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  1. was there an indication on how many of the 40 are replacements; how many are ION?
  2. any feedback on how NOVA Hybrids perform on highway routes (i.e. Route 927)?
  3. Rode 0307 from Meadowvale to Renforth Station this morning - in super great shape.
  4. Sorry, I thought we were getting 11 NOVAs identical to 1801-class, in September. Is this a change or additional?
  5. So one might surmise from this that 502, 503, 505 will not see streetcars again until 2026, if ever.
  6. Transitt55 & Transsee not "seeing: MiWay buses today.
  7. By current plans how many CLRVs are expected to remain in service after 2019?
  8. With GRT paperless how do visitors ride the system? Is this the dilemma TTC will have for day passes in the post-paper pass era?
  9. Rode the system today - 7, 52, 301, 302. The 7 was mobbed as were the 5 trips I took on ION Rail. By conversations in the trams a lot of people were making their first transit rides in years.
  10. are there any M1s (4400s) still on the assembly line in Kingston?
  11. Aside from Transee not tracking the ION cars, how was today for service & reliability?
  12. Will Transsee be updated to track ION LRT cars?
  13. Are there any buses currently on order for 2019 or will next tender be for 2020? Also, I presume a 0301- and a 0851-class will be retained to replace 1738 and 1796?
  14. re: media coverage I found nothing on Global or CITY.
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