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  1. soo8513


    Last reply I received from MiWay was that 12 buses (NOVA 40') will arrive this fall to "stabilize" the fleet. Unless there is a radical change in ridership no additional buses will be required until 2021.
  2. soo8513

    Today's Special Sightings

    I rode 2 class 3100 buses for the first time today on 35-Jane. And have a few questions: 3184 (my first) had two large monitors with lots of info including operator id: (I presume the 5 numeric is the driver's) and displayed time and next stop. 3159 had the "traditional" long bar display for next stop just beyond the entrance way and an empty bracket in the interior roof next to the rear door. I also noticed the fleet number in large black numerals on the rear wall. Both buses had, what I presume are, external cameras. Comments?
  3. soo8513

    General Subway/RT Discussion

    My family from Caledon is planning a trip to the the ROM on a weekend in the next week or so. There appears to be no parking provided at VMC - is 407 or Pioneer Village a good option? Thanks
  4. soo8513

    GO Transit

    So where do the 407 East buses terminate now? How much extra trip time for students using that service lane?
  5. Not sure if correct thread: It would appear that these 3100-series units get assigned to a route in a bunch (today it's Jane (35 & 195)) - is this because of VISION?
  6. soo8513

    TTC Service Changes

    Re: Coxwell 22A I do recall that there was an evening and weekend BINGHAM COXWELL to COXWELL COXWELL car. Likely converted to bus when DANFORTH car was converted to Subway.
  7. Spotted 8406 on 40 @ Square One today ... newest I've seen.
  8. Using page 1 it would appear that 47 buses have arrived, all to Arrow, in the fleet range 3100 to 3218 (119 numbers).
  9. soo8513

    Today's Sightings

    Tuesday July 24th: TTC 4490 southbound on Bathurst at Bloor (around 2pm) had travelled from north of the loop MiWay 0540 (at 5pm) blocking one lane of entrance/exit dead with rear hood open.
  10. soo8513

    PRESTO - GTA Discussion

    Mississauga, Brampton, Hamilton show the balance $ remaining on my card plus lights and sounds to indicate accepted fare paid and type of fare. I get a green and a yellow and a different sound as I'm paying a senior fare.
  11. soo8513

    Brampton Transit/Züm

    Does Brampton Transit have a mid-life rebuild program? Rode 0611 and 0638 today and both sounded awful and had very little power on leaving stops.
  12. soo8513

    TTC in the news

    Not sure if right place to ask: Is TTC PRESTO still moving forward with TWO-HOUR fare for August 2018?
  13. soo8513

    Streetcar News

    Don't shoot me, I'm a streetcar fan, but perhaps Toronto Council will just get out of this by permanently converting two of 505, 506, 511 to buses. Perhaps then a new garage in the centre-west part of the city.
  14. soo8513

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    Will we be using this thread to note deliveries of weld-repair cars arriving back from La Pocatiere, QC?
  15. soo8513

    GO Transit

    If well Maintained, as they have been, 2027 should be easy to obtain. The Ford government may be inclined to extend them further to avoid large-scale purchases of new cars.