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  1. I do find some of the changes to be absurd beyond my comprehension, l completely don't understand the rationale of the disintegration of route 10 and creation of this piggy tail route 123 that does not even run 7 days a week. this route 123 should run from Coliseum to Eaux Claires via 82 Street and 153 Avenue. Then the over congregation of routes on 137 avenue, leaving only one part time service on 135 Avenue which is most likely going to be served by the smaller Vicinity bus since it is the inheritance of the 303. I even checked the schedules of the new 52 and 54, for westbound trips leavin
  2. This is part of the interactive map, how come there is no service on Stony Plain Road from 116 Street all the way to Jasper Place, and no service on 156 Street from Jasper Place to Meadowlark, and no service on 149 Street between 95 Avenue and 87 Avenue??
  3. How come I cannot upload pictures again??
  4. How come I cannot upload pictures again?
  5. The maritime transportation system of Shanghai comprise both the river transportation system as well as the ocean liner cargo transportation. Shanghai is now the world's largest maritime shipping port in terms of the number of containers throughput each year, surpassing that of Rotterdam.
  6. I have just learned that the transit agency in Plovdiv still didn't come and claim their prize. Here is the inquiry and response that I made earlier today. Re: Trolleybuses for Plovdiv, Bulgaria « Reply #40 on: Yesterday at 21:12:38 » Quote -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quote from: catacarbv5 on Yesterday at 20:59:23 Hi, I am from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. In June 2008, our stupid city council voted to scrap the trolley-bus network by 2010, and then through a haste decision in 2009, our trolley-bus system was shut down abruptly in
  7. I didn't give any hope that I could still ride the Translohr tram during my stay in Shanghai, I would be contended to take photos of empty cars conducting road tests. The location where I took the photo, in Zhangjiang High Tech Park, longitudinal streets are named after foreingn scientists, in this case Daerwen (Charles Darwin) Road; and latitudinal streets are named after ancient Chinese scientists, in this case Huatuo, a herblist/accupuncturist/surgeon/anathesiologist. But on the morming of December 30th, 2009, while listening to radio news on AM channel 990,
  8. Line 11, being a suburban line, will employ the fastest metro trains in Shanghai in order to reduce the travel time from Jiading to downtown Shanghai, the top speed can reach 100 km/hr. Jiading (嘉定) town is a satellite town in the northwestern part of the municipality of Shanghai. it is the administrative town of Jiading District. The first phase of line 11 is 33 km in total length with a starting point at Jiangsu Road (江苏路) which connects with Line 2, the end point is Jiading (town) North. The first phase also include a branch line to Anting (安亭) town (which is also in Jiading District) wh
  9. I was listening news from the official Shanghai government radio station this morning (December 28th). It is now official that second phase extension of Line 9 and first phase of line 11 will commence service simultaneously on New Years eve, December 31st
  10. Winter Solstice Day chaos in Shanghai Yesterday, Shanghai Metro Line 1 was hit by two separate incidents which caused massive chaos. First at 5:50am, a power failure incident took place between South Shaan'xi Road Station and People's Square stations, trains have to be short turned between Xinzhuang (莘庄) station and Xujiahui (徐家汇) station at south, and between Shanghai Rail-way Station and Fujin Road (富锦路) station at north. Bashi Group deployed more than 80 buses to shuttle passengers between Rail-way Station and Xujiahui. Then by 7:00, train 150 when approaching Shanghai Rail-way Station,
  11. I will bring some photos of Shanghai Metro Line 7 back from my next trip. Line 7 commence service this on Saturday, December 5th, 2009. Took only 4 years to build this 34km subway which is entirely underground, and Edmonton takes 4 years to build 7 km of LRT above ground, talking about efficiency.
  12. Some pictures of 25 entering very narrow back alley street of South Chongming Road (南崇明路) A Sign that says "Route 25 trolley-bus, kai-zi to turn left", kai-zi(开字) means apply power to activate switch. Trolleys entering the South Chongming Road Terminus
  13. Let's take a look of some photos of trolleys around construction site, here I am standing at the intersection of North Henan Road and Tiantong Road (河南北路天潼路口). The intersection is undergoing a subway station construction for Shanghai Metro Line 10. Looking toward east on Tiantong Road, an approaching Sunwin trolley on route 25 is about to turn right onto North Henan Road (westbound turning northbound). Notice the chaos at the intersection, North Henan Road has the green light, but the motor tricycle and the guy on bicycle traveling east on Tiantong Road went straight into the intersection w
  14. That is a piece of industrial area, there is no church there, besides church doesn't need 5 hours of bus service. Where is Captain?
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