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  1. Yes, 1163 was retired in February
  2. 1160-61 are still active just used as spares they will be officially retired by the end of this month also 0710 has also been retired due to electrical issues
  3. Some news Invero 91 has joined the 99's and 1162 in the retired line but on some positive Invero news.. bus #90 has been re-assigned to Regional Transit work starting September for the new 40/45. The St.Catharines Decals have been removed and the roof line now says "Niagara Regional Transit" All Other Inveros (92,93,94,95) are scheduled for retirement around Christmas time with delivery of 5 new nova's starting next month
  4. should be up to 365, I saw 362 yesterday on the 6
  5. Confirmed - 416 is a parts bus, there were talks of putting it into service but those plans were quickly scrapped as they were in need of parts
  6. wow, in those photos of 102 you can see Welland also has LTC 416, must be a parts bus
  7. Partially true.. New Flyer would usually paint their buses, with Nova winning Metrolinx, St.Catharines wanted to paint their own
  8. St.Catharines ordered four 40ft Novas 1501-1504 and one Artic 1560. Next year they're hoping for three more 40ft Nova's and another Artic
  9. St.catharines has 1 ex 2003 OC transpo D60LF 3 ex 2004 OC transpo D60LF's and 2 XD60's
  10. they don't make much compared to their counterparts.. I'm sure that plays a factor when openings happen in the Falls,GO,St. Catharines etc.
  11. i think they are in march, can someone confirm?
  12. 1461 was out and about around brock university today
  13. also not to bring up old arguments but 2 of the Invero's still have a 2 year warranty on the transmission and the other has a 3 year
  14. all 4 new buses have arrived "2 XD40's and XD60's" with no plans of retiring anything as of yet
  15. the 3 ex-LTC inveros Welland bought were 401,411,421 the bus in the winter highway pileup was 1143
  16. wow the hate in the comments on that article.. atleast they want to increase sunday service with the extra .25 cents.. come to oakville where you pay 3.50 for no increases
  17. I was told a couple months ago 116 was next to go.. but lord knows as time goes by
  18. 9157 was retired back on Oct 5th according to the maintenance supervisor.. its been sitting by the fence for a longgg time now
  19. No they do not, when i was younger i asked them that and they said I had to already have the BZ/CZ.. Oakville is the same way now.. you have to have your BZ or CZ.. most places want you to have your licence already saves them time and money
  20. 1301 came out of the paint shop they did add the black around the windows now
  21. question 1.. no they are completely white around the windows and on the back.. I don't like it looks way to plain,, question 2.. don't quote me on this but i'm pretty sure it's only 3... and as the for scheme it stayed the same with the green and blue stripes
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