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  1. Greater Golden Horseshoe Transit

    Waterloo Region Rapid Transit

    At the Region of Waterloo's Planning and Work Committee Meeting on Wednesday, it was announced that Phase 2 of the Region's Rapid Transit EA is beginning. The Region is studying various rapid transit options to meet the need for controlled, higher-density growth in the core areas of the Region, as well as facilitating greater transportation choice from residents and visitors to the Region. Under study are various transit technology options, a pass/fail system will be used to create a short-list of technology options to be used for further study. The "long" list of technology options currently consists of... Dedicated On-Road (separate bus/rail lane); Dedicated Off-Road (transitway/rail line); Mix of On and Off Road Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) – buses operating in some form of exclusive transit lanes; Light Rail Transit (LRT) – uses rail technology for vehicles in an exclusive off-road right-ofway, exclusive on-road route or mixed on-off road route, and using overhead electric or hybrid diesel-electric propulsion; Dedicated Off-Road (separate rail line) Commuter Rail – typically involves locomotives hauling a train of passenger cars in a rail right-of-way, sometimes sharing track with freight trains; Diesel Multiple Units (DMU) – self-propelled rail cars using diesel propulsion in an exclusive rail right-of-way; Grade Separated (either above or below ground) Aerobus – vehicle suspended from cables; Automated Guideway Transit (AGT) – uses fully automated driverless trains with fully grade-separated operations typically on an elevated guideway; Magnetic Levitation (Maglev) – where the vehicle is magnetically lifted, guided and propelled by a wave of magnetic energy on an elevated guideway; Monorail – fixed guideway transit mode using a series of electrically powered vehicles that straddle atop, or are suspended from a single elevated guideway beam ( appealing to my former alias of Grand River Monorail ); Personal Rapid Transit System (PRT) – electrified driverless car usually designed to move small numbers of people over short distances; and Subway or Metro (heavy rail) – typically grade separated high capacity passenger rail cars operating in trains of two or more cars with electric propulsion on fixed rails in an exclusive right-of-way. There will be several opportunities for public comments on the RT EA, the first Public Information Centre (PIC) will be held on September 21, at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, 54 Queen St. N., Kitchener, 6-9 p.m. -PDF File of handout to be distributed at the PIC... http://www.region.waterloo.on.ca/web/regio...pdf?openelement -PDF File of the Region's Latest RGMS (Regional Growth Management Strategy) Newsletter (HOLY COW, they have a Monorail on page 7!!!)... http://www.region.waterloo.on.ca/web/regio...pdf?openelement -Region's Rapid Transit EA Wesbite... http://www.region.waterloo.on.ca/transitea
  2. Greater Golden Horseshoe Transit

    Georgetown Transit Services?

    Very interesting discovery for those interested...Aparently Halton Hills has been planning for the implementation of a new transit service in Georgetown in the while (according to the report 2006, but '06 is almost over so...? ). The Consultants report recommends a 3-route transit system (operating initially to meet GO Trains in the AM and PM), with two School Special Routes. If implemented we can add another fledgling transit system to the GTA. http://www.haltonhills.ca/civic/engin/pdfs...resentation.pdf PDF FILE!!!