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  1. NFI's are XE40 2007 - 2023. 2001-2006 were going to be eBuses, but those numbers will remain blank. The Nova eBuses are 2150-2151. 26-27 were interlined only on Saturday just prior to Covid. For now the test plan is limited to Route 26, but that could change.
  2. Check out Bulletin 20-350 next time you log on.... Yes, 501 will pickup and drop off at both VMC Rapidway Station and SmartVMC Terminal (Platform #9) starting August 31.
  3. 2075 and one other (2076?) are in service.
  4. City to hold Career Expo featuring jobs at Brampton Transit, Fire and Emergency Services Tuesday, February 25, from 3 to 8 pm at Chris Gibson Recreation Centre https://www.brampton.ca/EN/City-Hall/News/Pages/Media-Release.aspx/706
  5. Absolutely! In most cases, doing more "studies" is just a way to say something's happening when in reality it's just putting off real action. The other phrase that applies is "NIMTOO" (not in my term of office...).
  6. MiWay would first have to tell BT that they want to extend 185 further south... but yes, it would likely look something like that (185A or something). As for the 177, the Reader's Digest version is the opening of the new Bramalea Terminal was delayed, so it was decided to delay the launch of 501 until the terminal was open, so the 177/177A was created as a stop-gap measure, with the September service changes were implemented in two phases. It wound up causing a great deal of confusion and is not an experiment likely to be repeated.
  7. Sort of... with 77 there was a full operating, fare and service integration agreement (such that it was) for cost and fare sharing. For 185 it's basically both sides contribute 3 buses and absorb the related operating costs and keeps the fare revenue. Not sure what the hell you are trying to say, but Dan has it right. In the lead-up to the launch of Zum Queen there was a great deal of discussion between BT and YRT about how to service the corridor, but the basic service design currently in place along Highway 7 has been there since day one (not counting the short-lived BT
  8. The final routing has changed from what was outlined in the study (see the Staff Report you linked) to run from Sandalwood Loop to Mayfield West via Hurontario/Mayfield/Kennedy. No impact or changes to BT Route 7. It wasn't included in the BT PIC's since the Caledon study hand't been finalized/approved yet.
  9. Turning movements and geometrics at Trinity are not an issue for artics and are not why 40' are used on 505... it's Malton GO station. Because of the location of the temporary stop, GO requested that 60' not be used so that other buses could manoeuvre around a parked Zum 40' bus.
  10. GM5000

    CP Power

    The CSX's are for parts then scrapping. There was a rumour that a fifth had been bought to replace 9538 in the AC4400CWM program, but it's not looking like that's going to happen. What CP did buy was a pair of UP SD90MAC (3551 & 3567) to bring the total number of cores for the SD70ACu rebuilds up to an even 60. The UP's are stored in Idaho right now, supposed to go to CP at St Paul, then to Progress.
  11. GM5000

    CP Power

    All of the GP40 variants are up for sale, except 4607 & 4608 (for now, anyway). DME 4001 sold to NRE. There are also 11 SD40-2 sold (unauctioned) that will be on the move soon.
  12. I can save you the email... since that announcement BT has been looking for another funding source (Feds? PTIF Phase2 maybe? Other Provincial programs?). There is still a desire to proceed with the program. It could potentially apply to both, but the first XDE40's are still a couple of years away from any kind of refurb. The current arrangement at the Downtown Terminal will not accommodate 60' on 561... 561 will need to stay 40' for the foreseeable future.
  13. While everyone's arguing about a subway to Ontario Place, what colour the licence plates should be, and where to find buck-a-beer for the tailgate party, lost in all the hoopla was the cancellation of the doubling of the gas tax for transit by 2021-22.
  14. No. Someone is mis-informed or pulling your leg.
  15. Do you have any more info on that alleged discount (3 guesses why I'm asking.....). - Dave
  16. I'm glad you said "reply" and not "answer". You certainly didn't get an "answer".....
  17. UTM sets the schedules and the service frequencies on 199. The 0800 trip is double-headed. When else has it been leaving people behind?
  18. GM5000

    CP Power

    CP 8130-8144 are on their way. Pics of 8130 and 8134 are floating around. Supposed to be 50 for 2018.
  19. They also came up with a list of "30 Major Improvements" for the 30 line, which headlined their marketing materials (thus rationalizing the jump from 20/22 to 30...). Ah, marketing.... I hope it is an improvement over Railroad Alaska, which was un-watchable IMHO. The last straw was the scene where "the workers need to get the track cleared or the freight train speeding towards them could face a major disaster!!!!!!!!". Yeah, if the crew falls asleep of the dispatcher completely screws up, maybe. <CLICK>.
  20. A lot of money could be saved on consulting fees......
  21. Try to come up with something better than "because I'm a bus foamer" :-) And good luck to all of you! The City just approved the 2018 budget and 5 Year Transit Business Plan, both of which call for a lot of expansion, so I might see you around sometime!
  22. Empty grain train, 9736 was the power. Crew was hospitalized.
  23. Going to the Pueblo test track.
  24. GM5000

    CP Power

    EDIT: Model is supposedly AC4400CWM (AC44C6M are the NS DC2AC converts).
  25. GM5000

    CP Power

    8100 at Erie. 8101-8129 GE Forth Worth. At least 8120, 8125 are painted (photo evidence). They are going to wind up being delivered out of order. Some of the first order of 9500's are now being prepped for rebuild to 8000 series. AC44C6M is supposedly the new model designation.
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