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  1. For those who want to know the difference between the LFS Artic and the LFX there is one way to figure it based on my observation today. The LFX do not have a yellow strip below the doors way instead it is a black strip. While the LFS Artics have the yellow strip below the door way. Only noticeable on the exterior.
  2. Out of curiosity and riding the new rapidways, are there restrictions in place for drivers when in the rapidways? I've noticed that many drivers are driving very gingerly when in them and come to a crawl when approaching an intersection even when it is a green light.
  3. I noticed today that buses at Finch are now announcing the route and destination on the external PA system. The voice is Crystal. Example: Bus pulls up to bay and Crystal announces "77- Highway 50." It's a really muffled Crystal.
  4. I recently came back from Chicago and got a chance to use the CTA on several occasions. I noticed that the Chicago Card allows the holder to pay fares for themself and friends/relatives. This which has led me to ponder about whether Presto has this ability at the moment and whether transfers also work?
  5. This is in relation to the lack of external speakers on the TR but it seems more appropriate for here. Does anyone know whether the T1s originally included external chime speakers in the design or were they add after going into service? It's kind of surprising that the TTC didn't include external speakers on the TR and are now having to test them out.
  6. Just wanted to add that the so called anti-bacterial coating on straphangers and stanchions are starting to get scrapped/peeled off. Noticed some major peeling yesterday but didn't get the car number.
  7. Thanks for sharing, hopefully the old machine will find a home at HCRY.
  8. I've come across a couple of times about how the track layout at terminal stations such as Finch come as an obstacle when turning around high volumes of trains during rush hour. I'm curious about the alternative track layouts (designs) that would allow for fast turn arounds.
  9. Looks like it's time to start paying for that huge bill that the busways has racked up. While browsing through the pdfs, there were at times I was wishing that VIVA failed to show how stupid YRT is with cutting service (direct\indirect).
  10. Just came across: https://twitter.com/blkmage/status/277115752845287425 Anyone else hear anything about these derailments with the new streetcar or is it just rumours?
  11. This has been bugging me for a while, is there any reason why the TTC doesn't go with a standarized cash fare scheme?
  12. The exterior looks great but the interior is another story. It's just so bland when you look at other Flexitys that are running in Europe...but then again I might be used to the interiors of Viva buses I'm going to take a guess here an say that there will be the ultra harsh fluorescent lighting in them, it just adds to sterile cheapness of the interior. One thing that I noticed is the lack of a stop request button on the wall where the face-to-face seats are (in between the two windows), it would be great and much more convenient if they installed one there (e.g. like those that are found on the Viva Van Hools). Actually it looks like there's rarely any stop-request buttons throughout the streetcar. On a side note, does anyone know who will be supplying the cars with the on-board fare vending machine? I'm just curious as to whether it will be a European firm as on-board fare-vending machines have long been used in Europe.
  13. When I first heard it (only have experienced it once so far), it right away reminded me of MTA. Perhaps the TTC and Bombardier borrowing ideas from them.
  14. I'm just curious as to how many people have heard the TR auto notification for a delay? I was on a train that got held up between Lawrence and Eglinton and there was the announcement along the lines of: "Attention passengers, there is a delay on the line. The TTC apologizes for the inconvenience." This was repeated three times.
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