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  1. I'm certainly concerned with a few things I see in the coming P&W Committee Report for December 6... 1) The LRT as long suspected by many is proposed to be privatized, I was holding out hope that the Region would keep this service publicly operated until something 'in writing' was presented to the contrary; which it now appears is being done. Time to funnel more local tax dollars into private companies? 2) Also, we now see that the GO Shuttle service is going to be contracted out to busPLUS (ie. Hendry Coach) which would probably explain the removal of it from the GRT operator's schedul
  2. The new GO Schedules already list it as 'Kitchener GO'
  3. Shortest lived GRT Route ever...just got an e-mail from Scheduling that the GO Train shuttle that was supposed to start in January has already been cancelled . I will try and investigate the cause of the decision to terminate this service, but no promises. They had to go out of their way to change the operator's work assignment even though we're just getting ready to pick out our work for the Winter period. [sigh]
  4. The 12 will be split into 2 routes with different route numbers. One route will service Fairview <> Forest Glen <> UW/WLU. The other will service Conestoga Mall <> Lincoln Heights <> Uptown Waterloo. The notion that the 12 is being removed from servicing the universities as I think I'm seeing on some of these posts is simply...'not accurate'.
  5. A possible 'fix'...call the 201, Route '28 Fischer-Hallman'. I don't think people are objecting to the route itself or the stop spacing; in reality they only removed a handful of stops from the 12 to turn this into an 'express' route, and over it's shorter length it has many more stops than the 200. However the branding is there which is a bit misleading, one would tend to believe that something labelled as an express route would be quicker.
  6. [sigh] Really, the more I think about it the more I believe this entire iXpress network concept GRT has adopted should simply be scrapped altogether. IMO what has been proposed in the Business Plan to 'transform' GRT into a feeder service for the LRT is a half-asked attempt to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. To make GRT truly effective and integrate with the LRT we should be going right back to the drawing board with nothing but a blank map of the Region, draw the LRT line on it and start drawing our routes out from the stations along our major arterial roads, then fill in the blanks w
  7. There are several other minor changes including specials for the universities becoming permanent, minor schedule adjustments etc, but nothing that I would feel comfortable posting officially at this time as all the information is in Draft format at the moment. When the final versions are released I may post something more substantial.
  8. Just a few tidbits for the GRT info miners out there for the Winter schedule period (effective January). 1) Route 201 iXpress is being pulled completely from the Highland Hills Terminal traveling southbound, a new relief point for Operators is being opened at Forest Glen Plaza. 2) A GO Train Shuttle is being added from the Charles Street Terminal to the VIA/GO Station at Weber/Victoria. The bus is planned to leave from the 8 Franklin bay at 6:45am and travel express the train station for 6:50am. I hope people pass the word on about this one, use it or lose it! 3) Several morning trips on
  9. THAT'S IT??....REALLY, THAT'S IT!?!? I'm sorry, I'm not going to make any friends at work by saying this, but having now FINALLY listened to this myself I think our driver's who have been commenting on Jeff Allen's segment are blowing this way out of proportion. Maybe when incidents like this make it to the media we should be lying low and STAYING OUT OF THE SPOTLIGHT instead of calling into the show and making things worse [sigh]. EDIT: To GRT Management...WHERE ARE OUR CAMERAS!?
  10. Alright, here's your opportunity to get in on the "LET'S FIX ALL OF GRT'S BUS STOPS" project. Seriously though, I am inviting all of the keen eyes in the public who use GRT and the GRT workforce to help straighten out our mish-mashed bus stop standards, signage issues, unsafe or uncomfortable passenger conditions at stops, signage errors, INIT inconsistencies and any other suggestions etc. etc. etc. etc. I've had a really nifty tool recommended to me called 'Trello' and I've created a tracker for the various issues we have with GRT's bus stops. The goal is to identify any problems and requ
  11. RE: The Upcoming GRT business Plan PIC, here's my personal 'Top 5' wish list for GRT service 'additions' (among the plethora of local service changes that should also be completed of course)... 1) Implement two express routes using the Conestoga Parkway; one from Fairview Park Mall to Conestoga Mall and one from Fairview Park Mall to The Boardwalk to reduce travel times for long-distance transit trips (the highway is already there, use it!!). 2) Additional fixed-route rural transit service to Baden/New Hamburg (connecting at The Boardwalk) and to the Cedar Creek Industrial Park/Ayr (connecti
  12. Define "failed to stop"; The Record article reports she was standing on a median, you don't get hit by a bus while you're standing on a median. I'm just trying to figure out exactly how this happened, The Record doesn't explain it worth a hoot.
  13. As much as we need two extra bus bays there NOW, I'm not going to hold my breath, when the Block Line LRT station is built I would expect the Forest Glen Terminal to become redundant/obsolete. Any money spent on upgrading the terminal is throw away costs, but ya never know, with the LRT being ~6 years away until opening day they might just do something temporarily.
  14. I feel your pain, and we keep pushing these issues, I've had other - mostly family - obligations the last few months and haven't been able to make our last 3 regular Ops meetings, but trust me we have - and continue to - bring up these issues repeatedly. 1) I have personally created and proposed the standardization of all GRT destination signage and adoption of route naming and numbering conventions, and for illustrative purposes drew up a table of what all the destination signage system-wide would read like with it implemented (INCLUDING ON THE INIT), despite it being a low-cost (changing ro
  15. 1st Exposure > 200 IXPRESS 2nd Exposure > CONESTOGA MALL or AINSLIE ST. TERMINAL
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