wonder if the Arboc's are to be used for on demand as well as the mobility service. Are they receiving more ProMasters?
  14. Milton Transit 1001 arriving at the Milton GO on route 2 Main with its Reindeer face on for the Holiday season. This has been 10th year in a row that Milton has used this bus for its Rudolph look.
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