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  1. Just looked on Transit55 to see if any 2152-class out today but site appears to be not reporting. Transsee also.
  2. and most of the 1031-class are working today. So CX is now a 7-day garage or has been merged into CP.
  3. Is it a rare sighting for 1032 to operate on a weekend? Transit55 shows it on 61 this morning. also 1904 on 90 today.
  4. Strange: 90 is changing from 40 to 41 minute headway mid-day and from 20 to 21 in PM rush. Rather odd.
  5. Transsee shows 60000 on route 2 this am. Is this a reporting error?
  6. I presume the 90 cancelation is still on for October
  7. Tracker active now; from 12:10
  8. seems no MiWay buses are tracking on Transitt55 or Transsee this morning.
  9. we had same issue in 2008 with 69 40' 12 30' 35 60'. solved by using 0901-0925 range.
  10. Old topic I'm sure but how will TTC every get streetcars back on 505 - Dundas. When last run with CLRVs I believe 21 cars were required. With about 12 more M1s coming and CLRVs still on 511 I can't see how there will be enough M1s to operate the 505.
  11. CITY-TV helicopter filmed a fire in Scarborough this morning, caught in the film was a TTC streetcar on a flatcar.
  12. We (the taxpayers of Mississauga) can't afford to buy 50 buses a year … that would sustain an eight-year renewal. I rode 0563, 1031, and 1747 today. All three were warm, safe, and ontime. I don't think any appeared in disrepair.
  13. Oddity today; On both Transit55 and Transsee route 57 doesn't appear on trackers yet others do: 13, 45, 48, 90.
  14. I see the new NOVA Hybrids get the weekends off with the ORION Hybrids. I assume the 1901s are at CX garage
  15. lots of confusion and delays - Islington Station bus bay closures + re-paving of South Common Bus Terminal
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