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  1. Probably my favourite line in the entire article.
  2. Well, this is getting ugly. MM&A employee calls local resident a "f---ing frog." http://www.montrealg...8064/story.html
  3. Honestly, most of my friends from outside of Ottawa (back when I lived there) would get kinda confused at the idea of the Train bus station. Agreed. This way of announcing stops makes more sense.
  4. Those would indeed be more effective uses of the extra billion. I was always disappointed at the Scarborough-Morningside plan being dropped.
  5. Interesting number of Rapibus routes considering they all operate on one stretch of BRT. My favourite has to be the 68. Finally convenient access from secteur Gatineau to the CÉGEPs in Hull! The frequencies aren't terribly great, but this is still a big improvement from what's currently offered. I imagine people on Fournier won't be happy with losing relatively frequent routes, however.
  6. http://metronews.ca/voices/urban-compass-toronto-2/660225/more-people-should-be-talking-about-go-transits-scarborough-potential/
  7. Thanks for elaborating, ttc rider. Rob Ford's election in 2010 comes to mind, though. Didn't he win based on a "crazies"-based populist campaign with no real content? I'm definitely all for structured arguments, but I try not to underestimate the power of simple emotional slogans. Perhaps mixing some of that, but in a positive sense, would be useful when getting to the point of any debate with the "crazies". Really hoping for the best, there. Any idea why construction is delayed on Finch West, and Sheppard East? I was under the impression they would start being constructed not long after their political resuscitation (especially since Sheppard East was actually being constructed at the time Ford announced his unilateral cancellation.)
  8. What do you mean? Construction is underway on Eglinton. The other 3 revived Transit City routes will also happen barring any further political games.
  9. This is unfortunate. These people need to realize the DRL will relieve congestion for commuters living up the suburbs more than anyone else, as it gives them more options to get home. For suburban commuters heading downtown, any add-ons to other routes will be ineffective if they still have to deal with the Yonge line. It's just disappointing seeing this type of political jockeying getting in the way time after time.. Hopefully Metrolinx can convince people to stick to the NextWave.
  10. At the expense of votes in the rest of the city, apparently. http://www.forumresearch.com/forms/News%20Archives/News%20Releases/67768_TO_-_Feeling_Congested_%28Forum_Research%29_%2820130225%29.pdf (Scroll down to page 14)
  11. Indeed. Also, can someone rename the thread to "Eglinton Crosstown"? Since the redone SRT is no longer part of this line, it would make more sense to have it returned to that original name, no?
  12. Not every Express route runs local after a certain point. The 41E has limited stops for its entire run. Good point on the south-of Thorncliffe Park traffic. Considering that, it might make more sense to have a 25E route start at the upcoming Don Mills-Eglinton station once the LRT is built, and go north from there. (I guess that could also explain why DRT8411 had his fantasy route start up near Eglinton instead of Pape station.)
  13. Could you explain what you mean by that?
  14. M.Wright: Thanks for the background info on the NCC regarding buses on the Ottawa River Parkway. I always thought Byron would make more sense as well, due to it serving more people, intensification potential, and its routing making use of existing transitway stations. Carling is a good candidate for LRT as well, but ideally, I think it would be best off as a separate line, running from Bayshore to downtown. Possibly then continuing east on Montreal Rd after going through roads downtown. But this is fantasy speculation on my part.
  15. (Also sorry for bumping an old topic!) I also think 25 Don Mills would make an excellent candidate for an Express branch. Why do you have the route start at Concord Place, though? I'm not familiar with the area. I'd have thought it starting from Pape would be a good idea.
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