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  1. I got 25-208 on the 44 NB at Radisson Metro at 16h31. 26-046 was on the 26 EB at the same place around the same time. If you saw this around 18h15 which it looks like you did, well.... I was there too! The bus left a few minutes late. Runs really well and has the new card reader working.
  2. St. Laurent's 28-026 was on the 193 this afternoon. Anjou's 28-002 and 28-060 were also on the 193. Mont Royal or Anjou's 36-018 was on the 48 this evening. 28-089 was on the 146 this evening.
  3. 25-246 was out again on the 27 this afternoon. Mont Royal's 26-086 was on the 189 EB leaving the Metro around 16h40. St. Denis' 26-003 was on the 769 this afternoon. 26-021 and 26-036 were both on the 767 this afternoon. Both not tracking.
  4. 27-006 was on the 32 this afternoon. Stinson's 31-004 passed by Cadillac Metro as the 48. 27-025 was also on the 32 not tracking. LaSalle's 27-512 was on the 85 and their 30-039 on the 150. Anjou's 32-018 was on the 767. Has yellow interior lights.
  5. 25-208 was doing the 16h00 departure of the 97 from Pie-IX this afternoon. 26-069 was also on the 97 a few departures later but not tracking. It came back from Anjou. 26-073 was on the 136 this afternoon. 25-210 was parked outside St. Denis with missing turn signals beside 25-225. 26-017 was also parked outside there.
  6. Anjou's 30-256 aka the Urea bus was on the 161 this evening. Mont Royal's 30-051 was on the 138. Stinson's 37-089 is on the 41 right now.
  7. Anjou's 26-065 was parked near the Esso at Cote de Liesse / St. Croix as the 193 this morning.
  8. 26-049, 26-074 and Mont Royal's 25-236 were all on the 33 this afternoon. Got on 25-236, new card reader not activated yet. 25-210 is parked outside St Denis. The license plate is gone. Also parked outside St. Denis is 26-014.
  9. 31-208 was on the 48X this afternoon. This bus has the plastic seats found in 38-050+. Mont Royal's 27-019 was on the 192. Has a LED back-lit run box and the rear STM website in the blue cartoony font.
  10. Anjou's 26-083 was on the 460 WB this morning.
  11. 26-013 was on the 99 WB at Villeray / Pie-IX at 13h50. Got on it. Mont Royal's 26-056 was on the 26. 26-047 was on the 189. Has the website url twice on the back and parts of the classic yellow Frontenac bumper sticker. 26-019 was on the 18.
  12. Recently rebuilt from an accident 31-166 was on the 24 this afternoon. Both sides have the fleet number in that newer cartoony STM font and big numbers in the front. 27-016 was on the 187. 28-079 was on the 186 with a second Priorite sign affixed on the rear window just like 26-063. Mont Royal's 36-020 was on the 141 with the Frontenac bumper.
  13. Mont Royal's 27-018 and 36-007 were on the 44 this afternoon. 36-007 has blue fleet numbers in the back. Frontenac's 38-016 was on the 105. 27-535 was on the 102 with no driver's side STM logo. 27-501 was on the 108. 28-053 was on the 90.
  14. 25-233 was doing the 44 NB passing by Anjou garage around 15h40. 26-077 and 26-079 are both parked outside Anjou. Seen from across the street from the new employee underground parking entrance. 26-055 was on the 136 NB not tracking. It was at Viau / Jarry around 16h10 today. Mont Royal's 26-069 was parked at Honore-Beaugrand Metro this afternoon. 25-226 was on the 55 NB at St. Laurent Metro around 19h15.
  15. 25-220 was on the 18 WB at Honore Beaugrand Metro at 17h03, not tracking. 26-007 was also on the 18. 26-060 was on the 85. St. Denis' 25-217 was on the 81 this afternoon around 17h45, got on it! Runs so much better than last time I got it on the 44. Also their 26-009 was on the 186.
  16. Yesterday evening, I got 25-225 at St. Laurent Metro at 20h42. Bus went on 2 detours. First one was left on Sherbrooke, right on Parc, right on Mont Royal and then left onto St. Laurent. Second one was left on Louvain, right on Meilleur, right on Sauve and left onto St. Laurent. Runs good! Today, St. Denis 25-210 was on the 49 passing by Gare RDP around 16h30 and their 25-233 was on the 43 WB at Perras / Rudolphe-Forget at 20h09.
  17. Mont Royal's 26-070 was on the 81 not tracking. 28-059 was also on the 81, not tracking. 26-037 was on the 187, another one that does not track. Mont Royal's 27-019 was on the 32 and their 26-056 on the 192 this evening. Front end has big fleet numbers. St. Denis' 26-009 was on the 49 this evening, got on it.
  18. 28-094 was on the 460 this morning. Anjou's 31-045 was on the 161 this afternoon. 26-001 has resurfaced parked outside St. Denis. In a shocking twist no one expected this early, 26-010 is now retired from service. Farebox is removed and the mirror harness is just hanging off the bus.
  19. 25-222 and 25-232 are officially done at St. Denis. Both are parked with no plates and 222 is graffitied. 25-231 is parked near the garage doors while 25-213 and 25-227 are parked in front still with their farebox. 25-220 was coming back to the garage this evening.
  20. 25-237 was parked inside Mont Royal today. Strange to see 25-205 back inside after seeing it parked outside right between 25-201 and 25-209 recently. I have a bad feeling this is the next one to be gone since it has been inactive for a few weeks.
  21. Anjou's 30-097 was doing the 129 this afternoon. 27-030 was parked inside Mont Royal. Back from LaSalle.
  22. I can confirm that 25-216 is done. Also parked at St. Denis are 25-214, 25-215, 25-221 to 25-223, 25-227 to 25-229, 25-231 and 25-232. Also, 25-225 was on the 99 WB at its Eastern terminus around 16h40. Suddenly St. Denis 25s are rare now.
  23. Mont Royal's 25-206 was parked outside Stinson.
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