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  1. GM5000

    Georgetown Transit Services?

    No. Someone is mis-informed or pulling your leg.
  2. GM5000

    GO Transit

    Do you have any more info on that alleged discount (3 guesses why I'm asking.....). - Dave
  3. GM5000

    VIA Rail Canada

    I'm glad you said "reply" and not "answer". You certainly didn't get an "answer".....
  4. GM5000

    Brampton Transit/Züm

    UTM sets the schedules and the service frequencies on 199. The 0800 trip is double-headed. When else has it been leaving people behind?
  5. GM5000

    CP Power

    CP 8130-8144 are on their way. Pics of 8130 and 8134 are floating around. Supposed to be 50 for 2018.
  6. They also came up with a list of "30 Major Improvements" for the 30 line, which headlined their marketing materials (thus rationalizing the jump from 20/22 to 30...). Ah, marketing.... I hope it is an improvement over Railroad Alaska, which was un-watchable IMHO. The last straw was the scene where "the workers need to get the track cleared or the freight train speeding towards them could face a major disaster!!!!!!!!". Yeah, if the crew falls asleep of the dispatcher completely screws up, maybe. <CLICK>.
  7. GM5000

    TTC Service Changes

    A lot of money could be saved on consulting fees......
  8. Try to come up with something better than "because I'm a bus foamer" :-) And good luck to all of you! The City just approved the 2018 budget and 5 Year Transit Business Plan, both of which call for a lot of expansion, so I might see you around sometime!
  9. GM5000

    Canadian Rail Accidents

    Empty grain train, 9736 was the power. Crew was hospitalized.
  10. GM5000

    GO Transit

    Going to the Pueblo test track.
  11. GM5000

    CP Power

    EDIT: Model is supposedly AC4400CWM (AC44C6M are the NS DC2AC converts).
  12. GM5000

    CP Power

    8100 at Erie. 8101-8129 GE Forth Worth. At least 8120, 8125 are painted (photo evidence). They are going to wind up being delivered out of order. Some of the first order of 9500's are now being prepped for rebuild to 8000 series. AC44C6M is supposedly the new model designation.
  13. GM5000

    CP Power

    6303 & 6304 are out w/new beavers.
  14. GM5000

    Brampton Transit/Züm

    Planned for sometime in 2018 to Malton GO as a "Phase 1". Extension to the Airport would come as a "Phase 2" at a later date... i.e. maybe there will be a second batch of PTIF funding sometime soon.
  15. GM5000

    London Transit Commission

    Oh Myyyyy.... I would love to see that. I hated those things. The SD90MAC of the bus world.