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  1. Yeah the stripe on the Transit buses was a little different . I got to drive these back in 1980 . This picture I found on the internet .
  2. Just speculating but that is military housing and that location is a school bus stop . Maybe the base put up the shelter for the kids waiting for the school bus.
  3. Ilive in the Charleswood area of Winnipeg and saw this New Flyer sitting at the end of my road yesterday . Not sure but I think someone who does delivery for Flyer lives on my street as we have seen another bus this year also . Thought you might enjoy ........
  4. Some pictures of Vital Transits current Coaches . 9004 - 99 MCI E4500 , 156 - 98 MCI DL45 and 155 - 94 MCI 102 D3
  5. They were operating Free Enterprises Buses but I hear the sale fell through on those. They are looking at New and leased buses now from what i am being told.
  6. There's a new Bus company in Winnipeg . Winnipeg Exclusive Bus Tours who was chartering Buses to run there tours to the US and around locally has bought the Buses owned by Free Enterprises . As of late March they have been operating on there own. They run trips to Minneapolis for concerts and Sports events etc etc and also have gotten a contract with CN Rail to operate a shuttle to there new training facility . They have also taken possession of the empty Truck center behind the CO-Op in Headingley and will soon be operating out of there. This Company is owned by the Walt Morris Group ( Winnipeg Dodge , Winnipeg Collision , Winnipeg Suzuki , Red River CO-OP Speedway , Winnipeg Performance , Winnipeg Auto Spa and I think a few other companies ) . They have been advertising for Drivers . I have an Interview coming up in a week . Will be interesting to see how it progresses .
  7. " It ran on the 47 for two weeks before Christmas, then on the 33 for two weeks, and it just finished up two weeks on the 60. It merely shadows a real run and does not carry passengers, the operator is from Flyers' R & D department (not Winnipeg Transit) and it is stored at the R & D facility. " The drivers for the most part are Retired Transit operators. 2 of my buddies are part of that team.
  8. Hear is a picture of the Red Chartour that is used on the university of manitoba Parking shuttle. A little blurry as its a pic from my phone. This one is usualy gone by the time I get in for work.
  9. I have been doing some seniors shuttles between my school run these days so I thought I would get a shot of one of the shuttles for you.
  10. I drove those buses. I love / hated the Edmtn. GMs. Loved the bus but hated the interlock on the front door and the driver operated rear doors. Took some getting used too.
  11. Yep all the same length with front door only but all have wheelchair doors with one of the black ones converted to no wheelchair and full seating. The front door folds open but in a reverse manor. Door control switch is a long toogle/ joy stick switch as opposed to a transit style handle.
  12. Yes they are still used. I dont know were they came from but there are 3.Two black ones and 1 red one. The Red one does the University of Manitoba Parking Shuttle. The 2 Black ones do Charters. Mostly seniors groups to one of the 2 local Casinos. I have driven one of those charters back in the summer. Nice buses but a little rocky in the ride. Old style air ride seat so you learn to lift up your butt a little when you see a big dipp or pot hole lol.
  13. I'm not to sure about Highway Coach models Mark as I drove a City bus for over 29 years then this year going to Vital for School bus and Charter. They say that they are going to get my checked out on the Highway coaches very soon as a backup driver ( I said no weekends or overnight shifts ) . They half 3 highway coaches right now.2 are older 80 something MCI's. One is an X Rocky Mountain coach and the other one is the same style. The third is a mid 90s MCI they just brought back from the US this past summer. Very nice bus. They have 3 Bluebird coach style busses with 2 halving cargo area's in the rear..( X Forces buses ) and 1 that ran opposite the RTS on the University run. Also 3 Thomas around 38 ft. City /coach style buses ,2 black 1 red . The Red one does the University Parking Shuttle. then all the School buses , Mini Coaches and weelchair mini buses and Vans. I have a pic. of the 2 black Thomas's. Here Ya go.....
  14. Thats out at the rear of the Vital Transit compound. Selkirk Ave. west of Kewatin.
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