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  1. 27-019 was doing the 192 WB at Jarry / Pie-IX around 11h05 today. It has the STM website URL in the blue cartoony font on the rear left hatch. 26-067, 27-010 and 27-012 were all on the 44 this afternoon. Anjou's 26-083 was doing the 95 WB from the terminus at 16h24, got on it!
  2. 26-064 was the 19h40 141 from St. Michel, got on it. Unlike the rest of the 26s I've seen lately, this bus actually has a rear ad still. Has big numbers in the front.
  3. Anjou's 26-082 was on the 161 this afternoon. No more ads. 27-027 was doing the 19h40 departure of the 141 from St. Michel Metro. No rear ads. 26-081 was the 19h58 departure of the 141, this one i got on! All the seats on this bus are available now.
  4. Was it in an accident or did it have some major problem that got it retired? -- 26-040 was on the 15 EB leaving Atwater Metro at 20h51. It doesn't have the right side STM logo.
  5. St. Laurent's 28-126 was on the 136 around noon time. 29-086 was on the 211 this evening with a transmission problem from the lower gears.
  6. Anjou's 26-082 was doing the 95 EB from Jean Talon Metro at 19h16, got on it! No more ads on the exterior of the bus.
  7. 26-067 was doing the 186 EB from the metro at 16h41, got on it. 26-086 was on the 86 not tracking. 26-078 was also on the 186. 26-064 was on the 189. Unlike the other Anjou 26s, this one actually has a rear ad. 26-074 was on the 187.
  8. Nice picture of 39-055 @Frozen Yogurt! -- 31-074 was on the 41 this morning not tracking either. 27-014 and 27-030 were both on the 141 this evening. Got on 27-014. The latter was not tracking.
  9. 28-060 was on the 41 this morning not tracking. Stinson's 31-214 was on the 161 this morning. St. Denis' 29-067 was on the 139 this evening.
  10. LaSalle's 29-076 was on the 49 this afternoon. Mont Royal's 41-026 was on the 33. Stinson's 37-096 was on the 41.
  11. 26-078 was on the 43 this afternoon along with 26-081. I got 26-078, this bus runs so well! It certainly runs like a rocket bus! 26-081 has a rear left hatch from a 27-5xx and up bus.
  12. 25-243, 26-018, 26-037, 26-049, 26-054, 26-062, 26-069, 26-070, 26-071 and 26-085 are all parked outside Anjou. 26-070 has missing panels so this one is definitely done. 26-018 has no license plate but it moved spots but retired as well. Unconfirmed on the others. 26-027 is parked outside Frontenac with no farebox equipment and no ads. Another one gone. 26-029, 26-045, 26-048, 26-058, 26-073 and Mont Royal's 26-012 are all parked in the "safe corner" outside Frontenac. 26-021 is parked inside Frontenac visible through a door. This one hasn't been active in a while. 26-009 and 26-011 are parked inside Mont Royal where they park the inactive buses usually.
  13. Mont Royal's 26-001, recently put back in service 26-052 and 26-061 were all on the 136 this afternoon.
  14. Anjou's 39-064 was on the 41 this morning. Stinson's 37-070 was on the 161 this morning. Legendre's 28-003 was on the 211 this evening.
  15. 26-044 is parked outside Frontenac retired. No more farebox and no more license plate. 26-045, 26-061 and 26-072 are parked outside Frontenac too. 26-061 has no side ad and it has new front bigger fleet numbers. 26-005 is parked on the street beside Mont Royal garage. It is still "complete" (no equipment removed). 26-008 is parked outside too but in front of one of the doors. Finally, I got 26-080 on the 141 EB at St. Michel Metro at 20h49 this evening. No rear ad.
  16. 26-070 is parked outside Anjou beside 25-243 and 26-037. 26-029, 26-030, 26-032, 26-048, 26-052 and 26-060 were all outside Frontenac. 26-030 has no more farebox nor it's license plate so this one is officially done. 26-032 and 26-060 have no ads so these 2 could likely be gone too.
  17. 26-066 was on the 192 EB at Cremazie Metro at 20h28. It has a metal wall beside the 3 seats in the back of the bus. Also, 26-018 is parked at Anjou with no plate. Picture taken with zoom from the sidewalk.
  18. I got on 31-129 this afternoon on the 41 but the transfer I got was from 28-002! And the funny thing is, I saw 28-002 as En Transit on Angrignon near the 20 this evening! 30-132 has the rear Priorite sign on the window parked at St. Michel this afternoon.
  19. Frontenac's 26-028 was turning onto Deslisle from Atwater Street signed up as the 211 around 19h35 this evening.
  20. LaSalle's 29-099 was parked outside Frontenac. 27-008 was parked outside Anjou.
  21. 25-220, 26-004 and 26-013 were parked inside Mont Royal. The latter two has their drivers mirror folded outwards. 26-027 and 26-060 parked outside Frontenac. 26-027 is sitting slammed on the ground. 25-243 and 26-037 sitting outside Anjou near the 44 garage stop. 25-243 is now in a different spot but facing the street this time.
  22. 40-920 was doing the 15h13 departure of the 103 from Villa Maria Metro this afternoon. My first time on one. It did feel weird riding a STM bus that wasn't a LFS. By the way is that drivers barrier automatically operated when the front door opens / closes?
  23. 26-007 was doing the 51 EB at Snowdon Metro around 16h50 today. Still not tracking.
  24. 26-084 was doing the 141 WB at Everett / Pie-IX around 19h40 this evening.
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