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  1. Still no sign of the 1801's? Or will they come after the Brampton NOVAs?
  2. soo8513

    GO Transit

    WiKi Editor(s): Would it be possible to update the WiKi for GO rail cars? I spotted 4518 and 4064 this week in service on the Kitchener Corridor. WiKi only goes to 4054 and 4504. Thanks
  3. soo8513

    Brampton Transit/Züm

    So I'm guessing NOVAs 1801 - 1820 and Flyers 1875 - 1877. Could the WiKi get an update for this?
  4. soo8513


    Nice to see: PM rush May 17th - entire 1/1C route had only 60-foot units, a 0851-class, a 1351-class, and at least 8 NOVAs.
  5. soo8513

    Brampton Transit/Züm

    BT 1804 - Out of Service - 40' NOVA - spotted westbound on Steeles Ave at Ninth Line in Halton Hills. How many NOVAs (1801+) are on order?/delivered?
  6. soo8513

    Waterloo Region Rapid Transit

    Wed May 16 - a Waterloo LRT set was on westbound GEXR train #431 - spotted at Peel. YouTube video:
  7. soo8513


    I had thought the 1730- and 1801-class NOVAs were intended to force the remaining active 0301-class into retirement. Would be good to see the 0301's last a bit longer. Appear to still be in good shape.