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  1. Just looked on Transit55 to see if any 2152-class out today but site appears to be not reporting. Transsee also.
  2. and most of the 1031-class are working today. So CX is now a 7-day garage or has been merged into CP.
  3. Is it a rare sighting for 1032 to operate on a weekend? Transit55 shows it on 61 this morning. also 1904 on 90 today.
  4. Strange: 90 is changing from 40 to 41 minute headway mid-day and from 20 to 21 in PM rush. Rather odd.
  5. Transsee shows 60000 on route 2 this am. Is this a reporting error?
  6. I presume the 90 cancelation is still on for October
  7. Tracker active now; from 12:10
  8. seems no MiWay buses are tracking on Transitt55 or Transsee this morning.
  9. we had same issue in 2008 with 69 40' 12 30' 35 60'. solved by using 0901-0925 range.
  10. Old topic I'm sure but how will TTC every get streetcars back on 505 - Dundas. When last run with CLRVs I believe 21 cars were required. With about 12 more M1s coming and CLRVs still on 511 I can't see how there will be enough M1s to operate the 505.
  11. CITY-TV helicopter filmed a fire in Scarborough this morning, caught in the film was a TTC streetcar on a flatcar.
  12. We (the taxpayers of Mississauga) can't afford to buy 50 buses a year … that would sustain an eight-year renewal. I rode 0563, 1031, and 1747 today. All three were warm, safe, and ontime. I don't think any appeared in disrepair.
  13. Oddity today; On both Transit55 and Transsee route 57 doesn't appear on trackers yet others do: 13, 45, 48, 90.
  14. I see the new NOVA Hybrids get the weekends off with the ORION Hybrids. I assume the 1901s are at CX garage
  15. lots of confusion and delays - Islington Station bus bay closures + re-paving of South Common Bus Terminal
  16. Odd: 1009 is now a Malton bus.
  17. I believe there are 4 "old" cab cars still active as control cars. the others, after conversion to coaches, run in normal circulation so it could happen that 3 are on one train just like it could happen that 3 2100's are on one train.
  18. Any further updates on 1901-class?
  19. Still not happy that half of 90 is axed to an area that has little pedestrian access to other routes. Very long walk for many to access 38 or 42. Might have thought planners would try to get 50 to cover part of the loss.
  20. MiWay has taken away my favourite seat - lots of leg room, good view of road
  21. Transit55 shows a few 0721-class at Malton; plus some lower 0501-class call Malton home,
  22. Rode 1825 on 35 College yesterday. Had a tough time climbing the mountain. Have never noticed that on 0610-, 920-. 1420-classes. Thoughts?
  23. On July 24th I rode bused from five divisions and all had issues with the internal stop announcements. When the sign displayed street followed by "Ave" announcement was ended with "A V E". When Avenue was displayed in full, "Avenue" came out slurred. Two messy announcements were for "McNicholl Avenue" "Bayview Avenue".
  24. Rode buses from eight series and five divisions yesterday. Everyone was in good shape, clean and "comfortable". Rode range from 1047 to 3558. Not sure why this thread has so many negative posts.
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