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  1. Yesterday, St. Laurent's 28-114 and 28-130 were parked outside Frontenac. Today, 28-050 was on the 193, 28-057 on the 110 and 28-047 on the 113. All seen this evening.
  2. 26-066 was the 18h56 44 from Radisson. This bus has an unpainted silver steel wall beside the 3 rear seats and still has remains of the old yellow and black Frontenac bumper stickers. The STM's oldest bus (26-025) in service was on the 85 WB at Honore-Beaugrand Metro at 19h41 today.
  3. 26-082 was doing the 49 EB from Henri-Bourassa Metro at 19h02 today. Not tracking. 26-072 and 26-073 parked outside at Frontenac but in the "safe corner". 26-004 and 26-011 are parked outside Mont Royal while Frontenac's 26-048 is inside (seen through open garage door from the street).
  4. St. Denis' 29-042 was on the 49 this evening. It has big front numbers and the left side has the cartoony font numbers. Mont Royal's 30-089 was also on the 49. 28-100 was on the 164.
  5. 28-016 was on the 215, 28-026 was on the 203 and 28-073 was on the 200. The latter was not tracking. 33-815 was on the 470 with new front end blue decaling.
  6. 0307 was doing the 151 NB at Cote Vertu Metro at 16h23 today. Feels good to ride a ISC bus again!
  7. 27-018 was doing the 187 EB from Honore-Beaugrand at 20h56 tonight. The stop announcements worked but was not tracking. Runs really well! 26-052 was on the 186 EB at same place but at 21h37.
  8. Anjou's 26-077 was on the 55 SB at Henri-Bourassa / St. Laurent around 17h40 this afternoon.
  9. For the first good half of the day, nothing older than 28-036 was showing up on the tracker. I found that very odd. Was there some glitch today?
  10. The infamous 1233 has been doing the same run for the past 2 days now. It still does the 7 from Fairview at 13h04 like said above. To add, it does the 16h00 7 from John Abbott then becomes the 10 going towards Fairview at 16h25. It leaves there at 17h00 but I believe that's the last trip. Just leaving this here for anyone looking for it. I rode it. It runs but it does sound tired and the engine is very very loud inside. It has the suburban flooring and seats too!
  11. From a few days ago, it is over for 26-013 at Frontenac. Farebox and equipment are all removed. Also, Mont Royal's 25-208 was also parked outside but it has the new blind spot sticker! Picture taken from sidewalk.
  12. 26-005 and 26-020 are officially done. 26-020 had all it's seat inserts removed even!
  13. 28-050 was on the 48 this afternoon. Today on the Blue line SPS: 28-010, 28-089, 29-810, 30-083, 30-864, 37-090, 39-139 and 41-121.
  14. St. Laurent's 38-077 was on the 141 this afternoon. Stinson's 37-018 was also on the 141. Legendre's 31-108 was on the 136 this afternoon.
  15. 26-086 stopped tracking but it did the 487 EB departing Honore-Beaugrand Metro at 16h59. 27-025 was on the 28 this afternoon. 27-029 was on the 32 along with 27-003 and 27-011.
  16. St. Denis buses 31-013 was on the 28 and 32-005 on the 141 this afternoon. Mont Royal's 30-049 was on the 26.
  17. 26-067 was on the 141 WB at Honore Beaugrand Metro at 15h50. 27-007 was on the 189 at the same place shortly after. 26-013 was doing the 136 NB at Viau Metro at 18h00. Got on it for a short ride. 26-041 and 26-045 were also on the 136. 26-045 was not tracking.
  18. 26-080 was on the 141 leaving St. Michel Metro at 20h28, got on it. This run almost exclusively gets 2nd gens!
  19. Frontenac's 27-023 and 27-024 were running one after another (in numerical order too!) on the 192 all day. 27-023 no longer has the Frontenac bumper. 26-075 was on the 141 early afternoon. 27-013 was on the 43 and 27-019 was on the 81.
  20. Legendre's 41-077 was on the 141 this afternoon. It was not a renfort. 28-017 was on the 209 this evening.
  21. 27-019 was doing the 192 WB at Jarry / Pie-IX around 11h05 today. It has the STM website URL in the blue cartoony font on the rear left hatch. 26-067, 27-010 and 27-012 were all on the 44 this afternoon. Anjou's 26-083 was doing the 95 WB from the terminus at 16h24, got on it!
  22. 26-064 was the 19h40 141 from St. Michel, got on it. Unlike the rest of the 26s I've seen lately, this bus actually has a rear ad still. Has big numbers in the front.
  23. Anjou's 26-082 was on the 161 this afternoon. No more ads. 27-027 was doing the 19h40 departure of the 141 from St. Michel Metro. No rear ads. 26-081 was the 19h58 departure of the 141, this one i got on! All the seats on this bus are available now.
  24. Was it in an accident or did it have some major problem that got it retired? -- 26-040 was on the 15 EB leaving Atwater Metro at 20h51. It doesn't have the right side STM logo.
  25. St. Laurent's 28-126 was on the 136 around noon time. 29-086 was on the 211 this evening with a transmission problem from the lower gears.
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