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  1. rumour has it that the guy that used to ride the buses all the time is going to be a supervisor at timmins transit is that true can someone confirm that
  2. belongs to tisdale bus lines of south porcupine ontario now
  3. Bus 59 the loaner still in timmins now bus 96
  4. Ontario Northland 5218 on a charter in downtown Toronto
  5. Timmins Transit bus 10-96 involved in crash on friday evening on hwy 101 @south porcupine y
  6. does anyone have a picture of that ex go mirage numbered 777 for tisdale
  7. Bus 59 is back in service in timmins sporting its new livery
  8. we dont need either of them its ontario northland here to stay
  9. I wonder what ever happened to Ontario Northland coach 5001, 5002 and 5051, 5052, 5053 never see them no more
  10. if u look under general motorcoach than ontario northland u will see the ex go buses there
  11. Spotted Ex Go now # 5013 for Ontario Northland with destination reading Sudbury at Timmins Station and Ontario Northland 5014 just returning from Sudbury at timmins station.
  12. saw that bus in Timmins Last night numbered 5014 for ontario northland
  13. Spotted a new bus at Timmins Station Tonight. ONtario NOrthland 5014 On the back of the bus it says get on the GO!
  14. I understand that. I just saying I spotted the bus in Timmins. whats ur problem.
  15. Spotted ontario northland 5218 in timmins tonight wrapped for nippissing lakers it was en route to toronto
  16. It's a loaner until bus 59 is back on the road
  17. Bus 59 is indeed at Eastway
  18. i saw bus 59 that was involved in the accident on a float from eastway leaving the city of timmins this morning
  19. the white bus is numbered 59 like the bus its replacing
  20. ya good to see those old photos
  21. If u go to Timmins transit the bus is out back in the field with a tarp on it not being fixed
  22. there arent rebuilding 59 they are scrapping 59, 61, and 62
  23. Spotted a white lacroix bus pulling into Timmins Station at 8:15am on Jan. 3, 2012. A ontario northland driver was driving
  24. timmins transit 59 was written off
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